Top 170+ Western Boy Names

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Looking for ideas for western boy names? Here are some great western boy name ideas.

Western names are popular as the world becomes more Westernized with Hollywood movies and MTV music. We associate western names with ideals such as the pioneers who dared to push the western frontiers.

Based on a wide range of themes below, we have selected “Western Boy Names”:

  1. Popular Western Boy Names
  2. Non-Binary Western Boy Names
  3. Best Country Western Boy Names
  4. Cowboy Names Inspired By Our Favorite Characters
  5. Western Names Perfect for Your Little Cowboy-to-Be
  6. Dashing and Cool Western Boy Names

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Popular Western boy Names

Western Boy Names : Credits: Radio Vence
Credits: Radio Vence

Cowboys are both strong and fun-loving, and the right name encapsulates these characteristics. This is a list of western baby boy names for boys who are different. For your baby’s name, consider some of these Western boy names.

Ames – Friend 

Ames is a punchy twist on the classic name James. 

Angus – One Choice

Angus was the first name of TV’s MacGyver and the young actor who plays the half man on Two and a Half Men is Angus T. Jones.

Arizona – Small Spring

An awesome name for an awesome person from an Awesome state.

Ashley – Ash Tree Meadow

A popular name with many celebrities linked to it.

Austin – Great, Magnificent

With a southwestern vibe, Austin is one of the most appealing city names for newborns.

Beautify – Beautiful

With its pleasing pronunciation, it adds beauty to the personality of your cowboy.

Billy – Resolute Protector

A gender-neutral name of English origin, popular as a nickname for william.

Western Boy Names  : Billy Porter - Credits: Page Six
Billy Porter – Credits: Page Six

Blaze – Blazing Fire

 A befitting name for people who have a lot of fire in their hearts.

Buck – Male Deer

Comedian Roseanne Barr chose this macho nature name for her son.

Caleb – Faithful

Caleb is a popular Old Testament name that has been among the top 100 in the United States for nearly three decades.

Clayton – Mortal 

Almost fits into the phenomenally popular Jaden-Caden-Braden family; a viable option for parents looking for a comparable but more conventional name.

Cody – Helpful

Cody was previously a popular boy’s name that is now occasionally used for girls. Other nickname-y names, such as Rory and Ruby, have supplanted the Cody craze.

Western Boy Names  : Cody Harris - Credits: INSP
Cody Harris – Credits: INSP

Colt – Young Horse 

Colt is a wonderful jock name, as it is associated with both quarterback Colt McCoy of the Washington Redskins and a complete football franchise, the Indianapolis Colts.

Dakota – A Friendly One

Dakota is a Native American tribal name that also appears in the names of two US states. It was one among the first trendy place names in the 1990s, but its popularity has waned since.

Denver – Green Valley

A dashing name for a dashing person from a dashing state.

Ezekiel – God will strengthen

Ezekiel was once known by the moniker Zeke, but today’s parents appreciate it for its power and dignity.

Ford – River Crossing 

The name’s lengthy association with the Ford Motor Company doesn’t prevent it from being a strong, single-syllable name.

Western Boy Names  : Glenn Ford - Credits: The Spectrum
Glenn Ford – Credits: The Spectrum

Galen – Calm

This name is infinitely more modern than Gail because of the last n.

Garret – Spear strength

Gearoid Fitzgerald, the 3rd Earl of Desmond (1338-1398), was the head of Ireland’s most powerful Norman family in late medieval times.

Graham – Gravelly Homestead 

Graham, which has been popular in England and Scotland since the 1950s, is gaining popularity in the United States.

Guy – Guide, Leader 

Guy is a boy’s name with a French meaning of “guide, leader.

Handley – High

Variation of Henry, this name is a handy choice for your little cowboy.

Hank – God is merciful

A popular name within American celebrities as Kendra Wilkinson, an American model, named her little boy Hank IV.

 James – Supplanter

Because of its connection to Jacob, James is a Biblical name (two of Jesus’ apostles were named James). 

 Jeremy – God raises up

It’s a medieval English spelling of the biblical name Jeremiah. 

Jesse – The Lord exist

A  gender-neutral name with an emphatic charismatic pronunciation.

Josh – God is Salvation

A variation of Joshua, popular in jewish babies. 

Levi – United 

With its up vowel ending, Levi combines Old Testament solemnity with the informal flare associated with Levi Strauss trousers, making it lighter and more dynamic than most biblical names.

Maverick – An Independent Man

Maverick was originally heard in a James Garner western TV series in the 1950s, and then as the Tom Cruise character in Top Gun. Maverick represents an unbridled, free spirit.

Morgan – Sea-born

Morgan is a Welsh name for boys that means “sea-born, sea-song, or sea-circle.”

Nash – By the Ash Tree

Nash is an English surname with a pronunciation that is similar to popular names like Cash, Dash, and Ash.

Palmer – Pilgrim

Palmer is a name that has a double meaning due to the fact that pilgrims typically carried palms. It’s a more contemporary take on upper-crust surnames like Porter and Parker.

Non-Binary Western Boy Names

Nonbinary names are completely gender-neutral names that do not imply a gender identity for your child. We enlisted some of the nonbinary names which can be given to all babies, regardless of their actual gender. 

Arden – Valley of the eagle

Arden, the name of the magical forest in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, is a stylish A name with a strong, straightforward image. 

Auden –  Old buddy 

An awesome name with an association with renowned British American poet W.H. Auden.

Bailey – Berry Clearing

Bailey, on the other hand, is still a popular choice among celebrities.

Blair – Dweller on the plain

This gender neutral name of Scottish origin has also had its day because of The Blair Witch Project.

Blake – Fair-haired, dark 

It began as a surname formed from a nickname in England. The affluent, silver-haired character Blake Carrington from the enormously famous 1980s TV series Dynasty shaped much of its manly look.

Western Boy Names  : Blake Shelton - Credits: The Toledo Blade
Blake Shelton – Credits: The Toledo Blade

Breslin – Strife

An Irish surname that may or may not make it into the first name category.

Briar  – A thorny patch

It’s one of the newest natural-word names to hit the charts in the United States, debuting for the first time in 2015 for both genders.

Caelan – Slender

One celebrity to have named his son Caelan is American actor Michael Biehn, who starred in the “Terminator” film franchise. He named his baby boy Caelan Michael Biehn.

Cassidy – Curly-haired

Cassidy is a classical name for your western baby boy with currently ranking #73 on the baby names popularity chart. 

Dale –  Valley

Dale is a simple, sylvan, and calm alternative that was an early unisex nature name that has since been exceeded by others.

Harlow – Rock hill

Originally a habitational surname for people who lived on or near a rocky hill.

Jayden – Thankful

This name can be spelled in a variety of ways, but the creative Jayden has always been the most common, followed by Jaden and Jaiden.

Kaden – Companion

Kaden is a baby unisex name with an English origin that is mostly popular among Christians.

Keegan – Son of Egan

Some parents prefer something a little different for their child’s first name. Keegan is distinct without being bizarre or outlandish.

Kieran – Little dark one

Kieran, the name of Ireland’s first-born saint and twenty-five other saints, has been gaining popularity in the United States thanks to its strong and appealing tone, as well as its stylish Irish dialect. 

Kylin – Pure 

What do you call it when you’re acting like Kyle? Kylin’.

Kyrie – Lord

The Kyrie elieson, which means “Lord, have mercy,” is one of the earliest religious refrains.

Landry – Ruler

The name is more familiar in recent years thanks to legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry, an association that makes this a sports hero name, as well as a thoroughly masculine one.

Lennox – Elm grove

The name Lennox is of Scottish and Gaelic origin. This one-of-a-kind moniker comes with its own natural community.

Mason – Artisan who works in stone

It became a family name indicating someone worked in this profession and later was used as a given name.

Payson – Son Of Peace

Pay-names are extremely popular among girls these days, but they’re also rather popular among boys, thanks in part to Peyton Manning.

Rayne – Queen

Rayne may be considered a modern respelling of the natural name Rain or a variation of the surname Raine, which comes from the Old French word reine.

Ryan – Little king

Ryan is a unisex name in the United States, where the variant spellings Ryann and Ryanne are equally acceptable for females.

Western Boy Names  : Ryan Karl - Credits: Bad Left Hook
Ryan Karl – Credits: Bad Left Hook

Sydney – Saint-Denis

A Sassy name for a Sassy person from a Sassy state.

Taylan – Elegant

A popular name associated with Taylan Antalyalı, a Turkish professional footballer, who plays as a midfielder for Galatasaray.

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Best Country Western Boy Names

This list of Country Western boy names is inspired by country places, country music performers, athletes, well-known characters, and historical people. Do consider some of these Western boy names for your child.

Abel – Breath

Abel has literary ties to Dickens and Trollope’s novels and is one of the few well-known Old Testament names that isn’t overused.

Abner – Father of Enlightenment

This underappreciated Biblical name belonged to Saul’s army leader.

Alan – Small Rock

Handsome name for your Handsome son with Handsome personality. 

Western Boy Names  : Alan Jackson - Credits: Country Music Hall of Fame
Alan Jackson – Credits: Country Music Hall of Fame

Asher – Blessed

In the Bible, Asher was one of Jacob’s twelve sons who gave their names to the tribes of Israel.

Ashley – The guy from ashen meadow

Ashley was a hit in the 1980s and 1990s, charting at No. 1 in 1991.

Beau – Beautiful

Beau conjures up images of someone devilishly attractive with a lot of southern charm.

Beckett – Beehive or bee cottage

Beckett is one of the decade’s most popular baby names.

Bennett – Blessing

Bennett is a mix between Benjamin and Beckett, dressed with a bow tie.

Bentley – Bent grass meadow

Bentley is a stuffy British surname that was once linked with a ridiculously costly English vehicle.

Bobby – Bright fame

Bobby is a nickname-name that has been used for both boys and girls for a long time, albeit the boys’ version is usually Bobby and the girls’ version is usually Bobbie.

Brantley – Fierce-touched sword

Brantley is one of the numerous English surnames that rose to the top of the rankings for the first time in 2009. Brantley Gilbert, a country-rock musician, is a possible inspiration.

Brett – Brittany man

Brett Favre, the greatest quarterback in NFL history, single-handedly kept this name in the spotlight, despite the fact that it continues to fade in popularity.

Brock – Badger

Brock is a strong name with a hint of preppy sophistication to it.

Bryan – High and Noble

A victorious name with associations to celebrities like Bryan Cranston, Bryan Ferry and Bryan Brown.

Cade – Round or Barrel

Primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin.

Caleb – Devotion to God

Caleb is an attractive Old Testament name that has been in the US Top 100 for nearly three decades now.

Western Boy Names  : Caleb Reynolds - Credits: CBS Detroit
Caleb Reynolds – Credits: CBS Detroit

Calvin – Bald, Hairless

Calvin is a bit unusual yet warm name that, thanks to Calvin Klein, has a fashion edge.

Carson – Son of the marsh-dwellers

Very popular surname choice — it’s in the Boys’ Top 100.

Carter – Goods Transporter via cart

Thanks to former US President Jimmy Carter, Carter is also a noble surname. Also an occupational name for someone who uses a cart. 

Chevy – Knight

Chevy is similar in pronunciation to Shiva. Other recommended sound-alike names are Chany, Che, Cheney, and Cheney.

Clinton – The man from the town near the hill

The beauty of the name Clinton, like many other names with strong political overtones, is influenced by your worldview.

Clyde – Keeper of the keys

The name is derived from the Clyde River, which flows through Glasgow, Scotland.

Cyrus – Sun

Very popular in the Iranian community, this name is associated with the founder of the Persian Empire.

Dallas – Talented

Although none of the western place names have the same style power as they did a few years ago, this relaxed, laid-back cowboy name has broad appeal.

Dane – From Denmark

This uncommon name condenses all of the ultra Dan names into a single, much more strong name for both boys and girls.

Duke – Nobility rank

The title of Duke is one of the noble titles that are increasingly being used by common people.

Cowboy Names Inspired By Our Favorite Characters

A loved one, a movie or celebrity, or the noun-turned-name fad can all be sources of baby name inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of names inspired by our favorite personalities to help you name your child.

Adam – Earth

The term is also a reference to the reddish tone of human skin.

Bart – Plowman

The name is associated with Bart Simpson, a fictional character in the American animated television series “The Simpsons and part of the Simpson family”.

Bo – To live

Bo is a boy’s name with a Norse meaning of “to live.”

Boone – Excellent guy

Boone is one of the advancing herd of lean and lanky cowboy names with a laid-back, backwoods, Western feel—and surprising French roots.

Bowie – Fair-haired

Bowie is in the top trending baby Boy names list. Its most attractive baby name and pronunciation is also simple .

Bret – Breton

This name relates to individuals from Briton, which is now known as Brittany in France.

Buck – Deer

Originally a descriptive or occupational surname for someone who looked like a male deer or dealt with them.

Cal – Devotion

Calvin is a shorter variant of this single-syllable name.

Carson – One who lives near a marsh

Originally a surname, Carson is most recognized from American scout Kit Carson.

Casey – Vigilant

Casey was one of the first unisex Irish surname names to emerge in the 1960s, and it peaked in popularity for both boys and girls in the 1980s.

Corbin – Little crow

This name has a magical and sinister feel to it.

Damion – To Tame

This is a Greek name. To tame, master, or conquer. The actor Matt Damon’s surname is spelled Damon as an alternative spelling.

Hugh – Heart

Old German/Old French The soul, the mind, and the intellect are all intertwined.

Jacques – Supplanter

This is a French/Hebrew speaker. One who takes the place of another.

Keanu – Cool Breeze

‘The breeze,’ as the name implies. On and off the screen, Keanu Reeves is one of Hollywood’s greatest actors.

Lennon – Lover

It’s an Irish name that means ‘loved one.’

Liam – Strong-willed warrior

It’s a Celtic surname that means wolf. Liam Neeson, the Hollywood action icon, comes to mind when we hear this fascinating name.

Western Boy Names  : Liam Hemsworth - Credits: Eonline
Liam Hemsworth – Credits: Eonline

Logan – Little hollow

Logan is a Scottish name with affiliation to an American superhero film named “Logan”.

Luke – Little hollow

It literally means ‘providing light.’ Is there anything else to say about Luke Skywalker?

Zale – Sea-strength

A sea of strength is the meaning of this unusual Greek name.

Zeke – God strengthens

This Hebrew name means “God strengthens” if you’re seeking for something biblical.

Xavier – New house

‘One who is bright and splendid’ is the meaning of the name.

Xeno – Foreigner

‘Foreign voice’ is referred to as Xeno.

Marco – Warring

This is an Italian name that relates to the Roman god of war, Mars.

Murphy – Descendant of Murchadh

‘Sea warrior’ is the meaning of this name.

Andrew – Strong

Andrew comes from the Greek name Andreas, which means “manly” or “brave.”

Cobain – Large

It’s a moniker for someone who is fair or blond.

Tyler – Tiler

Tyler is an Old French name that means “tiler” or “tile builder.”

Killmonger – Panther

It’s a fantastic moniker inspired by the film ‘Black Panther.’

Klaus – Victory of the people

Klaus is a boy’s name of German origin meaning “victory of the people.”

Jaime – Supplanter

Jaime originally means “may God protect”.

Dusty – Warrior

Dusty from then old English and German, meaning, “brave warrior.”

Gunnar – Soldier

Gunnar is a boy name of Nordic origin, meaning ” warrior, soldier .”

Movie-Inspired Names for Your Little Cowboy-to-Be

These baby names are curated from Western tales in radio, film, and literature. We hope that this list will help you find a perfect name for your baby boy.

Alonzo – Ready to fight the battles

Alonzo is flamboyant and debonair, with a strong Latin influence.

Amos – Carried by God

Amos is a strong name that is gaining popularity among a new generation of parents.

William (Bill) – Resolute protector

William is one of the most lasting of all-time classics. It’s considered to be both conservative and contemporary by American parents.

Cassidy – Clever

A slim and lanky Irish cowboy name with a lot of opportunity for nicknames (Cass or Sid are both options).

Charlie – Freeman

Charlie is one of the friendliest names on the globe. These days, an increasing number of parents (of both genders) choose to name their children after the kind, amiable Charlie.

Chester – Fortress, walled town

Chester is a cozy, little-used teddy bear of a name that sounds both unusual and lovable at the same time.

Cole – Victory, of a triumphant people

Cole is a short name with a lot of depth and substance.

Cooper – Barrel Maker

Cooper was one of the first occupational last names to catch on, and it remains a popular choice.

Edgar (Ed) – Wealthy Spearman

Edgar is an Old English name that has been linked to Edgar the Peaceful, an English ruler from the tenth century.

Elijah – Yahweh is God

Elijah has become a popular biblical figure. The name is becoming increasingly popular, and it is currently near the top of the list.

Ernest – Resolute 

Ernest is most likely the only name around which an entire play was based— The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde.

Flynn – Son of a red-haired man

Flynn is still primarily used for males, despite being a popular last-name-first Celtic choice.

Holt – By the forest

Many modern parents are drawn to the forthright manly feel that Holt has.

Howard – Braveheart, High guardian

Howard was originally the surname of an early English noble family, but by the nineteenth century, it had evolved into a first name.

John – The grace or mercy of the Lord

The name John is a Hebrew boy’s name that means “God is generous.”

Julian (Jules) – Sky father

Julian stemmed from Iulianus, which was taken from Julius, a Roman surname.

Kit – Follower of Christ, Christian

Kit is a new and modern unisex nickname with an old-time British accent. Another so-retro-it’s-cool nickname is Kitty.

Logan – Finnian’s servant

Logan has been consistently improving since the mid-70s, and in 2017 he broke into the Top 5 for the first time.

Louis – Famous fighter, Famous in Washington

The name Louis is a German and French boy’s name that means “famous warrior.”

Reuben – The vision of the son

Reuben is a rich and resonant Old Testament name with a number of qualities that make it a winner.

Rufus – Red-haired

Rufus is a Latin-derived boy’s name that means “red-headed.”

Samuel (Sam) – Told by God

Samuel has long been a popular biblical classic, and it remains so for boys today.

Dashing and Cool Cowboy Names

Western Boy Names  : Credits: Unsplash
Credits: Unsplash

Isn’t it wonderful to have baby names based on someone you adore? Some of the dashing and cool western boy names that will offer your child’s personality an excellent look are listed below.

Akihito – Bright

Akihito is predominantly a Japanese male name that means “bright, brilliant, and clear.”

Huck – Huckleberry

Huckleberry “Huck” Finn is a fictitious character created by Mark Twain who first appeared in the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Qing-Nian – Younger generation

The name Qing comes from the Chinese language. The word Qing means ‘the color aqua,’ ‘a greenish blue tone,’ ‘dark blue,’ ‘blue,’ and ‘green.’ This name also means ‘purity,’ ‘clarity,’ and ‘to be clear.’

Anatoly – Sunrise

Anatoly is a Russian boy name that means “sunrise.”

Ackerley – Oak meadow

The meaning of Ackerley as a boys’ name is “oak meadow.” It is of Old English origin.

Abraham – Father of many

In the Bible, Abraham is described as the “father of many nations.”

Aarush – First Ray of Sun

Aarush is a Hindu/Indian name that means “first ray of the sun” or “mark of dawn” in Sanskrit.

Aldo – Old noble

The boy’s name Aldo is pronounced ALL-doh. The name Aldo is of Italian and Old German origin, and it means “old one, elder.”

Mac – Son

The name Mac is predominantly a Scottish male name that means “son.”

Adler – Eagle

Adler is a German and Yiddish surname that means “eagle.”

Sanjay – Victory

The name Sanjay is predominantly a male Indian name that means “victory.”

Conway – Holy river

Conway is pronounced KAHN-way as a boy’s name. Conway means “holy river; dog of the plain” and is of Welsh, Irish, and Gaelic origin.

Achan – Trouble

It’s a lovely baby name with an easy-to-pronounce pronunciation. According to Achan’s definition, a troublemaker is someone who causes problems. The name Achan’s origin and usage may be found in the book ‘Biblical Baby Names.’

Arvid – Eagle tree

Arvid is an Old Norse name for boys, and its meaning is “eagle tree.”

Conroy – Wise advisor

The name Conroy is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is “intelligent advisor or man.”

Macbride – Saint Brigid

Macbride is an Irish and Gaelic boy’s name with the meaning “son of Saint Brigid’s devotee.”

Amnon – Faithful

In Hebrew, it means “loyal.”

Wyatt – Brave in battle

Wyatt is an Anglo-Saxon name originating from the personal names Wiot, Wyot, or Gyot, which were originally Wigheard, which is made up of the words wig = ‘war’ and heard = ‘hardy, valiant, or powerful.’ 

Colton – Charcoal settlement

Colton is of English origin. “Charcoal settlement” is the definition of Colton.

Ali – Sublime

From the Arabic words Aliy, which means “sublime,” and ala, which means “to rise or climb.”

Dwight – White

The name Dwight is of Flemish origin, and it means “white or blond.”

Karan – Light

The meaning of the name Karan is “warrior.”

Davis – Son of David

Davis is a Welsh patronymic surname that means “son of David,” a given name that means “beloved.”

Adino – Ornament

Adino is a boy’s name that means “ornament.”

Macedonio – grows in stature

Macedonio is a Greek baby boy name that means “one who triumphs and rises in stature.”

Adolf – Noble wolf

The name comes from the ancient Germanic parts “Wald” and “wolf,” which imply “strength,” “brightness,” and “wolf” (Waldwulf).

Earl – Nobleman

Eorl is an Old English word with a Germanic origin. The term earl originally referred to a nobleman.

Aulis – Helpful

Aulis is a Finnish word that means “willing, helpful.”

Chad – Battle

From the Old English term ceadda, which may have been derived from the Welsh word cad, which means “war.”

Wesley – Western Meadow

Wesley means “dweller near the western wood or clearing” in Old English.

Marshall – Works with horses

Marshall is a boy name of French origin, meaning ” works with horses .” 

Weston – From the west town

Weston is a boy name of English origin, meaning ” from the west town .”

Maverick – Bold

Maverick is a boy name of American origin, meaning ” independent .


Naming a child is one of the most enjoyable and exciting experiences a new parent can have. To help you find the perfect cowboy name combination for your little cowboy, we compiled a complete list of 170+ western boy names.

If you come up with the greatest name combinations using the cowboy names listed above, please let us know.


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