How To Make A Baby Registry On Amazon

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How To Make A Baby Registry On Amazon 

Now is the time to create your free baby registry and get all the awesome perks that come with it! In this post we’ll go over how to make a baby registry to get free perks (and items)

Are you ready to create an Amazon Baby Registry?

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Baby Registry

Before you go ahead and create your baby registry I encourage you to get Amazon Prime to get the most perks from the registry.

If you don’t want to spend on Amazon Prime (I totally get it you’re saving for a baby) Try the 30 Day Free Amazon Prime Trial so you can qualify for the baby welcome box.

Why It Helps To Have Amazon Prime During Your Baby Registry

Once you create your baby registry you will be able to get a Baby Welcome Box that Amazon delivers to you for FREE.

To get this awesome free baby welcome box is to be a Prime Member and finish the baby registry checklist.

What’s Inside The Baby Welcome Box?

It always changes during the season. But what you can expect is full size samples, coupons, baby clothing (usually a shirt or onsie), and a baby bottle.

They also have different items depending on your location, so the Baby Welcome Box is just as unique as you and baby.

What Kind Of Perks Do You Get For Making A Baby Registry With Amazon?

How to make a baby registry that also comes with perks; not only do they give out the amazing Baby Welcome Box, they also have the completion coupon, extended return period and group gifting.

What Is The Completion Coupon?

It is a coupon that Amazon gives you, 60 days before baby arrives to use on the items you have left on your baby registry.

What this means is that 60 days before your due date Amazon will notify you about your completion discount.

It is 10% OFF any items on your baby registry that you still have left, that’s if you don’t have Amazon Prime.

However if you are a Prime member you get a whopping 15% OFF coupon.

You can also use the coupon 60 days AFTER baby’s arrival. The due date you entered is used as the 60 day marker. Once your due date passes you cannot add items to your registry.

So add everything you want and need now to it so you can have that completion discount ready to go when it’s time.


What Can You Use The Coupon On?

I’m going to share a big secret with you: add everything you want to buy from Amazon to your baby registry RIGHT NOW, then use that 15% off to buy the items you didn’t get as gifts that you really want.

I’m not going to sugar-coat this: I put a TV on my baby registry NOT because I wanted my family to buy a TV for my baby but because I knew I could use the 15% off coupon on items on my baby registry!

Shhh… don’t tell Amazon.

Extended Returns Perk

Normally Amazon will give the average user a 30 day return period for any purchase. That seems pretty sweet already right. But Amazon understand that new parents are sleep deprived, learning how to breastfeed, creating bonds and not fully aware of items they may end up returing.

That’s why the have an extended returns policy for any items purchased from your baby registry.

90 Days..

That’s 3 months, some women don’t even have maternity leave that long (let’s change that America) but Amazon will give you 90 days to return items you never used, didn’t like, or received multiple’s.

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Group Gifting

Wow, they are just the company that keeps on giving am I right.

So group gift gifting must be selected when you sign up to make your baby registry.

It allows your family to go in together on a large ticket value item (e.g crib, stroller, mamaroo whatever right).

This way if they want to get you one large item from your baby registry a few people can go in and buy that gift together.

What Items Can I Add To My Baby Registry?

Amazon is already the worlds leader in getting you what you want, if it’s on Amazon you can add it to your baby registry.

But here is something most people don’t know you can also add items from other website.

To do this you’ll have to setup Amazon Assistant.

  • Go this Amazon Assistant Page
  • Click Install
  • Now you will be able to browse any online shop and add it to your Amazon registry
  • Etsy, Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Baby Gap, Osh Kosh Bogosh, etc..
  • If you find something from another store – hover over the item
  • Amazon assistant will ask if you’d like to add it to your baby registry

How To Create Your Baby Registry

Make a baby registry with three simple steps.

Step One: Go To The Sign Up Page

How to create a baby registry from amazon and get the amazon baby welcome box

Go to this page, click on the button that says CREATE A NEW BABY REGISTRY

It will then take you to the sign up form

  • You’ll need to fill out your information
  • Name
  • Due Date
  • Address (if you don’t have an Amazon account)

After signing up, you’ll get to start the actual baby registry.

Step Two: Do The Checklist

The first thing you want to do is click on the Welcome Box section. By doing that you will go to your baby registry checklist!

easily create a baby registry in three easy steps

Amazon will then prompt you finish the checklist. The checklist is one of the ways that you will be able to qualify for the free Baby Welcome Box.

  • Go through each of the main topics section and add items from the sub-topics area to finish your checklist.
  • See this list of essentials we recommend for you to add
  • You can add items from different stores and different web pages

Step 3: Order Your Baby Welcome Box

Once your checklist has been finished and you’ve added items, you will be able to order your baby welcome box. Which is the biggest reason you wanted to learn how to make a baby registry right.

  • You will need to be a prime member to get the baby welcome box
  • Have someone (or yourself) purchase a $10 gift from your baby registry ($10 minimum)
  • Add the baby welcome box to your cart and checkout
  • Bam, you get it in the mail

And that’s all you need on how to make a baby registry in 3 easy steps and get free perks and items with it.

Start your free baby registry here.

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how to make a baby registry
how to create a baby registry with amazon and add items to make it worth your while

How To Create A Baby Registry With Amazon & Add Items

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