10 Best Pregnancy Pillows For Better Sleep

Better Sleep With The Best Pregnancy Pillows

The best pregnancy pillows for better sleep: Do you find yourself slumping over, having backaches, and feeling yourself slouch more often now that you are pregnant? What about restless nights, constantly turning, and even dare I say leg and thigh cramping.

If you gave a head nod to any of those, chances are you are due for a new pillow. What better time to get yourself a pregnancy pillow than right now.

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Pregnancy PillowQuick review
1. Insen Pregnancy Pillow
Insen Pregnancy Pillowthe best pregnancy pillow for better sleep
1. Very large and comfortable, make sure you have enough bed space for this pillow
2. Memory Foam
Memory Foama memory foam pillow for pregnancy and maternity
2. Ultrasoft, and molds to your body making it friendly for pregnancy
3. NiDream Pillow
NiDream Pillowbest pregnancy pillow for hip pain during third trimester or first trimester
3. Rated #1 for back support in a pregnancy pillow. Great from the first trimester to the end
4. Easy Wedge
Easy Wedgeeasy to use wedge pillow for better sleep during pregnancy
4. Small wedge pillow, easy to move around, perfect for side sleepers
5. Full Body C Pillow
Full Body C Pillowa large maternity pillow will help with back pain and sleep during pregnancy
5. Large pillow supports all parts of the body
6. Back Pain Support
Back Pain Supportsimple wedge pillow for pregnancy
6. Small enough to help move it where you need the most supports (knees, back, sides)
7. Queen Rose Pillow
Queen Rose Pillowlarge pregnancy pillow to help with better sleep and back pain and hip pain during pregnancy give your back some relief
7. Large and velvet material. Making it great during colder months
8. HALO Maternity Pillow
HALO Maternity Pillowbest pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers
8. Easy to inflate, helps give your sides some rest.
9. PharMeDoc Pillow
PharMeDoc Pillowa great pregnancy pillow that is affordable and great to help with back pain, for a better nights rest
9.  Helps support your back, hips, knees, neck, and head to help ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, and gastric reflux
10. JoyourBaby Pillow
JoyourBaby Pillow
10. Making it the largest on this list, ultra-plush this maternity pillow helps your back pain, your neck and gives you better sleep

The Types Of Pregnancy Pillows

Here are the different types of pregnancy pillows each with its own pros and cons.

Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

Perfect for the mom who just needs a slight adjustment to their bump. Can be used in multiple ways. BUT easily moves out of place if you wiggle a lot in your sleep.

See all the best Wedge Pregnancy Pillows.

Body Pillow For Pregnancy

Long and strong these are great to use even after you give birth. Depending on the pillow brand it can go from firm to flat really quick.

See all the best Body Pillows For Pregnancy here.

‘U’ Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Sometimes known as the ‘C’ shape pregnancy pillow. Gives full-body support, but takes up a lot of space

See all the best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillows.

Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow

Usually has a hole for those mamas who are belly sleepers to place belly into. Requires you to blow it up, but can lose air overnight and it’s plastic. Making sleeping on it hot.

See all the best Inflatable Pregnancy Pillows here.

The Best Pregnancy Pillows For Better Sleep

You can easily find your favorite maternity pillow by using our pregnancy pillow reviews down below.

1. INSEN Pregnancy Pillow

INSEN Pregnancy Pillowone of the best pregnancy pillows for better sleep is the INSEN

Rated 4.4 Stars from expecting parents this U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow for better sleep will give your bump and back the support it needs for a better night’s sleep.

Along with its U Shaped, it also helps your neck, hips, and knees be in a more comfortable position great towards the end of pregnancy when nothing feels comfortable.

2. Memory Foam Body Pillow For Pregnancy

Memory Foam Body Pillow For Pregnancyone of the best pregnancy pillows for better sleep is the memory foam style body pillow like this one

This is one of the best pregnancy pillows for better sleep the memory foam body pillow for pregnancy has memory foam that molds to your body giving your bump and knees great support.

This is great for side sleepers (which is all pregnant moms everywhere lol) This is perfect if you don’t have a large bed, so you still leave room for your partner and yourself to sleep in.

3. NiDream U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

NiDream U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

We also love the NiDream U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow because it is one of the best pregnancy pillows for better sleep and helps with back support.

Amazon has rated this pillow #1 for pregnancy back pain. The material is breathable and allows your back to get full support during pregnancy while also holding up your bump.

4. Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

The ideal solutions for pregnancy discomfort. What is great about this pregnancy wedge pillow is that you can also use it while you sit in a chair for added back support.

It can easily be moved around to your knees, under your bump, or your back to give you the support where you need it.

5. Full Body Pregnancy C Shaped Pillow

Full Body Pregnancy C Shaped Pillowone of the best pregnancy pillows for better sleep and back pain

The full-body pregnancy C-shaped pillow is a great fit to have your back and belly supported to give a better night’s sleep while supporting your body.

Not only is the material soft it is also fresh to make sure you do not have pregnancy heat sweats at night.

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6. The Angle By Back Pain Support

The Angle By Back Pain Support

If you need some relief from back pain or hip pain due to pregnancy the angle pillow will be your best friend. The sturdy pillow keeps its shape making it great to use long-term.

Another great tip is to use it just like the picture shows to help reduce the pain in your legs from carrying that extra weight.

7. Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

This velvet pregnancy pillow is so comforting that expecting mothers have given it 4.5 out of 5 stars. The cover is machine washable as well as the pillow!

Making this full-body pregnancy pillow for better sleep one of our top favorites.

8. HOLO The Original Inflatable Maternity Pillow

HOLO The Original Inflatable Maternity Pillowone of the best pregnancy pillows for better sleep. one of the best maternity pillows for better sleep

Give your hips some relief with this inflatable pregnancy pillow which is the best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers. This also helps when your sides start to hurt and you just need a different position for a few minutes to help relax your body.

It does get a little hot because of the material, I suggest putting a light sheet on top to keep it cool (especially during the summer months)

9. PharMeDoc U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

PharMeDoc U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This is the only ‘U’ shaped pregnancy pillow for better sleep that has a detachable extension to help you get that extra support and better quality sleep where you need it.

10. Joyourbaby 59 Inch Pregnancy Pillow

Joyourbaby 59 Inch Pregnancy Pillow

Making the cut for the top ten best pregnancy pillows for better sleep is this massive pregnancy pillow that’s so versatile you will be able to relax more and get that quality sleep that you are looking for.

FAQ’s About Pregnancy Pillows & Sleeping

How Should You Sleep With A Pregnancy Pillow When Pregnant?

The best way to use your pregnancy pillow for sleep is to place it between your legs and sleep on your left side, making sure to bend your knees.

Do Pregnancy Pillows Really Help?

Yes, they do. Not only do they help relax your body if you are having a lot of heartburn during your pregnancy using the pillow to prop yourself up will give you much-needed relief. As well as supporting your spine when you sleep if you put the pillow between your legs helping you sleep longer.

When Should You Start Using A Pregnancy Pillow?

You can start using a pregnancy pillow as early as the first trimester. Depending on how you are feeling and sleeping you may not need a pregnancy pillow until your third trimester when it gets a little uncomfortable sleeping.

When Should A Pregnant Women Stop Sleeping On Her Back?

It is recommended that you stop sleeping on your back when you hit the 20th-week mark. But if you are a back sleeper getting used to sleeping on your side earlier on will make the transition easier for you.

The reason you do not want to sleep on your back after the 20th week is that the weight of your uterus can compress a major blood vessel and give you and your baby less blood flow leaving you feeling dizzy and nauseated.

Don’t take my word for it, look at the reviews for each and every one of these pillows and you’ll find expecting mothers who got more sleep, longer naps, and improved backaches from all of these top ten best pregnancy pillows for better sleep.

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10 Best Pregnancy Pillows For Better Sleep

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