The 7 Best Protein Powders For Pregnancy

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Best Protein Powder During Pregnancy

Now that you are expecting your body is changing rather quickly (even if you don’t notice the change) it is working hard to create life. Because of this change, your diet will also be affected. This is why the best protein powder for pregnancy is a great way to add the right types of supplements to your diet.

Let’s dive right in and showcase the best protein powders for pregnancy (that can also be used during breastfeeding #winwin)

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Here is a quick recap of each protein powder on this list. To see our full review keep scrolling to read more.

Brand Protein Type Quick Review
1. Manitoba Harvest Manitoba Harvesthemp protein powder for pregnant moms safe to consume this protein powder for diet Hemp Protein Natural, No TCH, Plant based
2. Baby Booster Protein Baby Booster Proteinbaby booster mom safe protein powder for pregnancy or during pregnancy Whey Protein OBGYN approved, No Caffeine, No gluten
3. Totally Egg ProteinTotally Egg Proteinneed a protein powder that is safe to take during pregnancy so you can have protein smoothies use the totally egg made from egg whites and egg yolk Egg Whites & Yolk 24g of protein per scoop, Contains egg and soy
4.Mommi Prenatal Mommi Prenatalthe best protein powder for pregnancy and postaprtum Whey Protein Easy to digest, Non GMO, No gluten, Non toxic
5. Organic Plant BasedOrganic Plant Basedsuper simple protein based powder that is safe for preganncy Pea, Brown Rice, Chia Seeds Plant based, No gluten, No dairy, No lactose
6.Majka Breastfeeding PowderMajka Breastfeeding Powderthe best protein powder for pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers to use Pea & Rice Vegan friendly, No animal by products, No dairy
7.Pure Food Plant BasedPure Food Plant Basedhemp based protein powder for pregnancy safe for pregnant moms to consume Hemp & Brown Rice Protein Has probiotics, 32g per serving

Our Top Pick As Best Protein Powder For Pregnancy..

The Best Protein Powder For Pregnancy

1. Monitoba Harvest Protein Powder

Monitoba Harvest Protein Powderhemp protein powder for pregnancy

The Manitoba harvest protein powder is great for pregnancy because it is plant-based perfect for moms-to-be who are vegan, don’t want any added supplements, and care about organic. It is almost like flaxseed, has no TCH (so yes it is safe for you and baby). Has no artificial sweeteners YAY!

– 20 g per serving of protein
-2 Ingredients
-Mix it with foods or drinks
– Easy on the body to digest
– Works for breastfeeding too
– taste isn’t the best
– hard to mix with liquids

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2. Baby Booster Protein Powder

Baby Booster Protein Powderbaby booster protein powder for pregnancy is one of the best protein powders to use when you are pregnant because of the protein and calcium you get from the whey protein

Baby Booster protein powder might be the most affordable on the list. Take a look at that list of pros, our favorite thing about it – it has no caffeine or soy for anyone intolerant or allergic to it.

– 20 grams of protein per serving
– No soy, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, or gluten
– Developed by an OBGYN
-Contains folic acid
– The only flavor is Kona Mocha

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3. Totally Egg Protein Powder

Totally Egg Protein Powdertotally egg protein powder is perfect for pregnant mothers who need to increase or add more protein to their diet

The total egg brand is perfect for moms who are lactose intolerant as it is derived from egg yolk and egg whites.

-24g of protein per scoop
-Zero grams of sugar
-Only comes in vanilla flavor
-Has a strong flavor

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4. Mommi Prenatal Protein Powder

Mommi Prenatal Protein Powdermommi prenatal protein powder is one of the best protein powders during pregnancy to take to help the growth of baby

We are in love with this Mommi Prenatal Protein Powder. It may be our favorite on the list. With its super simple flavor and 15 grams per scoop of protein, this will help moms fight off morning sickness as well as give you a boost of energy.

If you want to see real reviews from moms who have tried it go here.

-15g per scoop
-Has b-6 to help with morning sickness
-Contains folic acid
– Price is high compared to others on this list

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5. Organic Vegan Protein Powder

Organic Vegan Protein Powderone of the best protein powders to use during pregnancy is the organic vegan protein powder perfect for those with allergies or moms who are vegan

The Organic Vegan protein powder contains no info here and that is one of the reasons it is on this list

-No gluten
-Dairy & Lactose-free
-Includes Fiber (to help digestion)
-Available in 2 flavors
-Does not taste the best, has a harsh taste to it

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6. Majka Breastfeeding Powder

Majka Breastfeeding Powderthe best protein powder for pregnancy and breastfeeding moms

We had to add the Majka Breastfeeding powder to this list because it contains the perfect amount of protein for expecting mothers and for breastfeeding. Making it a double win for you. This is also perfect for vegan moms or those with allergies to lactose, gluten, soy, or added sweeteners.

– Perfect for pregnant and postpartum
-No gluten, lactose, or dairy
-15g per scoop of protein
-Easy to mix with foods and drinks
– No cons

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7. Pure Food Plant Based Organic Protein Powder

Pure Food Plant Based Organic Protein Powderthe best protein powder during pregnancy to take when you are pregnant and afterwards when you are postpartum. perfect to help muscle and lose weight as well as give you added protein

If you are vegan or vegetarian and looking for a completely safe alternative to animal protein that is good for you during pregnancy this Pure Food Plant-Based protein is the one you should go with.

If you want to see real reviews from moms who have tried it go here.

-32g of protein
-no animal by-products
-no gluten, lactose, casein, soy
-affordable for being plant-based
-No cons (we love this one)

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How To Choose The Best Protein Powder For your Pregnancy

You should look for a protein powder based on your needs. For example, maybe you just need it because you are looking to slightly increase your protein intake. In this case, getting one with less protein or less per scoop may benefit you.

If you are looking to get protein because you are vegan and are not consuming a lot of it naturally then you’ll want one that has more per scoop.

It can also be something your doctor has asked you to increase, or you just want to fill up and stay healthy during your pregnancy.

Some of the benefits of protein powder during pregnancy include:

What Is The Best Protein For Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you will need protein and calcium alongside folic acid and zinc to help you grow your baby. Most proteins come from animal-based foods, Dairy products contain two types of proteins that can help you as you grow your baby. Casein and Whey proteins.

What Kind Of Protein Powders Are There?

Whey Protein

Whey protein comes from milk byproducts. That means it contains lactose. However, it is pretty easily digested and helps promote lean muscle mass. It also helps curb appetite giving you a full feeling and the nutrients you need.

Hemp Protein

If you saw this on the list and thought why would I take a marijuana-type protein powder. You are just as wrong as I was. Hemp protein contains no TCH. It is a great plant-based protein powder that is very easily digested.

Caesin Protein

Much like whey protein Casein protein is also a milk byproduct. But casein is digested much slower than whey protein. It generally helps promote muscle mass and reduces muscle protein breakdown.


Soy protein is a great source of protein and helps give you the same benefits as whey. It is plant-based and washed until the sugars are out of the soy. However, it has been linked to things like constipation and bloating.

Egg Protein

Eggs may be the easiest on the list to digest and help keep you fuller longer. However, egg proteins are usually made from egg whites and not the yolk meaning you might feel less hungry than if you were to consume actual eggs.

Pea / Brown Rice / Chia Seeds / Etc..

These are great protein alternatives to help those moms who have allergies or are vegan. By removing any lactose, casein, soy, gluten, and all animal byproducts these are more natural and organic types of proteins.

How Can I Increase My Protein During Pregnancy?

The most simple way to increase your protein during pregnancy is to consume protein-rich foods. If that is not an option drinking protein shakes and adding protein powder to your foods can also help.

Make sure the protein powder you choose during pregnancy is safe for you to take while expecting.

How Can I Increase My Protein Intake Without Powders?

The best way to increase how much protein your body is getting is by consuming protein-rich foods directly such as:

  • Eggs
  • Chicken breast
  • Lentils
  • Almonds
  • Broccoli
  • Oats
  • Cottage Cheese

Cooking with Greek yogurt, opting for lean meats, and eating a serving of eggs any way you like will help you get the protein you need for yourself and your baby.

Avoid Protein Powders That Contain:

  • CBD
  • Herbal supplements
  • Artificial Sweetners
  • Fortified minerals or vitamins
  • Caffeine
  • Soy protein – reduces bodys ability to absorb zinc and iron
  • Glucose or dextrin – adds extra weight gain

Is It Safe To Drink To Protein Shakes During Pregnancy?

You should always ask your doctor, OB, the midwife if they are safe for YOU. As every pregnancy is different you have to ask about your particular situation. However, because most of us are not getting the amount of protein we need during pregnancy drinking protein shakes that are done at the time you will drink them are safe to drink.

How Much Protein Do You Need During Pregnancy?

For a normal pregnancy, you will need around 40 – 70 grams a day of protein. This is according to the website where you can enter your weight and height to see how much you need specifically.

40 – 70 grams of Protein during pregnancy depending on your weight and height

How Do You Take Protein Powder?

The best way to use the protein powder during your pregnancy is to dissolve it in a milkshake, water shake, smoothie.

You will just need to pour a scoop in (or whatever your needs for protein are) and add your fruits and veggies and mix in a blender.

Different brands of protein powder come in different flavors – depending on what you get you can make some seriously delicious smoothies and milkshakes.

In conclusion, the best protein powder for pregnancy is one that you can easily digest, helps increase the supplements you need, and doesn’t make you feel sick (e.g great taste). From the 7 options, I know you will find one that is perfect for you as you grow your baby.

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The Best Protein Powder For Pregnancy

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