30+ Romantic Getaways in Delaware

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We scoured the major travel platforms, review sites, and social media resources to give you ideas of the Best Romantic Getaways in Delaware.

Isn’t it true that this year, celebrating love and planning a romantic getaway is more crucial than ever? We’ve all been stuck indoors for far too long, and you’ll take almost any reason to have something to look forward to… right?

Despite being the second smallest state in the US, Delaware has plenty of locations to visit and romantic vacations for any couple. The land of Delaware consists mainly of a flat surface, with occasional rolling hills, forests, and marshes.

We have refined and optimized our list of top romantic getaways according to the recommendations of top-voted attractions, accommodation, and dining options by locals and travelers. 

Romantic Places To Visit In Delaware

City Of Rehoboth Beach

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : City Of Rehoboth Beach - Credits: Unsplash
City Of Rehoboth Beach – Credits: Unsplash

The coastline in Rehoboth is a fantastic destination for beach lovers and travelers in general. You’ll see the true night sky in all its majesty, black and filled with millions of stars that will shine until morning. There’s nothing quite like a morning sunrise over the beach to set the mood.

This will undoubtedly be a weekend to remember. Of course, the main attraction of this beautiful seaside town is its long sandy beach, which is wonderful for sunbathing and offers excellent swimming and surfing opportunities offshore. 


Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Dover, Colorado - Credits: Unsplash
Dover, Colorado – Credits: Unsplash

There are plenty of intriguing attractions in this city. This lovely little city was founded in 1683 with a rich history and culture, with impressive structures and museums strewn across the city. There are fine stores and restaurants downtown, as well as a casino and nightclubs.

In June, the city hosts the fantastic Firefly Music Festival, as well as thrilling NASCAR races at the Dover International Speedway. Dover has something for everyone with its diverse attractions.

Trap Pond State Park, Laurel

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Trap Pond State Park - Credits: Pixabay
Trap Pond State Park – Credits: Pixabay

There’s nothing quite like floating about on a calm lake at sunset. Camping couples who don’t mind carrying their own bedding and towels may find such programming, hiking trails, and rustic cabins at Delaware’s Trap Pond State Park.

Though the western part of Delaware is sometimes disregarded in favor of the state’s beautiful beaches, it has much to offer daring types (sky-diving etc)

Brandywine Creek State Park

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Brandywine Creek State Park - Credits: Unsplash
Brandywine Creek State Park – Credits: Unsplash

Brandywine Creek State Park, like many of Delaware’s top vacation locations, offers a wealth of outdoor activities. It is situated in northern Delaware, just south of the Pennsylvania border, along Brandywine Creek. The park was built using special stone walls in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Tulip Tree Woods, a 933-acre nature preserve with old-growth tulip poplar trees, is one of four nature preserves in the park. The best time to witness the peak of beauty in this park is the Spring season when the bloodroot and nodding trillium carpet the forest floor.

Dewey Beach

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Dewey Beach - Credits: Unsplash
Dewey Beach – Credits: Unsplash

Dewey Beach, located on a patch of land between the Atlantic Ocean and Rehoboth Bay, is a popular spot for watersports. Aside from superb skimboarding and wakeboarding, the small town features lovely broad, sandy beaches to relax on, as well as swimming and surfing offshore. 

Dewey Beach, despite its small size, comes alive in the summer. Then the town’s restaurants and bars fill up, and famous acts and bands perform all throughout town. 

Its pleasant cottages and condominiums are frequently packed with partygoers who come to enjoy the live music and families who want to take advantage of the wide beach and fun watersports.

Delaware Seashore State Park

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Delaware Seashore State Park - Credits: Pexels
Delaware Seashore State Park – Credits: Pexels

Delaware Seashore State Park is one of the most popular and gorgeous destinations to visit, with magnificent beaches and exciting outdoor activities. Between Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay and the wild waters of the Atlantic Ocean is this peaceful and thin stretch of sand.

The park’s lovely dunes and windswept coastal beaches have been protected and safeguarded since 1965. Spectacular views of the bays and the ocean will be a pleasant delight to watch.


Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Milford - Credits: Instagram
Milford – Credits: Instagram

Milford, just 20 miles south of the bustling state capital, is one of the greatest towns in Delaware for those looking for a charming, small ambiance with a focus on community beautification and the local art scene. Milford is a great place for art enthusiasts.

Handmade jewelry, crafts, and artwork by local artists are on display in galleries around the historic downtown. More art may be found throughout the town, including murals, mosaics, and even painted miniature boats along the Riverwalk.

Fenwick Island State Park

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Fenwick Island State Park - Credits: Instagram
Fenwick Island State Park – Credits: Instagram

Fenwick Island State Park is located in the southeast corner of the state, close to the attractive Ocean City of Maryland. It boasts simply magnificent landscape with divine vistas, and it is very wild and unspoiled in comparison to the crowded beach resorts on either side.

The state park is a popular romantic getaway due to its beautiful surroundings and closeness to Bethany Beach and Ocean City. You may go sailing along the coast or participate in some of the watersports available, in addition to admiring its beauty.

New Castle

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Newcastle - Credits: Instagram
Newcastle – Credits: Instagram

New Castle, located on the west bank of the Delaware River about six miles south of downtown Wilmington, is one of the coolest sites in Delaware for history buffs. 

New Castle is the place to go if you want to spend a relaxing day meandering down cobblestone streets, taking in quaint shops, green areas, and historic sites.

This home, which is now a museum, was erected in the mid- to late 1600s and is one of the state’s oldest structures. The Amstel House Museum is another must-see historical attraction. Built in the 1730s, this Georgian mansion boasts exquisite details such as original woodwork.

Battery Park is one of New Castle’s most popular and attractive sites. When William Penn initially arrived in America in 1682, he landed on this place. The park is located along the Delaware River and features a walking and bike track with lovely river views.

Cape Henlopen State Park

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Cape Henlopen State Park  - Credits: Unsplash
Cape Henlopen State Park  – Credits: Unsplash

The picturesque Cape Henlopen State Park, located at the mouth of Delaware Bay, is home to pine forests, wetlands, and dunal bluffs. It is located on the eastern suburbs of Lewes and offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and birdwatching.

Visitors can visit the site’s Seaside Nature Center for interesting and instructive exhibits about the park’s fauna in addition to sunbathing, swimming, and surf fishing. 

Cape Henlopen State Park is well worth a visit if you have the opportunity, with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets over the Atlantic from the renovated WWII observation tower.


Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Wilmington - credits: Instagram
Wilmington – credits: Instagram

The cultured and cosmopolitan city of Wilmington, Delaware’s largest and liveliest city, is nestled in the state’s northeast corner. It may become the ideal romantic Delaware getaway for couples who like to visit a serene and calm place.

It features a lively artistic scene, as well as a variety of unique and stunning historic tourist attractions, and is located at the confluence of the Christina and Brandywine Rivers.

A lunch and a stroll along the winding riverbank are also recommended. Wilmington has something for everyone, with the lovely Brandywine Valley, amazing vineyards, and charming countryside surrounding.


Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Lewes - Credits: Pixabay
Lewes – Credits: Pixabay

The modest seaside town of Lewes, which is situated along a gorgeous length of Delaware Bay, is a delightful spot to explore. The beautiful beaches and scenery of Cape Henlopen State Park are close by.

It was founded by the Dutch as a whaling and trade town in 1631, and has since grown into a popular tourist and resort destination with a variety of great restaurants and hotels.

Visitors can also see the city’s beautiful historic mansions, wharves, and canals. Cruises and fishing expeditions around the bay are also available, with breathtaking views from every aspect.

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge - Credits: Unsplash
Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge – Credits: Unsplash

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, which borders Delaware Bay, is a short drive from Dover, Delaware’s capital. The refuge is a delight to explore, with some of the region’s largest remaining mudflats, wetlands, and tidal salt marshes.

Millions of migrating birds travel through each year for mating and resting, thanks to its carefully kept habitat.

Aside from abundant birds, the refuge includes wonderful hiking routes with observation towers strewn throughout. You may discover all about the refuge’s history, ecology, and wildlife at its visitor center.

Hagley Museum

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Wilmington Museum - Credits: Instagram
Wilmington Museum – Credits: Instagram

At the Hagley Museum, the Brandywine River truly shines. It’s both heartwarming and historically significant. It’s also a great inside option for those windy days when standing atop a river crossing bridge isn’t an option. 

Formal gardens, vintage autos, and a centuries-old Georgian-style home with antique furnishings and distant history highlights await visitors.

The museum is open daily from 10 a.m. until twilight, and it’s only a short walk away from Krazy Kat’s, one of the most romantic dining venues on the East Coast. Your taste senses and your date will both be tingling. But here’s the greatest part: if all goes well, you can return to this museum and marry here.

Bethany Beach

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Bethany Beach - Credits: Unsplash
Bethany Beach – Credits: Unsplash

Bethany Beach, a little seaside hamlet in the state’s southeast, is a very tranquil and lovely spot. While Delaware is the country’s second smallest state, it makes up for it with beautiful beaches, wonderful state parks, and attractive colonial villages.

It has lovely beaches and is quieter than other tourist towns along the coast. There are several holiday homes and beach houses to choose from in the area. Its downtown area is lined with excellent seafood eateries and gift shops.

Bethany Beach is ideal for a relaxing weekend escape or a sunny summer vacation, and it’s close to both Dover and Ocean City if you want more excitement and entertainment.

White Clay Creek State Park

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : White Clay State Park - Credits: Pixabay
White Clay State Park – Credits: Pixabay

A trip to Delaware wouldn’t be complete without some time spent outdoors, and White Clay Creek State Park is a fantastic site to do just that. White Clay Creek State Park is one of Delaware’s largest state parks, including over 3,600 acres.

It is also one of the most popular due to its wide range of year-round activities. Water is present in several of the park’s attractions. There are over 37 miles of hiking and biking routes throughout the park, ranging from easy to moderately difficult. 

Hikers can expect to see wildlife, wildflowers, and historical monuments if they go at a slow pace.

Best Romantic Hotels in Delaware for Couples

The Bellmoor Inn and Spa

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : The Bellmoor Inn and Spa - Credits: Instagram
The Bellmoor Inn and Spa – Credits: Instagram

This upmarket resort hotel in Rehoboth Beach offers a variety of accommodations as well as luxurious amenities. The Bellmoor Inn’s main structure has a variety of guest rooms and suites with a simple, modern design.

The Palmer House, located behind the main structure, contains six distinct rooms, each with its own private entrance, allowing couples to spend their tranquil vacation without being disturbed by other guests. 

Every morning at the Bellmoor, a full, hot breakfast is offered, prepared fresh with a variety of breakfast selections. Between 4 and 5 p.m., afternoon snacks are also provided. The Bellmoor also offers a shuttle service to and from the adjacent Rehoboth Beach and the famed Rehoboth Boardwalk.

The Brick Hotel

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : The Brick Hotel - Credits: Unsplash
The Brick Hotel – Credits: Unsplash

The Brick Hotel in Georgetown is only 15 miles from Delaware beaches. The Brick Hotel is on the National Register of Historic Places, and it has 14 rooms, each with its own distinct design and decor, as well as antique furnishings. Each room has a fireplace for couples to cuddle up in on cold nights.

The onsite dining facility, The Brick Restaurant, provides lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Every morning, guests receive a complimentary breakfast. The Brick Hotel is well positioned for couples who want to see the region’s antique shops or travel to the neighboring bustling beach area.

Hotel Rehoboth

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Hotel Rehoboth - Credits: Instagram
Hotel Rehoboth – Credits: Instagram

The Hotel Rehoboth is a boutique hotel in downtown Rehoboth Beach that provides 52 different accommodations ranging from studios to suites. The Hotel Rehoboth’s downtown location is ideal for couples who want to be right in the middle of everything, including the beach and boardwalk.

Hotel Rehoboth provides complimentary breakfast to its guests each morning, as well as an onsite restaurant with room service alternatives for couples who want to have a private meal. 

Couples can enjoy fine dining with luxurious accommodation and spectacular views.The shuttle service provides transportation to and from the surrounding beach and boardwalk, as well as chairs and towels.

Bethany Beach Hotel

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Bethany Beach Hotel  - Credits: Pixabay
Bethany Beach Hotel  – Credits: Pixabay

The Bethany Beach Hotel, located on the Bethany Beach Boardwalk in Bethany Beach, is ideal for couples looking for a beachfront adventure. This hotel comprises 112 different luxury suites to select from, each having a private balcony and views of the adjacent ocean.

Every morning, guests can enjoy a complimentary full American or hot breakfast, and the 99 Sea Level restaurant serves lunch and dinner with locally sourced food. Oceanova is the hotel’s onsite spa, ideal for couples looking to relax before hitting the beach, which is just feet away.

Boardwalk Plaza Hotel

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Boardwalk Plaza Hotel - Credits: Instagram
Boardwalk Plaza Hotel – Credits: Instagram

This oceanfront hotel in Rehoboth Beach is a Victorian-style beach house with real antiques that are harmoniously integrated with modern comforts. There are 84 rooms available, several of which have ocean views from the window or balcony. Each room is tastefully furnished and designed in Victorian style.

Victoria’s Restaurant, located in the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel, serves breakfast, lunch, and supper. Couples will love the full cuisine, from delectable breakfast to elegant dinner. 

The hotel has an afternoon tea service as well as an indoor heated pool. During the summer, the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel hosts live music performances as well as beach yoga and Tai Chi.

Avenue Inn & Spa

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Avenue Inn & Spa - Credits: Pixabay
Avenue Inn & Spa – Credits: Pixabay

The Avenue is just located a mere short distance from the boardwalk of Rehoboth Beach. The Avenue features a premium beach resort spa, great for couples wishing to unwind together, in addition to being just a short walk away from the famous Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.

Couples will appreciate any of the Avenue’s various guest rooms and suites, which each provide a home away from the home atmosphere while still delivering the kind of luxurious facilities that people expect on a vacation retreat. Couples can also avail the facility of a hot tub as well. 

You’ll be just a block away from warm, sandy beaches, no matter which accommodation you choose. Every morning, The Avenue offers a complimentary continental breakfast, as well as an afternoon Hospitality Hour with wine and cheese. 

Couples can also avail the facility of a hot tub as well.

The Inn At Canal Square

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Inn At Canal Square - Credits: Instagram
Inn At Canal Square – Credits: Instagram

The Inn at Canal Square, located on the riverfront in the heart of historic Lewes, offers both old-world beauty and modern facilities and rooms. Couples will enjoy a spacious guest room or suite with a private balcony overlooking Lewes Harbor, which features 22 distinct options.

The Inn’s guests are treated to a complimentary European-style breakfast each morning, and superb dining for lunch and supper is just minutes away in downtown Lewes. With Lewes’ downtown shops and beaches just around the corner, the Inn is ideal for couples looking to explore the local area.

Lazy L Bed and Breakfast

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Lazy L Bed and Breakfast - Credits: Instagram
Lazy L Bed and Breakfast – Credits: Instagram

The Lazy L Bed and Breakfast lives up to its name. This is the ideal setting for couples looking for a relaxing romance weekend. The Lazy L, located in Lewes, is tucked away from the city’s busy streets, surrounded by lush lawns and trees. For couples, there are 5 spacious guest rooms and a private cottage.

Every morning on the porch, a hot breakfast is served with a selection of fresh fruit and baked items, as well as waffles or pancakes. Couples can kayak, bird watch, or simply enjoy the calm afternoon at the Lazy L, which offers eight beautiful acres to explore.

DuPont Hotel

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : DuPont Hotel - Credits: Pexels
DuPont Hotel – Credits: Pexels

Hotel DuPont, a gorgeous addition to Wilmington, offers luxurious rooms. This is the pinnacle of refinement, and the building’s craftsmanship is evident in every detail. The restaurant is Zagat-rated. The carpet is wonderful. 

The foyer is a visual feast of vivid colors and extravagant luxury. It’s nearly impossible not to fall in love in an environment like this when everything glitters like gold.

Hotel Rodney

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Hotel Rodney - Credits: Instagram
Hotel Rodney – Credits: Instagram

This boutique hotel, located in the heart of downtown Lewes, is surrounded by history as well as elegance. Built in 1926, the Hotel Rodney has been restored for the convenience of visitors from all over the world. 

Couples can pick from six different rooms of differing sizes, including premium suites and even the master suite.

The Rose and Crown and Jerry’s Seafood are just a few of the neighboring eateries that will make sure guests have plenty of options for meals. Hotel Rodney is well positioned for guests who want to explore Lewes’ downtown area as well as enjoy a day at the beach.

Hotel Blue

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Hotel Blue - Credits: Instagram
Hotel Blue – Credits: Instagram

The Blue Hotel in Lewes is the ideal destination for couples to get away, with an all-adult premium hotel right on the canal. Hotel Blue is a boutique hotel offering a variety of room types ranging from one-bedroom suites to tower suites with views of the canal.

After a long day of touring the neighborhood, couples will appreciate the fires in each room. Hotel Blue provides complimentary tea, coffee, and espresso in the lobby and is conveniently located near all of Lewes’ greatest restaurants. 

Couples will find a variety of things to do in this ancient town, including shopping and seasonal festivals. Not to mention the fact that the Blue Hotel is only half a mile from the beach!

Dover Garden Suites

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Dover Garden Suites - Credits: Instagram
Dover Garden Suites – Credits: Instagram

This Mom and Pop hotel in Dover is surrounded by gorgeous and stunning grounds on all sides. This specific site focuses on extended stay vacations, but it can also accommodate couples for a weekend getaway if you’re searching for a brief and quiet romance getaway from your daily routine.

Each room offers a refrigerator and microwave, allowing guests to prepare meals whenever they choose, as well as a convenient position near restaurants. The Dover Garden Suites’ most remarkable feature is, of course, the magnificent and exquisite gardens. 

For a romantic moment alone, couples will enjoy a stroll through the flowers and trees.

Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast - Credits: Instagram
Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast – Credits: Instagram

Meris Gardens is a lovely bed and breakfast in Bethany Beach that is situated away from the rest of the tourist attractions within the surrounding forests. 

There are 14 private rooms with full en-suite bathrooms, refrigerators, televisions, and even Wi-Fi. After all of the excitement of Bethany Beach, couples will appreciate this peaceful escape.

Guests can enjoy free breakfast every day, which includes waffles and fresh fruit. Beautiful gardens with a gazebo surround Maris Gardens, and guests are allowed to use the free bicycles to get around Bethany Beach. Guests can also visit the coast, which is only a short distance away.

The Inn and Spa at Montchanin Village

Romantic Getaways In Delaware : The Inn and Spa at Montchanin Village - Credits: Instagram
The Inn and Spa at Montchanin Village – Credits: Instagram

This lovely area in Wilmington is made up of 11 separate buildings that have been restored to its historical periods, all of which were built between 1799 and 1970. There are 28 various guest rooms for couples to choose from across the buildings, many of which have their own courtyards and gas fireplaces.

Krazy Kat’s Restaurant, located in Montchanin Village, serves fresh and seasonal cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Couples can also relax at the Montchanin Village Spa, which offers therapies tailored to the specific needs of each client. 

A variety of attractions surround the Village, including the Winterthur Museum Garden and Library and the Delaware Art Museum.

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That’s all, folks. Thanks for reading our list of the best places to plan your romantic vacation in Delaware. Here we have finalized the list of best romantic getaways in Delaware that you may want to explore on your next visit. 

Delaware is a beautiful state to find many attractive spots, historical places, picturesque landscapes, and hotels with modern amenities to experience.

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