Tips For Breastfeeding In The Winter

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In the winter time your breastfeeding habits may look a little different than the summer months. Usually the cold aids in clogging milk ducts which is why keeping warm and using these tips for breastfeeding in the winter is going to help you out so much.

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The Best Tips For Breastfeeding In The Winter Time

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1. Two Shirt Method

You want to be able to have a second layer of nursing clothes as well as a top layer (and when I say nursing clothes I mean things like this – or a shirt that can easily be pulled up and down)

This way you can pull your shirt down without freezing your belly.

2. Wear A Jacket That Zips

If you are going to be going outside getting a zip up jacket will better benefit your breastfeeding adventures with baby.

I also suggest you grab a large zip up jacket where you can have baby inside of it with you as you breastfeed to avoid taking it off – if you are breastfeeding outside.

3. Layer Your Clothing

Not only is the two shirt method a sub-topic of this. You also want to wear a jacket, maybe even thermal leggings under your pants. You want to keep a consistent body temperature to get your milk flowing as easily as possible.

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4. Breast Massage In The Shower

A lot of moms who are breastfeeding in the cold winter months complain about having clogged milk ducts. This happens because most of them are wearing tighter clothes to feel warmer and then the tightness produces a clog.

In order to help get rid of a clogged milk duct – you need to nurse your baby, pump, or massage your breast going towards your nipple in the warm shower.

The heat from the shower will help open up the clog as well as your massage.

If you don’t want to waste precious breast milk while you do this make sure you are using one of these when you breastfeed and when you do a breast massage.

5. Baby Wear

This is the time to get the baby carrier out and learn how to breastfeed your baby while they are inside of it.

By doing this you can wear your large zip up hoodie over the baby carrier and both you and baby can be warm and nursing. You want to avoid having you or baby be directly in the cold winter air when breastfeeding.

6. Use A Heated Blanket

This is great if your home is naturally cold or if you are going to be in a long car ride and you stop to breastfeed baby. You can just put the heated blanket on and feel its warmth wrap around you.

FAQ About Breastfeeding In The Winter Months

Does The Cold Weather Affect My Milk Supply?

In short no. The cold does not affect your milk supply directly. But it can cause pain while breastfeeding as well as sore spots on your breasts. That in turn can cause you to skip a session or go longer without breastfeeding.

If you are just establishing your breastfeeding habits for you and baby – the longer you take between sessions of nursing can impact your milk supply.

Your body is on a supply and demand for breast milk – the more you latch baby to breast the more milk you will produce.

How Do You Store Breast Milk In The Winter?

Here is how you should be storing your breast milk in the winter time.

  1. If you have the breastmilk out room temperature it can stay for 4 hours
  2. In a cooler, ice-chest, icebox you can have it up to 24 hours
  3. If it is in the refrigerator you can have it up to 5-6 days
  4. In the freezer you can store your breast milk for 2 weeks
  5. In a deep freezer you can have your breast milk for up to 6 months

What Should I Wear For Winter While Breastfeeding?

Go ahead and see my top favorite nursing shirts for breastfeeding in the winter.

You can also use shirts with zippers in the front. If you can’t find many of these try putting the shirt on backwards to give you the zipper in the front.

What If I Am Sick? Can I Breastfeed Still?

It depends. Most of the time yes you can continue breastfeeding like normal. The only time you want to talk to your doctor or your child’s pediatrician is if you are going to be taking medication that can affect baby or your milk supply.

Always ask your doctor about a new medication you are going to take before you start breastfeeding your baby while on this new medication.

In conclusion, make sure that you are staying in layers, keeping yourself warm and nursing consistently.

Did I miss a breastfeeding tip that helped you in the winter? Let me know in the comments below

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6 Tips For Breastfeeding In The Winter

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