Pregnancy Essentials For Every Trimester

When you are pregnant you may find yourself obsessing over the things you will need for baby. But you know you will also need a few things yourself. These pregnancy essentials for each trimester are perfect for first time moms . This list is full of essentials that I have personally used and essentials that … Read more

9 Best Postpartum time saving tips for new moms

If you are a new mom chances are you don’t have 24 hours in a day like the rest of us. You have time slots, sleep deprived moments and breastmilk infused dreams. These postpartum time savings tips will also be time management tips, and time saving tips for new moms. This post may contain affiliate … Read more

17 Totally funny pregnancy shirts

Pregnancy is such an amazing time (for some) why not have a good laugh while looking hella stylish. These funny pregnancy shirts are sure to make you lol and are also great as gifts for your pregnant friends. Seriously who doesn’t want a baby shower gift that isn’t for baby but for mom! This post … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Pregnancy For First Time Moms

Everything You Need To Know About Your First Pregnancy From Positive Test To Birth & Recovery I hope this guide can help you navigate the big questions you will have during pregnancy! As a mom myself, I know how scary, exciting, intimidating, and (insert all.the.emotions. here) it can be. This is why I put this helpful … Read more

10 Affordable Pregnancy Books For The First Time Mom

cheap books for expecting parents. baby books pregnancy books

The Best Pregnancy Books For First Time Parents (that are super cheap) Are you looking for some good affordable pregnancy books? Wondering what type of book you and your partner can read together? Some of these affordable books are also some of the top rated pregnancy books on Amazon!  Get the info you want and … Read more

2 Things that will Make Your Nursery Always Smell Fresh

Did you walk into your nursery and take a whiff only to find a scent of poopy diaper and burning candle? Yeah poop and candles don’t mix. You want that whiff of yours to be a smell of a clean baby, a fresh scent, a relaxing odor. At least I know that’s what other’s want … Read more

5 tips for when you feel disappointed in your labor

what to do when you feel disppointed in your labor

Today we are sharing a wonderful guest post by our friend Rachel Maree, if you would like to learn more about Rachel after reading her post, we have included her social links & author bio down below! Let us know what you think about her guest post!  This post may contain affiliate links. For my … Read more

Short Maternity Leave: 8 Things You Need To Do

Maternity Leave Hacks For The Mom With A Short Term Maternity If you are wondering what to do on a short maternity leave, if you need a maternity leave daily routine or even productive things to do on a maternity leave. These hacks will help pass the time on maternity leave. Are you ready to … Read more

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course (review)

Learning How to Breastfeed in 90 Minutes. Breastfeeding is such an amazing experience for new mom and baby. It is so natural and has lots of benefits for baby. But did you know that breastfeeding DOES NOT come naturally. That’s why I did this review for the Ultimate Breastfeeding Course. It is entirely a learned … Read more