28 Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

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Find The Perfect Gift For Baby’s First Christmas

If you are celebrating this Christmas with a little one for the first time. This gift guide is going to be your saving grace. As baby’s first Christmas gift ideas these are going to make a tiny person so happy.

As fun as it is to fill the underneath of a tree with gifts, we also want your baby to develop and play and learn. Learning happens for kids when they play, which is why these items are perfect for a baby’s first Christmas.

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What To Get Your Baby For Their First Christmas

You may be wondering what to get your two month old, or (insert baby’s age here lol) for Christmas. You can be sure to find a gift even if your baby is one month to a year. Get ready to fill your kids stocking and put these under the tree. These are perfect Christmas gifts for babies under 1 year.

1. Moosical Cow

Moosical Cow

From VTech this interactive Lil’ Critters Moosical Cow is a great interactive toy that gets your little one to play and learn.

With different textures and fabrics the learning doesn’t stop at just sounds. It has over 30+ songs and melodies ready for baby to dance along too.

For ages: 2 months and up

2. Snuggling Fox Blanket

Snuggling Fox Blanketthe perfect christmas gift for a newborn

This Toy Fox from Douglas Toys is one of our favorite. This is the perfect birth and up gift for a baby. They will love the soft fabric and when they are teething you bet they’ll also bite on the nose. (my kid did).

For Ages: Birth and Up

3. Christmas Hand & Foot Print

Christmas Hand & Foot Print

This particular set is the Proud Baby Deluxe Print and you can find it on Amazon (for super cheap).

What a perfect keepsake for baby’s first Christmas. You can display it each year on the mantle, or hang it up on the tree. Do one for each of your kids as the years go by.

No age restriction.

4. Christmas Pajamas For Infants

Christmas Pajamas For Infants

This could be baby’s first Christmas outfit. You can take a few pictures in front of the tree, and truly enjoy your little one is this Santa get up. We also love that the little hat is included.

Available In Sizes: Up to 24 Months

5. Teething Toys

Teething Toys

Want a double win as a parent. Get your infant this super adorable iLearn 10 Piece Set of Teething Toys.

Your baby will get comfort and fun while they chew, grab, (and yes throw) these little guys around.

For Ages: 3-9 months

6. Hug And Tug Musical Bug

Hug And Tug Musical Bug

Is your little one fussy in the car or stroller? This Musical Bug may be the solution to that fussiness.

Having this musical bug strapped onto the stroller or top of car seat handle (away from buckles and baby’s face) can help relax baby while playing a soft melody.

For Ages: 0-12 months

7. WonderFold Baby Wagon

WonderFold Baby Wagon

I am obsessed with this Baby Wagon. It is so versatile and great for trips, and walking around the block. Perfect if you have more than one baby.

Can your baby do these things: sit up, hold head up? If you answered yes – this is the gift for baby. With multiple seating, straps and leg room pack the kids in.

8. Interactive Elmo

Interactive Elmo

This is not your average tickle me Elmo. This Sesame Street Elmo is amazing with kids. He can say your child’s name (when programmed through an app), can sing, laugh and play games with your baby.

This a great toy to have now and keep up as your baby turns into a toddler.

For Ages: 10-24 months


9. Baby’s First Block Set

Baby's First Block Set

Want to show your little one how to separate shapes and colors? This game with baby’s first block set can do just that.

Remember kids learn by playing. Let them learn as much as they can with this little set.

For Ages: 5-24 months

10. Peek-A-Boo Puppy

Peek-A-Boo Puppy

How cute is this little Peek-A-Boo Puppy. This is great if your baby hasn’t learned peek-a-boo yet to get them to know the game.

For Ages: Birth and Up

11. PinkFong Baby Shark Book

PinkFong Baby Shark Book

The story book with a musical twist. Get the fun gift for your baby this year.

You can start using this toy as early as newborn stage

12. Baby’s First Word Book

Baby's First Word Bookbabys first christmas book

Make your baby smarter by reading to them every single day. Have them follow along, chew the page, and touch the fabric as you read the First Word Book.

13. LeapFrog Spin And Sing

LeapFrog Spin And Sing

Introduce the alphabet, animals and songs to baby with this Spin and Sing Ball from LeapFrog. For Ages: 5 months and Up

14. Elf Pajamas

Elf Pajamasan elf christmas costume for newborn or baby for first Christmas

Make a whole day out of your little Elf’s Pajamas. A great tip to do is have the whole family dress up and take a magical photo shoot in front of your tree.

Sizes Available: 3-18 months

15. Octopus Floater

Octopus Floater

Get those fine motor skills to work by having baby place the rings in the octopus hands. This Octopus Floater toy is made for the bath but can be used outside of it too.

For Ages: 6 months and Up

16. Plush Activity Toy

Plush Activity Toy

Get baby’s sense’s working with this Octo-Activity Plush toy. Perfect for baby to bite, chew, and cuddle with. Machine washer safe

For Ages: 2 months and Up

17. Play Mat Rain Forest

Play Mat Rain Forest

We love play mats because they offer a variety of playing and sensory for infants who can’t walk. Perfect for tummy time and stretching to learn to play.

18. Wood Blocks For Baby

Wood Blocks For Babybabys first christmas gift ideas

You may have noticed that babies like to play with things that are NOT baby toys like; water bottles, keys, empty toilet paper rolls.

What I love about these wood blocks is that baby see’s them as one of those toys that are for adults. I think it’s the natural wood element. So they play with them more.

19. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jumper

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jumperneed to get baby a gift for the holidays that will get their sensory play into high gear. This jumper is that gift

The Evenflo Jumper is great to help baby get some sensory play. It will also help increase leg strength as baby bounces up and down.

This is perfect for babys who can hold their head up on their own and the recommended weight for it is less than 24 pounds.

20. Rock – A – Stack

Rock - A - Stackthe rock a stack is a game for infants and toddlers to play

I don’t know what I love more, that you can show baby spacial recognition with the Rock A Stack or the fact that it is so darn inexpensive.

For Ages: 4 Months and Up

21. VTech Music Book

VTech Music Bookany age is perfect for reading. give the gift of baby's first book and musical number with this gift idea of a Vtech musical book

The Musical Rhymes Book by VTech is one that you can give to baby right from birth. It is great because you can read to them at first and when they are more mobile they can start pressing the buttons and eventually reading along with you.

22. Giant Activity Center

Giant Activity CenterThis giant activity center is a great first time gift for a newborn or infant

Do all doctor offices need to have this activity center – yes. Do you need to have this in your home – also yes. This giant activity center is great for hand-eye coordination.

For Ages: 6 months and Up

23. Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone

Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out XylophoneWant your musical genius to start from newborn days. This gift is perfect for infants to toddlers as a gift for Christmas

How fun is this Pound And Tap Bench. You can see that baby will be developed into this game in no time and spend a good chunk of playing with it.

For Ages: 8 months and Up

24. Drop And Dump Truck

Drop And Dump Truckthe dump and drop truck is a great first gift for infants and toddlers

This can be baby’s first Christmas truck. The Drop and Dump Truck is great for baby’s who are crawling or already walking. So they can move around with the truck.

25. Tumble And Spin Giraffe

Tumble And Spin Giraffebaby's first christmas gift ideas a play giraffee

How cute is this Tumble and Spin Giraffe. This is a great gift if your baby is almost a year old. They can do so much little things with this giraffe.

26. Baby’s First Stack Up Cups

Baby's First Stack Up Cupsone of the best gifts for babys first christmas gift ideas

No matter your baby’s age this is one gift that will keep them entertained for a long time. (my two year old still plays with his). We love these Stack Up Cups.

At first you can just show them the colors and name them. Once they get a little more mobile, you’ll find your baby chewing, throwing, and stacking them up.

27. Baby Swing

Baby Swingget baby a swing for thier big first Christmas gift

If you don’t have a baby swing yet, this may be one you want to invest in. Also great if grandparents get this for baby. This is perfect if your baby is under 6 months. Any bigger and they may not want to be in it. Depends on the baby.

28. Baby Infant Tent

Baby Infant Tentbest Christmas gift ideas for newborns

The Baby Infant Tent is another option for a play mat that baby’s absolutely love. All the different textures and items hanging get their attention while the soft mat and tent like atmosphere make them keep playing with it even after they no longer fit in the mat area.

That’s it! 28 useful, fun and exciting toys for baby’s first Christmas gift. These gifts can all be delivered to you with Amazon Prime in just 2 Days. Don’t forget to grab your free 30 Day Prime Trial.

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baby's first Christmas gift ideas
baby's first christmas

Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

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