8 Christmas Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas To Do At Home

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Christmas Pregnancy Photo Shoot At Home Ideas & Tips

With the holidays fast approaching you may already have everything you need for Christmas Maternity Photo Shoot pictures that you can do at home. You don’t even need props because your home will already be decorated, saving you time and money!

In this post, you will find lots of ways to take the images shown, how to decorate, and set up your home for better pictures.

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Items You’ll Need To Rock Your Christmas Maternity Shoot

  1. Digital Camera / High Quality Phone Camera
  2. Camera/ Phone Clicker (optional but highly encouraged)
  3. Lamp / Large Open Window during best daylight hours
  4. Similar Wrapping Paper On Presents (optional)

Those are the 4 main things I used to create my maternity pictures. Again you don’t need all of these but they do help!

1. Why You Need a Digital Camera

Having a camera (this is the one I have) will be best for higher-quality images. Your phone will work just fine. I have a few tips if you end up using your phone.

  1. Try to use a tripod or place your phone on books or boxes and use the camera clicker
  2. The camera clicker lets you have your phone on the tripod (or wherever you placed it) and click the button to take the picture. This is perfect if it is just you and your partner home alone and both of you want to be in the picture.

2. Natural Light In Images

The best images capture ‘natural light’ perfectly. Did you know most of those images are using lamps and lights to create that ‘natural look?

By adding lights to two main areas the quality of your images will go up.

  1. Add light slightly behind your camera or phone
  2. Add lights behind you (out of sight)

3. Similar Wrapping Paper For Gifts

This is a great way to make your pictures look more professional. By having your wrapping paper or boxes and gift bags look similar (color, patterns, etc..) if you take pictures in front of your Christmas tree it will look clean cut.

If you’re wrapping it all different that is totally fine here are a few things you can do before taking your pictures:

  • Clean the floor
  • Open the windows
  • Bring lamps and light to the ‘set’

Okay, let’s dive in and see all these awesome maternity photoshoot ideas during Christmas time.

Christmas Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas To Try

1. Sitting Under The Tree

christmas tree maternity picture

This Christmas tree maternity picture is so cute. To do something similar to this, make sure you have some natural light in the room.

Another thing that makes this image really beautiful is that the expecting mom is wearing contrasting colors to what her background is. She is in darker colors while her background is white.

You can set up your camera to be on a stand or have your partner take the pictures.

PRO TIP: Try looking away from the camera or looking down at your belly. Crop your images if they are showing to much of a background.

how to use lights and Christmas decorations to take the best at home maternity pictures

Here are a for more ideas from that photoshoot

  • Get your Christmas tree in full by having your partner stand away and take a picture of you under the tree
  • Place ornaments on the tree – make it look like a candid shot
  • Lastly try holding your belly and look away (like you’re waiting for lunch)

2. Digital Decorations To Be More Festive

merry christmas maternity photo shoot with husband
holiday pictures during pregnancy that I can take at home

If you don’t have a lot of decorations up for Christmas – try being in your pajamas and adding filters and decals to add that Christmas spirit.

Want matching pajamas for you and hubby – these are my favorite.


3. Lights Around Belly

lights around a pregnant belly for christmas pictures

This is such a lovely idea because it’s super simple. To do something like this you will want to first set everything up.

  • Get the lights
  • Choose the bed sheets you want in the image
  • If you can ask a third person to take this picture
  • The person who takes this picture should be standing over the bed or be on a small ladder to get this overview picture

4. Black & White Image

DIY maternity pictures for the holidays

Add a little black and white filter to create a memorable, romantic feel in the picture, and don’t forget your Santa hat. These holiday maternity photos are just lovely.

PRO TIP: If using your phone for this image, go landscape and DO NOT ZOOM in. By zooming in you lose pixels which makes the quality of the image blurry and less high quality. Instead, take the picture and then crop it to your liking when you are done.


5. Pregnant Christmas Photo Shoot – Blurred Tree Idea

christmas tree pregnant belly pictures

Want to do something like this? With the background blurred and your belly in full HD. Make sure you adjust your camera (this is when a digital camera comes in handy).

  • You’ll want to be about a foot away from your camera
  • Make sure you have light on behind your camera and light by your background (and the Christmas tree lights on)
  • Set camera to 50mm by doing this you get the blurry effect (this is for digital cameras)
  • For phones – try to use a stand or have your partner take the image
  • Do not zoom in – you can crop the image later
  • Make your belly the focal point to make sure the background get’s blurry.

6. Belly Christmas Picture

partner holding pregnant belly of expecting mom while mom makes heart with hands over belly behind them is a christmas tree

The pregnant Christmas photoshoot ideas are just the best. You can both wear flannels, comfy clothes and just take pictures in front of your tree.

To get an image like this you’ll want to have a clicker like this one so both you and your partner can be hands-free (just hide the clicker slightly in your palm when you are taking the picture.)

7. Couples Maternity Christmas Shoot

Christmas maternity photo shoot ideas at home
maternity couple christmas photo shoot at home ideas

You can even do something as simple as these maternity photos at Christmas. You’ll already have your tree, presents and your home decorated.

You’ll want to get a tripod or put your phone/camera on a stand or box in order to get images of both you and your partner if you do not have anyone else to take the pictures.

8. Be YOU

Christmas pregnancy photo shoot ideas to try at home

This Christmas pregnancy photo is amazing. This expecting mom looks beautiful in her white clothes and having the gifts scattered throughout the background makes it look very whimsical.

That’s it 8 easy Christmas maternity photoshoot ideas for you to try now that your home is decorated for fun and inexpensive maternity pictures.

Your pregnancy doesn’t have to be expensive by doing things like this you can save and use that photoshoot money for things you will need for your baby! Congrats and have fun taking your Christmas pregnancy pictures.

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christmas pregnancy pictures to take at home
christmas maternity pictures ideas
beautiful maternity pictures for christmas at home
christmas card worthy maternity pictures that you can take at home
Christmas Maternity Photo Shoot at home DIY maternity pictures for the holidays
Christmas maternity photo shoot ideas to try that you can easily DIY

DIY Christmas Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

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