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Early Pregnancy Symptoms Blog

Looking for an early pregnancy symptoms blog? You may be wondering if your symptoms are pregnancy related. Because let’s be real sometimes an oncoming period can have pregnancy symptoms. Let’s look at the most common pregnancy symptoms, and then we’ll break it down to a week by week in the first trimester.

Ready lets start.

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Does Everyone Get Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

No, just like how every pregnancy is different and dependent on the person not all people will experience early pregnancy symptoms. Some will experience a handful of symptoms while others will get everything under the sun.

If you feel like you aren’t experiencing any and you know you’re pregnant – read this first.

What To Look For In Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

These are the most common pregnancy symptoms that people report during the first few weeks and months of pregnancy.

  • spotting and cramping
  • breast changes
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • missed period
  • frequent urination
  • constipation
  • light headedness / dizzy standing up
  • mood swings
  • raised body temperature
  • diarrhea
  • vivid dreams
  • smell sensitivity

Spotting / Cramping

You may still have cramping and spotting during the first trimester. If you are experiencing heavy bleeding always go to your OB or midwife to make sure you and baby are ok.

Breast Changes

Your breast may feel more tender and painful. You may notice that wearing a tight bra or sports bra is a little painful. They may also look bigger, feel fuller and sore.

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Being tired during the first trimester is so normal, but but being so tired you always want to lay down is what the first trimester feels like for most. Fatigue is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms.


Maybe you aren’t having morning sickness but you are feeling sick to your stomach. Certain smells, foods, and even people are just making you feel sick and like you are just about ready to barf. So normal.

Missed Period

This may happen to you (it didn’t for me the fourth time) you may have a missed period and then it’s like WOW, yup I’m pregnant.

Frequent Urination

Constantly going to pee, feeling like you have to pee even after you just finished going. Yup – the first (and third) trimester very common.


Your changing hormones are to blame for this one. And if you already know you’re pregnant you may have also changed your eating habits and added more fiber, this can cause you to be backed up.

Mood Swings

Hello hormones. This is just the icing on the cake that is the next few months. Mood swings will continue to be common as you work through your changing body, and growing baby.

Raised Body Temperature

You may notice that you are running hotter than before and this is so true no matter what season you are pregnant in. Your body has now increased in blood flow

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Light Headed

Another common early pregnancy symptom is being light headed. This can be attributed to a decrease in blood pressure as well as a growing uterus putting pressure on the large vein carrying blood to your heart.

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms Week By Week

Now that you know which symptoms are fairly common during the first trimester – you may be wondering what you can expect each week of your pregnancy during the early months. Let’s break it down week by week.

Week 4

During this time frame you may experience: missed period, slight bloating and light vaginal bleeding.

Week 5

Now it is when most women find out they are expecting you may start to notice: nausea, morning sickness and sore and tender breasts.

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Week 6

During the sixth week of pregnancy moms-to-be may experience things like: Bloating, weight gain, firmer uterus, firmer lower pubic region.

Week 7

Now you may have food aversions and smell aversion which warrant for morning sickness. You may also feel overly tired and drained each afternoon.

Week 8

This eighth week can be a little odd for your partner. You are going to go through mood swings and your body is now pumping 50% more blood than before.

Week 9

This is going to be a fun week, you may be experiencing things like heart burn, nausea, slight weight gain, and wider hips. You can still have morning sickness (or it might be getting less severe now).

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Week 10

Your uterus is about the size of a grapefruit now and will only continue getting larger. You still may not be showing and you’ll still have some of the same symptoms from weeks 7- now. But don’t worry they will be going soon

Week 11

Hormones are your new frienemy. They will cause your hair and nails to grow faster (and stronger) #yes. But they can also cause things like oily skin, and pregnancy acne. And yes it is normal to get pregnancy acne – try to cut down on the sugar and caffeine and try using pregnancy safe face / body wash.

Week 12

Almost like a sign from above – you may start to experience less pregnancy symptoms now that the second trimester is approaching. You can also start to get creative and find ways to announce your pregnancy.

The symptoms you can expect this week are: bloating, acne, pregnancy glow which is really extra oil in the face and sweating.

Week 13

You may now notice that the symptoms you had are now going away or gone completely. Or you may notice they are becoming less severe than before.

How Early Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

You can start to feel pregnancy symptoms as early as the 4 – 5th week. Some people do not notice any until the 7-8 week when morning sickness starts to poke its head.

How Can I Tell If I’m Pregnant After One Week?

You may not be able to tell if you’re pregnant after one week but you may also experience sore breast or being overly tired.

What Can Mimic Signs Of Pregnancy

  • the start of a period
  • weight gain
  • getting sick / flu

What Does Your Stomach Feel Like During Early Pregnancy?

Your stomach may actually feel a little more firm or it can feel softer (I know shocker), and you may feel slight anxiousness around touching your belly during the first few weeks (or was that just me?)

Some people may not even notice a change in their appearance during the first trimester.

I hope you were able to relax a little as you looked at all the symptoms. If you are currently pregnant congrats you may now want to look at everything to expect during the first trimester.

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms | Week By Week

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