30+ Romantic Getaways In New Jersey

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We scoured the major travel platforms, review sites, and social media resources to give you ideas of the Best Romantic Getaways in New Jersey.

Who wouldn’t want a romantic getaway once in a while?

In addition, the past year has been tough for us. It’s time to fall in love with our lives, our states, and our significant others again.

New Jersey is a beautiful state with numerous romantic vacation possibilities. The most romantic vacation spots in New Jersey are surrounded by deserts, valleys, and mountains.

We have reviewed and selected the most popular attractions, accommodations, and dining options among locals and travelers for this article.

New Jersey’s Most Romantic Weekend Getaways

Here are some of the best weekend getaways in New Jersey.

Ocean City

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Ocean City - Credits: Unsplash
Ocean City – Credits: Unsplash

Ocean City is a beach resort popular with families. It’s also where a lot of wedding ceremonies and celebrations take place. The bay beaches stretch for around 8 miles, so you’re sure to find a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the waves.

The renowned Boardwalk’s Music Pier is an entertainment facility that hosts acts on the beach. There are also a number of restaurants operating that serve delectable cuisine. 

Although the sale and use of alcohol in public areas is prohibited in Ocean City, there are plenty of other stimulating activities for you and your partner to enjoy. Ocean City is about a 77-mile journey from Trenton. The quickest route is US-206, which takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

 Asbury Park

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Asbury Park - Credits: Pexels
Asbury Park – Credits: Pexels

Since the late 1800s, Coastal Asbury Park has been a residential resort community. The rebuilt Paramount Theater and the Convention Hall are two of the city’s most popular attractions. 

Some of the places you might go for a romantic ambiance are Victorian-era hotels that harken back to the golden days of yore. Dine-in style because Asbury Park has a flourishing food scene with both old and new places fighting for attention. 

In this old seaside city, take on an intriguing romantic perspective. The Garden State Parkway connects Asbury Park to Atlantic City, which is 77.2 miles away.

Jersey City

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Jersey City - Credits: Pixabay
Jersey City – Credits: Pixabay

Jersey City is nestled between the Hudson and the Hackensack Rivers. The distance between this city and Manhattan is 4.2 miles, so it will take a 14-minute journey along I-78 W. 

Jersey City is a commercial and industrial center because it is close to New York City and is part of Hudson County. While high-rises dominate the skyline, the city’s historical landmarks, such as Liberty Island National Park, must not be overlooked. 

On Ellis Island and Liberty Island, you can spend a few hours making memories. If you want to avoid the throng, Liberty State Park is a nice outdoor location. While you’re here, visit the historic Communipaw rail and ferry port.

Ocean Grove

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Ocean Grove - Credits: iStock
Ocean Grove – Credits: iStock

Ocean Grove’s tent homes are enticing, to the point where the boardwalk and beaches of this seaside region hamlet are overlooked. Tiny tent dwellings with shaded porches and exquisite flower beds surround the turreted Great Auditorium. 

If one is available for rent, take advantage of the opportunity to live in a magnificent wood and canvas tent house. The Victorian mansions and narrow streets of downtown Ocean Grove are worth seeing. 

Ocean Grove is located in the heart of the Jersey Shore, about an hour from Manhattan. If you take I-95 S and the Garden State Parkway, it will be a 62-mile trip.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Atlantic City Boardwalk - Credits: Unsplash
Atlantic City Boardwalk – Credits: Unsplash

The classic Wooden Way, the most popular walkway on the East Coast, is the Atlantic City Boardwalk. It was originally constructed to assist hotels in keeping sand out of their opulent carpets. 

The beach walk has evolved into much more than a place to wash away the sand from the beach. You can’t leave New Jersey without taking a stroll along what is undoubtedly the most romantic street in Atlantic City. 

If you and your sweetheart come here at the proper time of day, you will be able to experience the place’s outstanding charisma.

Long Branch

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Long Branch - Credits: Unsplash
Long Branch – Credits: Unsplash

A production by the Long Branch Repertory Company is always worth watching. Performers and artists take their craft seriously, carrying on a lengthy history that dates back to the nineteenth century. Long Branch was known as the “Hollywood of the East” at the time. 

Former presidents have vacationed at Long Branch, and one of their favorite spots is the appropriately titled Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park. You are invited to spend the day surfing or going for a romantic swim if you merely wish to see Jersey’s north shore. 

Traveling to Atlantic City, which is around 82 miles away, normally takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Stockton - Credits: Unsplash
Stockton – Credits: Unsplash

Stockton is a Delaware River municipality famous for its state park and recreational facilities. If you don’t want to go swimming or to the beach, you can still travel straight to New Jersey from New York City. 

Stockton is only 66 miles from New York City, or about a 1-hour 30-minute drive along I-78 W. Bring your camping gear to Bulls Island Recreation Area and spend a couple of days under the canopy of tall maple and sycamore trees.

What could be more romantic than spending time outdoors amongst autumn-colored trees?

Cape May

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Cape May - Credits: iStock
Cape May – Credits: iStock

The architectural and historical riches of Cape May are unrivaled. You may spend a whole day strolling around these landmarks and finding new things.

Because “The Jersey Cape” has one of the highest concentrations of 19th-century framed buildings in the United States, you may need to allocate a couple of days. Because Cape May is primarily a seaside town, its promenade and beach facilities are of the highest quality. 

Spending a weekend in Cape May will almost certainly result in amorous interludes. It is, after all, America’s first coastal resort. You’ll need at least an hour on the road to go to Cape May because Atlantic City is 48 miles away.


Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Wildwood Beach - Credits: Pexels
Wildwood Beach – Credits: Pexels

Everyone may enjoy the broad sandy beaches of Wildwood on New Jersey’s southern borders. The beaches in Wildwood and Wildwood Crest are wide, whereas the beaches in North Wildwood are narrower. 

Wildwood is known as an island paradise since everyone has free access to the state’s best beaches. A large amusement park with more than 100 rides dominates the 2-mile boardwalk. 

Take a leisurely walk on the sand if you want a more private setting. You’ll find the perfect spot for two in a matter of minutes. Atlantic City is 46 miles distant, but you can get there in 49 minutes if you take the Garden State Parkway.


Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Morristown - Credits: Unsplash
Morristown – Credits: Unsplash

The military memorials in Morristown are popular with history buffs, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of romantic vacation alternatives. Morristown has a small-town feel to it, but it possesses the amenities of a larger metropolis. 

It is around 30 miles from Manhattan and takes about 48 minutes to get there. If you don’t want to go on the historical tours, you can go downtown and explore. 

There are numerous steakhouses, Asian restaurants, and traditional Italian restaurants to select from. Make new memories with your loved one in a walking city with interesting landmarks.

New Jersey’s Best Romantic Hotels

Ignore everything you’ve seen on MTV’s Jersey Shore and take a look at these hidden gems from the Garden State. On a romantic getaway, the intimate Inns and magnificent beachside accommodations will draw you and your loved one even closer.

These New Jersey sites are only a train trip away, especially for New York city dwellers. Relax, revitalize, and reignite your relationship with your partner.

Our picks for the greatest romantic getaways in New Jersey are as follows:

Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs Resort

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs Resort - Credits; Pixabay
Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs Resort – Credits; Pixabay

Visit the Grand Cascades Lodge, located in the northwestern highlands of New Jersey, if you want to renew the love in your relationship. This intimate setting provides you and your special someone with everything you need to reconnect.

This AAA Four-Diamond resort is just 47 miles from New York City, nestled among the stunning landscape of the Kittatinny Mountain Range and six—yes, six!—world-class golf courses. 

Relax in the heated indoor and outdoor pools after a romantic couple’s massage. Relax in front of your own private fireplace in your suite while dining on Grand Cascades’ delectable gourmet cuisine.

Atlantis Inn

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Atlantis Inn - Credits: Unsplash
Atlantis Inn – Credits: Unsplash

This Victorian home in Ocean City, New Jersey, is the perfect place to unwind. With whirlpool tubs for two, therapeutic body spa showers for two, fireplaces, and private rooftop terraces with ocean views in each room, this historic coastal B&B has been extensively renovated to fit modern times.

At the Atlantis Inn, you and your loved one can choose from a range of Spanish, French, and Italian-styled villas. The “Seville” room, with its vibrant yellows and rich maroons, is a must-see.

Spring Lake Inn

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Spring Lake Inn - Credits: Unsplash
Spring Lake Inn – Credits: Unsplash

This exquisite bed and breakfast, built in 1888, is warm and inviting, and only a block from the Jersey Shore and 2-mile boardwalk. “Time can stand still at the European Mansion by the Sea,” as the owners put it.

Spend the extra money on the “Ultimate Romantic Getaway” Package at this beautiful hideaway. 

A dozen red flowers, an array of scrumptious chocolates, supper for two at a romantic restaurant nearby, an exotic cheese platter, gourmet breakfast in your suite, and a bottle of champagne will be delivered to you and your loved one.

The Madison Hotel

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : The Madison Hotel - Credits: Unsplash
The Madison Hotel – Credits: Unsplash

This Georgian elegant hotel in Morristown will provide you with the peace and quiet you’ve been looking for. The Madison Hotel’s timeless elegance, along with personalized service, modern conveniences, and gourmet cuisine, make it the ideal location for a romantic getaway.

Set the mood with the Madison’s “Romance” Package, which includes a bottle of champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and supper for two at Rod’s Steak & Seafood Grille on-site, in addition to the classic amenities of this vacation location.

Island Guest House

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Island Guest House - Credits: Pixabay
Island Guest House – Credits: Pixabay

The Island Guest House is located on a small island off the coast of The Island Guest House, which is housed in a renovated turn-of-the-century building, and can accommodate both single tourists and large families. 

Its ideal position provides easy access to a water park, an amusement park, a golf course, nightlife, restaurants, and the beach for tourists.

Bungalow Hotel

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Bungalow Hotel - Credits: Pexels
Bungalow Hotel – Credits: Pexels

Visit the Bungalow Hotel on the Jersey Shore in elegance with your loved one. Elle.com called this original boutique luxury hotel one of the top ten elegant hotels in the world. This paradise, which opened only a few years ago in 2009, has a modern beach ambiance with high-end furnishings.

The Bungalow Hotel, located just feet from the Atlantic Ocean, provides an excuse for you and your loved one to spend the entire day relaxing in the warm sun. Even better, guests may enjoy their own private beach at this elegant location.

Woolverton Inn

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Woolverton Inn - Credits: Pixabay
Woolverton Inn – Credits: Pixabay

Allow yourself and your loved one to enjoy the grandeur and comfort of a romantic bed and breakfast in the countryside at the Woolverton Inn in Stockton, New Jersey. 

The Woolverton is a fantastic place to get away and rekindle the romance, with views of the gorgeous Delaware River and 300 acres of unspoiled farmland.

Couples can stay in the hotel’s on-site cottages for optimum intimacy. The cottages are a great place for your love-cation because they are close enough to Woolverton for easy access to facilities but far enough away to enjoy peace.

The Bernards Inn

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : The Bernards Inn - Credits: Instagram
The Bernards Inn – Credits: Instagram

In the midst of the Somerset Hills, wine and dine your lover at this historic AAA Four-Diamond hotel and restaurant. The Bernards Inn, which first opened its doors in 1907, has been dedicated to providing the highest level of elegance and polite hospitality for over a century.

The Bernards have it all planned out for couples searching for classic romantic getaways or fun, adventurous getaways.

Southern Mansion

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Southern Mansion - Credits: Unsplash
Southern Mansion – Credits: Unsplash

Cape May’s Southern Mansion is the city’s largest bed and breakfast. Built-in 1860, this historic location in Cape May County is a perfect place to organize a romantic weekend. 

When you walk through the one-and-a-half acres of award-winning gardens in Cape May, you will be captivated by their beauty.

The Ocean Plaza Hotel

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : The Ocean Plaza Hotel - Credits: Pexels
The Ocean Plaza Hotel – Credits: Pexels

Only one block from the beautiful Atlantic coastline, the Ocean Plaza Hotel stands strong as the epitome of historic grandeur. This beautiful century-old hotel boasts authentic Victorian architecture and gives a warm welcome to all those who pass through its doors.

Relax in the Ocean Plaza’s luxurious accommodations, enjoy a home-cooked breakfast on the wrap-around porch overlooking panoramic ocean views, and bask in the warm sunshine all day long.

Ryland Inn

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Ryland Inn - Credits: Pexels
Ryland Inn – Credits: Pexels

The Ryland Inn in Central New Jersey is the place to go if you’re seeking for historical charm combined with beauty and romance. This exquisite hotel with a renowned farm-to-table restaurant has been renovated from a 220-year-old horse estate.

The culinary artistry of Executive Chef Craig Polignano’s cuisine at the Ryland Inn will make you swoon. The dining at this place, which focuses on local and sustainable ingredients, will make you never want to leave.

Harrah’s Resort

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Harrah’s Resort - Credits: Pexels
Harrah’s Resort – Credits: Pexels

Harrah’s in Atlantic City offers the ultimate beach resort experience. During the day, relax in Harrah’s pool, a 172,000-square-foot complex with a captivating glass dome that is regulated at a constant 82 degrees.

When you stay at Harrah’s, you have a whole night—or weekend—of excitement at your fingertips! With 12 eateries on-site, you and your loved one will never be short on dining options.

The Castle at Skylands Manor

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : The Castle at Skylands Manor - Credits: Instagram
The Castle at Skylands Manor – Credits: Instagram

The Castle at Skylands Manor, as one of New Jersey’s best wedding venues, has everything you need for a romantic escape. 

Explore this lush property’s 1,000 acres of natural woodlands, which are interspersed with formal botanical gardens, rolling lawns, verandas, and stone terraces. And the castle is precisely that: a complete granite Tudor revival home with European castle-like features.

Chateau Inn & Suites

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Chateau Inn & Suites - Credits:Pexels
Chateau Inn & Suites – Credits:Pexels

The Chateau Inn, located in the charming seaside community of Spring Lake on the Jersey Shore, is the ultimate romantic escape for couples. Stroll through the tree-lined alleys with your partner to the ocean pavilions and two-mile promenade. 

Every block has specialty shops, boutiques, antique stores, and art galleries for you to explore. When you wish to unwind, the lovely beaches in the region are just minutes away from the Chateau.

Icona Resort Diamond Beach

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Icona Resort Diamond Beach - Credits: Pixabay
Icona Resort Diamond Beach – Credits: Pixabay

The Icona, which overlooks one of New Jersey’s only private beaches, is the ideal spot for a romantic weekend getaway with your special someone. 

Spend the day resting on the beach under the sun, and let the resort’s attendants offer you fresh cocktails and refreshments as you soak up the sunshine. 

Alternatively, take a dip in the hotel’s outdoor heated pool, which is positioned directly on the sundeck and features a Beach Bar.

Hyatt Regency – Jersey City

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Hyatt Regency – Jersey City - Credits: Unsplash
Hyatt Regency – Jersey City – Credits: Unsplash

When you stay at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, you can live out your New York City fantasies without ever leaving the continent. 

You’ll receive jaw-dropping views of the city skyline from this romantic hideaway, which is located directly over the Hudson River from the Big Apple.

Visit Jersey City’s Paulus Hook Historic District and take a photo with the iconic Colgate Clock, which sits right on the river.

New Jersey’s Best Romantic Getaways

What gets you and your sweetheart going? Is it Einstein, shorelines, sunsets, gardens, beaches, Hamilton, Bon Jovi, sparkling rocks, art, wonderful food, Ferris wheels, or Doo Wop that draws you in? 

Whatever gets your heart racing, you’ll find it on these surprisingly romantic getaways in New Jersey.

Point Pleasant NJ

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Point Pleasant NJ - Credits: Pexels
Point Pleasant NJ – Credits: Pexels

The beach is kept immaculately clean, and the Boardwalk is ideal for children of all ages, with dozens of rides, games of chance, some of the most competitive miniature golf on the beach, and Jenkinson’s Aquarium.

In the off-season, this often crowded boardwalk beach town transforms into a tranquil haven.

Find out what’s available and why we think this is the MOST ROMANTIC B&B on the Jersey Shore.

Somers Point

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Somers Point - Credits: Unsplash
Somers Point – Credits: Unsplash

It’s a little-known gastronomic hotspot on Great Egg Harbor Bay, just across the bridge from Ocean City, New Jersey.

This southern NJ hamlet is off the grid in the cooler months, making it a hideaway for couples who “want to be alone,” with a couple of decent motels and exceptionally good meals.

New Hope

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : New Hope - Credits: Pixabay
New Hope – Credits: Pixabay

New Hope is a lovely town in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, just across the New Jersey border. New Hope has a small-town atmosphere with large city attractions, making it ideal for a romantic day trip. 

Eclectic shopping, picturesque riverside eating, bustling nightlife, and a variety of interesting events await visitors. A visit to New Hope, named one of “America’s Favorite Towns” by Travel + Leisure, is a must when visiting New Jersey.


Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Lambertville - Credits: Pexels
Lambertville – Credits: Pexels

Lambertville, New Jersey is located along the Delaware River on the western end of Central New Jersey. This little town, which is full with antique stores, art galleries, and pleasant coffee shops, is ideal for couples who enjoy art and history. 

The city was founded in the 18th century and was a major stop for stagecoaches traveling between New York and Philadelphia. To this day, its streets are lined with well-preserved federal townhouses and Victorian mansions.

Delaware River

Romantic Getaways In New Jersey : Delaware River - Credits: Pexels
Delaware River – Credits: Pexels

Along the Delaware River is one of the best tubing sites in all of New Jersey. This river, which runs along the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border, is known for its peaceful waters. 

If you’re searching for a thrill, you might even come across whitewater rapids! Visit the Delaware River Tubing website to see all of the tubing, rafting, canoeing, and kayaking rentals available. If you become hungry, they even have a menu that includes hot dogs and hamburgers!

5 Best Romantic Getaways in New Jersey | US Travel Guide

Final Thoughts

It’s a great idea to take a romantic weekend getaway to New Jersey.

From breathtaking vistas to lovely cabins, this one-of-a-kind state has something for everyone.

Our best wishes to you as you explore everything this beautiful state has to offer!

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