40 Signs He is Making Love to You

Signs He Is Making Love To You

Love and affection are the cornerstones of any healthy relationship.  Couples often express their feelings in different ways. One might assume it is easy to tell when your partner is making love to you. However, the actual signs that they are doing so can be easy to overlook. This guide will look at 40 signs … Read more

29 Signs Your Husband Isn’t in Love With You

Your husband may have been the most important person in this world. Both of you made a vow during marriage to, ‘love and cherish each other till death do us apart.’ But the reality is that most people don’t stay in love forever.   The ‘in-love’ part stays for two to three years at most, according … Read more

Female Led Relationship – What it is and how it works

Female Led Relationship

It’s easy to assume that romantic relationships have remained more or less the same for generations. After all, for many people such relationships appear similar to the ones their grandparents and those before them were in. However, female-led relationships have been making waves in the relationship world for their increasing popularity. Let’s examine what exactly … Read more