Best Stroller Travel System

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Best Car Seat Stroller Combos

Before baby arrives you’re running around (okay waddling around) trying to get everything ready and prepared. One of the things you need to have assembled, installed and ready to go when its pushing time is your stroller travel system.

I did a lot of research when I was looking for a combo stroller system, I had a spreadsheet and everything. Now I turned that spreadsheet into this post to help other parents make a great decision on which stroller brand system is best for your family.

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Do I Need A Stroller Travel System?

It really depends on your family life and style. If you know that you are going to be out and about (during those newborns days), walking around the block then yes a travel system will be for you.

However if you think that you will not be using the stroller much, then going with just the car seat would better suit your needs.

All the items on this list are available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping. If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, you can always grab a free 30-day trial to get your stroller – car seat combo home before baby.

When To Get Your Stroller Travel System By

You want to make sure you have it before the baby is born because you will want to have your car seat installed before going into labor. Hospitals will not let you take baby home if you do not have your car seat properly installed.

I’d suggest having it ready to go by week 36 to make sure that *if baby comes early* you are prepared.

What Is The Best Stroller Travel System Of 2019?

Okay now that we have a few ideas on why you need one and when to get it by let’s get right to it and go through this awesome list of the best stroller and car seat combo travel systems.

1. Britax B-Lively Travel System

Britax B-Lively Travel System

The Features:

The Britax B-Lively comes with the three wheel stroller, the car seat and car seat adapter. The lightweight design is perfect for multiple terrain strolling. With an extra long storage basket it is ready to go when you are. The seat can also recline and adjust to your baby to safely go from watching to napping.

The Car Seat

The car seat is made to last and is good from birth up to 35 pounds. It has an impact absorbing base as well as side impact protection and an impact stabilizing steel frame.

Crash tested and safety certified you can feel safe switching from car seat to stroller or vise versa.

What We Love About It

See how much it is loved with all the reviews on here. Our favorite feature was the large basket and the easy fold that takes seconds to put away.

-Comes with car seat adapter
-Car seat can easily slide into stroller
-Folds with ease
-Car seat is amazing for safety – one of the best
– The adapters connecting the car seat to stroller are weak
-Great for short term use
-Car seat lasts longer than stroller

2. Uppa Baby Vista Travel System

Uppa Baby Vista Travel System


The UPPABABY Vista Travel System is known as the most luxurious baby stroller travel system and not just because of the price tag. It is comfort for baby all around.

It includes the toddler stroller, a bassinet, and a car seat as well as a car seat adapter and a leather handle bar on the stroller

Car Seat

The car seat that comes with this stroller is light weight but not to light. Nice and sturdy as well as crash tested and certified.

With side padding and easy adaptation to the base and stroller you can easily move baby from car to stroller without waking.

The weight for the car seat is 4 pounds to 35 pounds or 31 inches in length (whichever comes first).

The Bassinet

The bassinet on the UPPABABY Vista is a fun and unique attachment that makes the stroller look amazing. In order to use the bassinet you need to remove the toddler seat that comes with the stroller and attach the bassinet.

Assembling the bassinet takes seconds and removing the attached seat a few minutes.

The bassinet is perfect when baby is a newborn but not recommended after they are able to sit up on their own.

What We Love

We love the wheels on this bad boy. The four wheel drive make it easy to maneuver in all terrains and still keep baby steady without to much bumping. You can see more about the UPPA Baby Vista Travel System here.

-Comes with car seat and adapter
-Comes with a bassinet
-Folds with ease
-No chemical smell on fabrics
-Large basket on the bottom
– You only use bassinet a few times before baby grows out of it
– Toddler seat can only hook up to first connection not the second (bad if you have a long toddler)
-No cup holders / place for phone

3. Best Over All Stroller And Car Seat Combo: Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Best Over All Stroller And Car Seat Combo: Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System


The beautifully designed Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is the travel system with big wheels in the back and the easiest car seat hook up to stroller.

You get the stroller for toddler use, car seat, and car seat adapter.

Accessories: long form cup holder, removable strap to add car seat

One button push to fold the stroller.

Car Seat

One of the best car seats that comes with a travel system. The Chicco Bravo Trio car seat is rated #1 and has a nice wide base and is light weight but still sturdy.

With side padding and side impact control it is crash tested and certified to give you a safe feeling when you strap baby in.

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What We Love

Our favorite feature is the cup holders and the one button push to fold. Making everyday parenting easy peasy.

-Comes with car seat and adapter
-Folds with one button push
-Accessory included with cup holder and phone holder
-Large basket on the bottom
-Large back wheels
-Smaller wheels in the front get caught and tighten up easily after a few uses

4. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System


This Travel System has a four wheel drive, large basket on toddler seat stroller. It is also the most safety rated stroller combo that doesn’t break the bank.

It comes with a car seat and the car seat adapter and a lap bar to attach the car seat into the stroller.

Car Seat

The car seat is your basic standard car seat. What is great about this car seat adapter however is that you can fit other Evenflo car seats into the adapter. So if you have two car seats (both Evenflo this car adapter can stay in your car and you can move between car seats)

Can hold from 4 pounds to 30 pounds or 30″ inches in length whichever comes first.

What We Love

We love the super light weight stroller frame. Most strollers are around 70 pounds in packaging while this one is around 30-35 pounds. Not only is the frame light weight, it is still just as sturdy as its heavier competitors.

– Light Weight (almost half of all other strollers)
-Large back wheels for easy turning
-Car seat and stroller rated best for safety
– Car seat could be better padded and have

5. Chicco Viaro Travel System Car Seat & Stroller

Chicco Viaro Travel System Car Seat & Stroller


The jogger style stroller with it’s super safe and padded car seat is not only beautifully designed it is also easy to maneuver and the the one push fold button makes putting it away as easy as lifting one finger.

Car Seat:

The Chicco Key Fit 30 car seat is included in this travel system. It is one of the most highly rated car seats because of safety. Its steel frame and stabilizing impact effects make it one of the best out there.

The car seat  which accommodates infants from 4 to 30 lbs and up to 30″. The KeyFit 30 is the easiest infant car seat to install simply, accurately, and securely every time

What We Love:

Our favorite feature for this travel system is the canopy of the stroller. It can easily move and shade your baby no matter where the sun is.

-Easily move the shaded canopy to adjust where the sun is hitting
-Car seat adapter is easy to put into car
– Car seat adapter doesn’t fit other Chicco car seats

The Specs:

Item Weight18 pounds
Product Dimensions38 x 25.5 x 41.2 inches
Minimum weight recommendation4 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation50 Pounds
Batteries requiredNo

6. Graco Fast Action Fold Travel System

Graco Fast Action Fold Travel System


This fast action jogger travel system by Graco is so fun and sporty. Built for jogging the seat for the baby reclines easily and the front wheel is perfect for swiveling around as you move.

It comes with the stroller, Graco Snug Ride Click Connect 35 infant car seat

Car Seat:

Simply Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts headrest and harness together to prevent rethreading Safety Core absorbs frontal crash forces. The car seat is great for 4 pounds to 35 pounds or 32 inches in length whatever comes first.

Has an easy removable cover to wash if baby has a blow out (it’s not if but when lol).

Car seat adapter has a built in level to make sure the car seat is correctly positioned and latched to the car.

What We Love:

The wheels on this stroller are not filled plastic but air filled rubber wheels. That means a smoother ride for baby.

– 1 second fold with a push and pull
-Air filled rubber wheels
-Easy to run with
– Stroller is very tall (if you are a shorter mom 5’4 or smaller) it may be to tall for you
-The stroller is huge (if you have a small car it may not fit)
-IPhone 6 (or larger phones) do not fit in the cup holder

The Specs:

Item Weight38 pounds
Product Dimensions40 x 24 x 42 inches
Maximum weight recommendation50 Pounds
Material TypePlastic

7. Evenflo Sibby Travel System

Evenflo Sibby Travel System

This is one of the most affordable travel systems on this list. If cost is a big factor in your judgement then this is the one you want to go with.

The Features:

The stroller comes with a cup holder, a large under basket, the car seat, the car seat adapter, and a toddler ride-along standing board.

The Car Seat:

Easy to install in your car, perfect for newborns up to around 6-10 months. The straps are easily adjusted and can fit baby when they start growing and right from birth.

What We Love:

The four wheel drive and the large soft handles and the toddler ride-with-me board. Not a lot of strollers offer a ride along board for older kids and that makes this so special. Especially considering this stroller is one of the most affordable ones.

-Comes with the toddler ride-along board
– 4 wheel drive
– Large under – basket
-No phone holder
– Baby outgrows car seat rather fast

8. Graco Trax Jogger

Graco Trax Jogger

The best mini jogger travel system from Graco. Smaller than most joggers but still able to keep up with the running family.

The Features:

The stroller comes with a canopy to shade baby as well as a car seat and car seat base. The large basket is perfect to store your diaper bag and the handles are adjustable to move to your desired height.

The Car Seat:

The car seat is the Graco Snug Ride Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat similar to the 35. The difference is that it can hold up to 30 pounds or 30 inches in length whichever comes first.

What We Love

We love the super large (and removable) back wheels for this travel system. It folds with a push of a button but if your car or storage location is to small you can easily remove the wheels for a snug fit to store when it is folded.

-Extra large wheels in the back
-The adjustable back seat of the stroller
-Height adjustable handle bar
– No cons we love this thing (it has no one – two star reviews – only 4-5 star reviews)

9. Baby Trend Pathway 35 Jogger

Baby Trend Pathway 35 Jogger

The Feautes:

The sleek design from this baby trend jogger stroller is amazing for easily navigating city and country roads. The wheels are nice and large in the back with a swivel front wheel that can easily move with you as you run.

The car seat clicks into the stroller with a one hand push and the car seat base goes directly in your car to keep you from taking it in and out.

Car Seat:

The car seat has easy to remove covers in case of a blow out or spit up. The shade canopy on the car seat is perfect when you are out and about.

It clicks easily to the stroller without the base.

What We Love:

The large cup holder and the the mesh sides of the canopy to get air into baby when they are sleeping in the stroller.

-The design of this jogger
-Easy to put away
– Stroller is pretty big for a jogger
-Car seat could have easier to adjust straps

Buying Guide To The Best Car Seat Stroller Combo

You want to make sure that you are looking at the specifications for each stroller when you want to buy it.

This let’s you know if it is too big for your car, or if it made with the safety and certification you are looking for.

Choosing The Right Stroller For Your Family

You’ll want to check a few variables out before getting your stroller combo.

Things Like:

  • The car seat
  • The toddler stroller
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Wheels
  • Size & Weight

Overall Pros & Cons Of A Stroller Travel System


  • Cheaper to buy as a combo than solo car seat and solo stroller
  • Each item is made for each other meaning they will fit into each other and be safer together
  • You make one purchase and get two items that you need and use more so than other baby products


  • Car seats have expiration dates, strollers seem to last longer than the seats. Always check the expiration date on the side of the car seat
  • You must follow the instructions on the manufactuer sheet to put the stroller and car seat together
  • May need to purchase an adapter if you get another car seat

In conclusion, the best stroller travel system is the one that fits with your family and lifestyle. Now that we’ve gone over a lot of info, let’s do a quick recap to our favorite stroller combo car seat systems.

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best stroller travel systems
the best stroller travel system for the year. A review of the best strollers and car seat combos

Best Stroller Travel System

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