100+ Ethiopian girl names

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Are you struggling to come up with a name for your baby girl? Here are some Ethiopian girl names to get you started.

The name we choose for our child is the first gift we give them, and names can symbolize our passions, our family’s history, or the traits we want our child to have.

Some people decide on a meaning before looking for a name that corresponds to that meaning. If you want your child’s name to represent Ethiopian identity, we’ve compiled a list of Ethiopian girls’ names.

Ethiopia is a well-known African country. These Ethiopian baby girl names are modern, popular, cute, short, simple, and easy to pronounce to help you make the best decision!

We’ve chosen these Ethiopian baby names from a wide range of themes below:

  1. Upbeat & Happy Ethiopian girl names
  2. Popular Ethiopian girl names
  3. Mythological Ethiopian girl names
  4. Exotic Ethiopian girl names

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Upbeat & Happy Ethiopian girl names

Contrary to popular belief, finding a happy baby name is simple. Start by choosing words that conjure up images of optimism and sunlight.

These names have various origins and styles, but they represent happiness. Mom and dad will undoubtedly find a happy name that meets their preferences, whether virtuous, botanical, retro, or modern. Take a look!

Aida – Happy

Aida is a popular name in Ethiopia. This sweet name is closely related to a Verdi opera about an enslaved Ethiopian princess who gave her life to save her country.

Airi – Pearl

Airi is a beautiful Ethiopian name for your princess.

Aisha – Well

A name that is really well-liked since it has a lovely feminine vibe!

Afia – Born on friday

A unique and classic choice of name for your little princess.

Aleksandra – Protector

Aleksandra is a feminine version of the Latin name Alexander.

Amara – Everlasting

A trendy female name that has recently been adopted as a name. It’s a classy version of the name Mary.

Anjelika – Like an angel

If your daughter has angel-like features and qualities, this name could be it.

Ethiopian Girl Names : Anjelica Huston, an American actress - Credits: Pinterest
Anjelica Huston, an American actress – Credits: Pinterest

Anna – Grace

Hannah is a form of the name Anna in Hebrew.

Annabelle – Graceful beauty

Annabelle is a spirited name that embodies quirky British gentility.

Ethiopian Girl Names : Annabelle Gurwitch - Credits: Pinterest
Annabelle Gurwitch – Credits: Pinterest

Ayana – A beautiful flower

Ayana is a beautiful name for your beautiful girl. Make sure that you get the pronunciation correct, that is ‘uh-ya-nuh.’

Anika – Sweetness of face

Anika is a cute adorable Ethiopian girl name.

Bathsheba – Daughter of the oath

Bathsheba was the name of the daughter of queen Shea, the monarch of Abyssinia; a magnificent choice for your girl.

Belkis – Queen of Sheba

This sweet female name has a royal flair, which makes it even more alluring!

Baraka – Blessing

Baraka is the feminine version of the name Barak. It’s a popular name in Africa due to its beautiful meaning.

Ethiopian Girl Names : Baraka Rahmani, an American Model - Credits: Instagram
Baraka Rahmani, an American Model – Credits: Instagram

Cheren – Town in Eritrea

Cheren, the name of a town in Eritrea, is a charming and original Ethiopian name. A really unique name for individuals seeking exclusivity.

Dani – God is my Judge

A gorgeous girl’s name that is the feminine form of the name Daniel. Danita, Dahnay, and Danielle are similar names in this way.

Ethiopian Girl Names : Dani Burger, a reporter on Bloomberg News. Credit: Bloomberg
Dani Burger, a reporter on Bloomberg News. Credit: Bloomberg

Eda – Guardian

Eda is a short and sweet name for girls.

Edna – Delight

Edna, a semi-biblical name, was the name of the adored mother of the Apocrypha.

Eshe – Life

Eshe is a classic combination of the names Asha and Aisha.

Faizah – Victorious

A great option for parents looking for unusual girl’s names! African and Arabic names with the meaning “victorious” include Faizah. It’s getting more popular in the Ethiopian baby girl names list.

Fana – Jungle

A simple, feminine, delicate name apt for young baby girls!

Galina – Peace

Galina is an elegant name of Russian origin.

Heloisa – Famous warrior

A name for baby girls with power and influence. Heloisa is a popular name in Ethiopia that has French and German roots.

Izara – A section of a tree

Indeed, a beautiful rhythmic name for baby girls!

Jamila – Beautiful

Jamila is a popular Arabic name that is well-known throughout Africa.

Jahzara – Beloved Princess

Give your little princess the joy of a royal name with the timeless name Jahzara.

Jazarah – Princess

It’s a trendy variation of the name Jahzara.

Popular Ethiopian girl names

Ethiopia is the oldest nation in Africa and the origin of all human culture. Additionally, Ethiopian baby names are as distinctive as the nation itself.

You can’t go wrong with one of these Ethiopian baby names if you want your child to follow their path and want to give them a name that evokes pride, independence, faith, and a sense of heritage.

Here is a list of Popular Ethiopian girl names for your newborn baby girl.

Liya – I am with God

Liya is essentially a known Ethiopian name in Hebrew. Some people even think of it as Lily or Lia’s Russian equivalent. It is the supermodel and philanthropist Liya Kebede’s first name. This name can be spelled Lia or Leah by English speakers.

Ethiopian Girl Names : Liya Kebede and her ethical brand Lemlem. Credit: FT.com
Liya Kebede and her ethical brand Lemlem. Credit: FT.com

Lilian – Purity

Lilian Lilian is a pretty girl’s name of Latin origin.

Ethiopian Girl Names : Lilian Garcia, a spanish-american announcer - Credits: Instagram
Lilian Garcia, a spanish-american announcer – Credits: Instagram

Marleen – Woman from Magdala

Marleen is an eccentric name of Hebrew origin.

Aida – Present

This sweet name is most often connected to a Verdi opera about an Ethiopian princess who is sold into slavery and sacrifices her life to free her people.

Nyala – Mountain goat

Among baby names, Nyala has one of the most unique sounds. This Ethiopian name became well-known after it was given to a seductive character in a 1940s film.

Zala – Rose

Zala is a straightforward but seductive name. The name of the character in the video game “Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom” is Zala, and both its spelling and pronunciation are relatively simple.

Mazaa – Aroma

The lovely aroma of the yellow daisy flower, which is common in this nation, is known in Ethiopian as Maaza. This name, which is pronounced “mah-zah,” gained popularity because of the Ethiopian-American author Maaza Mengiste.

Kia – Season’s beginning

Kia is a straightforward and endearing Ethiopian girl’s name that is currently linked to a Korean automaker.

Ethiopian Girl Names : Kia Goodwin - Credits: Instagram
Kia Goodwin – Credits: Instagram

Marjani – Coral

The name Marjani is a possible variant of the Arabic name Marjina. Its namesake, Iranian graphic writer Marjani Satrapi, is well known for her work on “Persepolis.”

Eshe – Life

Eshe, an alternate spelling of Asha, is connected to the Arabic name Aisha. Along with names like Zoe and Vivienne, it is becoming more popular in certain American states. Diani Greene, the daughter of American rapper Talib Kweli, was given this name as a middle name.

 Kamali – Protector or spirit guide

Kamali is an African spirit that protects babies from illness. Its namesake is Norma Kamali, the famous designer.

Ethiopian Girl Names : Norma Kamali, an American Designer - Credits: Pinterest
Norma Kamali, an American Designer – Credits: Pinterest

Ife – love

Ife is a straightforward Ethiopian name that is little used in Europe or the US, thus we believe it will be the ideal pick.

 Nuru – Born during the day

Ethiopian version of the Muslim name Noor. The name is popular throughout the world due to its elegance and similarity to the trendy, Western name Nora. The most renowned person with this name is the Senegalese singer and composer Nuru Kane.

Neela – Sapphire blue

Neela, the variation of the name Nila, is spread throughout Ethiopia via the Indian population living in its vicinity.

Abena – Born on Tuesday

Ethiopians typically give their newborns names based on the day of the week and the sequence of their birth. Abena means “born on Tuesday,” making it a fantastic choice for girls born on this day.

Afia – born on Friday

Here’s another name that was inspired by the day. Afia is an African word that means “born on Friday.” Even Americans feel comfortable using this name for their girls because it seems so contemporary. Additionally, use Afua if you want something more unique.

Subira – Patience

Subira is a charming Ethiopian name with the typical ‘S’ flavor that is hardly ever used in the west.

Taci – Washtub

Taci is a strong, singular, and exotic Ethiopian baby name.

Zuri – Beautiful

Zuri Ross was the name of the character in a Disney show “Jessie”.

Amara – Grace

Amara is a stylish, sturdy, and attractive variation of the name Mary.

Maya – Illusion

This spiritual and exotic name has been steadily climbing the popularity charts.

Ethiopian Girl Names : Maya Vander from the show'Selling Sunset'. Credit: Page Six
Maya Vander from the show’Selling Sunset’. Credit: Page Six

Bathsheba – Daughter of the oath

The daughter of the queen of Shea, the monarch of Abyssinia, bears this name. In Hardy’s work “Far from the Madding Crowd,” the title also served as the name of the main character.

Edna – Delight

With the rise in the names honoring ancestors and dead family members, even Edna has resurfaced in the baby name list.

Kayla -Slim and fair

This name came into popularity via the soap opera, “Days of our Lives”.

Makda – High tower

Makda is an African version of the Hebrew name Magda or Magdalene. Although it sounds a little stale next to its sisters, Magda and Magdalene, the name will provide a distinctive nickname for your child.

Mariam – Beloved

Mary’s versions are growing in popularity as she sails further out of fashion. The Arabic and African spelling of the name Mary is Mariam. Maryam is a different way to spell it.

Lola – Sorrows

Lola Monroe, an Ethiopian hip-hop musician, served as the inspiration for this name. At the BET Awards, she was also a finalist for best female hip-hop artist.

Akosua – Born on a Sunday

For those seeking a day-inspired name, here’s another fantastic choice.

Baraka – White

The female version of the name Barak is Baraka. Due to its uplifting message and catchy beat, it is incredibly well-liked among African families.

Anika – Sweetness of face

Anika is a sweet name associated with numerous African tribes.

Zanah – Gifted God

Zanah is an Arabic origin name that is popular in Africa and America.

Mythological Ethiopian girl names

Babies are a natural wonder. As a result, when thinking of baby names, consider the legends that people have told about ancient gods and goddesses throughout history to explain the wonders of the planet.

Why not choose a name for your child derived from mythology, which has historically impacted music, drama, and literature? Here are some Ethiopian girl names inspired by mythology.

Aglaia – Beauty

Aglaia one of the three Graces (charities).

Alexandra – Defender of man

A Mycenaean name for the deity Hera, the Queen.

Amalthea – To soothe

A nymph who nursed the infant Zeus.

Andromeda – Leader of humankind

A princess of Ethiopia whom Perseus saved from sacrifice. Andromeda has both a galaxy and a constellation named after it.

Anthea – Lady of flowers

An epithet for the goddess Hera, the monarch.

Aphrodite – Risen from the sea

Goddess of beauty and love, created from sea foam.

Arachne – Spider

A human woman who won a weaving competition against the goddess Athena.

Arete – Virtue

The personification of virtue and excellence.

Arethusa – Quick water

A fountain-shaped nymph who was formerly a goddess.

Ariadne – Most holy

Daughter of King Minos who assisted Theseus in surviving the maze and escaping the Minotaur.

Astraea – Star

Astraea is the goddess of justice and innocence. 

Atalanta – Equal in weight

A woman who would only settle down with a man who could outrun her.

Athena – Goddess of Wisdom

Goddess of war and intelligence who also serves as the protector of the Greek city of Athens.

Aiday – Moon Child

The name of a patented antihistamine medication sold only by prescription is Aiday. People who have allergies to pollen are administered it.

Bast – Jar

The goddess of the sun, fertility, and cats was known by the name Bast.

Briseis – Slave of Achilles

During the Trojan War, she was taken by Achilles, who later fell in love with her.

Calypso – She who hides

A nymph who harbored Odysseus for seven years after falling in love with him while he was shipwrecked on her island.

Carme – To cut

Carme is the goddess of the harvest.

Cassandra – The one who shines and excels over men

A prophecy-gifted Trojan princess who was cursed so that no one would believe her.

Chloe – Blooming

A name for the fertility goddess of the ground and the harvest, Demeter.

Chryseis – Golden

She is daughter of Apollo priest Chryses.

Circe – Bird

A sorceress who transforms Odysseus’ company into pigs in the Odyssey.

Clytemnestra – Famous courter

She was Agamemnon’s wife. She took a lover when Agememnon was abroad fighting in the Trojan War, but when her husband came home, she had him assassinated.

Cora – Maiden

An alternative name for Persephone, who was rumored to spend the winters with Hades in the underworld. According to legend, whether she was in the underworld (winter and fall) or on Earth caused the seasons (Spring and Summer).

Cythia – Woman from Kynthos

A representation of the moon goddess Artemis.

Danaë – God is my judge

The Kind Acrisius’ daughter. Mother of Perseus, who was conceived by Zeus as a golden rain.

Daphne -Laurel

A nymph who was transformed into a laurel tree by her father to protect her from Apollo’s pursuit.

Delia – Pleasant

An epithet for the goddess Artemis, who is associated with chastity, untamed nature, and hunting.

Ethiopian Girl Names : Delia Matache - Credits: Pinterest
Delia Matache – Credits: Pinterest

Demeter – Earth-lover

Demeter is the mythological Greek goddess of corn and harvest.

Despoina – Lady

Despoina is the daughter of Demeter and Poseidon. A unique name for your Ethiopian newborn.

Dione – Divine queen

She is mother of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite.

Doris – Gift

A sea nymph born to Tethys and Oceanus.

Echo – Reflected sound

A nymph who Hera cursed to only be able to repeat other people’s words.

Electra – Shining

Daughter of Pleione, an ocean nymph, and Atlas, a titan doomed to support the skies.

Elpis – Hope

Elpis was the only benevolent spirit that Pandora encountered when she unlocked the box of evils; she was the embodiment of hope.

Enku – Pearl

A precious moniker for your little precious stone.

Eos – Nightingale

Eos is the goddess of the dawn.

Erato – Lovely

Erato is one of the nine Muses.

Eris – Strife

Eris is the goddess of discord.

Euanthe – Blooming

She is the mother of the three Graces.

Eudora – Gift

Eudora is one of the Hyades nymphs.

Eunomia – Good order

A goddess of the law.

Europa – Where the sun set

The first queen of Crete was a princess from Phoenicia who was brought there by Zeus in the form of a bull. gave birth to Mino, who Zeus was the father of.

Euterpe – Delight

One of the nine Muses, Muse of music and joy.

Carina – Beloved

Carina is the name of a constellation in the southern sky.

Exotic Ethiopian girl names

Looking for a unique baby name that makes you yearn to travel? Explore our comprehensive list of exotic Ethiopian baby girl names.

Adelita – Noble

A well-known ballad in Mexico is La Adelita. It honors the contribution made by the female revolutionaries in Mexico.

Adina – Delicate

Adina is a name with unknown origins in Romania. Additionally, it is an Aboriginal Australian name, Boon wurrung, meaning excellent or pleasant, and a diminutive of Ada in Italian.

Aelita – Starlight

This name was created by Russian novelist Aleksey Tolstoy for a Martian princess in his science fiction story Aelita.

Aisling – Vision

The word “Aisling” refers to a specific type of vision poem that emerged in Ireland in the 17th century.

Altagracia – High grace

Mary is known as Our Lady of High Grace, or Nuestra Senora de la Altagracia, in the Christian Catholic Church. In the Dominican Republic, where she is revered as the nation’s patron saint, Altagracia is primarily utilized.

Anisa – Friend

There once was a town by the name of Anisa in the region of what is now Turkey.

Aoife – Beauty

The name Afe is a modernized version of an ancient Irish name. Aoife was the name of a warrior princess in the Irish Ulster Cycle.

Blathnaid – Flower

Blathnaid is an Irish version of the Latin name Florence. It’s a bit tricky to say, pronounced blaw-nid. Several variations exist, including Blathine, Blanaid, and Blathair.

Benoîte – Blessed

Benoîte is certainly an exotic French name meaning “blessed”.

Braulia – Bright

Braulia Cánovas Mulero was a Spanish woman who joined the French Resistance when she was 20 years old.

Carminia – Song

Carminia Ammia was active in Roman civic politics. 

Cordula – Heart

The name Cordula means “heart” in German. Sa Cordula is a typical Sardinian meal prepared from braided lamb and goat intestines, offal, herbs, and spices. Over an open flame, the final braid is roasted.

Fitria – Pure

A lovely Indonesian name for your lovely daughter. Indonesian socialite, author, and model Fitria Yusuf has opened shops, fashion businesses, and a company that sells cell phone accessories.


Many parents want their daughters to be strong and capable of secretly captivating the world with their Ethiopian appeal. You’ll learn that the meanings of these Ethiopian names are quite endearing if you look them up.

We have compiled a list of more than 100 names for Ethiopian girls as a result. Please spread the word to your family and friends and comment below with your thoughts on these names.

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