17 Totally funny pregnancy shirts

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Pregnancy is such an amazing time (for some) why not have a good laugh while looking hella stylish. These funny pregnancy shirts are sure to make you lol and are also great as gifts for your pregnant friends. Seriously who doesn’t want a baby shower gift that isn’t for baby but for mom!

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Funny Maternity T-shirts for mom to be

These hilarious pregnancy shirts are easily found on Amazon, from pregnancy announcement shirts that will make you lol to shirts for dad to be you will be able to find it in this post.

1. Pregnant AF shirt

This Pregnant AF shirt is first on our list because it’s awesome AF.

2. Baby made me Eat it pregnancy shirt

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to eat whatever they want, blame it on the Baby. This Baby Made me Eat it shirt is hilar and we are all for it.

3. Baby Loading shirt

white shirt with words: baby loading please wait on it

This is both adorable and funny. Baby Loading Please Wait shirt is one for amazing Insta pics. If you do put this on Instagram make sure you #craftymombump we want to see it too!

4. You’re kicking me smalls prego t-shirt

We love this shirt because who doesn’t love the Sandlot. This is not an L-7 shirt.

5. Pregosaurus Shirt

This Pregosaurus Shirt is hilarious and I love that it’s a racerback tank top!

6. Prangry maternity shirt

This is one maternity shirt we can all relate too, am I right! I’d wear it everyday.

7. Last One Prego shirt

This is one of those shirts that you get to kind of mock the people who ask “How many kids is that now?” “Are you done having kids” It’s your body and you get to decide how many beautiful babies you grow in it.

8. Baby Moon shirt

Not the baby moon you were expecting was it, that’s okay this one made us crack up. Get it.

Funny holiday inspired maternity shirts

In this section we are going to go over EVERY.SINGLE.HOLIDAY (kind of) so sit tight or scroll to find the Holiday Inspiration you are looking for!

9. Valentine’s Day pregnancy shirt

Bumps First Valentine’s Day may not be too hilarious but it is adorable and I just had to include it. It was either this or Cupid’s little butt shirt.

10. Irish I could drink – st. pattys pregnancy shirt

This St. Patty’s Pregnancy shirt is really funny and honestly true. Irish I could drink too!

11. Hilarious Easter inspired maternity shirt

This may not say anything about Easter but the pink pastel shirt is totally an Easter thing. Also I love how this pairs with shorts and I love tacos, so it’s in here.

12. Fourth of July funny maternity shirt

When I saw this I lol’d Red, White & Preggers for all my American friends reading this!

13. Halloween Maternity shirt

This Lil’ Pumpkin shirt is just the cutest little thing. Especially during fall!

14. Christmas pregnancy t-shirt

jingle belly tee shirt for a funny christmas inspired maternity shirt

I couldn’t decided which one was better for these Christmas inspired maternity shirts so I am showing you all three.

Hilarious Pregnancy shirts for dad

Maternity shirts for dad are definitely a thing and as they should be. A proud dad-to-be will gladly share that his partner is expecting! We love that these shirts let the world know how involved a father is with a pregnancy!

15. Man behind the Bump shirt – maternity for dad

the man behind the bump black tee shirt for dad

Dad wants to be included in this pregnancy too. The Man behind the Bump shirt is one we can get behind to.

16. The Punny Dad Shirt

funny pregnancy shirts for dad to be

This Punny Dad Shirt is so funny especially when you are out and about with your partner

17. Drinking for three dad shirt

Oh boy do dad’s like to use this as an excuse to drink, its funny though.

Now that you’ve seen these super hilarious maternity shirts, go ahead and click on your favorite one to save it for later!

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funny af pregnancy tshirts

Funny Pregnancy Shirts

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