How To Use A Haakaa Breast Pump + Haakaa Tips

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How To Get The Most, When To Use and How To Use A Haakaa Breast Pump

Using the Haakaa will make your breastfeeding journey so much easier. It helps collect milk that would otherwise go to waste thus increasing how much milk you produce and store. In this post I’ll go over how to use a Haakaa plus every tip and hack I learned while using one.

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What Is A Haaka Pump?

The Haakaa silicone breast pump is just that, a small bottle that attaches with suction to your breast to catch the milk that is let down when baby is nursing on the other side. It is a milk catcher more than it is a ‘pump’.

It can also be used to catch the breast milk that is let down when you are using a manual pump on one side.

The Benefits Of Using A Haaka Pump

The Haakaa has many different uses and benefits, making it a breastfeeding persons favorite handy little tool.

  • Affordable – it is much cheaper than any other silicone type breast pumps
  • Catches breast milk that would have gone on your shirt, nursing pad, or bra
  • Easy to travel with
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Pump without using electricity (needs a manual pump)
  • Provides slight suction to help with let down and milk collection
  • Helps clear clogged milk ducts
  • Helps with engorgement

What Are The Cons Of Using A Haakaa?

  • If it gets to full it can lose its suction power – be on the look out for that
  • The measurement on the Haakaa seems to be a little off (ex: it says you have let down 3 oz of milk, when transferred to a milk collection bag – it is more like 2.5 oz)

Who Can Use The Haakaa Pump?

The Haakaa is made for breastfeeding and pumping moms. However if you are exclusively pumping and only using an electric double pump the Haakaa may not be for you.

It is perfect for those who have baby latched to one side, and are experiencing a let down on the other side.

It is also perfect for those who are using a manual pump on one side, and are experiencing a let down on the other side.

The Haakaa is a milk catcher, that can give you that extra 1-5 extra oz from each feeding and nursing sessions. Depending on your let down.

If you are a breastfeeding mom, who needs a little more help with it. Don’t be ashamed, enroll in this breastfeeding class, and watch your breastfeeding journey change for the better.

How Does A Haakaa Work?

The Haakaa works by slightly suctioning on your breast, it collects the breast milk that is let down when you are nursing or using a manual pump.

How To Put Your Haakaa On?

  1. Make sure that you sterilize and clean your Haakaa before the first use
  2. Then you’ll want to invert the flanges
  3. Squeeze the bulb section
  4. Place on your breast with nipple in center
  5. Make sure nipple does not touch sides of silicone
  6. Pull flanges out onto breast
  7. Slowly let go of squeeze hold you had on the bulb section
  8. You should feel a slight tug on your nipple and a constant pull

Watch The Video Below To See How To Place It – Very Easy I promise

How To Make Sure Your Haakaa Stays On

As your child gets older they may start to kick off your Haakaa in order to maintain it in place, you can easily wear a hands free pumping bra to help keep the Haakaa on.

In order to help with this, you should start using a hands – free pumping bra (this is the one I use). What this will do is let you place the Haakaa on your breast and then have the pumping bra on. It will hold your Haakaa in place just like it would an electric or manual breast pump.

When Should I Start Using My Haakaa Breast Pump?

You can start using your Haakaa as soon as you give birth and start to nurse if you feel comfortable enough to do so. Your milk supply will generally regulate by 6-12 weeks and some will say for you to start using the Haakaa by then. It is all up to you.

I like to use it from the start because I have a big let down and feel that my breast milk is better to be saved right away instead of just dripping down onto my nipple pads.

How To Get Your Let Down Milk Into The Haakaa Breast Pump?

It is very easy to collect your breast milk let down using a Haakaa breast pump. The first thing you want to do is make sure you suction the Haakaa to your breast BEFORE you start breastfeeding or using a one sided manual pump.

How To Make Sure Your Nipple Doesn’t Hurt While Using The Haakaa

To avoid hurting your nipple or breast while you are using a silicone breast pump like the Haakaa, you should make sure that you suction it to your breast correctly.

You want to have your nipple in the center of the opening of the neck of the Haakaa. This way your nipple does not touch the sides of the silicone.

If your nipple touches one side you might feel slight pressure and pain on that side, just gently remove the Haakaa by putting one finger in the flange to remove it, and reposition it.

How Does It Feel To Use A Haaka Compared To An Electric or Manual Pump?

Using a Haakaa feels different than using an electric or manual pump because the Haakaa will not have constant sucking and release like pumps do. The Haakaa will feel like a slight tug on your nipple that doesn’t let up.

How Long Do You Leave A Haakaa On?

You can leave a Haakaa breast pump in place for 5-15 minutes on the opposite breast that you are nursing from. This allows enough time for your let down to be caught in the milk catcher.

If you switch baby to that breast, just move your Haakaa over to the next breast and use it as needed.

Does The Haakaa Increase Your Milk Supply?

Anything that promotes milk let down and helps catch more breast milk will increase your breast milk supply. Because the Haakaa has a slight suction to it, it will promote slightly more milk production.

Breast milk is a supply and demand thing. Meaning the more you breastfeed and pump the more that your body will make breast milk. This is why it is so important to make sure you keep nursing and pumping while your supply gets regulated.

What To Do If I Feed Baby From Both Breasts? / Will Using The Haakaa Take Away From Baby’s Milk?

If you are breastfeeding baby from both breast at each nursing session (awesome), you can still use the Haakaa breast pump. The Haakaa does not take away extra milk that would have gone to baby. It catches your let down that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Because it does have a slight suction, it will actually help increase your breast milk supply giving you more milk to feed your baby.

Can I Use The Haakaa Without Nursing?

Yes, you can use the Haakaa without nursing if you are using a manual pump on one side. You can apply the Haakaa to other side to catch the breast milk.

However you shouldn’t use it as a replacement to an electric or manual pump because it does not have a high suction rate.

How To Use A Haakaa To Relieve Engorgement

First of all, what is engorgement? It is when your breast are so full of breast milk they are hard to the touch, your nipple may become flatter, and you may some pain.

This may occur if you missed a nursing or pumping session, if your baby is not clearing out your breast milk at each feeding or if you have an over supply for baby.

If you want to relieve some of that pressure the best thing you can do is breastfeed your baby, pump and use a Haakaa. This will allow the milk to exit out and release built up pressure.

Just use your Haakaa as regular.

How Often Should I Sterilize My Haakaa?

You can to sterilize it before the first use and then after that you can clean it with warm water and soap and let it air dry. You should also sterilize it at least once a day to make sure it stays nice and clean.

How To Store Breast Milk From Haakaa

You’ll want to store your breast milk from the Haakaa the same way you store breast milk when you pump. You’ll place it from the pump to a breastmilk storage bag. (we use this kind)

Can Haakaa Replace An Electric Pump?

No, your Haakaa should not replace your electric pump. Your electric pump has more powerful suction that stimulates and keeps a rhythm like if you were breastfeeding. You should still use a Haakaa along side your regular pump – if you use a manual pump.

Help, My Haakaa Won’t Stay On

This is an easy fix, a lot of the time when your Haakaa wont stay on it may be because you have a wet flange or breast milk on the flange. Make sure that your Haakaa is dry before placing it.

Another reason it is not staying on, could be that it is too full and the heaviness of the bottom is pulling the suction off your breast.

If that is the reason, make sure to set the Haakaa down (in a mug) to avoid the milk spilling over.

My Haakaa Spills When I Set It Down After I’m Done Using It

If your Haakaa is top heavy, it will spill over. To control this, the makers of Haakaa have made one with a suction bottom, as well as a silicone top that will close the Haakaa to avoid it from spilling.

If you have the Haakaa original (like I do), you can easily place it in a mug to avoid it from spilling over.

haakaa tip top heavy - place haakaa in a mug to avoid spilling breast milk

Will The Haakaa Work For All Breast Sizes?

In short, yes the Haakaa can work for all breast sizes. It is made as a one size fits all.

I am top heavy, and use plus size nursing bras and it works perfectly fine for me.

With my sister-in-law being in the smaller side it also worked for her.

That’s it you guys, my tips, tricks and reasons I love the Haakaa breast pump and the reasons I think you should grab one too.

You can find one by clicking here.

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How To Use A Haakaa Breast Pump + Haakaa Hacks

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