How To Apply For Breast Pump Through Insurance

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How To Apply For Breast Pump Through Insurance

Many expecting moms don’t know that their insurance gives them a free breast pump! It’s super simple to get a free breast pump through insurance all you have to do is 3 easy steps, straight from your cell phone!

If you have insurance and you plan to breastfeed and (or) pump a high quality breast pump is perfect for you!

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How To Use Aeroflow To Get Your Free Breast Pump

Aeroflow is one of the worlds largest leading medical manufactures. That means they work directly with your insurance to get you the best high quality pump you want and need.

Here is how it works:

  1. You go here and fill out the application
  2. Aeroflow contacts your doctor office and your insurance carrier
  3. The breast pump arrives at your home

3 super easy steps (really 2 steps) and you get your breast pump through your insurance.

Breast Pump Brands That Are Available Through Aeroflow

Why Don’t I Have To Pay? Is My Insurance Okay With This?

Due to the Affordable Care Act which has allowed insurance companies to pay (in full) for an expecting mother’s breast pump – you are able to get yours super easily!

Since all insurance companies are different you’ll need to contact them to verify which breast pump they cover and to see if you can get any lactation consultant visits covered as well. (might as well take advantage of that insurance you pay for).

If you aren’t sure if your insurance carrier will get you the breast pump you want – read below to follow our tips on how to go about getting it.


How To Contact Your Insurance Carrier

It is pretty simple to contact them. Do not make it a big deal, you will get a human being on the other side of that phone call and all you are doing is verifying which pump (or pumps) you have the option of choosing.

On the back of your insurance card or maybe the front depending on your insurance carrier, you will have a non-emergency number to call. Normally an 800 number.

What To Ask Your Insurance In Regards To A Breast Pump

  • Which brands of breast pumps can I get?
  • Is a lactation consultation covered for free?
  • If I purchased my breast pump can I get reimbursement?
  • Do you work with medical providers that I can go through to get my breast pump?
  • Which medical providers do you work with?
  • Do you need to send me a pre-approval letter before I request my breast pump?

Does My Insurance Cover A Breast Pump For A Second Child?

Yes, your insurance is required by law to provide a new breast pump to all new pregnancies. (even those in the same year)

How Soon Can You Get A Breast Pump Through Insurance?

After filing the paperwork (which I will show you how to do down below) it normally takes 7-15 working days for a new breast pump to arrive at your home address.


What If I didn’t Qualify for a Free Breast Pump?

Easy, every insurance company wants new moms to succeed at breastfeeding. They also want new moms to know their rights! 

This is a quote from

“Your health insurance plan must cover the cost of a breast pump. It may be either a rental unit or a new one you’ll keep. Your plan may have guidelines on whether the covered pump is manual or electric, the length of the rental, and when you’ll receive it (before or after birth).”


What this all means for you, if you didn’t get approved to get a free quality breast pump (through Aeroflow, you can call your insurance company and ask what you are approved for.)

If they only offer rented pumps you may be able to get it the day you give birth – by getting one loaned from the hospital. 

But you have to ask your insurance. They are required to help you during your breastfeeding phase of life. 

What Are Some Of The Benefits To Having A Quality Breast Pump?

Great question, breastfeeding is not only an amazing way to get your baby the nutrients they need, but it is also FREE. 

By having a high-quality breast pump you can assure that you will breastfeed and pump longer than just breastfeeding alone. 

You will be able to go on dates and girls’ nights out without getting engorged (which hurts sooo bad) because you can take your breast pump with you. 

If your milk supply starts taking a dip, while you are exclusively breastfeeding you can add a few pumping sessions, do a power pump and start increasing your milk supply once again. 

Having a high-quality pump will allow you to get breast milk out faster and more efficiently than having to hand express. 

Now that you have all this information on how to easily get your breast pump, the type of options you have to choose from, why you would need an electric breast pump. It is time to get yours today!

Seriously – take 3 minutes and fill out the application, in a few weeks you’ll have a high-quality pump at your door.

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How To Get A Free Breast Pump Through Insurance

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