Pregnant Autumn Activities What To Do In The Fall

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Pregnancy Fall To-Do List

These pregnant Autumn activities are going to be perfect no matter what trimester you are in.

If you are pregnant in the fall chances are high that you are going to be really comfortable. Not only is Autumn a great time to be pregnant in (bye summer heat) it is also filled with so much fun activities for expecting moms to do.

When you’re pregnant doing things (even things you’ve done before) seem exciting because you are now doing it with your bump and one day you might be doing some of these activities with your kids.

Pregnant Autumn Activities

These activities to do while pregnant are perfect for new expecting moms, or moms who are well into the second or third trimester! Ready to experience the season of fall while pregnant to the max with all these ideas, activities.

This is the ultimate fall checklist for pregnancy.

1. Maternity Shopping For Autumn Clothes

Let this be the time you get all the beautiful cardigans, scarfs, and comfy socks.

Layers are so crucial for this time of year, that it makes pregnant moms just look stunning.

Getting those beautiful yellows, oranges, red and brown toned items are a total must this fall.

This is our favorite pregnancy flannel, maternity jeans, and our favorite fall socks for you to check out.

2. Apple – Picking

How fun is this little fall ritual, where you go to an apple orchard and pick your prized apples.

This is one that should be on all fall bucket list ideas but especially while pregnant.

It’s also a great location to do maternity photo shoots, which bring us to fall activities number three.

3. Maternity Photo Shoots In The Fall

pregnant in the fall season

Some of the cutest maternity pictures have been done in the fall. The sunset is beautiful during this time of year. You can easily incorporate nature into your shoot by having a pile of leaves, pumpkins, and color changing trees in the background.

Making this one of our top items for you to do this fall especially if you are pregnant around weeks 30-36 in the fall.

That is optimum maternity shoot weeks. Your bump is large enough to display in these pregnancy pictures.


4. Find A Pregnancy Halloween Costume

pregnant during Halloween or pregnancy in the fall, pregnant in the autumn season.

If you are looking for pregnancy Halloween costumes I highly suggest you check out our top 25 Halloween Pregnancy Costumes

You can find inspiration and the perfect costume that you can either DIY at home or just straight up purchase (because who has time for that right).

See our Top 25 Halloween Pregnancy Costumes here.

5. Get Your Education On

This is the time of year when kids everywhere are going back to school, in a sense this can be the best time for you to start your labor and breastfeeding education.

I suggest you take a labor and delivery course that can take you from scared of birth to both you and your partner prepared.

For breastfeeding which is super natural but does not come naturally (not to me it didn’t and not to most moms) you can check out this super comprehensive breastfeeding course taught by a certified lactation consultant.

Not sure if you are ready for either courses?

Free Nursing Pillow with code: solutionsmommy

6. Fall Gender Reveal Ideas

Did you find out if you are having a boy or girl? Doing a fall gender reveal can be so much fun.

You wouldn’t need much to do it and you can incorporate the outside world to make it so much more festive.

  • You can do pumpkin spice cupcakes with the insides colored pink or blue
  • Fill a large balloon with pink or blue colored leaves and pop with all your friends around you
  • Carve ‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’ on a pumpkin
  • Carve a pumpkin and have colored gas coming out from it
  • Spray paint (or have your partner spray paint) a pumpkin blue or pink
  • Spray paint a pumpkin white – write boy or girl on it
  • Carve a large pumpkin out, put smaller pumpkin inside of it
  • Have a pumpkin shaped cake – cut it to reveal gender of baby

Try one of these ideas and see how cute your fall gender reveal can be.

7. Decorate Your Home With Little Pumpkins

Decorating your home for fall is especially fun when you are pregnant because you get to decorate and nest and get things ready for baby. It truly is so much fun when you have a little buddy with you at all times.

One of my favorite decor websites has this super cute fall style decor items that you can use all around your home.

8. Fall Pregnancy Announcement

fall pregnancy announcement

If you are ready to announce your pregnancy to the social media world, fall is one the best times to do it. With little pumpkins, shirts, and even doing a full on photo shoot to announce your pregnancy this is the perfect time to do it.

9. Go To The Pumpkin Patch

This is one you don’t want to miss doing. Chances are you will also bring your baby here in a year and you want to see all the cute Halloween and pumpkin inspired photo spots.

You also don’t want to miss carnival food!

10. Outdoors Picnic

This is a great time to have a little shake in your routine and go outside for lunch.

Not only is the sun going to help you, you can also walk along your neighborhood or the park wherever you choose to have your picnic and get some extra movement while pregnant

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11. No Need To Shave Legs

Oh yeah I said it, if your belly is larger than you thought and shaving is just a thing of the past, guess what. Leggings, jeans, and covering up are in season. So don’t even stress about not shaving your legs.

If you do need to shave – get your partner to do it, or sit down and try as best you can to shave.

No one is going to judge you for having those extra warm fuzzies.

12. Start Planning Your Family Traditions

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas they all approach so quick. If you’re baby is due before these Holidays (or even after) start thinking of what type of rituals you’d like to do with your new family member.

For us every Halloween we decorate a pumpkin (since becoming pregnant) we do an elaborate pumpkin carving. Now with our son we let him choose the images we’re putting on the pumpkins.

Something so small like just writing down your traditions that you want to do with your baby makes your pregnancy feel much more real. Here are a few ideas on family traditions you can start to think about with your new baby.

  • Choosing baby’s first Halloween costume
  • Planning a trip to the pumpkin patch
  • Taking family pictures every Thanksgiving
  • Deciding what Thanksgiving meal you will try to make as a family
  • Dressing in Pj’s every Christmas morning to open gifts
  • Having a hand painted ornament each year from your baby
  • Making gingerbread houses every Christmas Eve.

So many ideas and so much planning for the future.

13. Carve A Pumpkin For Baby

pumpkin carving for expecting parents

This little act can make it all seem so real. Having to do something for your baby before they even arrive.

Create a tiny little pumpkin with a cute carving and display it outside your home.

You can even write baby’s name on a pumpkin and display that as well.

14. Resting

Depending where you are in your pregnancy you may want to sleep non-stop or just take countless naps.

Growing a human is no easy feat. It is tiring and sometimes down right exhausting. It’s mother natures way of preparing you for the sleepless nights that are about to come.

Use this time to take extra naps, or just go to sleep earlier if you can.

15. Decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte

Everything is pumpkin spice, I know I know. If you are a little sad that you are missing out becuase of the insane amounts of caffeeine and sugar in these drinks have no fear.

You can still get a decaf pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks or brew your own at home adding less sugar than your friendly neighborhood Starbucks

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what to do during an autumn pregnancy season
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Pregnant Autumn Activities What To Do When Pregnant In Fall

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