30+ Romantic Getaways In Vermont

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We scoured the major travel platforms, review sites, and social media resources to give you ideas of the Best Romantic Getaways in Vermont.

Nothing beats getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoying some peace and quiet with your loved one. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to plan your next romantic getaway, look no further!

Vermont is a beautiful state with many romantic getaway opportunities. The state’s most romantic holiday spots are surrounded by beaches, rivers, and mountains.

We have reviewed and selected the most popular attractions, accommodations, and dining options among locals and travelers for this article.

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Vermont’s Most Romantic Weekend Getaways

Here are some of the top weekend getaways in Vermont.


Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Burlington - Credits: Pexels
Burlington – Credits: Pexels

Burlington, Vermont’s lovely metropolis on the beaches of Lake Champlain, is located in the northwest corner of the state. It is a romantic retreat spot for couples who want to reconnect with nature during a well-deserved vacation.

Book a sunset cruise with Spirit of Ethan Allen III, a tour company that specializes in sightseeing cruises on Lake Champlain. 

If you like museum dates, take your significant other to ECHO, the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, and marvel at intriguing exhibits on the region’s natural history. Montpelier, Vermont’s capital city, lies 38 miles away from Burlington.


Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Montpelier - Credits: Pixabay
Montpelier – Credits: Pixabay

Montpelier is the state capital of Vermont and is home to several famous landmarks. Tourists who enjoy sightseeing and city walks will enjoy their time in this city. The 1859 Vermont State House is a Greek Revival architectural marvel that is one of the city’s numerous must-see attractions. 

Fine art shows are held there, making it ideal for couples who enjoy the arts. The Vermont History Museum, located close to the statehouse, is a terrific destination for history fans who want to learn more about Vermont. 

North Branch River Park is the spot to go in the city for picnicking and watersports.


Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Stowe - Credits: Pixabay
Stowe – Credits: Pixabay

Stowe is a haven for adventurers and environment lovers alike. Stowe is a fantastic holiday place for you and your companion if you both enjoy outdoor pursuits. 

This city, located on Vermont’s northern border, provides a variety of natural attractions, including gorgeous hiking trails and superb ski slopes. If you’re visiting in the winter, you might want to spend a day (or two) at Stowe Mountain Resort enjoying snow sports. 

If your holiday occurs during the summer, you might enjoy a camping trip to Smugglers Notch State Park Campground or a hike to Moss Glen Falls. Montpelier is 37 kilometers away from Stowe.


Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Ludlow - Credits: Pexels
Ludlow – Credits: Pexels

Ludlow, Vermont’s Windsor County, is a delightful little town and a dreamy tourist attraction. Okemo Mountain, a top ski resort for winter sports aficionados, is located here. 

If you’re looking for water sports, plan a trip that includes a day at Lake Rescue and Echo Lake. Tiny Pond and Hawks Mountain are good places to visit if you want to see animals in their natural habitat and take pictures of nature. 

Green Mountain Sugar House sells maple products and Vermont cheese, so don’t forget to bring some home with you on your Ludlow trip. Montpelier is 78 miles away from Ludlow.

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Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Quechee - Credits: Shutterstock
Quechee – Credits: Shutterstock

Quechee is a picturesque community with a small-town feel, located in the quaint town of Hartford. It’s a terrific getaway spot for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Couples will fall in love with Quechee’s natural attractions.

At Quechee Gorge, hikers and campers will feel at ease and at one with nature. Whaleback Mountain is the spot to go for skiing and winter activities. 

Take your companion on a wine-tasting experience in the village at Vermont Spirits Distilling Co., or satiate your inquiring minds at the Montshire Museum of Science and wonder at natural world displays. Montpelier is 54 miles away from Quechee.


Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Wilmington - Credits: Instagram
Wilmington – Credits: Instagram

If you’re planning a trip to Windham County, don’t forget to include Wilmington in your itinerary. It’s a lovely hamlet located in the Green Mountains, providing guests with an idyllic natural backdrop and a break from their usual stressful lives. 

Lake Wilmingham will enchant you with its freshwater swimming and water sports chances if you visit during the summer. Mount Snow, which stands about 3,600 feet above sea level, is open to skiing and snowboarding throughout the winter months. 

Wilmington has something to offer visitors regardless of the season. Montpelier is 134 miles away from Wilmington.


Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Middlebury - Credits: Unsplash
Middlebury – Credits: Unsplash

Addison County is home to the town of Middlebury. One of the reasons people flock to this town is because of its great educational institutions. Apart from them, Middlebury is a popular tourist destination, particularly for couples.

Imagine setting up a tent in Lake Dunmore with your significant other and viewing the star-studded skies at night. Visit the Henry Sheldon Museum and Vermont Folklife Center for a museum tour. 

Take your lover on a romantic date at Lincoln Peak Vineyard, where you may enjoy wonderful wine and stunning scenery. Montpelier is 48 miles away from Middlebury.


Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Waitsfield - Credits: Pexels
Waitsfield – Credits: Pexels

Spend a day or two in the town of Waitsfield to make your Vermont vacation even more memorable. It’s a picture-perfect town with plenty of greenery. Enjoy a jog near Waitsfield Covered Bridge in the morning or late afternoon and breathe in the purest countryside air. 

Mad River Glen Cooperative will satisfy your desire for adrenaline-pumping winter sports. Finish your holiday with a trip to the Madsonian Museum of Industrial Design, where you may examine beautiful automobiles. Montpelier is 19 miles away from Waitsfield.

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Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Grafton - Credits: Unsplash
Grafton – Credits: Unsplash

Grafton is one of the most attractive towns in the area, located in southern Vermont’s mountainous highlands. It has a relaxing country feel about it, with wonderful natural surroundings to match. 

There are trails, parks, and ponds here. Grafton Trails & Outdoor Center is a haven for adventurers, and the town is littered with ancient structures. It is a lovely experience to walk through its charming streets. 

However, don’t miss out on Grafton Village Cheese’s farms Vermont cheese. Montpelier is 101 miles away from Waitsfield.


Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Woodstock - Credits: Unsplash
Woodstock – Credits: Unsplash

With your partner, stroll through Woodstock’s busy quaint square, appreciating the historic buildings that dot the landscape. You could also want to take a break and relax in one of the on-site cafes. 

Try plunging into Woodstock’s farming legacy after sightseeing and cuisine adventures. Visit Billings Farm and Museum and be amazed by the agricultural exhibits on display. 

Sugarbush Farm is a beautiful spot where you and your companion may enjoy the natural beauty while also picking up some cheddar cheese and maple syrup. Montpelier is 53 miles away from Woodstock.

Best Romantic Hotels in Vermont for Couples

Vermont’s climate makes it ideal for a variety of vacation activities. The spring and summer months are mild, ideal for a relaxing country retreat, while the winter months are snowy, ideal for skiing or winter cabin getaways. 

Couples looking for a romantic getaway can find a variety of options in Vermont, from historic bed & breakfasts to mountain cabin getaways.

Let’s take a look at some of Vermont’s top romantic hotels:

Castle Hill Resort and Spa

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Castle Hill Resort and Spa - Credits: Pixabay
Castle Hill Resort and Spa – Credits: Pixabay

The Castle Hill Resort, located in Ludlow, is on the National Register of Historic Places and provides a magnificent hideaway from the rest of the world for couples. 

There are ten separate rooms available, allowing couples to have an intimate and private experience away from the crowds. For discerning couples seeking more seclusion, Castle Hill also offers Condominiums with spectacular views and excellent amenities.

The resort’s Castle Restaurant is open everyday for breakfast and supper, with a menu that changes seasonally and focuses on local and organic foods from fruit to meat. 

For winter visitors, Castle Hill Resort offers skiing packages, but there are lots of seasonal events all year, from yearly county fairs in Ludlow to antique stores and galleries.

The Pitcher Inn

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : The Pitcher Inn - Credits: Unsplash
The Pitcher Inn – Credits: Unsplash

The Pitcher Inn, located in Warren, offers a luxury hotel experience. The structure is a lovely colonial-style structure nestled in Warren’s tranquil and pleasant village. 

Any of the nine individually decorated guest rooms, or the two-bedroom apartment housed on the property in a separate building with a private entrance, will appeal to couples.

275 Main, the Pitcher Inn’s on-site restaurant, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with fresh, seasonal ingredients and New England favorites. 

Couples can enjoy romantic packages at the Pitcher Inn. Mad River Explorer canoes and safety gear are available for tourists who want to explore the local river.

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The Amee Farm

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : The Amee Farm - Credits: Pixabay
The Amee Farm – Credits: Pixabay

The Amee Farm is nestled in the scenic New England countryside in the village of Pittsfield, and is ideal for couples seeking a romantic, country-side experience. 

This bed & breakfast has 15 guest bedroom suites, as well as handcrafted hardwood furnishings and large communal rooms. Not to mention the peaceful farm and scenery that surrounds it.

Each morning, guests will be served a sumptuous continental breakfast, which is included in the accommodation cost. Summer and winter activities, such as bike excursions, golf courses, and kayak rentals, are all easily accessible from the Amee Farm. 

Skiing and snowboarding may be found just a few kilometers away in the nearby mountain ranges in the winter.

The Inn at Round Barn Farm

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : The Inn at Round Barn Farm - Credits: Pexels
The Inn at Round Barn Farm – Credits: Pexels

The Inn at Round Barn Farm is nestled among 245 mountainous acres in the heart of Mad River Valley. This deluxe bed and breakfast provides guests a tried and true Vermont rural experience while still providing luxury and comfort.

There are twelve distinct guest rooms and suites to choose from, all with luxury amenities, stunning views, and some even fireplaces.

Every morning, visitors are provided coffee, fresh fruit, and a variety of delectable sweet and savory dishes. The Inn provides stunning gardens and grounds to explore for those searching for a quiet vacation. 

For all of the best year-round activities, there are hiking routes and skiing resorts nearby.

Stowe Mountain Lodge

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Stowe Mountain Lodge - Credits: Unsplash
Stowe Mountain Lodge – Credits: Unsplash

Couples will be immersed in all the wonder and beauty that the Vermont mountains have to offer during this once-in-a-lifetime event. Stowe Mountain Lodge is a luxury ski resort and spa located in Stowe. 

There are 300 guest rooms and suites to choose from, all with premium facilities and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Stowe Mountain Lodge offers a variety of dining alternatives, allowing couples to choose between a quiet, gourmet dining experience and a more communal lounge setting. 

Stowe Mountain Lodge offers year-round activities, from skiing in the winter to hiking and local swimming holes in the summer.

Woodstock Inn and Resort

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Woodstock Inn and Resort - Credits: Pixabay
Woodstock Inn and Resort – Credits: Pixabay

The Woodstock Inn and Resort is a beautiful and authentic New England design nestled right in the middle of Woodstock, Vermont, along Main Street, surrounded by restaurants and stores. 

With wood-burning fireplaces and hand-crafted furniture, there are guest rooms and suites that will make each couple’s stay special.

Farm-to-table cuisine is served at the Woodstock Inn & Resort, using regional ingredients and recipes that bring all of the best New England classics directly to your table. 

The Woodstock Inn provides bike rentals and free admission to the Billings Farm and Museum, allowing guests to explore the area down and trails. The Suicide Six Area offers skiing for all experience levels in the winter.

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The Green Mountain Inn

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : The Green Mountain Inn - Credits: Unsplash
The Green Mountain Inn – Credits: Unsplash

This Stowe hotel has been in operation for almost 180 years and is located on the historic Main Street. The Green Mountain Inn provides both luxurious lodgings and a glimpse into the area’s history. 

Couples can enjoy a bit of isolated seclusion in one of the 104 guest rooms and suites placed in eight structures throughout the property.

The Whip Bar and Grill serves lunch and dinner in a relaxed setting, while the Main Street Dining Room serves a superb breakfast buffet. While the Green Mountain Inn has a pool and a fitness club, the surrounding environment has just as much to offer, including ziplining, hiking, and skiing.

On the River Inn

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : On the River Inn - Credits: Shutterstock
On the River Inn – Credits: Shutterstock

The name of the establishment, On the River Inn, is accurate. The River Inn, located on the riverfront in Woodstock, offers a variety of guest rooms as well as individual farmhouse apartments. 

Kitchen studios with fully supplied kitchens, as well as suites with living and sleeping areas, are all arranged with flair and comfort.

The onsite restaurant, the 506 Bistro, features a seasonal menu as well as an open bar and lounge for a more relaxed and casual ambiance. 

From summer to winter, On the River Inn welcomes guests with a variety of unique activities for each season, from the changing of the leaves in the fall to skiing in the winter.

Reluctant Panther Inn

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Reluctant Panther Inn - Credits: Pixabay
Reluctant Panther Inn – Credits: Pixabay

The elegant Reluctant Panther Inn is located in the heart of Manchester Village. The Main House, the Mary Porter House, and the Carriage House are the three structures on the Reluctant Panther’s property. 

Between the three buildings, there are 20 different luxury guest rooms and suites, providing couples with a variety of unique lodging options.

The Reluctant Panther has a restaurant serving informal dinners supplied by local farmers, as well as a pub with a variety of beers and cocktails. 

Couples may easily access local antique shopping because of the hotel’s location in the center of Manchester Village. Kayaking and canoeing down the local rivers and streams are also available nearby.

The Grafton Inn

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : The Grafton Inn - Credits: Pexels
The Grafton Inn – Credits: Pexels

The Grafton Inn is a historic hotel with modernized luxury and charm for every sort of guest, located in the lovely Vermont countryside. Couples can pick from 45 various rooms and suites, as well as guest cottages on the property for those seeking a little more privacy.

The Grafton Inn’s Old Tavern Restaurant serves year-round seasonal dishes that couples will enjoy, as well as fine dining selections for a romantic dinner.

The Grafton Inn is ideal for couples who enjoy outdoor adventure and recreational activities such as riding and hiking, as well as swimming in neighboring waters.

Mountain Top Inn and Resort

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Mountain Top Inn and Resort - Credits: Pixabay
Mountain Top Inn and Resort – Credits: Pixabay

The Mountain Top Inn, perched high above the rest of the world atop the Central Vermont Mountain, offers breathtaking vistas and 350 acres of forests and meadows that are completely private and exclusive to guests. 

Couples will have a variety of rooms and suites to choose from, ranging from traditional lodge rooms with wood furnishings to luxury suites. Each accommodation boasts a panoramic view of the surroundings.

The Mountain Top Dining Room and the Mountain Top Tavern provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, featuring both great New England food and views of the surrounding area. 

Summer activities include hiking and equestrian trail rides, while winter activities include skiing. Mountain Top Inn has plenty for couples to do in any season.

Rudyard Kipling’s Naulakha

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Rudyard Kipling’s Naulakha - Credits: Pexels
Rudyard Kipling’s Naulakha – Credits: Pexels

This three-story inn in Dummerston provides both individual rooms for rent and the option of renting the entire home for a minimum of three nights. Naulakha contains three full baths and four bedrooms. 

The surrounding region is lovely, with lush lawns and flowers, making it ideal for a relaxing weekend break.

A fully equipped kitchen with cooking utensils and dinnerware, as well as a dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave, is available in the residence. On the grounds, there is a private museum, as well as huge gardens and even a tennis court. Inside the mansion, there’s even a whole library. 

Naulakha is one of the best calm, secluded resorts for couples looking to relax and unwind.

The Inn at Weston

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : The Inn at Weston - Credits: Unsplash
The Inn at Weston – Credits: Unsplash

The Inn at Weston is a luxurious bed & breakfast located in the midst of the Green Mountains, in the lovely Vermont village of Weston. Weston is a small town just outside of Ludlow, where peace and quiet reign. 

There are five rooms available in the Main House, two private suites in the carriage house, and six guest rooms in the Coleman House, which is divided into three structures.

The Restaurant at the Inn at Weston serves breakfast and dinner using local foods and fresh, organic cuisine, as well as products grown in their own gardens. 

In Weston, couples may enjoy a variety of romantic activities, including live concerts at the Weston Playhouse during the summer.

Trapp Family Lodge

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Trapp Family Lodge - Credits: Unsplash
Trapp Family Lodge – Credits: Unsplash

This Austrian-inspired hotel is situated on 2,500 acres of magnificent and beautiful land near Stowe. The aesthetic, architecture, and lodgings of this mountain resort are influenced by Austrian and European influences. 

There are 96 distinct guest rooms and suites to choose from, ranging from studio suites to one or two-bedroom suites, all with their own old-world charm.

The Main Dining Room, which offers both country breakfast and candlelight supper daily, serves European-style cuisine. 

Trapp Family Lodge offers summer and winter activities for couples, including picnics and trail rides in the summer and winter carriage rides and skiing excursions in the winter.

Stone Hill Inn

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Stone Hill Inn - Credits: Pexels
Stone Hill Inn – Credits: Pexels

Stone Hill Inn is a peaceful, 9-acre retreat for couples surrounded by gardens and woods but only five minutes from Stowe’s restaurants and bustling culture. 

There are fireplaces in each of the nine magnificent rooms, as well as two-person jetted baths. Luxurious bedding and comfort await you and your cherished companion in your sleigh bed or canopy bed.

Rabbit Hill Inn

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Rabbit Hill Inn - Credits: Unsplash
Rabbit Hill Inn – Credits: Unsplash

This 19-room bed and breakfast in Northern Vermont is a romantic, beautiful, and economical New England vacation location for adult retreats, calm escapes, honeymoons, celebrations, and fun-filled holidays. 

Lower Waterford offers luxurious lodgings in a range of styles, including traditional, American country, modern, and transitional. 

All of the rooms include private baths, with some featuring opulent double whirlpool or hydromassage tubs for two, as well as huge spa showers.

Best Places to Visit in Vermont

The state of Vermont begs to be photographed. The entire state is like a giant picture postcard, with breathtaking beauty around every corner, historic structures, and towns that are regarded as some of the most beautiful in the country.

As the leaves change color, autumn is a joy to behold. Winter is ideal for skiing and other snow sports. Festivals and outdoor activities like camping and hiking abound in the spring and summer. Vermont truly has it all. Here are some of the top spots in Vermont to visit:


Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Manchester - Credits: Unsplash
Manchester – Credits: Unsplash

Manchester is a city with a lot going for it. It’s a historic town that’s a great starting point for exploring the Green Mountains. There’s a lot of shopping here, including outlet malls that draw visitors from New York and Connecticut.

The town was named for an English duke of Manchester, and it made history between 1812 and 1819 as the site of America’s first wrongful murder conviction case, which is still being researched today. 

Manchester includes three historic districts: the Depot district, as well as Bonnet and Main streets. Most historic towns in Vermont only have one historic district.


Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Shelburne - Credits: Pexels
Shelburne – Credits: Pexels

Shelburne is a tranquil hamlet located seven miles south of Burlington, the state capital of Vermont. It was named after William Petty, earl of Shelburne and British Prime Minister when it was founded in 1763. 

It has deep agricultural traditions, with various farms, including vineyards, open to the public.

Its most popular attraction, on the other hand, might be one committed to making your children happy. 

The Vermont Teddy Bear Co., which is open for visits, has been creating adorable, cuddly teddy bears since 1981 and is one of Vermont’s most popular attractions. Shelburne is located on Lake Champlain if you want water.

Champlain Islands

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Champlain Islands - Credits: Pixabay
Champlain Islands – Credits: Pixabay

The Champlain Islands are one of the best spots to explore in Vermont when the outdoors calls. The islands are an archipelago in Lake Champlain, which separates Vermont and New York. They are around 30 miles long.

They are accessible by ferry and offer some of the most gorgeous roads in Vermont, which is noted for its scenic drives. You can camp, explore the state’s first winery, or pedal the picturesque Island Line Trail during the summer. In the winter, you can go ice fishing.

 And, best of all, you won’t have to worry about bumping into too many other people because the chain’s main town has a population of barely 2,000 people.


Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Hildene - Credits: Instagram
Hildene – Credits: Instagram

Visit the wide, bucolic estate to stroll through the hallways of Lincoln’s Georgian Revival mansion, tour the estate’s 14 historic outbuildings, and stroll through the expansive gardens and walking pathways.

Begin your trip in the welcome center, then proceed to Robert and Mary Lincoln’s home for a self-guided tour. 

Keep an ear out for sounds from the 1,000-pipe Aeolian organ, then stroll into the Formal Garden, which is known for its peonies, and the Cutting and Kitchen Gardens, which are bursting with vivid blossoms and aromatic herbs throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Bennington Battle Monument and Museum

Romantic Getaways In Vermont : Bennington Battle Monument and Museum - Credits: Unsplash
Bennington Battle Monument and Museum – Credits: Unsplash

The 306-foot-high obelisk, visible for miles, commemorates a 1777 fight about five miles west of Bennington that turned the tide against the British by dividing British General John Burgoyne’s forces in half, allowing the Americans to win in the end. 

The monument’s 412 steps can be avoided by taking an elevator to the top for views.

The adjacent Bennington Museum is most recognized for its enormous collection of Grandma Moses’ works, as well as her schoolhouse painting studio.

5 Best Romantic Vermont Ideas & Weekend Getaways | Love is Vacation

Final Thoughts

A weekend vacation to Vermont for a romantic getaway is a terrific option.

From magnificent vistas to lovely cottages, this one-of-a-kind state has something for everyone.

Our best wishes to you as you explore everything this beautiful state has to offer!

I like to travel but also be smart with money. Below are the places where I start my planning with. 

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