30+ Romantic Getaways in California

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We scoured the major travel platforms, review sites, and social media resources to give you ideas of the best romantic getaways in California.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in California, you’ll find plenty of beautiful places to explore and romantic getaway hotels.

California is a lovely place with a variety of romantic retreats. The best romantic vacations in California are surrounded by deserts, canyons, and mountains.

Here are a few romantic weekend destinations in California that you must visit.

The Dramatic Coastline of Big Sur

Romantic Getaways In California : The Dramatic Coastline of Big Sur - Credits: iStock
The Dramatic Coastline of Big Sur – Credits: iStock

Big Sur is a breathtakingly gorgeous getaway from the rest of the world that revitalizes the soul. The stunning ocean views and natural environment are simply breathtaking.

This steep 90-mile stretch of Northern California coastline, accessible by a stunning cliff-clinging segment of Highway One, feels cut off from civilization. There hasn’t been much progress, and there is no mobile service.

Big Sur has luxurious hotels, gourmet restaurants, and elegant spa resorts, as well as rustic-chic inns and campgrounds, despite its remote position.

The main allure of Big Sur is the beautiful natural landscape, whether couples chose to rough it or be pampered. The Big Sur coastline, which is surrounded by dense redwood woods, rises 1,200 feet above the Pacific’s deep blue waves. Visitors can walk along sheer cliffs that plunge into roaring waters.

The Rolling Hills of Sonoma County

Romantic Getaways In California : Rolling Hills - Credits: Unsplash
Rolling Hills – Credits: Unsplash

Sonoma County is a pastoral environment of rolling, vine-covered hills located just an hour north of San Francisco. Couples visit Sonoma for the slow pace of life and outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, and hot-air balloon excursions.

It’s also a great spot to try the local gourmet cuisine, which is made with farm-fresh ingredients.

Sonoma is a historic town with outstanding restaurants and charming boutiques set around a square with a park.

Mendocino County

Romantic Getaways In California : Mendocino County - Credits: Unsplash
Mendocino County – Credits: Unsplash

Mendocino County is a windswept stretch of rugged coastline in Northern California with numerous animals and redwood forests. Mendocino is great for a romantic retreat because of its tranquil atmosphere, uncrowded natural places, and stunning ocean vistas.

The pure surroundings, breathing in the fresh air, and lounging on secret beaches refresh visitors. Camping, hiking, and outdoor activities such as kayaking or canoeing on the Big River Estuary and boating, swimming, or fishing at Lake Mendocino, a 700-acre protected nature reserve, are also available.

Napa Valley

Romantic Getaways In California : Napa Valley - Credits: Unsplash
Napa Valley – Credits: Unsplash

Couples who are looking for a romantic weekend will be satisfied in Napa. The fact that Napa Valley has 16 American Viticultural Locations (AVAs), or areas designated by the government as official winegrowing zones, is one of the reasons for its fame.

There are around 475 wineries in these AVAs. A competitive dining environment has evolved to complement this excellent wine, including over 30 Michelin-starred restaurants that give the ideal backdrop for a romantic date night with your one and only.

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San Francisco

Romantic Getaways In California : San Francisco - Credits: Unsplash
San Francisco – Credits: Unsplash

When it comes to romantic getaways, big cities aren’t always the best choice, but San Francisco knows how to make the heart skip a beat. From the colorful Victorian-era homes that border the sky-high hills to the wonderful views of the bay that can be seen from the parks, beaches, and cultural institutions, the city is just stunning.

Couples should take a stroll hand in hand through lovely areas such as Pacific Heights and Nob Hill, the latter of which is home to some of San Francisco’s hotels. Fairmont San Francisco and The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco are among the best hotels in the city.

Laguna Beach

Romantic Getaways In California : Laguna Beach - Credits: Pexels
Laguna Beach – Credits: Pexels

This small city is one of the most beautiful in Southern California, especially for a romantic weekend. Laguna Beach, located halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles, is stunning due to its unique terrain.

Mountains lined with giant mansions cascade down the eastside of state Route 1, which runs through the entire town, while the west side lives on the cliffs of a breathtaking length of coastline.

Lake Tahoe

Romantic Getaways In California : Lake Tahoe - Credits: Pixabay
Lake Tahoe – Credits: Pixabay

With more than 72 miles of shoreline, Lake Tahoe makes it simple to choose a spot to relax on or in the lake with your special someone. Lake Tahoe, in Northern California, is so large that it spills over the Nevada border. While many travelers are familiar with its magnitude, few are aware that it is one of the world’s purest lakes.

Santa Catalina Island

Romantic Getaways In California : Santa Catalina Island - Credits: Unsplash
Santa Catalina Island – Credits: Unsplash

Catalina Island is known as “the Island of Romance,” and there are lots of romantic things to do there. Catalina Island, located just a few miles off the coast, is easily accessible by ferry and helicopter. The island is one of Southern California’s most popular romance retreats!

Look for a hotel room with a private balcony that overlooks the ocean: just sitting on the balcony with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening is pure happiness. For even more magic, take a nighttime stroll down the beach.

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Santa Barbara

Romantic Getaways In California : Santa Barbara - Credits: Pexels
Santa Barbara – Credits: Pexels

Santa Barbara is a city on the central California coast with a magnificent backdrop of the Santa Ynez Mountains. The city’s Spanish colonial background is reflected in the white stucco buildings downtown with red-tile roofs.

State Street is lined with upscale boutiques and eateries serving local wines and seasonal fare. Indeed Santa Barbara is a place for love birds to visit.

Yosemite National Park

Romantic Getaways In California : Yosemite National Park - Credits: Pixabay
Yosemite National Park – Credits: Pixabay

Yosemite National Park is a great place to visit if you’re a couple who enjoys the outdoors. Exploring innumerable waterfalls, stunning rising peaks, and sheer granite cliffs are among the outdoor activities available here, making it ideal for the ultimate romance and nature trip.

Malibu Creek State Park

Romantic Getaways In California : Malibu Creek State Park - Credits: Unsplash
Malibu Creek State Park – Credits: Unsplash

Malibu Creek State Park is a California state park in the Santa Monica Mountains that protects the Malibu Creek canyon. In 1974, the 8,215-acre park was formed. The park, which was opened to the public in 1976, is also part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

Hiking along Malibu Creek’s streamside pathways, fishing, bird watching, and horseback riding through the Santa Monica Mountains are all available in the park. The park is open from sunrise to sunset. Only on weekends is a visitor center open.

Sandy Beach

Romantic Getaways In California : Sandy Beach - Credits: Pexels
Sandy Beach – Credits: Pexels

This four-mile-long sandy beach is also a popular spot for sunset viewing and picnics. The stunning scenery is always energizing, even if the weather is windy and misty. Half Moon Bay’s quaint downtown entices visitors to stay awhile.

Geneseo Inn In Paso Robles

Romantic Getaways In California : Geneseo Inn - Credits: Instagram
Geneseo Inn – Credits: Instagram

What could be more romantic than a night in the vineyards? Geneseo Inn is the newest hotel to open in the Paso Robles wine area, and it’s a must-visit. This is my first choice for a romantic weekend in Central California.

The accommodations offer breathtaking views of the vineyards. A delicious breakfast is served each morning, which you may enjoy from your patio. Because Geneseo Inn is located next to Cass Winery, you can have a wine tasting straight from your room.

Bodega Bay

Romantic Getaways In California : Bodega Bay - Credits: Unsplash
Bodega Bay – Credits: Unsplash

The Sonoma Coast is a wild and beautiful region, ideal for a romantic weekend in the woods. We chose Bodega Bay for this round-up, but any of the little towns and villages along this picturesque stretch of the California coast will suffice. If you enjoy adventure, the Sonoma Coast is for you!

Russian River

Romantic Getaways In California : Russian River - Pixabay
Russian River – Pixabay

Because the villages along the Russian River in Sonoma County are close together, you may stay in one and tour the entire region, including the redwood trees and the river. It’s a peaceful setting with plenty of wonderful cuisine and drink, as well as plenty of things to do!

San Diego

Romantic Getaways In California : San Diego - Credits: Pexels
San Diego – Credits: Pexels

San Diego is one of Southern California’s best cities. It’s a popular romantic California vacation with plenty of activities and attractions for couples. Beautiful beaches, a thriving craft brewery culture, fantastic weather all year, and delicious seafood abound in California’s oldest town.

This coastal city, which is located on the Pacific Ocean, is a romantic retreat in southern California with something for everyone. If you’re searching for a romantic getaway in one of California’s most gorgeous cities for your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, San Diego is the place to go.


Romantic Getaways In California : Sonoma Valley - Credits: Unsplash
Sonoma Valley – Credits: Unsplash

Spend a romantic date in Sonoma, surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills, for couples looking for romantic trips in California with magnificent landscape, cozy lodgings, and wonderful food and wine.

Sonoma County is a significant wine region and a popular honeymoon location in the United States, with over 400 wineries and plenty of things to do for honeymooners. Adventure activities such as zip-lining through the redwoods or a sumptuous stay at a 5-star resort are available to couples.

Half Moon Bay

Romantic Getaways In California : Half Moon Bay - Credits: Pixabay
Half Moon Bay – Credits: Pixabay

Half Moon Bay is a relaxed coastal town surrounded by undulating hills, tiny farms, and forests. Half Moon Bay is a favorite weekend getaway for nature enthusiasts and one of the best day trips from San Francisco due to its unspoiled sandy beaches and gorgeous hiking trails.

Meritage Resort and Spa

Romantic Getaways In California : Meritage Resort and Spa - Credits: Instagram
Meritage Resort and Spa – Credits: Instagram

When you want to experience European elegance without leaving the Western Hemisphere, this is the place to go. Say “ciao” to this lovely Tuscan-inspired resort hidden in Napa Valley, the ideal refuge for couples looking for some quality alone time.

Upgrade to a balcony accommodation with a view of the resort’s nine-acre vineyard to enjoy the vista even more.

La Casa del Camino

Romantic Getaways In California : La Casa del Camino - Credits: Instagram
La Casa del Camino – Credits: Instagram

It’s not all high school drama in Laguna Beach. Bring your loved one to this classic Mediterranean-style hotel just a block away from the magnificent Southern California beach featured in the episode if you want to ramp up the heat. This opulent hotel, which opened in 1929 and emphasizes elegance and style, is a favorite among Hollywood’s elite.

Couples can pick from Spanish-style rooms for a royal experience, Surf rooms to fully immerse themselves in the West Coast atmosphere, or their own little home, La Casita (The Little House).

Sycamore Mineral Springs Spa and Resort

Romantic Getaways In California : Sycamore Mineral Springs Spa and Resort - Credits: Instagram
Sycamore Mineral Springs Spa and Resort – Credits: Instagram

The Sycamore offers you the best vacation escape in Central California to get away from it all. The hot mineral spring tubs on every private balcony or patio are the jewel of this establishment.

These natural hot tubs are sourced from 100 acres of subsurface natural resources. After swimming in this pool of holiness, you’ll feel like a whole different person.

When you feel ready to mingle, the Sycamore provides daily yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi lessons. At this rejuvenating resort, reconnect with your inner core and your relationship.

Paso Robles

Romantic Getaways In California : Paso Robles - Credits: Unsplash
Paso Robles – Credits: Unsplash

Paso Robles, located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, is the ideal Golden State escape. This wine sanctuary, just a short drive from the Pacific Ocean yet nestled among the Santa Lucia Mountains, offers cute lodging and unique couples’ adventures.

Enjoy a private vineyard-view mineral tub with a sip and soak for a unique wine-tasting experience. Experience a breathtaking panoramic view of the vineyards that will make you wonder if you accidentally crossed the border into France or Italy.

Palm Springs

Romantic Getaways In California : Palm Springs - Credits: Pixabay
Palm Springs – Credits: Pixabay

Palm Springs, known for its hot springs, beautiful hotels, golf courses, and spas, was once a popular desert retreat for Hollywood celebrities. It has vintage boutiques and interior design shops and is located 107 miles from Los Angeles. Hiking, biking, and equestrian riding paths abound throughout the Coachella Valley.

Coronado Island

Romantic Getaways In California : Coronado Island - Credits: Unsplash
Coronado Island – Credits: Unsplash

Coronado Island has a variety of beautiful beaches for sunbathing. The island’s five white-sand beaches include Coronado Central Beach, Coronado Dog Beach, Glorietta Bay Beach, Silver Strand State Beach, and the Ferry Landing Marketplace.

Your living room! Nado offers a combination of wine and beer, as well as classic Italian tapas. Specialties include pala pizza and pizza frittata.

A gondola ride around the Coronado Cays’ canals will add a touch of Italy to your romantic holiday.

Joshua Tree National Park

Romantic Getaways In California : Joshua Tree National Park - Credits: Unsplash
Joshua Tree National Park – Credits: Unsplash

You’ll feel like you’re in another world after just a two-hour trip from Los Angeles. With its variety of outdoor activities, Joshua Tree National Park is an excellent spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Marvel at the alien-like landscape, which is filled with unending stands of the famed, bizarrely-shaped Joshua trees as well as massive boulders that tower hundreds of feet into the sky, giving it the impression of a sci-fi setting. 

It provides a variety of fantastic walks as well as some of the best astronomy after dark. In the spring, the landscape is brightened by an abundance of colorful wildflowers.


Romantic Getaways In California : Carmel-by-the-Sea - Credits: Unsplash
Carmel-by-the-Sea – Credits: Unsplash

Carmel is a one-of-a-kind seaside town filled with charming houses and a thriving cultural culture.

The weather is finest in the summer and fall, but you may visit all year.

San Luis Obispo

Romantic Getaways In California : San Luis Obispo - Credits: Unsplash
San Luis Obispo – Credits: Unsplash

San Luis Obispo is the ideal place for a romantic wine country holiday because it is conveniently located between vineyards and the coast.

San Luis Obispo is very beautiful in the summer. Garden Street Inn, Madonna Inn.

San Luis Obispo is a brighter version of San Francisco, with mountainous streets dotted with colorful Queen Ann residences.

Paradise Point Resort and Spa, San Diego

Romantic Getaways In California : Paradise Point Resort and Spa, San Diego - Credits: Instagram
Paradise Point Resort and Spa, San Diego – Credits: Instagram

Many of the coastal cities that line the coasts of sunny California are known for their laid-back surfer moods, but San Diego stands out even among a line-up that includes Huntington Beach and Malibu.

Book your spacious one-bedroom cottage on the shores of Mission Bay at the Paradise Point Resort and Spa to fully immerse yourself in the SoCal mindset. The resort lies on its island, with 44 acres of tropical beauty ideal for romantic strolls amid thick jungle and late-night jacuzzi sessions.


Romantic Getaways In California : Calistoga - Credits: Unsplash
Calistoga – Credits: Unsplash

Calistoga’s famous mud bath is made from naturally heated mineral springs and rich volcanic ash deposits in the Northern California tourist town.

Calistoga is best visited in the spring, summer, and fall. In other words, it’s ideal for a weekend spa escape.

Start the day with mimosas by the pool before treating yourself to a massage, mud bath, spa treatment, or simply a long soak in the mineral waters of the hot tubs.

Big Bear Lake

Romantic Getaways In California : Big Bear Lake - Credits: iStock
Big Bear Lake – Credits: iStock

Spend the day playing in the snow before heading back to your cabin for a romantic weekend break in California.

The Ski season runs from December to March, or summer and fall if you’d rather be by the lake than in the snow. ITH Big Bear Mountain Adventure Lodge, The Lodge at Big Bear Lake

The most well-known ski resort in Southern California is great for winter romantic getaways in California.

Nevada City

Romantic Getaways In California : Nevada City - Credits: Pexels
Nevada City – Credits: Pexels

This Sierra town is not just charming, but the Hallmark Christmas Movie is lovely, thanks to its Victorian architecture, close-knit culture, and breathtaking surroundings.

Weekends in December or mid-to-late January for the film festival. The town is also beautiful in the fall.

Nevada City, just north of Sacramento, is so picture-perfect that it was the location for one of Hallmark’s iconic holiday movies, “The Christmas Card.”

Death Valley

Romantic Getaways In California : Death Valley - Credits: Pixabay
Death Valley – Credits: Pixabay

Miles and miles of massive dunes, technicolor cliffs and canyons, uncommon and endemic animals, one-of-a-kind evaporative components, and jaw-dropping peaks soaring 11,000 feet above nearby valleys characterize this remarkable and legendary terrain. 

Death Valley National Park is full of shocks that will last a lifetime. There are many ways to enjoy one of the world’s hottest and driest locations, from strolls to (very) strenuous adventures, from camping to even golfing on the world’s lowest-elevation courses.

Best Places to Visit in California

Final Thoughts

To summarize, California is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner break.

This distinctive western state has something for everyone, from gorgeous beaches to seaside sunset walks.

When you arrive, bring your appetite and your favorite companion to enjoy everything this beautiful western state has to offer.

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