30+ Romantic Getaways In Indiana

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We scoured the major travel platforms, review sites, and social media resources to give you ideas of the Best Romantic Getaways in Indiana.

Don’t you think that expressing your love and planning a romantic vacation is more important now than they have ever been? I don’t know about you, but I am afraid we’ve all been confined indoors for far too long, so any excuse to look forward to something is a good thing… yes?

Are you interested in taking a romantic trip to Indiana? If this is the case, you’ve come to the correct place! Indiana is an excellent spot to unwind, refresh, and spend quality time with your lover.

Our criteria for compiling this list of the best romantic getaways were based on locals’ and travelers’ top-voted attractions, accommodations, and dining options.

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Best Romantic Getaways in Indiana

Some of Indiana’s best romantic weekend spots are listed here.

Madison Vineyards

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Madison Vineyards - Credits: Unsplash
Madison Vineyards – Credits: Unsplash

Go somewhere quiet where you can sit on a veranda and watch the wind blow across vineyards. Madison Vineyards is a 40-acre vineyard with stunning views and a tiny bed and hot breakfast where couples can unwind while sipping wine from the property.

The vineyard offers an intimate experience with only four hotel rooms. Comfortable chairs, flat-screen TVs, and other conveniences are available in each room. You can also try international wines from the Madison Vineyard wine cellar at certain times.

Serenity Springs

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Serenity Springs - Credits: Pixabay
Serenity Springs – Credits: Pixabay

If you’re searching for a romantic escape with plenty of seclusions, stay in one of the cabins on this 85-acre property.

The fireplaces and sunken whirlpool baths for two are the most excellent features. Horse-drawn carriage excursions, leisurely walk, and biking trails are available to couples.

Private cabins with a fireplace, flat-screen TV, and sunken whirlpool are available on the 85-acre property. Serenity Springs also provides carriage rides around its grounds to add to the romantic mood. 

Catch and release line fishing, feeding ducks and geese, wandering the resort’s pathways, bicycling, and other activities are available. After all of that action, you can relax with a candlelit meal in your room.

This resort provides a unique experience at any time of year.

Turkey Run State Park

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Turkey Run State Park - Credits: Pexels
Turkey Run State Park – Credits: Pexels

According to the majority of Hoosiers, Turkey Run State Park is one of the most popular Indiana state parks. It attracts millions of people each year, partly due to its uniqueness. There is a large Inn with 61 rooms, 23 rental cottages, and 213 campsites on the park grounds.

That is what makes it one of Indiana’s top weekend escapes.

Even if you aren’t a fan of camping, there are plenty of other options for enjoying the great outdoors.


Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Nashville - Credits: Unsplash
Nashville – Credits: Unsplash

Visit Brown County State Park, which has numerous beautiful walking routes and woodland areas, for a picnic. Stay at Quality Inn, a popular hotel for couples, while in Nashville.

There is an indoor and outdoor pool, as well as free Wi-Fi. At this charming hotel near Indianapolis, choose from luxurious King or Queen rooms for maximum comfort.

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Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Louisville - Credits: Instagram
Louisville – Credits: Instagram

Another dynamic city along the Ohio River is Louisville. This Kentucky city is only around two hours away from Indianapolis. The historic Kentucky Derby is held there every year.

In recent years, the independent scene in Louisville, such as what you’ll find on Bardstown Road, has flourished, attracting many arts and culture fans and contributing to the city’s economic growth.

New Harmony

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Murphy Park, New Harmony - Credits: Unsplash
Murphy Park, New Harmony – Credits: Unsplash

Take a trip to the Harmonie Hills Nature Preserve, pack a picnic, and head to the scenic Harmonie State Park, which features bike and hiking trails, a pool, and several lovely picnic spots.

Visit the Roofless Church, an open-air cathedral where people of all religions can gather together to worship. Stay at the New Harmony Inn Resort & Conference Center while in town. Couples prefer the hotel since they can pick between the double, queen, or superior queen rooms.


Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Syracuse Lake - Credits: Unsplash
Syracuse Lake – Credits: Unsplash

Syracuse, Indiana, is located on Lake Syracuse and approximately 147.9 miles (238 kilometers) south of Indianapolis. Nearby, there are several more lakes, including Lake Wawasee. The lakes offer numerous opportunities for a picnic or a stroll in the fresh air.

There are several good restaurants in town for a romantic supper and the opportunity to witness a fantastic blues music event.

Amish Country

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Amish Country - Credits: Unsplash
Amish Country – Credits: Unsplash

Amish Country is a unique and enjoyable weekend vacation near Indiana. Spend a weekend traveling the Indiana Amish Country Heritage Trail, a 90-mile loop that passes through several communities and features quilt-designed murals and flower displays.

Your journey will take you to beautiful gardens, artisan shops, a few small breweries, and a peaceful bike ride across the countryside.

Brown County

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Brown County - Credits: Unsplash
Brown County – Credits: Unsplash

There are several hiking and fall weekend getaways in Indiana, but Brown County State Park, Indiana’s largest state park with over 16,000 acres and more than 20 miles of hiking trails, is one worth visiting. Tree-lined roads, expansive views, and glistening lakes abound.

The park bursts with rich reds, burnt oranges, and dazzling yellows during the autumn season.

Hamilton County

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Hamilton County - Credits: Linkedin
Hamilton County – Credits: Linkedin

Look no further than Hamilton County, just minutes north of Indianapolis, for a girlfriend mini vacation near Indiana. Pack your belongings, grab your best friend, and hit the road!

Book a hotel at the exquisite Hotel Carmichael, located near Carmel’s Arts and Design District, to be right in the middle.

Indiana’s Most Romantic Hotels for Couples

In Indiana’s lovely rustic inns, the cool air is full of romance.

For couples looking for the most romantic weekend getaways in Indiana, here are the most romantic hotels:

The Oliver Inn

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : The Oliver Inn - Credits: iStock
The Oliver Inn – Credits: iStock

Spend a weekend at The Oliver Inn in South Bend, Indiana, and see the sights. The Oliver Inn blends relaxation with local activities by being close to restaurants, theaters, and shops.

The Victorian-style bed and hot breakfast have nicely appointed rooms with all of the facilities you’ll need to feel at ease.

The “I’m in the Doghouse Package” is available for people who have forgotten anniversaries or birthdays. This package includes a Queen Suite with a jacuzzi tub, a dozen roses, a dozen South Bend Chocolate double dark chocolate truffles, and supper at LaSalle Grill.

The Mary Rose Herb Farm and Retreat

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : The Mary Rose Herb Farm and Retreat - Credits: Unsplash
The Mary Rose Herb Farm and Retreat – Credits: Unsplash

Book a yurt at The Mary Rose Herb Garden and Retreat in Bristow to add a little adventure to your Indiana romantic vacation.

Two yurts with central heating and air conditioning are available on the farm. A refrigerator, microwave, outdoor shower, fire ring, and charcoal barbecue are among the other amenities.

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Oakwood Resort

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Oakwood Resort - Credits: Pexels
Oakwood Resort – Credits: Pexels

This lakeside resort is the most lovely of the romantic getaways on the north side of the state. It has a salon and spa, as well as a restaurant and event area, in addition to beautiful guest rooms.

A continental breakfast is included, as are boat and kayak rentals, lake cruises, nature trails, and more.

Swan Lake Resort

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Swan Lake Resort - Credits: istock
Swan Lake Resort – Credits: istock

His 500-acre retreat is one of the most serene spots in the state. There’s a golf course, an outdoor pool, a restaurant, and beautiful views.

This hotel’s grounds include several tiny lakes to explore, making it ideal for nature lovers. It is a popular wedding destination with a variety of lodging alternatives. You may personalize your vacation with cabins, cottages, villas, and suites.

The Inn at Irwin Gardens

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : The Inn at Irwin Gardens - Credits: Unsplash
The Inn at Irwin Gardens – Credits: Unsplash

When you stay at this quaint bed & breakfast, you’ll feel like you are in the Victorian era.

It has beautiful rooms that will make you feel like a prince or princess and exquisite gardens that you’ll want to lose yourself in with your loved one for hours.

Fountains, stone statues, pergolas, arches, and even a herb garden may be on the grounds.

Nestle Inn Bed and Breakfast

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Nestle Inn - Credits: Pinterest
Nestle Inn – Credits: Pinterest

Built in 1896, the Nestle Inn in downtown Indianapolis exudes all of the Victorian era’s beauty and romanticism. This is the spot to go if you want a quiet location to be alone with your sweetheart and are only a short walk away from Indy’s must-see attractions.

The Nestle Inn is snug and comforting all rolled into one, just as the name suggests. This is “not your grandmother’s B&B,” they warn. When you stay here, they make sure you know there are no doilies, communal bathtubs, or pressure to make small talk.

“Don’t be offended,” they say, but they truly “don’t care” where you are at all times.

But don’t worry; the Nestle Inn still offers all of the benefits of a traditional B&B. Every morning, fresh tea and coffee are served outside the guest rooms.

You’ll still receive breakfast, but the chefs are Henry’s Coffee Bistro’s well-known owners’ compliments and you can order whatever you want.

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Omni Severin Hotel

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Sunset at Omni Severin Hotel - Credits: Instagram
Sunset at Omni Severin Hotel – Credits: Instagram

A stunning luxury hotel in the heart of Indianapolis. Take a deep breath and see the ornately adorned design of their foyer. The beautiful 19th-century decor of this hotel, with its high ceilings & lush suites, offers standard-type rooms and large suites.

West Baden Springs Hotel

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : West Baden Springs Hotel - Credits: Pexels
West Baden Springs Hotel – Credits: Pexels

The West Baden Spring Hotel can give you a magnificent experience you’ll never forget, whether you’re seeking a romantic break or organizing a special event. The long-standing hotel, which was proudly created over a century ago, is an expert in hosting loving couples.

Other Romantic Destinations in Indiana to Visit

Vineyards, small communities, and villas provide a tranquil and romantic backdrop for some of Indiana’s most popular weekend locations, with the landscape offering a picturesque location.


Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Indianapolis - Credits: Unsplash
Indianapolis – Credits: Unsplash

You don’t have to travel to Chicago or Columbus for a big-city weekend. Indianapolis is the ideal Indiana romance getaway. Indianapolis has something for everyone, from sports to art and culture, various cuisines, and unique neighborhoods.

Climb the Soldiers and Sailors Monument for a birds-eye perspective of downtown Indianapolis, then cruise the main streets to see what’s on offer. White River State Park is a lovely place to take a romantic stroll around downtown.

Broad Ripple Village is home to a diverse range of eateries, galleries, boutiques, and brewpubs. There are plenty of hotels to choose from in Indianapolis, ranging from ultra-luxury to budget-friendly.


Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Carmel - Credits: Unsplash
Carmel – Credits: Unsplash

While many people think of Carmel as a suburb of Indianapolis, it is a destination in its own right. First, visit the Carmel Arts & Design District, where you will be spoiled for choice.

Interior designers, art galleries, antique stores, and boutique shops compete for attention with several outstanding restaurants in Carmel’s heart, as you might expect.

Summer delivers a plethora of entertaining festivals, such as the Carmel International Arts Festival. There are several options for overnight lodgings in Carmel, including regular chain hotels, guest homes, and even a few campers.

South Bend

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : South Bend - Credits: iStock
South Bend – Credits: iStock

South Bend may be the home of the University of Notre Dame, but besides being a fun college town, it’s also an ideal romantic getaway destination.

A trip on the St. Joseph River is the perfect date activity for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Rent a kayak or canoe, pack a picnic, and spend the day on the river.

For the very daring, there’s even a whitewater course. Of course, a great university like Notre Dame has a thriving arts and culture scene. There are two art museums in town, as well as various performing arts centers on and off-campus.

Tippecanoe Place Restaurant serves Sunday brunch in the Studebaker family’s 19th-century estate. Many hotels cater to visiting parents and students; however, for a romantic break, consider staying in one of the area’s renovated mansions.


Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Bloomington - Credits: Unsplash
Bloomington – Credits: Unsplash

Bloomington, Indiana’s other lively college town, is the ideal romantic retreat in central Indiana. With hiking paths, fishing lakes, campgrounds, and charming log cabins and lodges tucked away near the forest; the adjacent Hoosier National Forest is the ideal backwoods weekend retreat.

With a romantic hotel and dining overlooking Monroe Lake, the Scenic View Lodge is a terrific choice.

Indiana Dunes

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Indiana Dunes - Credits: Unsplash
Indiana Dunes – Credits: Unsplash

You can spend a quiet day on the beach or a strenuous climb across the Indiana dunes. Horseback riding, fishing, paddling, and camping are also available in the park.

The surrounding towns of Porter and Chesterton offer housing and dining options, or you may take the train to Chicago in under two hours.


Romantic Getaways In Indiana :

Monticello – Credits: Pexels

Monticello, Indiana, is a lovely village 559.5 miles (900 kilometers) south of Indianapolis. The Indiana Beach Amusement Park, with its roller coasters and water slides, is a popular attraction in the area.

The Indiana Beach Boardwalk is ideal for walking in the fresh sea breeze. Also, Lake Shafer and Lake Freeman are great places for a romantic picnic.


Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Evansville - Credits: iStock
Evansville – Credits: iStock

Evansville is one of the cities along the Ohio River in Indiana. It takes around three hours to get there, 175.2 miles (282 kilometers) away from Indianapolis.

Take your companion to prominent sights like Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden and Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science to add a touch of culture to your romantic weekend. We recommend Country Inn & Suites by Radisson as a great place to stay in Evansville.

Michigan City

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Lake Michigan - Credits: Unsplash
Lake Michigan – Credits: Unsplash

Your next romantic retreat can be found two hours and 45 minutes north of Indianapolis in Michigan City. Visit the adjacent Indiana Dunes National Park and Lake Michigan, two of the most popular outdoor destinations in the United States, on a nature excursion with your special someone.


Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Cincinnati - Credits: Pexels
Cincinnati – Credits: Pexels

Cincinnati, Ohio, is only two hours from Indianapolis and may be the perfect romantic escape. Cincinnati is known for its well-preserved 19th-century architecture and attractions such as the Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati Art Museum, and the vibrant Findlay Market.

Cincinnati’s great location, with a breathtaking view of the Ohio River, is one of the reasons it’s a popular tourist destination.


Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Wabash - Credits: Pixabay
Wabash – Credits: Pixabay

The lovely Wabash Valley could be your next romantic weekend trip in Indiana. Indianapolis is 83.3 miles (134 kilometers) away from this charming place.

 Take a relaxing stroll around the Charley Creek Gardens, a magnificent botanical garden with strolling routes, a waterfall, and a fascinating hedge maze, or explore the Paradise Spring Historical Park with its gorgeous pathways while visiting Wabash, Indiana.

The Wabash County Historical Museum has several exhibits connected to the town’s past, so stop by for a bit of history.


Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Middlebury - Credits: Instagram
Middlebury – Credits: Instagram

Middlebury, Indiana, is a historic village surrounded by Amish farms. Enjoy a romantic picnic on the PumpkinVine Nature Trail or a stroll through the lovely Krider “World’s Fair” Garden.

Dutch Creek Farm Animal Park is a petting zoo where you may see various native and exotic animals and have a romantic wagon ride. A beautiful Queen Suite with Spa Bath awaits you at That Pretty Place Bed & Breakfast.

Lake Monroe

Romantic Getaways In Indiana : Lake Monroe - Credits: iStock
Lake Monroe – Credits: iStock

This 10,000-acre lake is located in picturesque Bloomington and spans Brown and Monroe Counties. Relax on the beach with your spouse or participate in various water sports such as boating, swimming, and water skiing. 

There are also romantic picnic sites where you may have a meal while enjoying the outdoors.

5 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways in Indiana Love is Vacation

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Indiana is a lovely area for the best romantic weekend getaways. This diverse midwestern state has something for everyone, from magnificent beaches to beachside sunset walks, romantic hotels to delicious restaurants.

Bring your appetite and a beloved partner to experience everything this gorgeous place has to offer when you arrive.

I like to travel but also be smart with money. Below are the places where I start my planning with. 

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