30+ Most Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples

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This article collects the best date ideas and romantic things to do in Augusta for couples based on significant travel, blogs, reviews, and social media sites.

If you’re looking for romantic activities, Augusta has plenty to offer. The city’s top attractions and date ideas for couples are included below. These events are open to everyone, ranging from exquisite dining to taking in the city’s sights.

Imagine surprising your loved one with a last-minute trip to Augusta?

Date like you two first met. Do what brings back that memory.

Here are 30+ romantic things to do in Augusta with your partner.

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Outdoor / Adventurous Date Ideas in Augusta To Have Fun

Take out your golf sticks at this scenic club

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Forest Hills Golf Club - Credits: Instagram
Forest Hills Golf Club – Credits: Instagram

The Forest Hills Golf Club is ideal for an active vacation because it is surrounded by gorgeous scenery. This location was established in 1926 and is available to the public. It is a favorite with both residents and tourists. 

The golf club is the perfect spot to unwind, thanks to the golf course’s driving range, bar, grill, and banquet facilities.

Escape for an amazing walk at the Pendleton King Park

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Pendleton King Park - Credits: Pixabay
Pendleton King Park – Credits: Pixabay

Even though Pendleton King Park is close to the city center, you can quickly escape the noise and activity there. It features top-notch facilities for bird watching, outdoor picnics, and sports. You are free to choose that if you prefer being outside.

Go for an adventurous bike ride along the Savannah River

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Couple biking along the Savannah River - Credits: Pexels
Couple biking along the Savannah River – Credits: Pexels

On a warm day, picture riding through the trees with the wind ruffling over your hair. A gorgeous, picturesque cycling trail is ideal for an unforgettable date. Take the 7.5-mile course that runs alongside the Savannah River. 

You can rent a tandem bike for two if you’re in the mood to be romantic!

Enjoy a thrilling round of disc golf at Riverview Park

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Riverview Park - Credits: Shutterstock
Riverview Park – Credits: Shutterstock

Need to save money and don’t want to carry around clubs but yet want to play golf? It would help if you then visited Riverview Park.

A thrilling game of disc golf and many other fantastic features and conveniences are available here. This park is close to Augusta in the South Carolina community of North Augusta.

Along with its tennis courts, playgrounds, and green space, they also have baseball, softball, and soccer fields that you may enjoy. This is the place to go if the outdoors is calling you. 

There are many things to do at Riverview Park, so the location away from the city is not a problem.

Explore some fantastic terrain at the Forks Area Trail System

Riding Forks Area Trail System (F.A.T.S.)

Having too much stimulation can be stressful when you’re on vacation. Exploring the Forks Area Trail System is one of the most enjoyable things in Georgia.

This trail, close to Augusta’s center, is a favorite with cyclists. Bring your mountain bike and be ready to explore some fantastic terrain while having fun.

There are many loops in the Fork Trail System. These can be a little difficult, but you should welcome the challenge.

You can also take great pleasure observing the numerous birds and other animals that call the pathways home. The trails are open for hiking if you don’t have a bike or like to walk.

Music, Art, Historic, Cultural Date Ideas in Augusta

Wear your thinking cap and learn something new at Augusta Museum of History

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Augusta Museum of History - Credits: Pixabay
Augusta Museum of History – Credits: Pixabay

Are you keen on learning more about Augusta’s past? Visit the 1937-founded Augusta Museum of History, which exhibits the history of the city’s founding and Savannah and other nearby communities. 

This nonprofit institution’s mission is to educate the community, tourists, and upcoming generations. Add this museum to your plan if you’re looking to go on a history vacation in the vibrant state of Georgia.

Fall in love with the music of Augusta Symphony Orchestra

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Augusta Symphony Orchestra - Credits: Pexels
Augusta Symphony Orchestra – Credits: Pexels

The Augusta Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1954. It has inspired many people since then with its incredible music and performances. 

The Augusta Symphony Symphony, which is currently in its 65th season and attracts 20,000 spectators annually, is still the best professional orchestra in the city.

Through several concert series, such as Pops! At the Bell and the Columbia County Music Series, they continue to deliver high-caliber performances and great live music.

See the historical side of Augusta at Sacred Heart Cultural Center

Inside The Sacred Heart Cultural Center | Augusta

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church, today known as the Sacred Heart Cultural Center, was originally accessible to Catholic worshipers in 1900 after being constructed by Jesuit priests in 1898. It is today regarded as one of Georgia’s, and not just Augusta’s, greatest architectural masterpieces.

The National Register of Historic Places already has it on its list. It is renowned for its 94 stained glass windows, 94 towering twin spires, ornate arches, 15 brickwork designs, barrel-vaulted ceiling, and painstakingly carved Italian marble altars.

The former cathedral is now one of the most popular locations for weddings, concerts, and even films.

Every day, several tours are also conducted.

Enjoy a performance at Imperial Theater

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Imperial Theater - Credits: Pexels
Imperial Theater – Credits: Pexels

Another old structure in Augusta is the Imperial Theater. It was constructed in 1918 as The Wells, Augusta’s Theater Beautiful for vaudeville, and today, with its iconic marquee, it is one of the most identifiable sights in downtown Augusta.

World-famous entertainers and musicians like Charlie Chaplin, Sharon Jones, and the Dap-Kings have already given live performances at the Imperial Theater.

The theater now serves as the center for performing arts in Augusta, hosting several ballet performances, Broadway plays, and concerts.

Compliment the art pieces at the Morris Museum of Art

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Morris Museum of Art - Credits: Pixabay
Morris Museum of Art – Credits: Pixabay

The Morris Museum of Art is an excellent choice for viewing certain art shows. The museum now houses more than 5,000 pieces of artwork. In 15 galleries, there are collections of still lifes, impressionists, and even modernists.

The museum also hosts over a dozen temporary exhibitions each year. Thus, Morris is considered one of the best in the states of the South.

Take a photo in front of the James Brown Statue

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : James Brown Statue - Credits: Pexels
James Brown Statue – Credits: Pexels

Broad Street has a fantastic attraction called the James Brown Statue. It captures Brown clutching a microphone while grinning.

Take a picture before the James Brown statue and explore this musician’s legacy. Watch the outstanding biopic “Get On Up,” which features the late Chadwick Boseman.

The James Brown Statue is one of Augusta’s top attractions for music fans.

Pay tribute to the iron lady by exploring the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History - Credits: Pinterest
Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History – Credits: Pinterest

If you are unfamiliar with Lucy Craft Laney, you will quickly discover the significance of her contributions to black history. In recognition of Laney and her gifts, there is a museum named after her.

You can see why she was such a significant part of Augusta, Georgia, and how she affected so many people located at her home.

Lucy Craft Laney made it her life’s work to educate black kids. In Augusta, Georgia, she established the first school for black children.

She was able to start the first black kindergarten and nursing home by raising considerable amounts of money, thanks to her faith in her students and her purpose. She served as an inspiration to many, and thousands of people attended her funeral.

Discover the historic sites by strolling through downtown Augusta

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Downtown Augusta - Credits: Pinterest
Downtown Augusta – Credits: Pinterest

In Augusta, there are several excellent contemporary structures and landmarks. The city hasn’t forgotten its history, though, for sure.

Visit the Augusta Downtown Historic District to get a sense of what the city was like in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There are some genuinely beautiful sights that you may see as you stroll through Augusta’s downtown.

Greene Street is home to many trees, while Broad Street has some fantastic business areas. Historic homes, churches, and administrative structures are also present.

These are available in many breathtaking architectural designs, including Federal, Romanesque Revival, and Greek Revival. The Augusta of today pays tribute to the Augusta of the past.

Pray your love prayers at the most Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Inside of a church - Credits: Shutterstock
Inside of a church – Credits: Shutterstock

It is undoubtedly an excellent idea to visit the Catholic Church of the Most Holy Trinity. One of the most significant places of worship in Augusta has a history spanning more than 200 years in the city.

This church is a beautiful example of how stunning religious organizations can be aesthetically and spiritually. When you first arrive and see its marble architecture or stained-glass windows, you can deeply move. This contains a Last Supper sculpture made of marble.

No matter your views, anyone who needs to reconnect with themselves and their faith should visit the Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

Take on the city’s hues at First Friday Downtown

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Art and Culture at First Friday Downtown - Credits: Shutterstock
Art and Culture at First Friday Downtown – Credits: Shutterstock

First Friday events are held in many communities around the nation to highlight local artwork and foster a sense of community in a lively and culturally diverse way.

Every first Friday of the month, the city of Augusta holds a fun art event. Head downtown to explore art, indulge in delectable cuisine, and experience the city’s culture.

This is a unique occasion when certain restaurants offer specials while galleries and shops open late.

Contemplate death at the Magnolia Cemetery

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Magnolia Cemetery - Credits: Instagram
Magnolia Cemetery – Credits: Instagram

A visit to Magnolia Cemetery is necessary if you want to contemplate death.

What? Thinking about death on a date?

Yes. Hear me out first.

The act of contemplating dying may even be beneficial. Awareness of mortality can help us re-prioritize our goals and values while enhancing our physical health.

Even subconsciously contemplating death, such as while passing a cemetery, can encourage making improvements and aiding others.

Magnolia Cemetery is a history buff’s paradise since it is crammed with pre-Civil War history and is the final resting place of some of Georgia’s most famous citizens.

The area previously had a substantial plantation, and the first burial there is known to have taken place in 1818. 

The cemetery expanded over time to include graves for various ethnicities and religions, including Jewish and Greek cemeteries.

Feel the magic in the air by attending a live concert at the Norman Amphitheater

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Norman Amphitheater - Credits: Pixabay
Norman Amphitheater – Credits: Pixabay

Brick walkways with two levels along the Savannah River lead to the Jessye Norman Amphitheater, which holds events including festivals and live concerts all year long.

Attend a live performance that is being held at the Jesse Norman Amphitheater. Besides the theater, there is the Augusta Market which is a great place to shop and take romantic waterfront photos.

Indoor / Relaxing / Foodies Date Ideas in Augusta

Find some excellent buys at the Augusta Mall

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Augusta Mall - Credits: Instagram
Augusta Mall – Credits: Instagram

The Augusta Mall should be on your agenda if you enjoy finding a few excellent buys or designer goods while traveling. This chic mall is one of the biggest retail centers in the entire state.

You may discover high-end stores like Coach and Michael Kors with fashionable favorites and specialized boutiques. There are around 150 shops here, so you have plenty of options.

After a long and enjoyable shopping day, plenty of food alternatives are nearby to sate your stomach. 

The mall is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm, Monday through Saturday, and from noon to 6 pm, Sunday, at 3450 Wrightsboro Road in Augusta.

Wine and dine on a table of two at Cadwallader’s Cafe

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Couple in a cafe - Credits: iStock
Couple in a cafe – Credits: iStock

The Cadwallader’s Cafe, situated in the nearby city of Martinez, is regarded as one of the best restaurants in the region. The restaurant has offered an authentic American meal and a carefully chosen wine list since it opened in 1987.

In addition, the restaurant’s atmosphere is renowned for being both soothing and delicious. Their famous Caesar salad, Aged Steak dinner, shellfish, creamy parmesan risotto, and chocolate mousse deserve your attention.

Enjoy a cold beer during a hot day at Riverwatch Brewery

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Couple at Riverwatch Brewery - Credits: Pixabay
Couple at Riverwatch Brewery – Credits: Pixabay

Since the beginning of Prohibition in the 1920s, Augusta had been without a brewery, but that changed when a mother-daughter team opened the Riverwatch Brewery.

They serve various experimental beers that are only offered for a short period in addition to their four main brews. Even guided tours are available at the brewery so visitors can observe how the beers are made.

You will undoubtedly enjoy their cold brews and some delicious foods as you relax on their outside patio.

Have a relaxing stay at Partridge Inn Hotel

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Partridge Inn Hotel - Credits: Pexels
Partridge Inn Hotel – Credits: Pexels

The Partridge Inn skillfully combines historical elements with practical modern conveniences. This getaway, also known as “The Grand Hotel of the Classic South,” entices guests with top-notch service and opulent lodging.

Enjoy its outdoor pool while listening to live music every Friday. Also, don’t forget to try P.I. Bar and Grill’s delectable modern renditions of your favorite Southern classics.

Munch the famous Farmhaus Burger

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Couple eating a burger - Credits: iStock
Couple eating a burger – Credits: iStock

For fans of hamburgers, there is Farmhaus Burger.

They use only local ingredients, so their burgers are incredibly fresh. There are also special buns for gluten-free diners.

Try the red pea and vegetable burger if you don’t eat meat. Alternatively, you can round out your order with classic Georgian food, beer, or mixed drinks.

Taste some delicious drinks at Buona Caffe

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Couple in a cafe having coffee - Credits: Pinterest
Couple in a cafe having coffee – Credits: Pinterest

Spending time while enjoying a cup of delicious coffee is the perfect approach for a date. In the heart of Augusta, there is a well-known café and espresso bar called Buona Caffe.

The coffee shop offers a selection of delicious drinks, such as the Affogato (espresso over vanilla ice cream) and a revitalizing midnight oil blend. Buona Caffe provides a selection of handcrafted delicacies in addition to beverages.

Have a fancy dinner at Craft & Vine

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Craft & Vine - Credits: Instagram
Craft & Vine – Credits: Instagram

Do you have a craving for Vine and Dine? Pay Craft & Vine a visit. This location promises excellent quality and service. 

The ingredients for a beautiful evening include wood-fired pizza, excellent steaks, and a full cocktail display.

Try your sweet tooth at La Bonbonnière

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : La Bonbonnière - Crédits: Pixabay
La Bonbonnière – Crédits: Pixabay

The mention of “Belgian chocolates” can make any sweet craving freak out. You might have to remind yourself not to drool in front of the display case when you see them up close, like at La Bonbonnière.

A chocolate lover’s dream comes true tenfold in this Augusta store. Here, you may not only purchase a variety of fantastic chocolate goods, but you can also observe their production.

La Bonbonnière emphasizes handcrafted goods. Seeing something come together from scratch is just as fun as tasting it.

Active and Youthful Date Ideas in Augusta

Enjoy a fun-filled evening at Stars and Strikes

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Couple bowling at a bowling center - Credits: Freepik
Couple bowling at a bowling center – Credits: Freepik

The Augusta Chronicle selected Stars and Strikes as the city’s top entertainment spot for 2019.

There are 24 lanes total, including V.I.P. lanes in the Main Street Lounge, which is hugely popular.

A laser tag arena, bumper cars, a 7,000-square-foot arcade and prize shop, and Escapology escape rooms are also present. Additionally, you may eat there at the 7/10 Grille, which has a chef-inspired menu, a sizable bar, and a big-screen T.V.s for watching various sports.

Go back in age at Red Wing Rollerway

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Couple skating - Credits: Shutterstock
Couple skating – Credits: Shutterstock

As you skate at the Red Wing Rollerway, you’ll feel like you’re returning to your younger years. Since it first opened in the 1970s, it has given the people of Augusta joy and entertainment.

You are free to skate for as long as you like.

They offer everything you need for an enjoyable skating experience, so don’t worry if you don’t have your pair of roller skates.

Nature-Inspired Date Ideas in Augusta

Do some nature tripping at Phinizy Swamp Nature Park

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Phinizy Swamp Nature Park - Credits: Pinterest
Phinizy Swamp Nature Park – Credits: Pinterest

Phinizy Swamp Nature Park is among the best locations in Augusta for a peaceful stroll and a magnificent view.

Look no further if you’re looking for inexpensive venues for your date. This park offers free admission.

The park’s Beaver Dam Trail, Bridge Through the Woods, Floodplain Boardwalk and Observation Deck, and Mayor’s Fishin’ Hole are some of its outstanding features.

You can’t go wrong with the traditional picnic and sightseeing if you enjoy the essential things in life!

Stroll and snap along the Augusta Riverwalk

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Augusta Riverwalk - Credits: Instagram
Augusta Riverwalk – Credits: Instagram

You may stroll down the beautiful Augusta Riverwalk.

It is one of the easiest things to do in Augusta. A brick trail traverses the Augusta River’s banks. It serves as the city’s central porch and is one of its busiest parks and paths.

The Jessye Norman Amphitheater also hosts a few live performances. Several attractions surround the park itself. You’ll also like browsing the shops at the Augusta Market, strolling among the booths, and taking pictures along the riverwalk.

Drive through nature at North Augusta Greeneway

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : North Augusta Greeneway - Credits: Pinterest
North Augusta Greeneway – Credits: Pinterest

The North Augusta Greeneway is a 7-mile paved recreational trail situated in the neighboring city of North Augusta, which is already a part of South Carolina. Locals refer to it as “The Greeneway.”

It centers on an abandoned railroad that the city acquired in the 1980s. You will undoubtedly enjoy riding, strolling, or jogging while you wander and explore the surrounding natural surroundings at the North Augusta Greeneway.

Unforgettable Date Experiences in Augusta

Take an aerial tour of the city

Romantic Things To Do In Augusta For Couples : Augusta Aviation - Credits: Instagram
Augusta Aviation – Credits: Instagram

On Augusta Aviation’s River Region Aerial Tour, discover Augusta from an entirely different vantage point. You’ll enjoy exploring more of the city and seeing it from a bird’s perspective.

This 30-minute aerial tour is essential if you want to feel the rush of flight. Bring your camera if you’re going to record these moments in the most delicate possible light. During the aerial trip, a Cessna 172 will be your vehicle.

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Final Thoughts

Georgia’s Augusta is a stunning city. The city’s attractions include museums, historic buildings, parks, and renowned restaurants.

The city of Augusta will keep you entertained whether you plan to stay a while or are simply passing through.

With so many options, it can be hard to decide what to do, but hopefully, this list will help get you started.

We hope you will enjoy all the places on this list. 

Have a wonderful time in Augusta after reading this list.

Thanks for reading!

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