30+ Romantic Getaways In Maine

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We scoured the major travel platforms, review sites, and social media resources to give you ideas of the Best Romantic Getaways in Maine.

Get out and explore! It’s time for a fresh start. We’ve all been stuck indoors for far too long, and you’ll take almost any reason to have something to look forward to… right?

Do you want to spend a romantic weekend in Maine? You’ve come to the proper location if that’s the case! Maine is a beautiful spot to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with your sweetheart.

We chose the top romantic getaways based on popular landmarks, accommodations, and restaurants among locals and tourists.

Best Romantic Getaways in Maine

Here are some of the best romantic weekend getaways in Maine.

Deer Isle

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Deer Isle - Credits: Unsplash
Deer Isle – Credits: Unsplash

Deer Isle takes a break from the hustle and bustle of areas like Bar Harbor. When you cross the bridge, you’ll be greeted by charming stores and a tranquil atmosphere. From a full breakfast at Harbor Cafe to a lobster feast at Stonecutters, downtown Stonington has it all. 

The Pilgrim’s Inn, a historic establishment with the Select Registry stamp of approval, offers the most romantic accommodations. 

You’ll wonder why independently-run inns aren’t on your trip radar more often when you see authentic decor, garden-sourced meals, and small touches like afternoon cookies.


Romantic Getaways In Maine : Camden - Credits: Unspalsh
Camden – Credits: Unspalsh

Camden, located in the heart of Maine’s Coastal Region, is one of the state’s most popular tourist destinations. It has an unmistakable allure that we all aspire to experience when visiting this charming state. 

Dreamy walks around downtown are made possible by adorable stores selling local goods and restaurants with views of Penobscot Bay, Camden Hills State Park, and historical sites. While the accommodation scene is excellent, nothing beats the ultra-luxurious Camden Harbor Inn, both warm and hospitable. 

We only need to mention that each suite has its sauna and fireplace and a champagne breakfast. That right there is pure romance.


Romantic Getaways In Maine : Portland - Credits: iStock
Portland – Credits: iStock

Although Portland, Maine, is busy, some couples consider the dazzling city lights their ideal weekend. There’s also plenty to see and do, and the airport is close. 

Go to the International Cryptozoology Museum with your honey, learn all about BigFoot and Mothman, then dine on the water at the Portland Lobster Company, which has the most beautiful waterfront veranda. 

It’s not your standard “lovey-dovey” vacation, but it’s something we can get behind.

Bar Harbor

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Bar Harbor - Credits: Pexels
Bar Harbor – Credits: Pexels

Bar Harbor and its quaint array of sights should not be overlooked because it is breathtaking even during peak season (which begins around June). Cozy inns, restaurants, and bars line the streets, and everything looks perfect. 

Frenchman’s Bay appears over the horizon walking down the street, and an excellent small trail winds around the water. The balconies of the Bar Harbor Inn and Spa face straight onto the fishing boats, so you can order a bottle of wine and enjoy the view.

Acadia National Park

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Acadia National Park - Credits: Pixabay
Acadia National Park – Credits: Pixabay

Although Acadia National Park is located in Bar Harbor, it offers an entirely different experience for outdoor-loving couples. The mountain-to-ocean landscape is breathtaking, but plenty of friendly campers are also there. 

What could be more romantic than listening to the surf smash while staring at the stars?

Winter Harbor/Schoodic Peninsula

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Winter Harbor - Credits: Pixabay
Winter Harbor – Credits: Pixabay

Winter Harbor is close to the Schoodic Peninsula, one of Acadia National Park’s less-visited areas. You can have a picnic on the smooth rock while watching the aqua blue water crash into a spectacular eruption. 

Because lodging is limited, you may choose to stay in a larger town such as Bar Port, but a day trip to this harbor is unique. Pickled sea snails and crispy green fiddleheads are among the long-held customary delicacies at The Pickled Wrinkle.


Romantic Getaways In Maine : Bangor - Credits: Instagram
Bangor – Credits: Instagram

We have to take a break from the insanely stunning seashore to tell you about Bangor. Any couple like Stephen King should be aware that Derry, the town in IT, was greatly inspired by Bangor, which is still King’s hometown.

Join SK Tours on an ultra-fun sightseeing excursion that includes stops at Pet Cemetery filming locations and other locations associated with the author. The massive Paul Bunion tower and Stephen King combine for a romantic getaway fit for a book nerd.


Romantic Getaways In Maine : Ogunquit - Credits: Pexels
Ogunquit – Credits: Pexels

Ogunquit is a beach lover’s paradise, with lots of sand to play in and plenty of electric blue ocean to swim in. Beautiful hotels and inns abound, and a diverse menu of fresh high-end seafood and inexpensive fare provides a satisfying variety of options. 

The beautiful beaches, however, are the main attraction for couples.


Romantic Getaways In Maine : Kennebunkport - Credits: iStock
Kennebunkport – Credits: iStock

Kennebunkport is very stunning. The surrounding environment offers couples kayaking, biking, and ship gazing options, and no building radiates any amount of industrialism. Kennebunkport seems to have been stuck in time, and it’s the perfect spot to take your infant. 

The Boathouse Waterfront Hotel, Nonantum Resort, The Kennebunkport Inn, and the magnificent White Barn Inn are just a few exquisite lodging options available.

Maine’s Most Romantic Hotels for Couples

In Maine’s lovely rustic inns, the cool air is full of romance.

For couples looking for a romantic weekend trip, here are the top romantic hotels in Maine:

Wolf Cove Inn

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Wolf Cove Inn - Credits: Unsplash
Wolf Cove Inn – Credits: Unsplash

When it comes to romantic getaways in Maine, Wolf Cove Inn is a fantastic option. In the beautiful Maine woods, this rustic place offers serene privacy.

You don’t have to be near the ocean to enjoy a fantastic Maine vacation. Wolf Cove Inn is a gorgeous and romantic setting on Tripp Lake. Kayaking, paddling, and sunbathing on the private beach are just a few of the activities available on the lake. 

With only 11 guest rooms, you and your spouse will enjoy plenty of privacy at this lakeside bed and breakfast.

The Cliff House Resort and Spa

Romantic Getaways In Maine : The Cliff House Resort and Spa - Credits: Unsplash
The Cliff House Resort and Spa – Credits: Unsplash

The Cliff House reigns first in terms of luxury Maine getaways for couples! With magnificent, comfortable accommodations overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this is the quintessential Maine experience.

Posh meets coziness here. The Cliff House was recently renovated and now features an infinity pool, a 9,000-square-foot spa, indoor and outdoor pools, etc. Additionally, it offers one of the most incredible views of any beachfront hotel in Maine.

Hartstone Inn & Hideaway

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Hartstone Inn & Hideaway - Credits: Pexels
Hartstone Inn & Hideaway – Credits: Pexels

There’s nothing quite like a charming Victorian B&B for a romantic retreat. The Hartstone Inn & Hideaway is located in Camden, Maine, a beautiful portion of the state.

Although you won’t need to leave your classic-styled room—or even the hotel itself, which has a restaurant, spa, and lovely common areas—the Camden and Rockland districts are also close by, so you’ll have plenty to do.

Reviewers rave about the beautiful rooms and delicious food, among other great features. Why not have a look for yourself?

Lord Camden Inn

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Lord Camden Inn - Credits: Unsplash
Lord Camden Inn – Credits: Unsplash

Shops, restaurants, and the boardwalk along the water surround the Lord Camden Inn. This hotel is ideal for couples who prefer being thick with everything. 

Guest rooms and suites with fireplaces and river views and rooms with complete views of the adjacent Harbor are available at the Lord Camden Inn. Each guest’s stay includes a superb breakfast dish with Belgian waffles and local and authentic Maine maple syrup.

Belfast Bay Inn

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Belfast Bay Inn - Credits: Unsplash
Belfast Bay Inn – Credits: Unsplash

This magnificent boutique hotel in Belfast, Maine, is the ideal location from which to explore the area or relax and enjoy the elegant magnificence of the establishment’s surroundings. 

The Belfast Bay Inn is an elegant paradise of understated beauty. Guests are gently welcomed and made to feel at home, exuding elegance and grace appropriate for the most discriminating traveler.

Berry Manor Inn

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Berry Manor Inn - Credits: Pixabay
Berry Manor Inn – Credits: Pixabay

Berry Manor Inn is a luxurious bed and breakfast with all of the luxuries of a Victorian manor. 

Couples can rest in any of the Berry Manor Inn’s twelve luxury rooms, ranging from the luxury king to deluxe luxury queen guestrooms, within Rockland’s historic residential district. 

Each room is well designed and equipped with all the facilities that a couple might desire. Every day, fresh and delicious local foods are offered for breakfast at private tables.

Sebasco Harbor Resort

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Sebasco Harbor Resort - Credits: Unsplash
Sebasco Harbor Resort – Credits: Unsplash

This beachfront resort provides all you need in terms of amenities and activities. The Sebasco Harbor Resort, nestled on 450 acres of beautiful woodland overlooking Casco Bay, is a romantic haven. 

Perhaps the roses surrounding the gazebo on the resort’s village green, or the heritage gardens, are to blame. Consider taking a stroll across the tranquil gardens.

Grand Harbor Inn

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Grand Harbor Inn - Credits: Instagram
Grand Harbor Inn – Credits: Instagram

The Grand Harbor Inn, a pet-friendly lodge located on Bay View Landing within a few minutes’ walk of several superb restaurants, shops, and top attractions, is ideal for tourists looking for attractive high-end waterfront accommodation.

Maine Stay Inn

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Maine Stay Inn - Credits: Unsplash
Maine Stay Inn – Credits: Unsplash

The Maine Stay Inn is conveniently located near Kennebunkport’s attractions, including Dock Square. Couples will always have something enjoyable to do, whether hitting the pool in the summer or taking a sleigh ride in the winter.

Samoset Resort

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Aerial View of Samoset Resort - Credits: Unsplash
Aerial View of Samoset Resort – Credits: Unsplash

This magnificent resort, tucked along Penobscot Bay in Rockport on 230 acres of land, is the ideal location for one of Maine’s numerous romantic getaways.

It not only has a traditional resort feel with an on-site 18-hole golf course, but it also has 178 luxury guest rooms just a few kilometers from the town center and the beautiful Owl’s Head Lighthouse.

Imagine a collection of light and airy modern rooms (and cottages) with private balconies, lovely furniture, soft beds, flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, Keurig coffee makers, iPod docks, and minifridges, and you’ll get a sense of how luxurious your stay here will be.

Other Romantic Places in  Maine to Visit for Couples

Wineries, communities, and villas create a tranquil and romantic environment for some of Maine’s most popular weekend locations, with nature providing a lovely backdrop.

Great Diamond Island, Portland

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Great Diamond Island, Portland - Credits: Unsplash
Great Diamond Island, Portland – Credits: Unsplash

Don’t you think escaping to Great Diamond Island sounds romantic? When you learn that the hotel you’re staying in was once an Army barracks that served soldiers at Fort McKinley, the destination becomes even more intriguing. Oh, and it’s on an island accessible only by boat – no cars are permitted.

At the Inn At Diamond Cove, you’ll find precisely that. First, you take a boat for a short ride into the city’s harbor from Portland, Maine.

Mt. Desert Island and Acadia

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Mt. Desert Island and Acadia - Credits: Pexels
Mt. Desert Island and Acadia – Credits: Pexels

The northernmost region of coastal Maine is home to Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park. Long a favorite summer retreat for the wealthy, the area continues to draw visitors looking for privacy and Maine’s rough natural beauty. 

Couples can go hiking on jagged granite peaks, picnic on a carriage route, or breathe in the sea breeze. Summer is the best time to visit, but the park is open from mid-May to mid-October for activities. Most restaurants and motels are closed throughout the winter. 

Check out Acadia View’s bed and breakfast or the newly opened Colonel’s Suites for a romantic getaway.

Maine Windjammer Cruise

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Maine Windjammer Cruise - Credits: Pexels
Maine Windjammer Cruise – Credits: Pexels

If you want to explore Penobscot Bay from the deck of a tall schooner that’s been traversing these waters for generations, consider a Maine Windjammer trip.

Furthermore, the towns of Rockland and Camden are both fantastic destinations worth visiting a few days before or after your trip. 

Especially when these two picturesque coastal communities are bursting at the seams with charming boutiques, delectable restaurants, exquisite art museums, and intriguing cultural events.

For a romantic weekend getaway, nothing beats a Maine Windjammer cruise to see a lesser-known section of Maine.

Moosehead Lake

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Moosehead Lake - Credits: iStock
Moosehead Lake – Credits: iStock

Moosehead Lake is one of Maine’s most stunning romantic getaways, located in the middle of the picturesque highlands region.

The lake resembles a moose’s head (at least on a map), but it’s also massive, covering 75,000 acres and stretching for forty kilometers.

That’s why it’s no surprise that this is Maine’s largest lake, with a plethora of resident salmon, brook trout, and lake trout.

Maine Coast

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Maine Coast - Credits: Unsplash
Maine Coast – Credits: Unsplash

A visit to a lighthouse is a must on any vacation to Maine, and Rockland does not disappoint. Many are now privately held, but visiting the Maine Lighthouse Museum allows you to get up and personalize these incredible structures that dot the Maine coastline. 

A stay at the 250 Main Hotel is required for the most incredible views in town. This charming boutique hotel features nautical decor and a rooftop with a stunning water view.

Old Orchard Beach

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Old Orchard Beach - Credits: iStock
Old Orchard Beach – Credits: iStock

Old Orchard Beach, or OOB, is a famous Maine vacation spot that combines the best of old and new. Old Orchard Beach is one of the country’s last remaining coastal amusement parks, replete with a pier, a vintage carousel, rides, and fine cuisine.

Old Orchard Beach’s 7-mile stretch of lovely sandy coastlines, consistently chosen Maine’s Best Beach by readers of Maine’s major newspaper, offers something for every beachgoer. 

Building sandcastles, splashing in the waves, and swimming in the gentle surf are all activities that children will enjoy.

Goose Rocks Beach

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Goose Rocks Beach - Credits: Pexels
Goose Rocks Beach – Credits: Pexels

Two isolated beaches for couples are Parson’s Beach and Goose Rocks Beach. The views from the Yachtsman Lodge are breathtaking. Each guest room features a king-size bed with a comforter, cathedral ceilings, and rich mahogany and walnut woods.

Tides Beach Club

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Beach View at Tides Club Beach - Credits: iStock
Beach View at Tides Club Beach – Credits: iStock

The Tides Beach Club is an upscale hotel and Goose Rock Beach’s sole beachfront property! Kennebunkport, Maine, is home to the Tides Beach Club.

Couples will get the most out of this hotel because they will be able to see the water from the front porch or one of the hotel’s guest rooms. There are 21 guest rooms, including two suites with ocean views.


Romantic Getaways In Maine : Rockland, Maine - Credits: Unsplash
Rockland, Maine – Credits: Unsplash

Rockland, Maine’s coastal beauty, is recognized as the United States’ Lobster Capital, but it’s also a favored visit for art enthusiasts in New England.

For generations, the marvelous light of the rocky coastline has captivated the hearts and minds of outstanding landscape artists.

Monhegan Island

Romantic Getaways In Maine : Monhegan Island - Credits: Instagram
Monhegan Island – Credits: Instagram

Contrary to popular belief, Monhegan means “out-to-sea island” in Algonquin. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking for a quiet, romantic weekend in Maine.

Monhegan Island is only 10 miles off the coast of Maine, and the best way to reach there is via ferry from Boothbay Harbor. The voyage usually lasts 90 minutes and is an exciting experience because you get to travel along the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Once you arrive in this tiny fishing village, you’ll see that a big part of Monhegan’s allure is its relaxed pace, which allows you to appreciate your surroundings—and your company entirely.


Romantic Getaways In Maine : Freeport, Maine - Credits: iStock
Freeport, Maine – Credits: iStock

One of the best romantic vacations in Maine is to spend a few days in Freeport. This charming coastal town is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, with plenty to do.

If you and your spouse enjoy shopping for bargains, head to the Freeport Outlets for huge savings on clothing from all of your favorite brands. 

This shopping center is packed with outlet stores for well-known brands such as Vineyard Vineyard, Old Navy, Coach, American Eagle, etc.


Romantic Getaways In Maine : Eastport, Maine - Credits: Pexels
Eastport, Maine – Credits: Pexels

Eastport, the easternmost city in the United States, is the ideal setting for a relaxing Maine vacation. With only 1,100 residents, this tiny hamlet is significantly less crowded than some of Maine’s other major tourist sites. 

It makes up for its lack of people with charm. At Passamaquoddy Bay, take in the scenery and unwind. This beautiful harbor is a terrific area to see whales, birds, and maybe even dolphins or two as they swim by.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our list of the most appealing Maine locations for reliving your romantic experiences. Maine is a fantastic destination if you want to make your wedding day special.

From lush green parks to picturesque views and attractive neighborhoods, you’ll find it all here. As a bonus, a range of hotels and inns offer awesome food and luxury suites.

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