30+ Romantic Getaways in Colorado

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We scoured the major travel platforms, review sites, and social media resources to give you ideas of the Best Romantic Getaways in Colorado.

Isn’t it true that now, more than ever, celebrating love and planning a romantic trip is essential? We’ve all been cooped up indoors for far too long, and you’ll take almost any excuse to look forward to something… right?

Colorado is a wonderful state with many romantic getaways. Deserts, canyons, and mountains surround the most romantic vacations in Colorado.

The best romantic getaways were chosen depending on the most popular attractions, accommodations, and dining options among locals and travelers.

Romantic Getaways in Colorado

Here are some of the best romantic getaway spots in Colorado.

The Little Nell

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : The Little Nell - Credits: Unsplash
The Little Nell – Credits: Unsplash

Even in a location like Aspen, known for its competing luxury offers, The Little Nell’s five-star service shines out and is difficult to top. A dual-sided fireplace greets couples and serves as the focal point of a warm, inviting lobby.

The Little Nell will be an instant hit for couples interested in wine, thanks to their world-renowned vino program, which is located at the base of the historic Silver Queen Gondola in an unmatched location in the heart of Aspen.

The elegant Wine Bar, which opened recently, even has a dedicated sommelier to help you pick the ideal glass.

Della Terra Mountain Chateau

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Della Terra Mountain Chateau - Credits: iStock
Della Terra Mountain Chateau – Credits: iStock

Are you in the French Alps or at the Rocky Mountains entrance? Just by glancing at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau’s vistas and elegance, you won’t know for sure. For the ultimate romantic getaway, book one of the luxury suites.

All suites are for adults only, with a maximum occupancy of two people. But, hey, no judgment if you want to bring two special people – you’ll have to book two separate weekends.

Dunton Natural Hot Springs

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Dunton Hot Springs - Credits: Instagram
Dunton Hot Springs – Credits: Instagram

Feel like you’re in the center of a 1930s miner’s camp without having to deal with tired miners or, you know, working in a mine. Dunton Hot Springs has all the charm of a bygone era, replete with rebuilt log cabins previously used by miners, but it now offers plenty of elegance and luxury.

Book a couple’s massage, eat at “the Saloon,” or relax in the private hot springs.

Visit a private waterfall and sensuous hot springs in a fictitious ghost town to reawaken your spirit.

Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch - Credits: Unsplash
Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch – Credits: Unsplash

At the Canyon of the Ancients working guest ranch, get down and dirty. Wrangling horses, feeding animals, weeding gardens, and setting up irrigation are tasks you can assist the ranch hands with.

If work isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of relaxation to be had – after all, this is a romantic Colorado weekend, not a business trip. Guests can enjoy a leisurely horseback ride across the desert or stroll through one of the area’s numerous national parks and monuments.

At the same time, archaeology buffs will appreciate the nearby ancient ruins and petroglyphs.

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Rocky Mountain National Park - Credits: Unsplash
Rocky Mountain National Park – Credits: Unsplash

Rocky Mountain National Park is plenty of opportunities to take your breath away with your significant other. The national park offers a natural playground that is likely to please adventurous couples.

Rocky Mountain National Park is a fantastic date spot for all types of teams, providing everything from hiking and mountain biking to climbing and horseback riding.


Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Breckenridge - Credits: Unsplash
Breckenridge – Credits: Unsplash

One of the most recognized ski resorts in Colorado and the country, Breckenridge is a top place for a romantic trip in Colorado. It’s approximately 80 miles from Denver, ideal for a day trip or weekend retreat.

This resort town morphs into a cross-country skiing paradise in the winter. In a lovely and wintry atmosphere, you’ll find comfortable cabins buried in the snow, ski lodges with fires, and beautiful meals.

Garden of the Gods

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Garden of the Gods - Credits: Unsplash
Garden of the Gods – Credits: Unsplash

Garden of the Gods, one of the most romantic getaways in Colorado Springs, is a National Natural Landmark with 300-foot-high sandstone rock structures scraping the sky.

Couples can begin their visit with a sunrise hot air balloon tour, which includes a small breakfast and Champagne, before picking up maps from the visitor and nature center while strolling around the red rock formations for nearly a whole day.

Cycle and electric bike rides, Jeep or Segway trips, and even climbing excursions are available to adventurous couples.


Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Telluride - Credits: Unsplash
Telluride – Credits: Unsplash

Couples that see their ideal date include cocktails and dancing will enjoy Telluride’s loud atmosphere.

For its lively social scene, the town is affectionately known as “To-Hell-You-Ride,” It is peppered with saloons, bars, and lounges, so you can be sure that the next round for you and your significant other is never far away.

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Glenwood Springs

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Glenwood Springs - Credits: Unsplash
Glenwood Springs – Credits: Unsplash

When planning your next romantic getaway, don’t ignore Glenwood Springs, which is quite unassuming. The hamlet is located in the picturesque Roaring Fork Valley, at the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort and Iron Mountain Hot Springs are two popular lodging alternatives in the area, both of which have hot springs for visitors to enjoy. While spending numerous days in warm water may sound like the ideal romantic vacation to some, Glenwood Springs has more to offer.

Steamboat Springs

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Steamboat Springs - Credits: Unsplash
Steamboat Springs – Credits: Unsplash

A magnificent western-style hamlet in the Rocky Mountains is about three and a half hours from Denver. Steamboat Springs features a charming downtown area, exciting restaurants and breweries, and world-class skiing, ice skating, and snowboarding.

Because there are so many daring activities to do and equal opportunities to relax and spend quality time together, this is the ideal vacation for couples.

If you visit in the winter, make sure to spend at least one day on the slopes, and if you see it in the summer, you can hike on the same mountain. Try snowshoeing, snowmobiling, or even tubing if skiing isn’t your thing.


Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Aspen - Credits: Unsplash
Aspen – Credits: Unsplash

If you’re looking for a romantic holiday in Colorado, visit Aspen, one of the most romantic cities in the country. It’s an ideal location for a honeymoon, anniversary getaway, Valentine’s Day getaway, and more.

Aspen, located in the Rocky Mountains, is famous for its winter skiing. It also offers year-round outdoor activities like hiking, bicycling, and kayaking.

Aspen has it all for couples searching for a romantic getaway, from breathtaking scenery to endless recreational activities to high-end restaurants and beautiful accommodations.

Chalk Creek Hot Springs

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Chalk Creek Hot Springs - Credits: Unsplash
Chalk Creek Hot Springs – Credits: Unsplash

The Chalk Creek Hot Springs is one of the most romantic resorts at Mount Princeton Resort. Hot springs pools dot the terrain with natural geothermal water, right in the middle of the cold rushing waters of Chalk Creek.

These one-foot-deep mini-pools wind their way through the riverbed and stones, providing a beautiful area to relax and take in the scenery.

Estes Park

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Estes Park - Credits: Unsplash
Estes Park – Credits: Unsplash

Estes Park is one of several cities and small villages in Colorado that exude a romantic aura.

Estes Park is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, located about 90 minutes northwest of Denver. It’s an outdoor retreat for couples who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Estes Park is lovely all year, but it’s adorable in the winter. Snowshoeing and sledding are popular pastimes, and both are enjoyable for couples.


Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Vail - Credits: Unsplash
Vail – Credits: Unsplash

Vail is a charming walking town with various outdoor activities, shops, and restaurants.

The Sebastian Hotel is one of the city’s most romantic lodging options. This luxurious boutique resort features a spa, an outdoor pool with four hot tubs open all year, and two delectable restaurants.

Vail is recognized for skiing from November to April and hiking from May to November, making it a popular destination for outdoor-loving couples.


Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Denver - Credits: Unsplash
Denver – Credits: Unsplash

There are many ways to make your time in Denver special, whether you’re a Denver local trying to liven things up with a staycation or an out-of-state tourist.

Stay at The Crawford Hotel, one of Denver’s most romantic and iconic properties. You’ll stay within walking distance of plenty of luxury dining options, must-see sites, and some of Denver’s top things to do because it’s attached to the historic Union Station.


Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Boulder - Credits: Unsplash
Boulder – Credits: Unsplash

Boulder, located 30 minutes northwest of Denver, is the ideal romantic getaway for couples. Boulder, known as the “city inside a park,” entices visitors to explore its hiking trails, healthy restaurants, and historic structures.

Boulder locals prefer to enjoy active and healthy lifestyles, resulting in a variety of great activities perfect for a romantic weekend, thanks to the city’s scenic Rocky Mountains backdrop.


Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Ouray - Credits: iStock
Ouray – Credits: iStock

Ouray is nestled amid rocky peaks with waterfalls just outside town in the San Juan Mountains. It’s beautiful all year, with distinct viewpoints for summer floral meadows, autumn golden aspens, and snowy winter panoramas.

Couples can take a road trip down the Million Dollar Highway, which runs straight through town, to come up close to these postcard-perfect landscapes. There are multiple off-roading jeep tracks in Ouray and hundreds of hiking trails.

Colorado Springs

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Colorado Springs - Credits: Unsplash
Colorado Springs – Credits: Unsplash

Colorado Springs is a beautiful romantic weekend luxury resort in Colorado. Because Colorado Springs is a large city, it has all the amenities that travelers expect.

Still, it is also conveniently located near the Rocky Mountains, making it ideal for sightseeing. Colorado Springs is only a half-hour drive south of Denver.

Driving up Pikes Peak, visiting the Garden of the Gods, or taking a guided tour of an English Castle Estate are all options for a romantic trip in Colorado Springs.

Make a pit stop at SunWater Spa on your way up Pikes Peak for a peaceful and romantic spa day and soak in the mineral water that runs from a natural spring near the summit.

Beaver Creek

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Beaver Creek - Credits: Instagram
Beaver Creek – Credits: Instagram

Beaver Creek, Colorado, may be the world’s most romantic mountain town. It’s nestled among the aspens in the Vail Valley of Colorado. Unlike the majority of Colorado’s finest ski resort towns, Beaver Creek is not a former frontier mining town.

Beaver Creek is a meticulously constructed community dedicated purely to the enjoyment of its residents and visitors.

When Beaver Creek first opened, Colorado’s governor dubbed it “the Tiffany’s of ski resorts,” which still holds today, making it the ideal setting for a romantic getaway.

Colorado’s Most Romantic Hotels for Couples

The fresh air is full of romance at Colorado’s charming country romantic inns.

The following are the finest romantic hotels in Colorado for couples seeking the most romantic weekend getaways:

Viceroy Snowmass

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Viceroy Snowmass - Credits: iStock
Viceroy Snowmass – Credits: iStock

You and your loved one will experience pure natural happiness at this luxurious resort in Aspen. Whether you want to ski one of the world’s best ski mountains, which happens to be where the Viceroy is, or want to relax in the fresh air, this resort has the ideal vacation for you.

You may restore your mind, body, and soul at the Viceroy for just a weekend. Plunge into the on-site heated saline pool, which features a patio and cabanas all year.

Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Cheyenne Mountain Resort - Credits: Pexels
Cheyenne Mountain Resort – Credits: Pexels

Most Colorado sites draw visitors in the winter, but Cheyenne Mountain Resort is the ideal romantic escape in the summer and fall.

A tennis court, newly refurbished golf course, heated indoor and outdoor pools, and even a lake and beach for swimming are all available at this Southern Colorado jewel.

The Cheyenne features a 35-acre private lake with sandy beaches. You can enjoy water sports such as beach volleyball, complimentary boating, whitewater rafting, kayaking, paddle boarding, or simply relaxing in the sun.

Ritz Carlton

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Ritz Carlton - Credits: Instagram
Ritz Carlton – Credits: Instagram

The Ritz-Bavarian-style Carlton’s architecture and beautiful interiors elevate Vail, Colorado, to a new level of refinement. Visit this location with your significant other for a romantic weekend in your mountain castle.

Spend the day on the spectacular slopes that attract visitors from all over the world at the Ritz Carlton in Vail. If you need a break from all the action, take a stroll down below to the dozens of unique boutiques and stores, gourmet restaurants, and entertainment venues.

When you’re ready to unwind, spend the evening at the outdoor heated pool, whirlpool spa, or fire pit.

The Sebastian, Vail

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : The Sebastian, Vail - Credits: Instagram
The Sebastian, Vail – Credits: Instagram

Sebastian is located in the middle of Vail, one of Colorado’s most famous ski villages. The Sebastian offers breathtaking views over the Arapaho National Forest and its surroundings. It also provides easy access to Vail Mountain’s Gondola One station.

The rooms are tastefully decorated, and the suites include additional conveniences.

Couples will appreciate the art-filled library, the premium spa, the fitness center, the hot tub, and the heated pool. The hotel’s on-site restaurant, Leonora, delivers gourmet American cuisine prepared using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

The Springs Resort & Spa – Pagosa Springs

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : The Springs Resort & Spa - Credits: Instagram
The Springs Resort & Spa – Credits: Instagram

The Springs Resort & Spa in Pagosa Springs offers a year-round ‘Romance Package,’ which includes a one-night stay for two guests, a one-hour couples massage, a complimentary bottle of champagne or wine, and two commemorative champagne glasses.

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Farms, smaller cities, and cottages give serene leisure and a romantic setting for some of Connecticut’s top weekend getaways, where the countryside provides calm leisure and a romantic backdrop.

Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride - Credits: Unsplash
Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride – Credits: Unsplash

Is there anything more romantic than hot air ballooning with your sweetheart in Colorado Springs? Take a unique ride with your partner.

While sipping champagne, take in the panoramic views of Pikes Peak and the surrounding surroundings. When the leaves turn red, orange, and yellow in the fall, it becomes even more gorgeous. The breathtaking panorama of the countryside will take your breath away.

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Royal Gorge Bridge & Park - Credits: Unsplash
Royal Gorge Bridge & Park – Credits: Unsplash

Do you know that the Royal Gorge Bridge was rated Colorado’s most romantic spot for a kiss? It is the highest suspension bridge in the United States, at 1250 feet above the Arkansas River, and is located about 58 miles southwest of Colorado Springs.

Don’t be afraid to steal a kiss when you get to the middle. On the Royal Gorge Bridge, share the excitement of the spectacular Grand Canyon and the unforgettable experience.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - Credits: Unsplash
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Credits: Unsplash

Do you like animals? Spend a day at Cheyenne Zoo with wild creatures and take in nature’s raw beauty. It is the tallest zoo in the United States, at 6,800 feet above sea level. Over 800 animals live there, including 30 endangered species.

Many interactive animal encounters are available at the zoo. It’s a lot of fun to feed the giraffes. Take the Mountaineer Sky Ride and take in the scenery. Lovebirds also flock to the iconic Carousel ride.

Manitou Springs

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Manitou Springs - Credits: iStock
Manitou Springs – Credits: iStock

Manitou Springs, just 6 miles east of Colorado Springs, is one of the best romantic retreats in the area. Take a romantic stroll around the streets of this picturesque mountain town, taking in the historic architecture and Old West atmosphere.

Local boutique shops, pinball machines, arcade games, and some excellent eateries may be found in the old downtown.

This small town’s water fountains are so pristine that you may drink the mineral-rich water straight from them. Manitou Springs is the ideal destination for you and your significant other to relax because of its laid-back ambiance.

Seven Falls

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Waterfall, Colorado - Credits: Unsplash
Waterfall, Colorado – Credits: Unsplash

The seven cascading waterfalls at the Broadmoor are excellent for a romantic afternoon in Colorado Springs. Climb 224 stairs to obtain an eagle’s eye view from the peak. You can experience ‘Soaring Adventure’ zipline trips to the summit with your spouse.

Sunwater Spa

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Sunwater Spa - Credits: Pexels
Sunwater Spa – Credits: Pexels

A couples spa is the perfect pastime for couples seeking romantic things to do in Colorado Springs. At Sunwater Spa in Manitou Springs, unwind with massages and champagne. Healing water bathing in cedar tubs and natural healing herbs are part of their unique spa therapy.

Aspen Mountain

Romantic Getaways In Colorado : Aspen Mountain - Credits: Unsplash
Aspen Mountain – Credits: Unsplash

A stay at The Gant, located on the outskirts of town with Aspen Mountain as a dramatic background, is one of the best couples getaways in Colorado, especially if you’re planning an extended stay or work-cation trip together.

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, Colorado is a fantastic location for a weekend getaway.

From romantic restaurants to romantic hotels, this distinct western state has something for tourist attractions.

Bring your hunger and your favorite partner when you arrive to take advantage of everything this gorgeous western state has to offer.

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