30+ Most Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California

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This article collects the best date ideas and romantic things to do in San Francisco for couples based on significant travel, blogs, reviews, and social media sites.

There are numerous romantic activities available in San Francisco. The city’s biggest attractions are listed below, along with ideas for romantic dates. These activities, which range from fine dining to sightseeing throughout the city, are free to attend.

Imagine surprising your loved one with a last-minute trip to San Francisco? 

Imagine what it was like when you two first met. 

Bring those emotions to the forefront as you read this article.

Here are 30+ romantic things to do in San Francisco with your partner.

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Table of Contents

Outdoor / Adventurous Date Ideas in San Francisco To Have Fun

Cruise along the Stow Lake

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Stow Lake - Credits: Pexels
Stow Lake – Credits: Pexels

This tranquil lake may be found in the center of Golden Gate Park if you want a quiet getaway in California location. 

Boating is very popular here, and the Stow Lake Boathouse on the northwest side rents out rowboats, electric boats, and pedal boats for around $23 per hour. 

While cruising, enjoy picnic areas with benches and plenty of tree shade around the lake and the picturesque sceneries and the local birds. 

Make sure you cross the stone bridges to Strawberry Hill, the tiny island of forest in the middle of the lake.

Discover a secret passage to a scenic hill in the Sunset District

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Moraga Stairs at Grandview Park - Credits: Pixabay
Moraga Stairs at Grandview Park – Credits: Pixabay

Grandview Park, a picturesque hilltop where you can ascend for stunning sunset views, is located in the neighborhood that is appropriately dubbed the Sunset District. 

The bay’s waves can be seen in the distance as the view extends across the tidy neighborhood in San Francisco’s west center. 

The high park offers a special bonus: mosaic-tiled steps at its base on Moraga Street, which is perfect for romantic couples seeking a fun and private trek within the city like San Jose and San Diego. 

The community’s artistic zeal led to the creation of the charming staircase, which is by itself a popular tourist destination.

Enjoy San Francisco’s green oasis on a bike

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Couple on a bike - Credits: Pixabay
Couple on a bike – Credits: Pixabay

Enjoying San Francisco’s expansive green oasis is possible in various ways. Tandem bicycles guarantee an enjoyable and even romantic day out. A few bike rentals for Golden Gate Park are close by.

The Bay Bike City Rentals on Taylor Street is a well-liked place to rent tandem bicycles. It’s conveniently located close to Golden Gate Park and offers a large selection of specialty bikes.

The park’s tranquil trails will help you find particular locations like the romantic, flower-filled Shakespeare Garden and the serene Japanese Tea Garden.

See dazzling light displays from the San Francisco waterfront

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : San Francisco Waterfront - Credits: Pixabay
San Francisco Waterfront – Credits: Pixabay

The Bay Lights, one of the world’s most significant light artworks, put on a spellbinding show every night from dusk till dawn. Its spectacular canvas is the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. 

Leo Villareal, a well-known light artist who supports the fusion of art and cutting-edge technology with a preference for illuminating prominent architectural landmarks, created the project.

A staggering 1.8 miles long, 25,000 individually programmed white LED lights make up The Bay Lights.

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Relish magical moments in the Bay of San Francisco

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Cruise at Bay of San Francisco - Credits: Pixabay
Cruise at Bay of San Francisco – Credits: Pixabay

Enjoy a memorable sunset sailing tour to appreciate San Francisco Bay’s splendor.

Some of the city’s most famous attractions, including the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge, the skyline of high-rise buildings in Downtown San Francisco, the Oakland Bay Bridge with its Bay Lights feature, and the infamous prison island of Alcatraz, may be seen from the water.

A truly spectacular sailing experience can be had when champagne is combined with the progressively turning scarlet sunset skies.

Bike along the Embarcadero

4k | Cycling: San Francisco Embarcadero

One of the most incredible locations to hang out was the Embarcadero. You can run, walk, or ride a bike for miles without watching for automobiles because it is by the lake. On Saturdays, there is a farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building, situated along the Embarcadero.

If you’re a first-time visitor to San Francisco, biking along the Embarcadero will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here are a few businesses in the city that rent bikes. They are spread out along the Embarcadero.

Check out the bargains at TreasureFest

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : TreasureFest - Credits: Pinterest
TreasureFest – Credits: Pinterest

Do you enjoy thrift shops? If so, TreasureFest will be their preferred place to shop for deals.

TreasureFest was formerly held at the Treasure Island Flea Market, but it has since moved to San Rafael’s Marin Center.

You can find some exciting and unusual merchants as well as reasonable prices. Oh, and close by? There are many fantastic dining options available!

Embark on an urban hike

San Francisco’s longest Hike: The SF Crosstown Trail

It might be starting on the 3.4-mile Lands End route that runs along the wind-battered cliffs of San Francisco’s western tip. Or perhaps it’s scaling a mosaic staircase in the Sunset section of the city to reach Grandview Park’s incomparable views. Don’t forget Twin Peaks, either.

Whatever perspective you have, San Francisco is a romantic city hiker’s paradise.

Mount Sutro Forest, surrounded by rich vegetation and towering eucalyptus trees on the outskirts of the city’s Cole Valley area, is excellent when the fog descends. 

Consider the rocky vantage point of Corona Heights, shown in the image above, which is 520 feet above sea level and rules over the San Francisco cityscape like it is nature’s throne.

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Experience birdwatching at Crissy Field

Seagulls at Crissy Field, San Francisco

The Crissy Field greets you with its breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay, easy hiking, exotic beaches, expansive lawns, and fun picnic areas. The residents of this area adore this landmark. The indigenous Ohlone people once called it home. 

Later, the area became a bustling military-industrial sector after serving as an Army airport. This location underwent its first significant change when it was designated as a national park. Now, the spot is frequently frequented by those who enjoy the outdoors on vacation. 

For birders, the Crissy Marsh is paradise. Warming Hut Café and Park Store, Crissy Marsh, and other locations in Crissy Field are perfect for romantic dinner dates.

Explore the natural attractiveness of Marin Headlands

Marin Headlands San Francisco | Bay Area Hiking Trails

With its enormous, gorgeous, and varied wilderness that touches the city, Marin Headlands, sometimes referred to as the jewel in the crown of San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Parks, is situated north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Explore this site’s innate beauty and appeal, which will inspire you to respect its originality. Marin Headlands should be your first pick if you’re looking for a distinctive location to calm yourself. 

Spend a lovely day exploring these secret beaches and trails while you escape city life. The park is surrounded by several beaches, including Kirby Cove, Rodeo, Black Sands, and Point Bonita Lighthouse.

Find the Chamber Of Secrets Door

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Chamber Of Secrets Door in  San Francisco - Credits: Pinterest
Chamber Of Secrets Door in  San Francisco – Credits: Pinterest

Fans of Harry Potter, unite! Near Fisherman’s Wharf, there is a secret Chamber of Secrets Door. 

One of the entertaining date ideas San Francisco has is to look for this. 

We suggest you dress up in your house robes and take amusing selfies.

Music, Art, Historic, Cultural Date Ideas in San Francisco

Enjoy a huge variety of interactive exhibits at San Francisco’s Exploratorium

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : San Francisco's Exploratorium - Credits: Pixabay
San Francisco’s Exploratorium – Credits: Pixabay

The Exploratorium in San Francisco offers various interactive exhibitions on human perception, the arts, and science. 

However, you may spend a wonderful evening at this excellent interactive museum, which offers something specifically made for grownups. 

Every Thursday from 6 to 10 pm, After Dark, will demonstrate how the world changes when darkness falls. 

With a drink in hand, you may wander through fog bridges to surreal mirror chambers and get happily lost inside pitch-black domes and brilliantly lit giant kaleidoscopes.

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Pretend you’re in Italy in the Palace of Fine Arts

A Walk Around Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

Don’t quite have the funds to experience all the romanticism of Rome? The Palace of Fine Arts is a suitable replacement.

The architecture of the Palace of Fine Arts, an outdoor palace with rotundas and colonnades and strikingly Roman influences, is open to the public.

Instead, anticipate stunning buildings on a lovely artificial lake (where turtles frequently stick their heads up to say hello! ), not art. A fantastic place for a picnic.

We advise coming here during the golden hour if you want to take some nice pictures. Your images will appear great because the gold from the sun truly accentuates the material that the dome is built of!

Deep dive into Chinatown

[4K] Chinatown in San Francisco, California USA – 2021 Walking Tour & Travel Guide 🎧 Binaural Sound

Chinatown in San Francisco is among the best in the world, particularly in terms of its distinctive architecture, cultural hotspots, and historical significance.

People who wish to impress with their culinary skills can demonstrate their proficiency with traditional Chinese cuisine. At the same time, photography enthusiasts can typically find a great location to take pictures anywhere in this city.

There are many different ways to have fun in this area. Everything is excellent, and there’s always something new to learn about this place.

Indulge in the performing Arts

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Movie theater - Credits: Pexels
Movie theater – Credits: Pexels

Whether you choose a musical or a play, a night out in the city may be very romantic. Jazz bigwigs from around the world performed impressively at the SF Jazz Center in Hayes Valley. 

The theatrical neighborhood in Tenderloin, which is home to ACT Theater and SF Playhouse, and San Francisco Symphony Hall in Civic Center are excellent locations to cap the night with some spectacular performances.

Finally, for that one-of-a-kind cinema experience, see a movie at the Castro Theater (where a live organ is performed before every performance) or Clay Theater, two of the town’s last remaining single-show theaters.

Enjoy the sunshine and jazz on Fillmore

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Jazz Festival - Credits: Pinterest
Jazz Festival – Credits: Pinterest

The Fillmore Jazz Festival is held on Fillmore Street in July. 

A portion of it has been divided into areas with seating areas where people may relax and listen to jazz and live music. 

The atmosphere is lovely, and it’s such a pleasant time.

View contemporary art at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Visiting the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

A trip to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art should be on your list of potential dates if you enjoy art. This well-known landmark in San Francisco was established in 1935 and is home to a collection of some 33,000 paintings.

You’ll come across contemporary works of art produced by numerous well-known modern artists as you investigate, such as Louise Bourgeois and Andy Warhol. Buy your San Francisco Museum of Modern Art tickets in advance to simplify access.

Indoor / Relaxing / Foodies Date Ideas in San Francisco

Pamper yourselves with a blissful treatment

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Couple Massage - Credits: Freepik
Couple Massage – Credits: Freepik

There is a fantastic selection of day spas and wellness facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of these provide relaxing spa treatments just for two people. 

The “essential” package options at Earthbody on Laguna Street include calming strokes to balance your body and mind and a selection of “little rituals” like jute brushing, hot stone treatments, or facials. 

SenSpa on Gorgas Avenue offers a “Spa Tryst for Two,” which includes a couple’s massage in private, roomy chambers and a two-person organic lunch.

Sample great Napa wines right in Downtown San Francisco

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Glass of wine - Credits: Pexels
Glass of wine – Credits: Pexels

Weekend trips to Napa Valley can be highly romantic. You travel winding roads through beautiful landscapes, and the best wines from the area are produced nearby at wineries. 

In contrast, if you don’t have a weekend free to go the 90 minutes up north, you can still drink fantastic Napa wines in San Francisco’s Financial District. 

One of the top tasting rooms in the city is The Winery Collective, which is close to Fisherman’s Wharf. It provides daily wine tastings from 11 am to 9 pm, featuring more than 50 wines from more than 20 small wineries throughout California.

Spend a relaxing and intimate evening out at a fine rooftop

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Fine Rooftop - Credits: iStock
Fine Rooftop – Credits: iStock

Think of going out for a calm, private evening at a lovely rooftop in downtown San Francisco. 

Top of the Mark, located on the 19th level of the InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco on California Street, is among the classiest. 

This bar offers a wonderful night time ambiance, whether you want to relax with one of their classic martinis while taking in the 360-degree views or you want to dance the night away. 

Additionally, it hosts regular live music and performance events.

Treat yourself to a special dining experience in San Francisco

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Dining in San Francisco - Credits: Pinterest
Dining in San Francisco – Credits: Pinterest

Treat yourself to a unique dining experience in San Francisco. Chef Gary Danko’s namesake Michelin-starred restaurant on North Point Street, close to Fisherman’s Wharf, is one of the city’s notable locations. 

Since the 1990s, Gary Danko has attracted socialites and celebrities to its upscale dining rooms with wood paneling from bygone eras. 

They provide well-known favorites like lamb loin with an herb crust, risotto with rock shrimp, and Dungeness crab. They often give you a gift to end your special evening and serve delectable baked chocolate soufflés.

Do a food crawl at North Beach

San Francisco North Beach Local’s Food Guide // San Francisco Food Tour 2020 by Evan and Josh

Although North Beach is more well known as a historic area, it’s not all Victorian homes and 1920s architecture. You can check out a wide variety of restaurants and hot locations in this area.

Food lovers would be wise to check this out if they want to sample a wide variety of cuisines, check out the hottest eateries, and perhaps grab a few drinks.

Most of the pleasure is sharing smaller plates when participating in a food crawl.

Active and Youthful Date Ideas in San Francisco

Play Mini Golf at Stagecoach Greens

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Couple playing Mini Golf - Credits: Pinterest
Couple playing Mini Golf – Credits: Pinterest

What better way to spend a weekend than play mini golf and drink wine?

Stagecoach Greens, a mini golf course with a San Francisco theme and plenty of outdoor dining spaces with fires, is situated south of Market. Even though it’s only been there for a short while, the people love it already.

You will enjoy seeing San Francisco’s landmarks in miniature throughout the course.

Go Ice Skating at the Union Square Ice Rink

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Ice Skating - Credits: Pexels
Ice Skating – Credits: Pexels

It’s time to indulge in some of the best wintertime pastimes! 

You may still engage in wintertime activities like ice skating and skiing in San Francisco, which stays milder than locations like New York City.

Each year, the Union Square Ice Skating Rink opens for ice skating in November and remains open until late January.

Try out swing hunting

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Swinging - Credits: Pixabay
Swinging – Credits: Pixabay

Did you know that San Francisco is home to several undiscovered swings?

It’s real, and you can see those swings all over the city—most frequently in open spaces like parks. They are public secrets that make for an enjoyable treasure hunt, which makes them the ideal romantic activity in San Francisco.

To start your search, you can frequently identify swing locations online, but the only way to be sure that you know they’re there is to find them yourself.

After all, occasionally, some are taken away. & more are continuously being constructed! But that is what contributes to the fun.

Challenge yourself to a game at Mission Bowling Club

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Couple at a bowling Center - Credits: iStock
Couple at a bowling Center – Credits: iStock

Going to Mission Bowling Club is one of the best date ideas in San Francisco for a carefree evening out. 

You can buy some bar snacks and drinks to enjoy after playing a few games in this retro-style alley. 

The beverage menu is very entertaining, with various distinctive artisan cocktails.

Nature-Inspired Date Ideas in San Francisco

Treat your eyes with the breathtaking views over the Bay Area

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Bay Area, Pacific Ocean - Credits: Pexels
Bay Area, Pacific Ocean – Credits: Pexels

By joining a guided seaplane tour, you may see breath-blowing bird’s-eye views of San Francisco. The Beaver seaplanes take you to great heights over several of the city’s most well-known sights and usually take off from Sausalito and last for about 30 minutes. 

These include the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge and other attractions, including Alcatraz Island, Muir Woods National Monument’s sequoia trees, and the undulating hills of Northern California’s Wine Country.

Take an intimate walk at Shakespeare Garden

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Shakespeare Garden - Credits: Pinterest
Shakespeare Garden – Credits: Pinterest

Even though it is one of the tiniest gardens inside the massive Golden Gate Park grounds, enjoy a quiet stroll or a picnic in one of San Francisco’s most lovely gardens. 

It is conveniently situated between the California Academy of Sciences and the San Francisco Botanical Garden. 

Shakespeare’s namesake poet regularly used poppies, daisies, roses, and lilies in his plays and sonnets; the garden was first created as the Garden of Shakespeare’s Flowers in 1928.

Hit up Black Sands Beach

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Black Sands Beach - Credits: Pixabay
Black Sands Beach – Credits: Pixabay

Although Black Sands Beach is officially in Sausalito, just across the Bay, We can assure you that it is worth the trip across the Golden Gate.

It is renowned for its epically romantic emotions and dark-colored sand, giving off an Icelandic vibe. Due to its seclusion and reputation for providing an unforgettable experience, the beach is one of the most well-liked places to go on dates close to San Francisco.

Like most sites with a beachy vibe, the swimming is excellent, and it’s the ideal location for a cozy picnic and getting to know one another better in your swimsuits!

Watch the sunset from a panoramic perch

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Sunset in San Francisco - Credits: Pexels
Sunset in San Francisco – Credits: Pexels

There are plenty of locations in San Francisco where you can watch the sunset over the water at Ocean Beach or enjoy the shifting hues of the sky with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Bring your date to Pioneer Park at the foot of the 210-foot-tall Coit Tower for the perfect romantic ambiance. This 4.89-acre area, located at the summit of Telegraph Hill, provides 360-degree views of the city, including San Francisco Bay. 

Go to Bernal Heights Park’s summit for a quieter atmosphere; it is the jewel in the crown of San Francisco’s urban village.

Explore an amazing bang of greenery at Strawberry Hill

Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco, California : Strawberry Hill - Credits: Pixabay
Strawberry Hill – Credits: Pixabay

Discover a fantastic area of flora that you will love. This magnificent landmark in Golden Gate Park lies on an island in the center of Stow Lake. 

The hill, which rises 430 feet above the ground, is thought to be the highest point in the entire park. You may photograph some of the most breathtaking views with your spouse, such as Mt. Tamalpais and the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Bring your significant other on a date to Strawberry Hill with binoculars, a book, a digital camera, lunch, and any other supplies you might need for a great picnic. 

While on this hill, you can engage in a few different activities. You can go to a waterfall and practice meditation at the Golden Gate. This hill is a heaven on earth for bird watchers and wildlife lovers.

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Final Thoughts

San Francisco is a beautiful city in northern California. The city’s attractions are museums, old structures, historic sites, historic buildings, romantic getaways, hiking trails, city tours, boat tours, amusement parks, food events, and renowned eateries.

We hope you will enjoy all the places on this list.

Have a beautiful time in San Francisco.

Thanks for reading!

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