150+ Southern Girl Names

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Southern girl names are sweet, feisty, and full of style, and they’re sure to satisfy. These names will transport you to Dixie’s heart and win you over with their allure.

We’ve compiled the best list of beautiful names for your little Southern beauty, whether you’re from the South or want to give your child a Southern name.

Our “Southern Girls Names” selection is based on a variety of themes.

  1. Sweet and Sassy Southern Baby Girl Names
  2. Cowgirl-Inspired Southern Names For Girls
  3. Nature-Inspired Southern Girl Names
  4. Badass Southern Girl Names
  5. Movies-Inspired Southern Girl Names
  6. Gender-Neutral Southern Names

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Sweet and Sassy Southern Baby Girl Names

Although the south is known for country music, great food, and unsurpassed hospitality, it also has a hidden gem: some of the most beautiful, touching baby names that evoke charm, tradition, and elegance.

The names of southern girls are easy to pronounce and enhance the mood. Perhaps this list can help you select the appropriate beautiful and sassy Southern girl name for your little one.

Abigail – My father’s joy

The name Abigail comes from the Bible. Abby is a popular nickname for this name, and Gail is another option.

Arabella – Yield to prayer

Arabella is a southern name with a second meaning of ‘beautiful and lovable.’ With a lovely shorter version: Bella, the pleasant name is relaxing and emotional.

Aurora – Dawn

The name of the Sleeping Beauty character. Is there really anything else to say? This is a name for a lovely Princess!

Bree – Strength or exalted one

Southern girls names : Brie Larson - American actress who’s known for being the captain Marvel. Credits: Instagram
Brie Larson – American actress who’s known for being the captain Marvel. Credits: Instagram

Bree is a nickname for Briana, Sabrina, and even Gabrielle (all lovely names in their own right!) Brie Larson, with her particular charm, lives up to the label.

Caroline – Strong

Caroline is Charles’ female counterpart. It’s a name from the early 17th century. Carol would be a good moniker for her as she gets older!

Delilah – Delicate

Delilah is a lovely Hebrew name for your delicate girl.

Dixie – Tenth

The name “Dixie” is frequently used to denote the South. It’s also a popular name that conjures up images of sass and wit!

Eden – Delight

Eden is a Biblical name that is cherished among parents.

Ellie – Most beautiful woman

This is an English name. It’s a lovely and well-known name.

Faye – Loyalty

Faye is a rather uncommon Southern girl’s name in today’s society. However, it has lately gained prominence as a result of a character named Faye in the show Euphoria.

Florence – Blossoming or flourishing

Southern girls names : Florence Pugh - English actress. Credits: Instagram
Florence Pugh – English actress. Credits: Instagram

Florence is a Latin name. Abbreviations like Flossie or Flo are frequently used by girls named Florence. Florence Pugh does an excellent job of honoring the name.

Hattie – Ruler of the home

Hattie is a super old Southern name. It’s a female version of the name Harriet.

Harley – Wood or meadow

Harley Quinn popularised the name Harley, which is of Old English origin.

Lynne – Beautiful

Lynn is a common middle name for Southern girls, and it also means sensitive. It’s a shortened form of Lynette.

Mabel – Beautiful and loving

Mabel is a popular Latin name, and the singer Mabel also lives up to the moniker.

Magnolia – Splendid beauty

Magnolia is the name of a tree with the same name. Maggie is the most obvious moniker, although Noel or Nola are also fine choices.

Nora – Honor

Nora is a name that has both Latin and Hebrew roots. The name means ‘light’ in Hebrew.

Phoebe – Bright and shining

Southern girls names : Phoebe Tonkin - Australian actress. Image credits: Instagram
Phoebe Tonkin – Australian actress. Image credits: Instagram

Phoebe is a pretty classic name.

Prissy – Ancient Or Overly Picky

Prissy is an American name. Priscilla is frequently referred to as Priscilla.

Raylene – Queen

Raylene is another old-fashioned Southern girl’s name that is no longer popular. Rachel is a small form of the name.

Ruth – Friend or companion

Ruth is a Hebrew name with a long history. It also means “beautiful vision” and is a popular and well-liked name among parents.

Shiloh – Peace

Shiloh is a Biblical name that we think is lovely because of its tranquil connotation.

Soraya – A very bright light

Soraya is a sweet and unique Southern girl’s name.

Savannah – Treeless plane

Savannah has Native American origin. The name is a prominent Southern girl name from the 16th century.

Taryn – From a high rocky cliff

Taryn has been used as a Southern girl name since the 1700s.

Teresa – Harvester

Teresa is a Greek female given name. Tessa or Tessa are the most prevalent nicknames for this name.

Virginia – Maiden or virgin

The name Virginia comes from the Latin word “virginia.” It is frequently abbreviated to Gigi. 

Winona – Firstborn

The name Winona is a feminine name. It’s an anglicised form of a Dakota phrase that means “firstborn daughter.”

Georgia – Farmer

The state of Georgia comes to mind when it comes to place-themed southern girl names. For your tiny peach, Georgeanne and Georgette are beautiful choices.

Grace – Charm, goodness

Whether your newborn girl is from the south or not, this calm nickname has religious connotations and also conjures loveliness and charm.

Scarlett – Red

Southern girls names : Scarlett Johansson - American actress. Credits: Getty Images
Scarlett Johansson – American actress. Credits: Getty Images

Scarlett, a color name derived from the English word “red,” has been popular since the publication of Margaret Mitchell’s famous novel Gone With the Wind.

Cowgirl-Inspired Southern Names For Girls

When we think about cowgirl names, we think of western names with an outdoorsy feel. These brands never go out of style and are well-known not only in the United States but also around the world.

Here are some cowgirl-inspired southern names for girls.

Abby – Father’s joy

Abby is a nickname for Abigail. Abigail is a variant of the Hebrew name Avigail, which is more prevalent in the United States.

Arizona – Place of little spring

Arizona, while being a state in the United States, has Native American roots. The name is a common cowgirl name.

Autumn – Season of fall

Autumn is a Latin-derived name that is particularly popular among parents.

Bailey – Berry clearing or bailiff

Bailey is an Old English name that would be perfect for your little cowgirl.

Belle – Lovely one

For a baby girl, Belle is a delicate cowgirl name. The name comes from the French language.

Beatrice – She who makes happy

Beatrice is an Italian variation of the name Beatrix, which has Latin origins.

Blossom – Flower or bloom

Blossom is a popular name with a Latin origin.

Bonnie – Attractive, pretty

Bonnie is a lovely cowgirl name with Scottish roots that also happens to signify lovely.

Cassidy – Clever or curly-haired

Cassidy is a name that comes of an Irish origin and has a strong cowgirl vibe to it.

Charlie – Freeman

Despite being a unisex name, Charlie is ideal for a strong-willed cowgirl.

Dakota – Partner or friend

Southern girls names : Dakota Fanning - American actress. Credits: Instagram
Dakota Fanning – American actress. Credits: Instagram

Dakota is a name that comes from the Siouan word Dakota and has grown in popularity over time. Dakota Johnson and Dakota Fanning both hold the name in high regard.

Dallas – From the valley

Dallas, Texas’s most well-known metropolis, is a large city in the state. Dallas, on the other hand, is a popular cowgirl name.

Etta – Keeper of the hearth

Southern girls names : Etta James - Matriarch of R&B. Image: Instagram
Etta James – Matriarch of R&B. Image: Instagram

Etta, like Ella, is a well-known French surname.

Genevieve – Leader of the tribe

Genevieve has grown in popularity during the previous few decades. Its origins are Germanic.

Georgia – Farmer or worker of the earth

Georgia is a state, a country, and the ideal name for a little girl.

Harriet – Ruler of the house

This name is a variant of Henrietta and has Germanic origins. It was a popular name in the 1980s and 1990s.

Heather – Evergreen flowering plant

Heather is a Middle English word that refers to a flowering plant with the same name.

Holly – The evergreen holly trees

This name comes from the Old English language and could be ideal for your cowgirl.

Ida – Labour

The name Ida has German origins and is unique.

Jacqueline – One who supplants

The name Jacqueline comes from the Hebrew language. Jacqueline is a wonderful cowgirl name for your child.

Jessie – Gift

It is a common name that is the feminine variant of the name Jesse.

Justine – Fair, rightful

Justine is a popular female name that comes from the Latin language.

Katelyn – Chaste, pure

Katelyn is a spelling variation of Caitlin and is trendy.

Kendall – From the bright valley

Kendall is a name of a Celtic etymology. Kendall Jenner gives the name a cowgirl feel.

Lady – Woman of high manners

The word lady comes from the English language and is the female counterpart of the word gentleman.

Layla – Woman of the night

Layla is a common female name that has its origins in the Arabic language.

Lilibeth – Promise of God

Lilibeth is a beautiful cowgirl name that is a variation of Elizabeth.

Maddie – Woman from Magdala

Southern girls names : Maddie Ziegler - American Actress. Credits: YouTube
Maddie Ziegler – American Actress. Credits: YouTube

Maddie is a nickname for Madeline, a name with Hebrew roots.

Marybeth – Star of the sea

Marybeth is a common cowgirl name that is a mix of two names.

Montana – Mountain

Montana is a popular name that comes from the Spanish word montaña. It has been popular since the 2000s.

Nevada – Covered in snow

Nevada is a cowgirl name from the Wild West with Spanish origins, made famous by the state in the United States.

Patty – Lady of the house

Patty is a shortened variant of Martha, a name with Aramaic roots.

Pauline – Tiny, petite

Southern girls names : Pauline C. Amelinckx - Miss Universe PH '20- 3rd RU. Image: Instagram
Pauline C. Amelinckx – Miss Universe PH ’20- 3rd RU. Image: Instagram

Pauline is a typical country girl name that is a variation of the name Paula.

Reese – Ardour

The actress Reese Witherspoon popularised the name Reese, which has Welsh origins.

Rhonda – Woman with great lance, spear

Rhonda is a Welsh girl’s name. To us, it definitely screams cowgirl.

Rihanna – Sweet basil

The meaning of the name is a little hazy, despite its Arabic origins. Regardless, it’s a well-known moniker due to famous singer, Rihanna.

Sierra – A mountain range

Sierra is a Spanish name that represents strength and stability.

Susanna – Lily

It’s an English version of the Hebrew name Shoshan, and it’s a popular cowgirl name in the South.

Shenandoah – Beautiful daughter of the stars

The name Shenandoah comes from the Native American tribe Shenandoah. The name could be ideal for your lovely young girl.

Nature-Inspired Southern Girl Names

Nature-inspired girl names are fresh and lively, mixing organic roots with vivid imagery to produce memorable and recognised monikers. We have the right option for you, whether you’re looking for inspiration from the Earth or the sky!

Daisy – The day’s eye

The daisy is a flower that thrives in southern soil, and it’s a lovely girl’s name that will suit your Southern belle perfectly.

June – Young

Summer and sunny days are reflected in the name. Juno was a powerful influencer and was regarded as the protector of pregnant women in ancient Roman mythology.

Honey – Nectar

It may be a diminutive of Honora, however, it’s more commonly used as a nickname and affection name.

Abilene – Meadow

Abilene comes from the Hebrew language. It has a unique ring to it, yet it’s not too difficult to pronounce.

Acacia – Guileless

Acacia is a common name that comes of Greek origin. It’s a fantastic alternative for parents.

Aria – Air

Your daughter’s name expresses how precious she is to you. You require her as much as you require oxygen to survive!

Aspen – One who is like mother earth

Aspen is the name of a tree, and it’s a terrific option if you want a name that’s both unique and easy to remember.

Blossom – To bloom or to grow

Blossom is a traditional name that is making a comeback in popularity today.

Brier – Heather

Do you have a soft spot for everything French? Then Brier might be a good name for your baby. It refers to a purple-hued flower.

Brin – Like a hill

The name comes from the Welsh language, and it’s a terrific way to get in touch with your heritage.

Brooklyn – A stream, brook

It’s not Brooklyn, New York, we’re talking about! The name Brooklyn derives from the word “lake.” And the name is more appropriate if you stay in New York.

Cascade – A steep or small fall of water

What a beautiful name. Cascade is an unusual name for a one-in-a-billion baby.

Chrysanthe – Flower of gold or Marigold

Chrysanthe is a unique name with a wonderful meaning — everything a good name should have.

Coral – Sea growth

The coral reef is a natural wonder. Coral is a name that not only expresses your passion for the water but also relates to the color coral.

Darya – Ocean

The infinite sea is a wonder to behold. Your daughter is, too! Darya is a Persian girl’s name that could be excellent for her.

Ela – Earth

Southern girls names : Ela Velden, Actor. Credits: Instagram
Ela Velden, Actor. Credits: Instagram

Ela is a good option if you’re seeking the first name to match with a chosen second name.

Farley – Woodland clearing

Farley is a nice name for parents who want their child to have a traditional English name.

Fleur – Flower

Flora in this French variant is uncommon. This makes it not only one-of-a-kind but also fashionable. We’re guessing there aren’t many Fleurs out there.

Hazel – Hazel tree

The English term hazel refers to a light brown tint or a tree. Hazel’s eyes are among the most attractive of all the eye colors.

Genesis – Origin

Tell us a name for your young princess that is better than “beginning”! Genesis, a Greek name, is all about new beginnings!

Iris – Rainbow

The rainbow’s colors can bring a sense of beauty and calm to anyone. It’s a Greek name, but it’d be ideal for any family who enjoys the outdoors.

Jade – Precious stone

 Isn’t your daughter precious like a jade? Just what the ‘name-doctor’ ordered: a simple name with a fantastic meaning!

Juniper – Young

Young Juniper is derived from the Latin Juniperus. Juniperus is a fantastic name since it implies evergreen.

Badass Southern Girl Names

A little badass appeals to everyone. Badass female names deliver with their raw roughness and serious style. We’ve compiled a list of nasty southern girl names for your little rebel.

Beulah – Married

Beulah is another biblical lady name with a fierce aura.

Betsy – God is my oath

Betsy is a nickname for Elizabeth that originates in Hebrew.

Blanche – White

Blanche is a typical southern female name, and we’re not sure what it is about this name that makes us think of badass.

Birdie – Bright, famous

Birdie is a bright, well-known name with German, English, and American roots, Birdie is unmistakably a southern girl’s name.

Bonnie – Attractive, pretty 

Bonnie is a sweet Scottish female name, yet we have a feeling Bonnie-named girls are pretty wicked.

Carlin – Little champion

Carlin is a unisex Irish name that perfectly reflects your little champion.

Carreen – Maiden

Carreen is a French-sounding name for a southern girl.

Chantilly – White

Chantilly is a badass French girl name that we adore. This one is inspired by the Battle of Chantilly, which took place in the south of France.

Diana – Divine

Diana Vickers – Actor, musician, writer: Image credits: Instagram

Diana is the name of the Roman goddess of childbirth, and her name screams toughness and rebelliousness.

Dorothy – Gift of God

Dorothy exudes both southern charm and a badass attitude.

Emery – Brave or powerful

Emery is a German unisex baby name that could be the perfect choice for your little badass.

Etta – Estate ruler

Etta is an English girl name that you don’t hear very much these days, but it reminds us a lot of the deep south.

Fannie – Free

Fannie is a tough English baby girl name with a lot of southern charm.

Harriette – Home ruler

Harriette is a strong name that derives from Old German.

Movies-Inspired Southern Girl Names

It can be challenging to come up with an appropriate name for your child. It may be a good idea to finalize the name of one of your favorite movie or television characters for your little one during times when movies and television programmes are popular. We’ve compiled a list of names that the majority of you will recognise and associate with the character.

Aurora – Dawn

This lovely girl’s name is of Latin origin and is well-known due to its appearance in numerous films.

Ava – Bird or life

Ava is a Latin name. This brief and sweet name comes to life in the film Ava.

Azalea – Dry

Azalea is also an English wildflower. The moniker is also popularised by Iggy Azalea, a well-known singer.

Bea – She who brings happiness

Southern girls names : Bea Alonzo - British-Filipino actress, model, and singer. Image: Instagram
Bea Alonzo – British-Filipino actress, model, and singer. Image: Instagram

Bea is a rare southern girl’s name that has been used in several films.

Beatrice – Bringer of joy and blessings

Beatrice is a French-derived vintage southern girl name.

Belle – beautiful

Belle is a lovely name in and of itself, but it’s also frequently used as a suffix for many traditional southern belle names. This name is well-known thanks to the film Beauty and the Beast.

Belinda – beautiful 

Belinda is a lovely and feminine Italian girl name that has become fairly famous as a result of its television appearance.

Caroline – Free man

Caroline is a sweet girl’s name with a touch of southern charm. Caroline from The Vampire Diaries is without a doubt our favorite character.

Cassidy – Clever or curly-haired one

Cassidy is an Irish baby name and our favorite Stranger Things character.

Catherine – Pure

Catherine is a classic and conventional girl’s name that has been featured in several television shows, including The Vampire Diaries.

Charlotte – Free man

Charlotte is a popular French-inspired girl’s name in the South, with nicknames like Lotta and Lottie.

Claire – Bright or clear

Claire is a feminine French girl name, and needless to say, Claire from Modern Family is one of our favorites.

Clara – Famous, bright

Clara is a southern charmer whose name means ‘clear’ and has Latin roots.

Daphne – Laurel tree

Daphne is a beautiful Greek girl’s name. Daphne from Bridgerton certainly has our heart.

Darlene – Darling

Darlene is an Old English name with a lovely southern sound. Darlene is a character in the Ozark television series, and she screams Southern cowgirl to us.

Eleanor – Shining light

Eleanor is a traditional English girl’s name, as well as a classic character from the show, The Good Place.

Gender-Neutral Southern Names

For a variety of reasons, Unisex and gender-neutral baby names are becoming more popular. Here are some southern gender-neutral baby names to get you started, whether you want to avoid stereotypes or discover something more unique.

Taylor – clothed with salvation

Southern girls names : Taylor Swift - American singer. Image: Instagram
Taylor Swift – American singer. Image: Instagram

Taylor is traditionally a boy’s name. In recent times, it is frequently used as a girl’s name. 

Channing – Wise, young wolf

This is a gender-neutral Southern name. The name comes from the English language.

Bailey – Berry clearing; bailiff; city fortification

Bailey is a gender-neutral name, but it is a more prevalent girl name in the United States.

Collins – Holly

Collins is a surname for boys with European origins that has gained popularity among southern newborn girls in recent years.

Palmer – Holder of the palm

Although this name is nominally unisex, it is becoming increasingly popular among southern baby girls. Cameran Eubanks of Southern Charm gave her daughter the name in 2017, upping the name.

Sutton – From the southern homestead

This is another unisex baby name that is becoming increasingly popular among young females. Sutton Foster, a triple threat and TV celebrity, is expected to birth a slew of little-name twins in the coming years.

Hunter – One who hunts

Southern girls names : Hunter Schafer - model, writer, producer, artist, and actress. Credits: Image: Instagram
Hunter Schafer – model, writer, producer, artist, and
actress. Credits: Image: Instagram

This unisex name screams Southern to us. In recent years, it has remained in the top 50 most common names.

Harley – Wood or meadow

It’s a unisex southern name made up of two Old English elements. Harley is a gentle and sophisticated spin on a nature-inspired name.

Julep – Rose water

Consider this sweet moniker for your southern baby boy or girl, and remember that it also refers to a delicious summer cocktail popular in the South.

Parker – Park keeper

This is a swaggering Southern name. While Parker is three times more likely to be given to a baby boy, it is also a lovely name for a baby girl.

Presley – Priest’s meadow

Although it is most popular because of the late, great Elvis Presley, this adorable boy or girl baby name is fashionable in its own right.

Southern – From The South

It’s brutally straightforward, but what a lovely way to honor the South with a baby name—and a fantastic way to round out this list of southern baby names! 

Austin – Great

Augustine’s name has been abbreviated to Austin. This name has truly turned Southern, as it is also a city in Texas.

Adler – Eagle 

Adler is a common surname that can be used to include family history in a child’s name.

Connor – A wolf lover 

Connor is a baby unisex name that is mostly used in the Christian religion and has a Gaelic origin.

Everett – Brave boar

Everett is a German name that can be used for both boys and girls.

Flannery – Descendant Of The Red Warrior

Flannery is an Irish name that is primarily gender-neutral. You may be familiar with the name of a well-known Southern author.

Harper – Someone who plays the harp

The name Harper has English origins. Harper Lee is one of the most well-known Southerners.

Yates – Dweller By A Gate

Yates is an English name that is primarily gender-neutral.

Hayes – Lives By The Forest/Brush

The name Hayes is largely a gender-neutral English name, which means it could be ideal for your child.

Hollis – Near The Holly

Hollis is an English name that is primarily gender-neutral.

Leigh – Meadow or Delicate

Leigh has Hebrew and Old English roots.

Rhett – Advice 

Rhett is a baby unisex name that is mostly used in the Christian religion and has an English origin.

Raleigh – From The Red Or Rye Field

Raleigh is an English name that is primarily gender-neutral. Raleigh’s nickname is Leigh.

Sawyer – Woodcutter

Sawyer comes from the Middle English language. Both boys and girls have taken to this free-spirited moniker.

Shelby – Willow farm

Shelby is a historically gender-neutral version of the English surname Selby, which was based on a location. It has a lovely ring to it as well as a lovely meaning.

Tara – Hill or star

Tara is a Sanskrit and Gaelic name that is gender-neutral. Although Tara is a gender-neutral name, it is more commonly given to girls and is a popular choice among Irish families.

Tucker – Softener Of Cloth

Tucker is an English name that is primarily gender-neutral. Tuck is Tucker’s nickname.

Walker – A fuller of cloth

This unisex name offers a lot of British flair, elegance, and grace without being pretentious, and it doesn’t require a family crest use.

Wallace – Foreigner, Stranger

Wallace is an English name that is primarily gender-neutral.


One of the most rewarding and cool experiences a new parent can have is naming their child. We compiled a comprehensive list of 150+ Southern girl names to help you choose the perfect name combination for your little cowgirl. Please let us know if you come up with the perfect name combinations by using the Southern girl names listed above.

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