100+ Sci-Fi & Fantasy Baby Girl Names For Creative Thinkers

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Baby Girl Names

Baby girls simply steal your heart away with their stunning smiles, adorable giggles and bubbly personalities. One main thing to get prepared for is naming your perfect little girl. With so many options, it can get overwhelming and soon enough, you’d realize you have your work cut out for you.  We looked into the world … Read more

100+ Sci-Fi & Fantasy Baby Boy Names For Creative Thinkers

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Baby Boy Names

Are you looking for cool name ideas for your baby boy? How about some science fiction or movies in the fantasy land for inspiration?  We looked into the best movies, games, and books to come up with a list of cool and meaningful Sci-Fi and Fantasy names for Boys. We looked into books and videos … Read more

100+ Amazing Middle Names For Declan

Middle Names For Declan

Congratulations on picking Declan as the name of your child.  Declan is such a wonderful name! Names have served as sources of inspiration through countless generations, interestingly, Declan is no exception with its rich history.  Not only do names make your child feel special, but they also remind them of who they are. No matter … Read more

Why do we have middle names: A modern perspective

Why Do We Have Middle Names

Most people know that having a middle name is customary, but do you know why do we have middle names? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just because our parents loved us enough to give us three names. There are actually a few reasons why having a middle name has become common practice. Let’s explore … Read more

110+ Lovely Middle Names for Paige

Middle Names For Paige

Congratulations on picking Paige for your baby. Paige is a lovely name. As you may know, you could use a middle name to remind your baby where they come from – be it Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, Jews, Christian, etc.  Some readers ask us about the research on the impact of naming on … Read more

110+ Great Middle Names For Owen

Middle Names For Owen

Congratulations on choosing the lovely name Owen for your baby. A name has a certain power of giving a new identity to your baby. With the advent of DNA testing, many of us are finding out our ancestry and want our next generation to remember that.  Or, maybe you are marrying into another race and … Read more

100+ Middle Names for Nova

Middle Names For Nova

Congratulations on picking Nova for your baby. Nova is such an awesome name.  It reminds me of stars as in Super Nova – and, of course, innovations.  You could spice things up or balance it with something traditional by adding a middle name for baby Nova.  Middle names are sometimes used as a brand for … Read more

105+ Unique Middle Names for Nora

Middle Names For Nora

Congratulations on choosing Nora as a first name for your baby. Nora is a lovely name. For me, it makes me think of my daughter’s name (Nara – a lovey Japanese city where my wife and I first travel together.) A name has a certain power of giving a new identity to your baby. With … Read more

100+ Great Middle Names For Noah

Middle Names For Noah

Naming is one exciting part of giving birth and raising a newborn, it is a joyous journey (mixed with lots of sweat, tears, and sleepless nights).  So, congratulations on deciding on the baby name Noah. Personally, it reminds me of Noah’s Ark (long memories from Sunday school. Or maybe following too much news on Ark … Read more

110+ Lovely Middle Names for Naomi

Middle Names For Naomi

Congratulations on picking Naomi for your baby.  Naomi is a lovely name! (Personally, it reminds me of Naomi Osaka. I probably watched too many Netflix documentaries.) You may be wondering what middle name to give baby Naomi.  A middle name is a perfect opportunity to remind your baby where they come from, to honor someone … Read more