150+ Warrior Baby Names

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Are you looking for warrior baby names for your little fighter? Here are some fantastic suggestions.

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to give your child a strong, warrior name. Perhaps you toiled long to become a parent

You have worked hard to get to this point. 

You want your baby to have courage – be it a boy or girl

And, who doesn’t want their babies to be a little stronger?

We have based our selection of “Warrior Baby Names” on a wide range of themes. Each theme contains a set of names for boys and girls.

  1. Popular Warrior Baby Names
  2. Warrior Baby Names Inspired by Mythology
  3. Warrior Baby Names that Mean Strength and Honor 
  4. Warrior Baby Names Inspired by Fictions or Movies 
  5. Nature-inspired Warrior Baby Names
  6. Gender-Neutral Balanced Warrior Baby Names

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Popular Warrior Baby Names

If you want to name your infant after a warrior, soldier, or fighter, check out our list of popular warrior baby names.

Popular Warrior Baby Names for Boys

Agnar – Warrior

Agnar is one of many great Norwegian origin names that mean warrior and sounds like someone courageous and fierce. 

Alfonso – Noble

Alfonso is a Spanish Italian origin name that has a strong vibe to it.

Alvey – Elf Battle

Alvey is a great strong baby boy name for a warrior baby. 

Asim – Protector

For your little warrior, an Arabic name with easy pronunciation.

Cadel – Battle

Cadel Evans, a professional cyclist from Australia, made this name in the trends.

Warrior Baby Names : Cadel Evans - Credits: Pinterest
Cadel Evans – Credits: Pinterest

Cathán – Battle

Cathan is an uncommon Irish boy’s name that would be a fascinating way to memorialize an ancestor Catherine.

Duncan – Warrior

Duncan is the King of Scotland in Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth.”

Edmund – Fortunate protector

Edmund Hillary, a famous mountaineer from Newzealand who climbed Mount Everest, popularized the name. 

Elbrus – High guard

Mount Elbrus is a two-peaked stratovolcano in southwest Russia. 

Evander – Bow warrior

The fierce fighter Evander Holyfield inspired this name. 

Warrior Baby Names : Evander Holyfield - Credits: Skysports
Evander Holyfield – Credits: Skysports

Faris – Knight

Faris is the most popular name for infant boys in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it was the 32nd most popular name in 2019.

Gunnar – Warrior

For families with Scandinavian ancestry, this is an intriguing, tough-sounding alternative. This name is great for your little defending warrior.

Harvey – Battle worthy

Harvey was given to 762 baby boys in the United States in 2019, making it the 404th most popular name that year.

Howard – High guardian

The name Howard comes from a variety of places. Another name is Hughart, which comes from the words hug, which means heart and mind, and indicates courageous and sturdy.

Humphrey – Peace

Humphrey Bogart was an actor from the United States. In 1951, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in The African Queen.

Warrior Baby Names : Humphrey Bogart - Credits: Pinterest
Humphrey Bogart – Credits: Pinterest

Louis – Famous Warrior

Louis was the name of 14 French kings and is a well-known name among the French aristocracy.

Murdock – Sea warrior

This name has come from Marduk, an ancient Mesopotamian god who was also the patron god of Babylon.

Ned – Prosperity

Ned emerged as a nickname for Edward. Ned was created by squeezing the syllables together.

Oliver – Elf warrior

With distinct international flair, Oliver is extremely popular throughout.

Raymond – Protector

Raymond is a character in the Animal Crossing video game.

Seward – Victorious guardian

Sigeweard was an Old English first name that later became a surname to symbolize a victorious warrior.

Ward – Guard

Ward was once a word given to civil guards or keepers of the watch as a job title.

Wymond – Man of War

With its fighting spirit, Wymond is a handsome choice for your warrior.

Umberto – Bright Warrior

Umberto Eco, a writer, and semiotician is a notable namesake.

Sivert – Victory, guardian

The name Sievert is a diminutive of the surname Siegward.

Popular Warrior Baby Names for Girls

Maia – Great, Beautiful

Warrior Baby Names : Maia Reficco has 2.5 million followers on TikTok. Credit: Instagram@maiareficco
Maia Reficco has 2.5 million followers on TikTok. Credit: Instagram@maiareficco

Maia is a light, airy girl’s name with mythical roots and mystical implications.

Agrona – Goddess of slaughter

It was the Brythonic Goddess of War and Death’s name.

Alala – War-like

This name for a girl born under one of the signs ruled by Mars—Aries or Scorpio—could be used for a girl born under one of the signs ruled by Mars—Aries or Scorpio.

Aadya – Earth

In southern India, the name Aadya is a rare given name. There are variations such as ‘Aadya’ and ‘Aadhya.’ Adya is a Sanskrit word that signifies “first.”

Adira – Mighty

Adira is one of those uncommon names that is both uncommon and simple, and it effortlessly crosses languages.

Alessia – Defender

Alessia Cara, a young Canadian pop artist, has breathed fresh life into this spicy-sounding name, propelling it into the Top 1000 in 2016.

Alexandra – Helper

Alexandra is a strong, stylish, and elegant name and has a chic aura despite its popularity, a solid historical heritage, and a variety of gentler nicknames like Alexa and Xandra.

Althea – Healer

The name is significant due to Althea Gibson, the first African-American to win at Wimbledon.

Alvilda – Supernatural being

According to Pythagorean Numerology, Persons named Alvilda are inquisitive and analytical.

Amira – Commander

This gleaming name, which is commonly given to girls born on Shavuot, the Jewish harvest festival, and is also used in the Muslim community, is growing in popularity.

Annemarie – Rebellious

One of the most well-known smoosh names, as well as one of the most cosmopolitan.

Aoife – Beautiful

Aoife was the name of several notable ancient Irish heroines. In one story, she was the world’s fiercest lady warrior and the archenemy of Scathach, her twin sister.

Artemis – Goddess of the moon

Artemis is a younger, more distinctive, if unconventional, alternative to the Roman Diana.

Athena – Goddess of wisdom

Athena is a unique name that may appeal to enlightened parents that place a high value on intelligence.

Audelia – Noble

Audrey is a variation of Audelia, which is an Old English name.

Bellatrix – Female warrior

Bellatrix, named after one of Orion’s stars, combines the fashionable names Bella and Beatrix to create a fun and unique name.

Bernadette – Brave

Bernadette is a lovely, feminine, but powerful name that was once setting the trends.

Brenda – Sword

A feminine variation of the Old Norse boy’s name Brandr.

Bria – Vigor

It’s a sweet but edgy name.

Briana – Noble

Warrior Baby Names : Briana Barbara-Jane Evigan is an American actress best known for her roles in the Step Up series. Credit: Step Up
Briana Barbara-Jane Evigan is an American actress best known for her roles in the Step Up series. Credit: Step Up

This feminine form of Brian first made its name onto the baby-naming lists in the 1970s.

Bridget – Power

Bridget is the name of Ireland’s most famous female saint.

Fairuza – Women of triumph

Consider this quirky Arabic name, brought into the American name pool by actress Fairuza Balk, instead of the more obvious Aqua, Turquoise, or Blue.

Fallon – Superiority

Fallon’s numerology number is 6, which means he is responsible, nurturing, balanced, sympathetic, and sociable.

Jaiyana – Strength

This name is especially suitable for ‘Girls’. Jaiyana lucky number is 5.

Karleen – Womanly

Karleen possesses both magical and creative abilities. Karleen is a laid-back, sociable woman who enjoys art.

Warrior Baby Names Inspired by Mythology

There are several reasons why you might turn to folk heroes, fantastical creatures, and gods and goddesses for naming ideas. We have a few warrior names for you to select from, whatever your motive for choosing a warrior baby name inspired by mythology.

Warrior Names for Boys Inspired by Mythology

Abraxas – The great chief magistrate

Abraxas is a mystical Greek letter combination. It was inscribed on amulets and charms because it has magical properties.

Achilles – Pain

Achilles was a legendary warrior known for his great strength and bravery.

Adonis – Lord

Adonis is a name generally associated with manly beauty. The name belongs to a Greek mythology figure.

Ajax – Eagle

Another Greek hero, Ajax, is well known for appearing in Homer’s Iliad.

Apollo – Destroyer

Apollo was the twin brother of Artemis and the son of Zeus and Leto.

Ares – Ruin

Ares, the son of Zeus and Hera, was an ancient Greek god of war and one of the 12 Olympians.

Cadmus – One who excels

Cadmus is a mythological hero noted for his serpent-slaying prowess.

Damon – One who tames

Damon is a legendary figure who is famed for willingly sacrificing himself for his companion.

Aldo – Noble

Aldo is a one-of-a-kind baby name with a global appeal.

Alejandro – Warrior

Alejandro is the Spanish version of Alexander with catchy pronunciation. 

Aragorn – Noble valor

In Sindarin, the language of the elves in Middle-earth, Aragorn means “noble courage,” according to J. R. R. Tolkien.

Anhur – God of war

Anhur was a deity of war in early Egyptian mythology. 

Odin – Frenzied

Warrior Baby Names : Odin Borson was the King of Asgard and ruled all Asgard. Credit: shaniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Odin
Odin Borson was the King of Asgard and ruled all Asgard. Credit: shaniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Odin

Odin, the highest (father) of all Norse gods, ruled over art, war, wisdom, and death in Norse mythology.

Kydoimos – Graceful

Kydoimos was the embodiment of war noise, chaos, uproar, and commotion in Greek mythology.

Warrior Names for Girls Inspired by Mythology

Acantha – Thorn

According to Greek mythology, Apollo adored Acantha. It would be perfect as a tribute to Grandma Rose because of the meaning of the name.

Alala – War-like

Alala has the ring of a high-end celebrity baby name. It’s thought to have originated from an owl’s screeches.

Althea – With the healing power

Althea Gibson, the first African American woman to win Wimbledon, is one of the prominent persons with this name. 

Andromeda – Leader of men

Andromeda was Cassiopeia’s daughter, and she was famed for her beauty.

Anthea – Flowery

Anthea was the Greek goddess of flowers and floral wreaths, and her name meant “flower goddess.”

Calliope – Beautiful voice

The name Calliope is the name of an epic poetry muse.

Calypso – She who hides

Calypso is a well-known name that has appeared in films, literature, and even ships. It’s a solid name with a lot of drama.

Cassandra – Prophetess

The name belongs to a Trojan princess who received Apollo’s gift of prophecy.

Clio – Glory

Clio was a legendary Greek muse who appeared in heroic poetry and history.

Cybele – Mother of all gods

Cybele was the goddess of health, fertility, and nature. It’s a lovely name that sounds similar to Sybil.

Daphne – Bay tree

Warrior Baby Names : Singer Daphne Willis is "a badass, mic killer, and hustler" by Popdust. Credit: daphnewillis.com
Singer Daphne Willis is “a badass, mic killer, and hustler” by Popdust. Credit: daphnewillis.com

Daphne is a lovely name. A genderfluid artist that exists with her multitudes on display, Daphne Willis is strong, resilient, and passionate. 

Delia –  Pleasant

Delia has a certain allure to her that we can’t deny. It works well as a nickname for Cordelia or Adelia in the south.

Demeter – Earth-lover

Demeter was the Greek goddess of agriculture, fertility, harvest, grain, and sustenance.

Eos – Dawn

Despite its ancient roots, Eos sounds forward-thinking and contemporary, while yet paying homage to Auntie Dawn.

Eris – Strife

Eris is the goddess of discord and devastation in Greek mythology, and the sister of Ares, the god of battle.

Gaia – Earth mother

The name has an environmental connotation to it. It’s a popular term in pop culture, and it was even used in the CW series The 100.

Warrior Baby Names that Mean Strength and Honor 

Parents want their babies to grow up strong and powerful. You want your child to feel brave and face challenges. That’s why we have created a list of names that mean strength and honor.

In this section, you will find names from Greek, Latin, African and more origins.

Warrior Baby Names for Boys that Mean Strength and Honor 

Aaron – High Mountain

It’s still a stylish and timeless option. Aaron’s initial double vowel has a pleasing tenderness to it due to its softness.

Alexander – Defender

Alexander the Great, the 4th-century BCE ruler of Macedonia in Greece and one of history’s most powerful military commanders, is most famously linked with the name.

Andrew – Strong and Manly

Andrew is one of the most endearing traditional boy names, having more personality and charm than James or John.

Brian – Honorable

Brian has been one of the most popular Irish imports for boys for a long time.

Callan – Rock

Cathaláin is an Anglicized version of the Irish surname Cathaláin.

Denzell – Powerful

Warrior Baby Names : Denzell Washington is one of my favorite actors. Credit: TCM
Denzell Washington is one of my favorite actors. Credit: TCM

It’s a cool-sounding name that’s now infrequently used. It’s both unique and respectable.

Ethan – Strong

Ethan is praised for his wise counsel.

Gabriel – God is my strength

Gabriel has proven to be a more approachable and enticing option than Michael, the other long-reigning archangel.

Griffin – Strong lord

Griffin is a two-syllable Celtic surname that is relatively new and appealing.

Liam – Strong-willed

Liam Neeson, an Irish-born actor, was important in propelling Liam to the top of the charts.

Max – Greatest

Max is a short form of Maxwell, Maximus, Maximo, and Maximilian that has also functioned as a stand-alone given name.

Oscar –  God’s spear

Oscar is quickly displacing urban trends like Max and Sam. It’s a round and jolly pick.

Oswald – Ruler

Saint Oswald, a ruler of Northumbria who introduced Christianity to northeast England in the 7th century before being murdered in battle, is associated with the name.

Quillon – Strong

Quillon is the name of a Chilean town.

Ryker – Strength

Ryker is a popular German boy’s name in the United States.

Warrior Baby Names for Girls that Mean Strength and Honor 

Matilda – Battle-mighty

Matilda has a variety of nicknames. Tillie for the brave, Mattie for the bashful, and Tilda for the little more eccentric.

Everett – Brave as a wild boar

Everett is a stately, wintry New England name that has recently risen its popularity due to its resemblance to current girls’ names like Eva and Ava.

Archie – Truly brave

It was initially a shorter version of Archibald, but it is now frequently used as a standalone name.

Audrey – Noble strength

Starry-eyed fans of the 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and the film’s gorgeous and sophisticated lead, Audrey Hepburn, had the most influence on the name’s popularity.

Althea – With the healing power

In Greek mythology and pastoral poetry, Althea is a lyrical, almost ethereal name.

Valentina – Strength

Valentina is Valerie’s more romantic and creative successor; she’s a lovely, recommended choice.

Aziel – God is my strength 

Aziel is a rare name with a zealous connotation that may become more well-known as a result of the trendy initials A and z in the center.

Maude – Battle-mighty

The Tennyson poem “Come into the garden, Maude,” which includes the oft-quoted line “Come into the garden, Maude,” impacted Maud’s early popularity.

Bridget – Strength

It is a name most appealing to parents of Irish heritage – and proud of it!

Valentine – Health

Valentine is a lovely Shakespearean name that has romantic connotations.

Gabriella – God is my Strength

Gabriella is Gabriel’s feminine version, derived from the Hebrew Gavriel.

Osiris – With solid eyesight

Osiris is the name of an Egyptian god-king who died every year and was reborn.

Valerie – Strength

Valerie, the name of a murdered medieval saint, has been on the popularity list since 1880 when it was first published.

Warrior Baby Names Inspired by Fictions or Movies 

Fighters who were unique, strong-willed, creative, and non-conformist are heroes to us and we all have our favorite tales of these warriors. We’ve compiled a list of famous warrior baby names from history and fiction to help you get inspired and name your future protector.

Warrior Baby Names for Boys inspired by Fictions or Movies

Abraham – Father of multitudes

Abraham is a well-known fictional name. Abraham “Abe” Sapien is an amphibious character from the Hellboy comics.

Albus – Bright

Many of us wished we had Albus Dumbledore as a school administrator or mentor.

Warrior Baby Names : Albus Dumbledore - Credits: Pinterest
Albus Dumbledore – Credits: Pinterest

Alex – Warrior

Alex Fierro from the Magnus Chase series would be a suitable name option.

Ambrose – Immortal

In the fantasy series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sabrina Spellman’s Cousin Ambrose is a strong spirit in his own right.

Arthur – Noble Strength

Your youngster may be named Arthur in honor of badass superhero Arthur Curry, better known as Aquaman, or after the kind-hearted Weasley father from the Harry Potter series.

Blade – Knife

The Blade is a vampire killer who is half-human and half-vampire in the comic books.

Warrior Baby Names ; Blade - Credits: Pinterest
Blade – Credits: Pinterest

Bowie – Fair-Haired

This name is a nod to David Bowie, the artist who appeared in the 1980s fantasy film Labyrinth and recorded the popular sci-fi anthem Space Oddity.

Burton – Fort

As Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation, LeVar Burton nailed his part and his eyewear.

Carter – Someone who uses a cart

Despite the fact that the film John Carter was a box office flop, there was no doubting the global attraction of this protagonist from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom novels.

Chase – Huntsman

Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, Magnus Chase, is a successful series of books.

Connor – Lover of hounds

The Terminator franchise revolves around the Connor family. It’s possible that this name is in honor of Sarah Connor or her son John.

Warrior Baby Names : Sarah Connor - Credits: IMDb
Sarah Connor – Credits: IMDb

Davy – Beloved

Davy Jones is a fascinating figure from the Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy series.

Deckard – Roofer

Deckard, named after Harrison Ford’s character in Blade Runner, would be a more unique first name for Blade Runner aficionados.

Emmett – Universal

In the Back to the Future films, Christopher Lloyd portrays the crazy scientist and inventor Emmett “Doc” Brown. Choosing a name for your child after a mythical character who invented time travel is a good start.

Garrick – Spear King

We recognised Garrick’s cool-sounding name right away, despite the fact that he wasn’t a key character in the Harry Potter book.

Warrior Baby Names for Girls inspired by Fictions or Movies

Alia – Supreme

Alia was born on the planet Arrakis in Dune. She gains a following and is dubbed “St. Alia of the Knife.”

Anastacia – Resurrection

Although this name is particularly prevalent in Russia, it makes this list because of Battlestar Galactica’s Anastasia “Dee” Dualla.

Alanna – Beauty

Alanna is the protagonist of Tamora Pierce’s fantasy novel series ‘The Lioness Quartet.’

Annabeth – Favor

Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson novels was the daughter of Athena, making her a demigod — half-goddess and half-mortal.

Arabella – Prayer

This Harry Potter character’s name would be perfect for a little girl.

Belle – Beautiful

Belle is a scholarly, clever, and completely loyal character from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.

Brienne – Noble

On Game of Thrones, Brienne of Tarth was one of the most fearsome soldiers.

Clara – Famous

Jenna Coleman played Clara Oswald in the popular fantasy television drama Doctor Who.

Clarisse – Bright

Warrior Baby Names : Her luxurious lifestyle earned Clarisse Lafleur, 18, a place on the Rich Kids of Instagram page. Credit: naludamagazine.com
Her luxurious lifestyle earned Clarisse Lafleur, 18, a place on the Rich Kids of Instagram page. Credit: naludamagazine.com

Clarisse La Rue is Ares’ daughter in the Percy Jackson books. Clarisse is a lovely name for girls that isn’t overdone.

Coraline – Coral

Coraline is the title of a 2009 animated fantasy horror film.

Dana – Wise

Dana Scully is a data-driven, pragmatic, and fearless journalist. 

Diana – Divine

Diana, Wonder Woman’s hidden identity, may appeal to fantasy aficionados who appreciate comic books.

Warrior Baby Names : Diana - Credits: IMDb
Diana – Credits: IMDb

Echo – Sound

Eliza Dushku plays Echo, the principal character in the sci-fi television drama Dollhouse.

Elektra – Shining

Elektra Natchios is a favorite of some fantasy lovers due to her status as a vigilante and Daredevil’s love interest in comic books.

Elizabeth – Pledged to God

For girls who grew up watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Elizabeth Swann served as a role model.

Nature-inspired Warrior of God Names

Are you looking for a strong name that is inspired by nature? That’s why we have compiled a list of nature-inspired warrior names for your young warrior.

Nature-inspired Warrior Names for Boys

Alder – Strength

Alder connotes strength and hope.

Asher – Blessed

The Ash tree inspired this gorgeous nature name.

Aspen – Quaking Tree

Another earthy option in the tree name category.

Atlas – Powerful

Atlas was a Greek Titan who carried the weight of the entire universe on his shoulders.

August – Magnificent

It means “majestic, splendid.” For a brief time, Auggie is a good option.

Banks – Riverbank

It’s just that the name Banks has a great ring to it.

Banyan -Symbolic

This name is like the Indian fig tree, both beautiful and meaningful.

Bear – Brave

Your cute tiny cub deserves a solid short name.

Blaze -Fire

Blaze conjures up images of a spitfire in my mind.

Bodhi -Enlightenment

For a boy, this is a charming bohemian name.

Cedar – Cedar Tree

Cedar is a powerful symbol of significance, spiritual protection, and healing.

Clay – United

Clay is an earthy, deep name that means “to stick together.”

Cove – Coastal

This sweet natural name is ideal for water-loving families.

Cypress – Muscular

Another unique tree name for your rambunctious lad.

Dune – Hill

A short and solid earthy term refers to a sand mound or hill produced by the wind.

Nature-inspired Warrior Names for Girls

Amaranth – Unfading

Amarantha is an uncommon botanical name with an everlasting mythological equivalent.

Amber – Fierce

Amber is a translucent fossilized resin or tree sap, it is frequently used in jewelry.

Amethyst – Against Intoxication

Amethyst is pronounced AM-uh-this as a girl’s name.

Ava – Bird

Ava is a one-of-a-kind name for a stunning baby girl with a natural connection.

Azure – Sky

Azure is a name that denotes a liking for achieving extremes in material achievement.

Beech – Tree

A perfect name for the one who lives by the beach.

Calla – Beauty

Calla is a considerably more distinctive and delicate lily name than Lily.

Camellia – Flower

Camellia is pronounced ka-MEEL-yah as a girl’s name.

Ebony- Black

Ebony is a tree with dark-colored wood famously known as Blackwood.

Ember – Ash

Ember is a British name for a girl.

Heather – Evergreen flowering plant

Heather exudes an air of affluence.

Hollis – Holly Tree

A holy name for your pious girl.

Isla – Island

A befitting moniker for the islanders.

Jade – Stone of the Colic

The name Jade is derived from the ornamental stone jade, which is used in jewelry and artwork.

June – Young

Summer and sunny days are reflected in the name.

Gender Neutral Warrior Baby Names

Gender-neutral names sound great and feel strong. You should take a look at our list of gender-neutral names for your brave warrior.

Addison – Adam’s child 

The name has traditionally been connected with power, authority, and leadership.

Aiden –  Fire

Aiden has its origins in Irish mythology. Aodh is the name of the Celtic god of the sun and fire in Gaelic.

Aspen –  Tree that trembles

Aspen is a popular ski resort town in Colorado.

Alex – Helper

Both Alexander and Alexis are diminutives of this name.

Ali — Champion

It’s most famous for being associated with boxing legend Muhammad Ali, often known as “the Greatest.” Ali is a popular unisex name for both boys and girls.

Ari  – Lion

It’s a short, forceful Jewish baby name popular in English-speaking countries.

Andie – Brave 

A simple unisex name with bold traits. 

Ash – Ecstatic

Ash has a Southern charm as well as a natural arboreal appeal.

Ashton –  Ash Tree

Many cities and localities in the United Kingdom bear Ashton, including Ashton-under-Lyne in Greater Manchester.

Billie –  Grit

William’s nickname. Billie-jean and Billie Jo are two names that are frequently used together.

Blake – Bright

This is a name for a baby’s mysterious yet brilliant future.

Cameron –  Who has a crooked nose

Cameron is a Scottish surname who belongs to a town in Lennox.

Casey – Watchful

Casey is a name with a wide grin, it’s Irish, warm, and open, and it’s been linked to a number of American folk heroes.

Charlie – Freeman

Charlie is a tomboyish, pleasant male nickname.

Dylan – Sea-born artist

After all these years of fame, Dylan still seems poetic and romantic.

Drew – Strong

Drew is an aristocratic, formerly male-only alternative to Andy who, thanks to Drew Barrymore, has joined the stylishly posh Paige-Brooke-Blair sorority.

Emerson – Courageous

Emerson is a dignified name.

Elliot – Lord is my God

Elliot is a popular unisex name that begins with the letter E.

Ellis – A good person

In the currently popular El-family, Ellis is one of the famous names.

Evan — Benevolent

Evan is a boy’s favorite, but great actress Evan Rachel Wood has given it a feminine spin.

Frankie — A liberated man from France

With a down-to-earth country air, this is a vintage moniker name.

Gabriel — God is my fortification

The name has become a biblical favorite and a popular option in the twenty-first century.

Hayden — Valley of fire/hedged

A popular name for girls that, like Brayden and Caden, was previously reserved for boys.

Harper – A person who plays the harp

Harper has been a rising star in the celebrity world, having been picked by several celebrities.

Hunter – One who hunts

Hunter uses macho iconography to convey softer masculinity.

Jesse –  God’s Gift

Girls are sometimes given the boyish spelling, which is nonetheless spoken with two syllables and a long e at the end.


Naming children is one of the most gratifying and fun experiences a new parent can have. To decide the right name combination for your fighter, we put together a comprehensive list of 150+ warrior baby names. Please let us know if you come up with the best name combinations using the warrior baby names listed above.

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