DIY Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Centerpiece

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How To Make A Winter Wonderland Centerpiece For A Baby Shower (on budget)

Hey friends, thanks for stopping by today. I know you are looking for a cheap alternative to make a winter wonderland baby shower centerpiece. You can also use this idea for other parties it does not have to be baby specific. But for today it totally is.

I spent a total of $5 on the one centerpiece, it is super affordable.

You can also make it cheaper if you skip the rocks and add your own flour to make it look like snow.

Okay let’s get right into the tutorial.

Before we jump in, you have to know that I have a free baby shower budget worksheet (made with you in mind) to keep track of your costs and your baby shower planning.

Everything You’ll Need For This Project

The vase I used in this tutorial was from Dollar Tree making it very inexpensive. I’ve linked to the vase above so you too can grab it for $1 instead of paying $10-12 for one single large flower base. (if your dollar tree doesn’t have it – just order it online with the link above: or use this link here. Then have it shipped to your home)

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Step 1: Measure Your Garland

how to make a baby shower centerpiece for a winter themed baby shower

Depending how large and thick your garland is you may want to double it around the vase (like I did) to make sure it gives your vase a nice looking crown.

You can add hot glue to the tips of the garland to hold it all together if your baby shower will be outside.

Step 2: Add Your Rocks

how to make a simple minimalist baby shower centerpiece for winter theme baby shower

If you can’t find white rocks you can also use flour as an alternative to make it look like snow. If you plan on having this event outside you may want to place a heavy rock inside with the flour on top.

If you do use the white rocks – it will hold even on windy days.

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Step 3: Add Your Mini Christmas Tree

diy baby shower winter wonderland center piece super easy and simple to make this baby shower centerpiece for winter wonderland baby shower theme

These are so beautiful I think if you change this up and add more items to your vase you need to keep the mini Christmas tree. It was hard to find these at dollar tree, I had to go through boxes of Christmas decor to find them.

If your Dollar Tree doesn’t have them, you can order a bundle of them from Amazon (which turns out to be cheaper than buying two for $1)

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Step 4: Have Your Snowflake Mat

Use this as the base for your centerpiece. Place your vase with the mini tree on top of the snowflake and you are all done.

beautiful easy simple diy winter wonderland baby shower centerpiece

And that’s how easy it is to make a super simple minimalist winter wonderland baby shower centerpiece.

Let me know what you think, or if you make one (leave a picture) in the comments below and don’t forget to grab your free baby shower worksheet down below!

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winter wonderland baby shower centerpiece idea
DIY winter baby shower centerpiece for a winter wonderland theme

DIY Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Centerpiece |Dollar Tree Ideas

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