Top 170+ Badass Girl Names

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Are you struggling to come up with a name for your baby girl? What about some badass girl names to get you started?

Though we all like classic names for our daughters, today’s baby girls seek the trendiest girl names to match their confident demeanor. Badass used to have a negative connotation, but nowadays, it refers to someone who obtains what they want and does not back down in the face of injustice.

We curated a list of “Badass Girl Names” based on the themes below.

  1. Fiery and Fierce Badass Girl Names
  2. Super-Heroines-Inspired Badass Girl Names
  3. Badass Girl Names Inspired by Movies
  4. Badass Scientist Girl Names
  5. Badass African Origin Girl Names
  6. Gender-Neutral Badass Girl Names

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Fiery and Fierce Badass Girl Names

Girls are sweet and spicy, and they can be powerful natural forces too. We’ve got a list of badass girl names if you’re looking for a name for your baby girl that perfectly captures her fearless, fierce, and captivating spirit.

Bellatrix – Female Warrior

Bellatrix was a cold-blooded killer. How can anyone not despise her when she was Lord Voldemort’s loyal disciple in Harry Potter? But don’t you think Bellatrix is a far better character than Beatrix?

Magenta – Purplish Red Color

Magenta, the antagonist of Flash, is one of many terrible women and bad girls in comics.

Livia – Blue

Livia was the ambitious and manipulative wife of Augustus, the Roman Emperor. The name Livia, on the other hand, has its charm.

Clove – Spice

Badass Girl Names : Credits: YouTube
Credits: YouTube

Clove is just 15 years old, but she has already established herself as the most dominant enemy in “The Hunger Games.” Clove has a solid, spicy flavor to it.

Nellie – Horn or sunray

One generation of young viewers booed Nellie, the Mean Girl on “Little House on the Prairie.” Her name is currently considered one of the cutest vintage girl nicknames.

Delilah – Delicate

Delilah was the temptress who took Samson’s strength by cutting off his hair. Delilah is an old-fashioned name with a lyrical tone that is valued.

Angelina – Messenger

Angelina Jolie has given it a completely different meaning. By wearing a vial of her ex-blood husband’s around her neck and expressing her affinity for knives, Jolie embodied the bad girl of the 1990s.

Badass Girl Names : Angelina Jolie - Credits: ABC News
Angelina Jolie – Credits: ABC News

Lilith – Night monster

On the television show “True Blood,” Lilith was also the name of a vampire deity. It might be a charming name to consider for your daughter.

Salome – Peace

Salome was a New Testament temptress who persuaded Herod to give her John the Baptist’s head. Thankfully, the stigma attached to the name is dissipating, and an increasing number of individuals are choosing it for their girls.

Lola – Sorrows

Lola is the name that immediately conjures up images of a sneaky temptress who despises regulations. It has become a popular choice in recent years.

Sadie – Princess

Badass Girl Names : Sadie Sink. Credits: Hashtag Legend
Sadie Sink. Credits: Hashtag Legend

When people think of Sadie, they think of the badass girl from high school who everyone loved to detest. In their song “Sexy Sadie,” the Beatles immortalized the name.

Cayenne – Hot Spice

Just like the pepper, the word Cayenne is fiery. It’s not tied with any historical bad girl, yet it has a slick vibe.

Aphrodite – Foam

Another kickass name is Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love. Kids won’t even consider tampering with a female with the name.

Bathsheba – Daughter of the oath

Bathsheba was King David’s attractive wife. While the name is lovely, it may be too much for today’s Gen females to bear.

Dixie – Tenth

Badass Girl Names : Dixie D’amelio - Credits: Billboard
Dixie D’amelio – Credits: Billboard

Dixie, for example, has a sassy, wisecracking ring to it. It’s also the umbrella word for all of South America.

Gigi – God is Gracious

Another interesting little girl’s name is Gigi. It has a Gallic swagger to it. Cynthia Rowley, the designer, couldn’t stop herself from giving her kid this name.

Badass Girl Names : Gigi Hadid - Credits: Teen Vouge
Gigi Hadid – Credits: Teen Vouge

Jezebel – Pure

Jezebel, King Ahab’s wife, had a lengthy history of being a nasty girl. In today’s culture, however, the name denotes a strong woman.

Jinx – Spell

The name Jinx has dynamic energy to it, despite its sinister meaning. Jinx was also the name of Halle Berry’s character in the James Bond film Skyfall.

Lolita – Sorrows

Since the 17th century, the name Lolita refers to witchcraft. Parents, on the other hand, are beginning to overlook the kitten connotation and consider it a charming and unusual name.

Tallulah – Leaping water

The actress Tallulah’s dreadful reputation may have faded, but her evocative name has resurfaced in the public sphere. Rachel Roy, Patrick Dempsey, and SRA Rue are among the hipster celebrities who frequent it.

Roxy – Dawn

Roxy is a diminutive of Roxanne, who has a reputation for being a wicked girl because of the bawdy song “The Police.” Roxy is one of those names that can only be pulled off by a leather-clad vixen.

Blair – plain

Badass Girl Names : Credit: Gossip Girl
Credit: Gossip Girl

The villainous Queen of “Gossip Girl,” Blair Waldorf, popularised the name Blair. Wherever she went, her steely glare and immaculate hair drew admiration and attention.

Drusilla – Dew

The name Drusilla has a long history of evil girls. In “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer,” it was the name of the main adversary. Cinderella’s wicked stepsister was also known as Drusilla.

Medea – Ruling

Medea is a name that is always a no-no. It’s the name of a legendary princess who murdered her children. Cruel!

Lulu – Pearl

Lulu is a name for a girl who has a fiery attitude. It’ll be a terrific name for folks who prefer to break the rules. In 1880, the name appeared on a list of the top 100 names compiled by the Social Security Administration.

Ravenna – Italian city; Raven

Ravenna, Queen of the Stepmothers and Evil Queens in Children’s Literature: Ravenna is the principal representative of practically all stepmothers and evil queens in children’s literature. However, we have nothing against the name of this charming Italian town.

Vesper – Evening Star

The list would be incomplete if Vesper, the evil Bond Girl, hadn’t been mentioned. She played a devious double agent in the film. However, unlike its famous bearer, we believe the name is incredibly mild and whispery.

Belle – Beautiful

The English word Belle means “beauty,” but Belle Gunness was far from attractive. Belle Gunness murdered her entire family to collect the proceeds from their insurance policy.

Beverly – Meadow

Beverly Gain Allitt, commonly known as the “Angel of Death,” was found guilty of murdering four children and attempting to murder three more.

Mary – Beloved

Mary is a traditional English name, but Queen Mary of England has given it a poor reputation. For her persecution of Protestants, she was entitled “Bloody Mary.”

Amelia – Industriousness

The incredible aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, inspired this name.

Nadia – Hope

This is a Slavic name that means “hope,” and it is linked to Nadia Murad, the first Iraqi woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Her fight for women’s rights and the abolition of human trafficking distinguish her as a true badass.

Harriet – Home ruler 

Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist and political leader who founded the Underground Railroad to rescue about 70 enslaved individuals, may have inspired this name.

Althea – Healer

 Althea Gibson, the first African American woman to play at Wimbledon, may have inspired this moniker.

Badass Girl Names Inspired by Movies

There are numerous approaches to locating the ideal name, as well as numerous sources of inspiration – family names, Bible names, and popular names. There’s no scarcity of ideas out there. However, for all of the movie buff parents-to-be out there, baby names inspired by movies is a fantastic category to investigate!

Elektra – Shining

This is a sassy girl’s name. It comes from the Greek word for “shining,” “amber,” or “incandescent.” In the film Elektra, Jeniffer Garner portrayed a ferocious warrior.

Hermione – Messenger  

This one is for you, Harry Potter fans! We all know and love Hermione Granger, but this is also a wonderful way to honor Emma Watson, who played her.

Badass Girl Names : Hermoine Granger - Credits: Slate
Hermoine Granger – Credits: Slate

Mulan – Wood orchid

This one might appeal to Disney fans. Hua Mulan, a Chinese legend, inspired the iconic Disney film Hua Mulan.

Zelda – Grey fighting maiden

This is a great strong name inspired by The Legend of Zelda.

Katniss – Aquatic plant

 This timeless and ferocious name comes from the bestselling Hunger Games series. Jeniffer Lawrence portrayed Katniss Everdeen in the film.

Ripley – Shouting man’s meadow

Ripley is an English name that means “woodsy clearing.” This name was also used in the Alien movies, and an actress gave her daughter this name.

Buffy – Oath

This is another badass name inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is the short form of Elizabeth.

Elsa – God is my oath

This kickass name comes from the cartoon film Frozen.

Trinity – Triad 

Badass Girl Names : Credits: Matrix
Credits: Matrix

The Holy Trinity, or the woman from The Matrix, is referred to as Trinity.

Emma – Whole

This is a German name that means “all-encompassing” or “universal.” It’s a well-known moniker that will never go out of style. If you like Jane Austen’s novel Emma, this might be a nice name for your baby.

Adele – Noble kind

Adele is a well-known name thanks to the well-known singer of the same name.

Fantasia – A vivid imagination

 This one-of-a-kind name comes from a popular Disney film and means “vivid imagination.”

Ophelia – Benefit

Ophelia is a Greek name that is inspired by William Shakespeare’s plays. This name shows a strong and fierce woman who is sweet and caring from the inside. 

Juno – Youth

Juno is a Latin name that sounds mighty and strong. This is a character from the film of the same name.

Lourde – French place

This is a well-known singer whose name your baby would be honoured to bear.

Luna – Moon

This Latin name means “moon” in both Italian and Spanish. We all love the character “Luna” from the series Harry Potter.

Badass Girl Names : Luna lovegood - Credits: Metro
Luna lovegood – Credits: Metro

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Badass Scientist Girl Names

You might be tempted to name your child after a scientist if you’re expecting. So, if you’ve been secretly seeking names inspired by great scientists or mentioning science in every way conceivable on the internet, your search is over! We’ve compiled a list of science-themed names for girls.

Rosalind – Lovely rose

This name is inspired by the woman who discovered the structure of DNA. What’s more badass than that?

Janet – God is gracious

Janet Taylor invented instruments for nautical navigation. That’s pretty amazing if we’re being honest.

Beatrice – Blessed

Beatrice Shilling was a daredevil and engineer who saved fighter pilots’ lives. We’re damn impressed, and this name will be a perfect fit for your girl.

Dorothy – Gift of God

Inspired by the scientist Dorothy Hodgkin who discovered the structure of insulin. She’s a badass by being the only British woman to be awarded a Nobel in any of the three recognized sciences.

Sophia – Wisdom

 Sophia Louisa Jex-Blake was one of the ‘Edinburgh seven’ to study medicine. Not that’s the real badass move.

Katherine – Pure

Katherine Jhonson worked on Nasa’s early space missions. 

Helen – Light

Helen Gwynne-Vaughan was a botanist and Commander of Women’s Royal Airforce. She is one of the many badass women in the American airforce.

Cecilia – Blind

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin is the astronomer who discovered the composition of stars. Whoa!

Inge – Hero’s daughter

Inge Lehmann is another badass and beautiful scientist who discovered the composition of the Earth’s core.

Caroline – Strong

This name is inspired by Caroline Herschel, a female scientist who was the first woman to discover a comet. That sounds nice.

Lise – God’s promise

Lise Meitner is a strong and intelligent lady who contributed to discovering nuclear fission.

Barbara – Foreign

Name your baby girl after Barbara McClintock, winner of the Nobel prize for discovering jumping genes.

Elizabeth – God is my oath

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson is the first English female doctor, and we think it’s one of the most badass things to do. l

Grace – Charm

If you want your girl to be strong and intelligent, name her after Grace Hopper, one of the first women to achieve a PhD in mathematics.

Valentina – Healthy

Valentina Tereshkova is the most badass woman we know because she was the first woman to go into space.

Jane – God is gracious

This name is also inspired by a strong and intelligent scientist Jane Goodall, who changed the whole world’s understanding of Chimpanzees. 

Ada – Nobility

Badass Girl Names : Credit:
Mathematician and writer Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace was best known for developing Charles Babbage’s mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. Credit:

Ada, in general, sounds like a badass and strong name. Our inspiration for this is Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer ever.

Marie – Star of the Sea

Marie Maynard Daly was the first African American Woman to earn a PhD in Chemistry. This shows intelligence and determination.

Sara – Princess

This name is inspired by Sara Seager, a planetary science and physics professor at MIT who has discovered more than 700 planets.

Cori – Maiden

Cori Bargmann is a neurobiologist working to discover a cure for Alzheimer’s and autism. Every girl should have the courage that she has.

Badass Girl Names for Your Little Rebel

We’ve compiled a fantastic selection for you if you’re seeking strong female leads. These badass names are the names of those women who have changed history and defied the odds to prove that women can do anything they set their minds to. Your daughter could be the next rising star in a society where women have been influential.

Greta – Pearl

Badass Girl Names : Swedish Teenage Climate Activist Greta Thunberg.  Credits: Green Queen
Swedish Teenage Climate Activist Greta Thunberg.  Credits: Green Queen

This Greek name is quite common, yet it could be an excellent choice for your child’s environmental crusader, similar to Greta Thunberg.

Lyra – Harp

This is a Greek name that means “lyre.” This is an astronomical constellation based on Orpheus’ lyre.

Xena – Stranger

Xena is a unique name to give to your strong baby girl.

Evangeline – Glad news

This name is the female version of English origin, and there are various variations of this name. This is a great name for your baby girl.

Estée – Star

Estée Lauder is a French and Latin name that is also the name of one of the world’s most powerful cosmetic corporations and one of the world’s wealthiest self-made women.

Endellion – Fire soul

Endellion is the name of an early saint who was a daughter of King Brychan and goddaughter of King Arthur, a great choice for your fierce little angel.

Hera – Queen

Hera was the Queen of Heaven and Zeus’s wife in Greek mythology.

Terra – Earth 

It’s a Latin name that symbolizes strength and character within your girl.

Delphine – Dolphin

Delphine is a greek origin name that made our list of badass baby names.

Calixta – Most lovely

Calixta is derived from a Greek word that we surely want on our list of badass girls’ names.

Nia – Bright

Nia is inspired by badass Disney princesses and is great for your little princess.

Clarice – Bright 

This edgy moniker is a great name for your loved girl.

Zara – Radiance 

Why do we love this name? We love the brand Zara, and the name shows elegance.

Monique – Smart

This unusual and edgy moniker shows smartness in your baby girl.

Mia – Lovely

Oh, Mama Mia! This is a fantastic name. This name comes from a word that means “lovely” or “adorable.”

Badass Girl Names : Mia Plays Is Not Only a Gamer but Also an Influencer. Credits: LA Progressive
Mia Plays Is Not Only a Gamer but Also an Influencer. Credits: LA Progressive

Moana – Ocean 

This name seems like a name for a queen or a goddess.

Winslet – Stream

Because of Kate Winslet, we also adore this name.

Lux – Light 

This is a great name for your child that will bring out a helping personality from within her.

Gemma – Precious stone

Badass Girl Names : Gemma Chan. Credits: The Guardian
Gemma Chan. Credits: The Guardian

As the name derives, Gemma is a precious name for your baby girl. 

Nova – New

This name refers to a star with a big spike in brightness and then gradually returns to its former brilliance over months.

Jupiter – The supreme God 

Jupiter is a strong and powerful name for your badass little rebel. 

Badass Girl Names with African Origins

Africa is a continent with 54 countries, over 2,000 languages, and various cultures and ethnic groupings. If you seek a lovely African name for your baby girl, you won’t be disappointed. We’ve produced an Africa-specific list, and we’ve attempted to make sure the names chosen reflect the complexity and diversity of this magnificent continent.

Rihanna – Great Queen

Rihanna is a great name for a beautiful and badass girl. And we all know who Rihanna is.

Badass Girl Names : Rihaana - Credits: Instyle
Rihaana – Credits: Instyle

Nia – Purpose

This is a badass baby name for a badass girl with a big purpose in life. That’s why we love it.

Nevaeh – Heaven

This name has such a beautiful meaning, and we think that it will be great for your little girl.

Shanice – God is gracious

Shanice is another great African-American name at the top of our list of badass baby names.

Toni – Priceless one

This badass name is priceless and beautiful.

Yolanda – Violet flower

Yolanda is a fictional character known as “Wildcat” in DC comics. It’s a great name for DC lovers. 

Zari – Golden

This golden name is beautiful for a golden girl with great passion.

Makeba – Absolutely magnificent

Most badass girl names are common, but this is a unique name. That’s why he had to add it to our list. A successful female musician inspires this name.

Badass Girl Names : Miriam Makeba - Credits: We buy black
Miriam Makeba – Credits: We buy black

Kiara – Light

This name is for a girl who is badass from the outside but at the same time is soft and sweet from the inside.

Keisha – Great joy

This name represents joy, and any girl who has this name will have a badass attitude and bring joy into life.

Badass Girl Names : Keisha Lance Bottoms - Credits: NBC News
Keisha Lance Bottoms – Credits: NBC News

Gayle – Father’s joy

Gayle is used as both male and female names but looks beautiful on both genders.

Gabrielle – God is my strength

Gabrielle is also one of the cool girl names and a hardcore badass name. That’s why we added it to the list.

Destiny – Fate

This name does sound pretty badass. A badass woman with this name creates her destiny.

Chantelle – Candle

Another unique name among badass women. This name can bring out a lot of potential in your child.

Breonna – Noble one

Breonna is one of the most decorated female combatants of all time. That’s why we included this name on our list.

Aniyah – Caring

Aniyah has one of those uncommon names that is both uncommon and simple, and it effortlessly crosses languages.

Aaliyah – Exalted

Aaliyah is a unique name that may appeal to enlightened parents who value intelligence highly.

Abiba – The beloved one

Abiba is a lovely, feminine, but powerful name that once set the trends.

Aicha – Alive and well

Aicha is an uncommon but great name in our list of badass baby names.

Ayaan – Beautiful flower

Ayaan is a gender-neutral name and is beautiful for both boys and girls.

Fatima – Motherly

This name is given to strong and beautiful African American women.

Hasana – Beautiful

The list of badass baby girl names goes on, and this is one of the top names on our list.

Khadija – Respected

Khadija is a fierce, strong, beautiful, and badass girl name.

Mariama – Gift of God

Young girls love this name, and this name grows along with you without losing its beauty.

Monifa – Lucky

Monifa is another beautiful and fiery name in its feminine form. We love this name.

Abeba – Little flower

The meaning of this name is so sweet and innocent, but we’ve seen Abeba as a badass girl. That’s why we’re adding this name to our list.

Malaika – Angel

This name is unique from other badass girl names because of its meaning and its ease of pronunciation.

Rehema – Compassion

Rahema is a rare name with a zealous connotation that may become more well-known as time passes.

Zahara – Flower

Zahara looks as beautiful as the name means and is strong as a woman can be.

Zuri – Beautiful

The beauty of this name is in its meaning.

Gender-Neutral Badass Girl Names

Gender-neutral names are all the rage right now, and for a good reason. Many parents like names with both a masculine and feminine ring to them. If you’re thinking about baby names, here are some badass unisex names to consider for your baby.

Reese – Fiery

This is a gender-neutral Welsh name that means “fiery.” Reese Witherspoon, an American actress, producer, and businesswoman, may be familiar with this moniker.

Orion – Dawning

This name relates to a huge strong hunter who Artemis slew in Greek mythology.

Rory – Red King

This is a one-of-a-kind unisex name that shows great strength and beauty.

Emersyn – Brave

This name is a spin-off of “Emerson,” the well-known essayist and poet. As the meaning suggests, this name is for a strong and badass woman.

Juniper – Evergreen

A Latin name for both men and women, Juniper is derived from the Latin word “Juniperus,” which means “young,” “to generate,” and “evergreen.”

Lennon – Lover

This name comes from a famous singer who is a lover of everything.

Larkin – Fierce

Larkin is a male and female Irish and Gaelic name as badass as it sounds.

Evren – Universe

This Turkish name means “universe” and is frequently given to boys but is still unisex.

Jovi – Father of the sky

This name is derived from another well-known singer. It is used as a boy’s name, but it’s getting more and more popular as a girl’s name.

Lark – Playful songbird

This is a great unisex name for your baby boy or girl.

Eden – Place of pleasure

It is a Hebrew name that means “pleasure.” Edith (feminine) and Aiden/Aidan are two other names similar to this one (masculine.)

Willa – Desire

Willa is an old German name that means “protection” or “helmet.” Willa Holland adds to the name’s beauty and strength.

Danica – Morning star

This is a name with Slavic and Latin roots, and this will be a great name to add to our list of most badass girl names.

Cleo – Glory

This name can also mean “to praise” or “to acclaim,” and it’s a terrific way to do just that for your little renegade.

Lennox – With many Elm Trees

Lennox is another addition to our badass girl names, and it can bring out a great personality in your child.

Skye – Sky

 This is a Scottish name that will be great if you want your girl to aim for the skies.

Ember – Spark

Ember is an awesome unisex name that brings out a badass character from your little girl. 

Devyn – Poet

This is a great name for a poetry-loving girl with a strong heart. Devon and Devin are two other spellings of this name.

Fallon – Ruler’s descendent

Fallon sounds great for a strong, intelligent girl and has character.


Many parents want their daughters to be strong, intelligent, and badass enough so that they can change the world and influence people someday. 

That is why we created this list of 170+ Badass girl names. Let us know what you think of these names in the comments, and feel free to share this with your loved ones.

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