TOP 100+ Space Names for Girls

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Without a doubt, naming your child is difficult, and all suggestions are welcome. For a long time, people have looked to the sky for inspiration. 

We can do something similar. We have an unlimited wealth to explore in our vast cosmos, which is brimming with stars, systems, and planets. Finding space-inspired baby girl names for our child can lead to a unique and fantastic name for our child.

Based on the themes below, we compiled a list of “Space Names for girls.”

  1. Popular Space Names For Girls
  2. Space Names For Girls Inspired By Astronomy
  3. Badass Space Names for Girls
  4. Moon Inspired Space Names for Girls 
  5. Star and Constellation inspired space Names for Girls
  6. Gender-Neutral space names for Girls

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Popular Space Names For Girls

If astronomy and stargazing have always fascinated you, why not name your child after a star? The most popular trend is to name your child after a constellation, and many celebrities have done so.

Many of these space-themed baby names are reserved for females. Here are some popular space names for girls you can take a look at.

Alula – First leap

Celestial insight is portrayed in the Celtic meaning.

Astra – Star

This Latin name might be ideal for your little star.

Astrid – divinely beautiful. It’s not a space name, but it’s similar to ‘Astra’ above. It’s actually a pretty popular Scandinavian baby name.

Aurora – Dawn

Aurora, the beautiful princess from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, would make any little girl feel like a princess.

Estella – Star 

Estella is a Latin name that is one of the most lovely girl’s space names available.

Esther – Star 

Esther is a one-of-a-kind Persian girl’s name.

Juno – Youth 

A spacecraft and the queen of the Greek gods. It’s a famous name and popular among parents.

Leia – Child of heaven

Leia is the princess from Star Wars. What’s to stop you? It’s a beautiful name.

Space Names For Girls : Princess Leia - Credits: Star Wars
Princess Leia – Credits: Star Wars

Nevaeh – Heaven

The name Nevaeh is an American girl’s name. The calm of Eden could be transferred to your home with this modern term, which is heaven spelled backward.

Sally – Princess

Sally is a Hebrew baby girl name that is sometimes confused with Sarah, an English baby girl name. It is popular all around the world. Sally Ride was the first woman to travel into space.

Space Names For Girls : Sally Ride - Credits: Encyclopedia Britannica
Sally Ride – Credits: Encyclopedia Britannica

Sidra – Like a star 

Sidra is an Arabic word that means “star goddess.”

Sitara – Star 

Sitara is a Feminine name that is primarily Hindu in origin.

Soleil – Sun 

Soleil is a French name for a girl. This name will serve as a reminder to babies that they are the light of the world.

Starling – A nickname for a boisterous or ravenous person

It’s not really a space name, but it has the feel of one. It’s also the name of a bird in English.

Stella – Celestial star 

Stella is the name of a celestial star. Stella is a well-known name. Don’t we all wish we had Stella Mccartney in our wardrobes?

Sunshine – Cheerful temperament 

Sunshine is a quite happy name for your ray of happiness and sunshine.

Space Names For Girls Inspired By Astronomy

Looking for a girl’s name with a space theme? You’ve arrived at the right location. I’ve compiled a list of the loveliest space-themed names, including galaxies, stars, planets, solar systems, and pretty much anything cosmic and celestial. These gorgeous space baby names for astronauts are definitely out of this planet! Every space aficionado will find something to enjoy.

Arpina – The rising of the sun

Arpina, as lovely and fresh as its name suggests, would be ideal for your little girl.

Belinda – Beautiful

Belinda is the name of the planet Uranus’ ninth moon. Its name has a lyrical ring to it.

Bellatrix – Female warrior

Bellatrix is the name of a constellation in Orion that contains several stars. Bellatrix, one of the names that mean “star,” has a modern ring to it.

Space Names For Girls : Bellatrix Lestrange - Credits: Warner Bros
Bellatrix Lestrange – Credits: Warner Bros

Carina – Beloved 

Carina is the constellation in which Canopus is found. The second-brightest star in the gorgeous sky is Canopus.

Cassini – A small dwelling place

Cassini is one of the most popular baby names from outer space, with a wonderful blend of mystery and excitement. “Cassini’s division” refers to a gap in Saturn’s ring.

Celeste – Heavenly

Celeste means “heavenly,” or “one from the heavens,” just as the name sounds. It is a popular name for celestial girls.

Chara – Darling, Beloved

Chara means “loved one”. It’s also the name of a star in the constellation Canis Major, which is thought to symbolize hunting dogs. This star, Chara, is said to be home to extraterrestrial life.

Cressida – Gold

On Uranus, Cressida is the name of the planet’s fourth-largest moon. Cressida is a lovely name that will be perfect for your little girl.

Despina – Lady

The planet Neptune’s inner satellite is known as Despina. Neptune V is another name for it.

Elara – Cheerful and happy individual

Elara is the name of the planet Jupiter’s moon. It’s thought to have been named after one of Zeus’s lovers.

Eris – Strife 

A tenth planet was identified in the solar system in 2005. Eris was the name given to this planet. Isn’t it amazing?

Gaia – Earth

Our lovely planet is the inspiration for its name. If you are a “green” parent, Gaia is an excellent choice for a gift for your little girl.

Helia – Sunray or shining light

Helia is the Greek term for the “sun.” The ideal name for a dazzling and lovely little girl.

Juliet – Youthful

It is the name of the planet Uranus’ moon. Juliet is a well-known character in much literature.

Larissa – Cheerful or lighthearted 

Larissa is the name of Neptune’s fifth moon. This name might be perfect for your little cheerleader.

Leda – Woman 

Jupiter’s moon Leda is named after the planet Jupiter. This was also the name of one of Zeus’s lovers.

Rhea – Flowing 

Rhea is a lovely name for a young girl. It’s the name of one of Saturn’s moons.

Thebe – Moon of Jupiter

Thebe is the lovely red-colored inner satellite that can be observed on Jupiter’s planet. A unique and unusual name.

Titania – Giant 

Titania, the planet Uranus’ largest moon, is as massive and vast as its name suggests.

Badass Space Names for Girls

Are you looking for the ideal name for your child? You’re looking for something intriguing, rare, and possibly one-of-a-kind, possibly with a significant meaning. These names with a space theme or that are related to space are wonderful! Beautiful flowing names for ladies, feisty names, and a slew of just plain badass space names are all available.

Zaniah – Corner

In the constellation Virgo, Zaniah is a triple star system. Zaniah gives us some edgy vibes, even though it isn’t even on the popular name list.

Alexis – Defender

Alexis Clairaut was a [male] French astronomer whose work resulted in Moon and planet motion forecasts.

Ariel – Lion

On Uranus, Ariel is the planet’s fourth-largest moon.

Bailey – Law enforcer

During a solar eclipse, Baily’s Beads are dazzling patches of sunlight that shine along the edge of the moon’s outline. Bailey Sarian gives this name a distinct edge!

Celine – Heavenly

Celine is a very popular name, and the American singer, Celine Dion gives us strong and badass vibes.

Electra – Bright or shining

This Greek name seems quite badass, especially after Jennifer Garner’s ferocious character in Elektra. Electra is also a star’s name.

Glenn –  Valley 

For your little girl, this Scottish name seems quite fierce and forceful. John Glenn, the famous American astronaut, had this surname.

Estelle – Star

The name’s edginess comes from Estelle Getty, and we can’t deny that it’s the perfect fit for your fierce space girl.

Holmes – From the island in the river 

Enola Holmes gives us a fierce and intelligent aura. It’s also the name of a comet that’s orbiting our solar system.

Space Names For Girls : Millie Bobby Brown- Credits: Enola Holmes
Millie Bobby Brown- Credits: Enola Holmes

Janus – God of beginnings

One of Saturn’s moons bears this name. Janus is the deity of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, entrances, passages, and ends in Roman mythology. Is there anything else we can say?

Luna – Moon

The reason why we love this name is that Luna Lovegood gives us serious badass and edgy vibes.

Roxanne – Dawn or little star

After the song Roxanne was released by ‘the police,’ this badass name gained popularity.

Sirius – Burning

Sirius is also the name of the sky’s brightest star. Sirius Black is the most badass television character we’ve ever seen.

Vega – Falling vulture

Vega is the name of the brightest star in the Lyra constellation. This name has a strong and badass vibe to it.

Cynthia – Moon goddess

Winner of a Daytime Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, and many other awards, Cynthia Erivo inspires us with her badass and fierce energy to name our badass girl after her.

Space Names For Girls : Cynthia Erivo - Credits: Variety
Cynthia Erivo – Credits: Variety

Delia – Pleasant, of the nobility

Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon, was born in Delia. This name sounds pretty badass.

Kehlani – Sea or sky

Kehlani is an American singer-songwriter and is famous for her fierce, feminist, and strong energy.

Space Names For Girls : Kehlani - Credits: Instagram
Kehlani – Credits: Instagram

Mae – Bitter or pearl

Mae Jemison, in 1992, was the very first African-American woman in space.

Meri – Joyous

In the mythology of the Brazilian Bororó people, Meri is a sun god.

Mira – Wonderful, peaceful, prosperous

Mira is a red giant star about 200–400 light-years away from the Sun. Mira is a powerful name that conjures up images of tough women.

Moon Inspired Space Names for Girls 

Right now, celestial baby names are all the rage, yet who is the brightest star of them all? Luna is the name of the Roman goddess of the moon, as well as the Latin word for “moon.”

Selene – The moon

Selene was the Greek goddess of the Moon in ancient Greece. Selena is a common version, or for something a little different, try Celena.

Luna – Moon

Luna was the goddess of the moon in Roman mythology. Her name is still lovely now.

Space Names For Girls : Luna Lovegood - Credits: YouTube
Luna Lovegood – Credits: YouTube

Diana – Divine

Princess Diana, with her beautiful style and philanthropic deeds, brought this elegant name to life.

Space Names For Girls : Lady Diana - Credits: News18
Lady Diana – Credits: News18

Jericho – City of the moon

Jericho is a fast-rising name that has appeared in the titles of films, TV series, songs, bands, comics, and video games, despite being rarely encountered as a first name.

Aylin – Moon halo

A Turkish name with a special meaning. It’s fantastic.

Jacira – Honeymoon

It’s derived from two Brazilian Tupi words that mean “honey” and “moon.” This is a lovely combo.

Moon – Moon

It’s self-evident, yet not to be missed! It could be the ideal name for a baby boy or girl of any gender.

Callisto – Fair or Good

Callisto is one of Jupiter’s moons, and its name means “most beautiful.” We can’t think of a better name for your lovely lady.

Helene – Shining light

Helene is a classic girl name and a moon of Saturn.

Portia – An offering

A figure from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice and a moon of Uranus. Portia is also the name of an Australian-American actress who was born in the United States (wife of Ellen DeGeneres).

Space Names For Girls : Portia De Rossi - Credits: Nicki Swift
Portia De Rossi – Credits: Nicki Swift

Calypso – She who hides

This unusual name comes from one of Saturn’s moons, and it’s a lovely name for a little girl.

Titan – Defender

Saturn has 82 moons, the largest of which is Titan. It also refers to a person of enormous size or might, and it is the name of a Greek mythology family of early gods.

Elara – A cheerful and happy individual

Elara is a unique space name for girls and one of Jupiter’s moons.

Atlas – To carry

Atlas is another of Saturn’s moons, and it’s a popular girl’s name.

Star and Constellation inspired Space Names for Girls

Do you have a fascination with the stars, space exploration, astronomy, and all things that aren’t found on our planet? Then why not give your baby a name that is inspired by space? Names of constellations, celestial bodies, comets, meteors, and satellites are among the baby names inspired by space. Check out our collection of lovely female names with a space theme.

Alya – Sublime

The name derives from the Arabic word “fat tail of a sheep.”  Putting that aside, it’s a lovely star’s name.

Andromeda – Leader of men

Andromeda is both a constellation and a name from Greek mythology.

Bianca – White or Pure

This name rose to fame after the Pretty Little Liars star, Bianca Lawson.

Space Names For Girls : Bianca Lawson - Credits: Getty Images
Bianca Lawson – Credits: Getty Images

Cassiopeia – She who chooses to excel

A constellation as well as an ancient Greek queen. Elegant and distinct.

Ceres – To grow

Ceres is a Roman goddess of corn and a newborn planet. This is a nice and mild name.

Cordelia – Heart

Cordelia, a moon of Uranus, is named after the Welsh word for “sea pearl.”

Cressida – Gold

Cressida is a Uranian moon and a fabled literary lover. This name has a distinct and intriguing sound.

Europa – Wide face

Europa, queen of Crete and lover of Zeus, is the name given to the continent of Europe. Notably, it is also the name of one of Jupiter’s moons.

Faye – Loyalty; Belief

Faye is a Moon crater with a pleasant and simple name. Many people choose this name because of the character played in the popular show, Euphoria.

Juliet – Youthful

Is this a girl’s space name? Yes, it’s Uranus’ satellite.

Larissa – Cheerful or Lighthearted

A nymph from Greece. A truly cheerful name for your happy pill.

Leda – Woman

In Greek mythology, Leda was the queen of Sparta and the mother of Helen of Troy.

Libra – The Scales, Equality

Libra is the sign and constellation. This is the name given to children who were born under this astrological sign.

Lyra – Harp

Lyra is a Greek girl’s name that means “lyre.” The constellation Lyra is named after Orpheus’ lyre.

Maia – Great or Mother

In ancient Rome, the goddess of spring. This is a fantastic name for your little daughter.

Miranda – Worthy of admiration

Miranda is a shimmeringly wonderful, lyrical name that is well embodied by Miranda Ker, a model.

Nova – New

Nova is a star that is erupting. Well, it’s also a terrific name for your lovely star.

Ophelia – Aid or Benefit

This is a lovely old English name. Ophelia is a wonderful name that has long been associated with Hamlet’s sad heroine.

Pandora – All gifts

Saturn’s mythological figure with a well-known box and a teeny-tiny moon. Isn’t it intriguing?

Phoebe – Bright, Shining

Phoebe Buffay… do we need to say more?

Rhea – Flowing

Zeus’ mother, Rhea, was a goddess. Rhea is also a Welsh name for a river in the country.

Titania – Giant 

Titania is the Queen of the Fairies and a moon of Uranus. She is a feminine form of Titan.

Venus – Roman goddess of love and beauty

Venus, our planet’s neighbor, probably doesn’t need an introduction.

Vesta – Roman goddess of the hearth

Vesta is a Latin name for girls, and it is a powerful and forceful name.

Gender-Neutral Space Girl Names

There are so many beautiful names inspired by constellations, planets, and outer space that selecting one as unique as your child may be easier than you think. We’ve compiled a list of unisex space inspired baby names that can be used by anyone of any gender.

Apollo – Protector or Patron

Apollo is the Greek god who rules over the sun and light, and his name is both elegant and mythical. It’s also becoming more common as a girl’s name.

Aster – Star; Flower

Aster is a Greek name that is gender-neutral. This name seems sophisticated since it is simple and elegant.

Archer – Bow, a bowman

Archer is a sign of force and strength. It’s the name of the constellation Sagittarius, which depicts a half-horse, half-man figure.

Aries – The Ram

The constellation Aries represents the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology and shows a ram.

Atlas – To carry

Atlas has a confident and fearless demeanor. Shay Mitchell, a well-known actress, picked this name for her infant child.

Space Names For Girls : Credits: YouTube
Credits: YouTube

Cosmos – Order, organization; Beauty

The whole universe is known as the “cosmos”. One of the favored universe baby names, it is perfectly apt for your baby who is your “universe”.

Danica – Morning star

Danica is a unique name that is also a wonderful method to compliment your child.

Nova – New

Nova is a bright star that appears and fades over a few months. This is one of the lovely names you may give your child because it is sophisticated and stylish.

Orion – Rising in the sky; Dawning

Did you know that the Orion constellation is the brightest and most well-known in the sky? Choose this lovely starry name that signifies “border or limit” for your baby.

Rigel – The left leg of the giant

Rigel is the name of a massive star in the constellation Orion. When people are traveling on the ocean, it is the star that directs them. With this lovely name, you may make your baby’s name memorable.

Solar – Of the sun

The brightest star in the cosmos is Solar. Its beams offer hope and warmth to everyone’s life, making it one of the most attractive baby names inspired by the solar system.

Sirius – Glowing

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, gleaming and gleaming. It is also known as the Dog Star because it is located in the best part of the sky. 

Taurus – Bull

Taurus is the name of a constellation as well as a star sign depicting the forequarter of a powerful bull.

Mars – God of war

Mars is a Latin-derived unisex name that is fairly common. Bruno Mars, the famous singer, is a household name.

Juno – Youth

Juno is a gender-neutral Latin name that translates to “Goddess of Love, Marriage, and Childbirth.” Many parents prefer this name.

Halo – Divine aura

Since the advent of the Halo video game series in 2001, this moniker has grown more popular as a modern word.


These lovely celestial names are ideal for parents who want to give their child a name that is truly distinctive and adaptable and speaks of something far bigger than themselves. Your little girl deserves an excellent moniker that reflects her unique personality.

​​That’s why we’ve produced a list of more than 100 space names for girls. Please share this with your friends and family and let us know what you think of these names in the comments area.

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