Top 130+ French Baby Girl Names that parents like 

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Expecting a baby girl and searching for the perfect French baby girl names? Look no further! 

Here is a list of over 120 popular French girl names that are both elegant and beautiful. 

From classic names like Amélie and Sophie to modern favorites like Léa and Chloé, this list has something for every taste. You’ll find traditional names steeped in French history, as well as more contemporary names inspired by French culture and language. 

So whether you’re looking for a name that is timelessly chic or fashionably modern, this list has you covered. Browse through and find the perfect name for your precious little girl.

  1. Popular French girl names
  2. Badass French girl names
  3. Mythological French girl names
  4. Nature-Inspired French girl names
  5. Exotic French girl names
  6. Easy-To-Pronounce French girl names

45 Popular French Girl Names

Are you looking for some popular names for your baby girl? Check out these French names, which have been hitting the trends and rising in popularity in recent times.

One-Syllable Popular French Girl Names

  1. Roxane – dawn. We believe Roxanne, which some people also use as a spelling french variation, would be a lovely French girl’s name for a newborn born at dawn.
  2. Loane – bright. Loane Rathier is a French singer-songwriter known by the mononym Loane.
French Baby Girl Names : Loane Rathier - Credits: Pinterest
Loane Rathier – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Fleur – flower. Fleur can be the name you’re looking for if you’re trying to avoid the rather overdone Flora.
  2. Nadège – hope. Nadège August is an actress, producer, and podcast presenter who was born in Brooklyn but reared for a period of time in Haiti.
  3. Régine – queen. Régine Chassagne, a French Canadian and founding member of the Grammy Award-winning band Arcade Fire, is the group’s vocalist, keyboardist, and percussionist.
French Baby Girl Names : Régine Chassagne - Credits: Pinterest
Régine Chassagne – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Clémence – merciful. Clémence Poésy, a French actress, popularized this name.
French Baby Girl Names : Clémence Poésy - Credits: Instagram
Clémence Poésy – Credits: Instagram
  1. Luce – light. A child soldier who was adopted from Eritrea and nurtured in the United States is the subject of the American social thriller Luce.
  2. Maia – good mother. Maia has had a tremendous rise in popularity in France thanks to the French form of her name.
  3. Louise – renowned warrior. Louise is the female version of Louis. Popular in the Paris region and the center of France, this is a royal name for a little girl who reigns in her household.
  4. Léa – weary. Inspired by Léa Seydoux, a French actress and model in a French fashion house.
French Baby Girl Names : Léa Seydoux - Credits: Instagram
Léa Seydoux – Credits: Instagram

Two-Syllable Popular French Girl Names

  1. Constance – steadfastness. Name inspired by Constance Jablonski. 
French Baby Girl Names : Image credit: @CONSTANCEJABLONSKI

A classic Gallic beauty, Constance won the prestigious Elite Model Look contest.

French Baby Girl Names : APM Monaco ROMA Jewelry Campaign starring Thylane Blondeau. Image credit: @CONSTANCEJABLONSKI
APM Monaco ROMA Jewelry Campaign starring Thylane Blondeau. Image credit: @CONSTANCEJABLONSKI
  1. Ophélie – wisdom. Inspired by Ophélie Guillermand.
French Baby Girl Names : Ophélie has modeled for iconic brands such as Carolina Herrera, Marchesa, Prada, and Pierre Balmain. Image Credit: Les Bains 
Ophélie has modeled for iconic brands such as Carolina Herrera, Marchesa, Prada, and Pierre Balmain. Image Credit: Les Bains 
  1. Léonie – lion.
  2. Nadine – hope. Nadine is the French variant of Nadia, which is short for the Russian name Nadezhda.
  3. Livie – envy. Augustus Caesar’s wife and advisor, Livia Drusilla, was a Roman empress.
  4. Emma – whole. Emma Mackey stands out among the prevailing French actresses in TV and film nowadays.
French Baby Girl Names : Emma Mackey - Credits: Instagram
Emma Mackey – Credits: Instagram
  1. Juliette – youthful. Juliette Binoche belongs to an entirely new class of French women actors and actresses. She is a well regarded, skilled actress and dancer who has won multiple awards.
French Baby Girl Names : Juliette Binoche - Credits: Instagram
Juliette Binoche – Credits: Instagram
  1. Flavie -yellow-haired. We believe the connotation of this lovely and delicate French girl’s name is ideal for the newborn with a gleaming golden mane.
French Baby Girl Names : Flavie Flament, French T.V Presenter - Credits: Instagram
Flavie Flament, French T.V Presenter – Credits: Instagram
  1. Audrey – strength. Audrey Tautou is one of the most beautiful French actresses in recent times.
French Baby Girl Names : Audrey Tautou - Credits: Pinterest
Audrey Tautou – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Flavie – golden. We believe the connotation of this lovely and delicate French girl’s name is ideal for the newborn with a gleaming golden mane.
  2. Mélanie – dark-skinned. Inspired by Mélanie Laurent, a famous French actress.
French Baby Girl Names : Mélanie Laurent - Credits: Instagram
Mélanie Laurent – Credits: Instagram
  1. Alizée – trade wind. The French model and singer Alizée has so far had the highest commercial success of any musician in this century. She is a favorite of the European music scene thanks to her versatile artistic style and mezzo-soprano voice.
French Baby Girl Names : Alizee - Credits: Instagram
Alizee – Credits: Instagram
  1. Perrine – stone. If you wish to give your daughter the name Perrine in honor of a male cousin named Peter, it’s an exciting possibility.
  2. Michèle – who is like God. Michelle is a particularly French name that has migrated to common usage in English-speaking countries, making it a good option if you’re searching for a lovely girls’ name from France but you want something understated.
  3. Brigitte – power. Brigitte Bardot, also known as B.B., was one of the most stunning French actresses of the 1950s and 1960s and a major figure in popular culture.
French Baby Girl Names : Brigitte Bardot - Credits: Instagram
Brigitte Bardot – Credits: Instagram
  1. Placide – calm. If your child is tranquil and you’re looking for a name that captures their personality, Placide can be a wonderful choice.
  2. Sophie – wisdom. Name inspired by Sophie Marceau, a famous French actress.
French Baby Girl Names : Sophie Marceau seen in James Bond movie - Credits: gettingimages
Sophie Marceau seen in James Bond movie – Credits: gettingimages
  1. Élodie – foreign riches. Élodie Yung is another actress well-known for her parts in French TV shows among the current generation of well-known female superstars in France.
French Baby Girl Names : Élodie Yung - Credits: Instagram
Élodie Yung – Credits: Instagram
  1. Romaine – Roman. Despite being used in France, this moniker lost favor in the 1960s, when romaine lettuce started to be widely accessible all year round.
  2. Adrienne – from the city of Hadria.
  3. Hortense – garden. A hobbyist gardener could also use it.
  4. Séphora – bird. Friends and family could assume you named your child after a cosmetics company because of the tight relationship with the no longer widely used French cosmetics brand Séphora.
  5. Joëlle – Yahweh is God. The French version of Joel is Jolle. Jolle Jones is an American comic book writer and artist.
  6. Marianne – love. Marianne is the name of the personification of the French Republic.
  7. Narcisse – sleep. A well-known place for animal preservation in Canada is the Narcisse Snake Dens.
  8. Adèle – nobility. Adèle Exarchopoulos is the famous namesake.
French Baby Girl Names : Adèle Exarchopoulos - Credits: Pinterest
Adèle Exarchopoulos – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Eva – life. Eva Green is one of the well-known French actresses who began her career in theater before moving into mainstream cinema.
French Baby Girl Names : Eva Green - Credits: Instagram
Eva Green – Credits: Instagram
  1. Solange – religious. Solange’s meaning makes it the perfect choice for a family who considers their faith to be an essential part of their existence.

Three-Syllable Popular French Girl Names

  1. Gabrielle – God is my strength. Name inspired by Gabrielle Caunesil, a French model, influencer, and founder of sustainable fashion brand La Semaine Paris.
  2. Marceline – Marceline means Male. A French name evolved from Mars.
  3. Rosalie – famous type. French courtesan Rosalie Duthé was a well-known portrait model. Rosalie Duthé, a historian, claims to be the first known stupid blonde.
  4. Adeline – noble.
  5. Gwenaelle – blessed. Personne, written by Gwenall Aubry and prefaced by Rick Moody, was released in the US under the name No One. It describes Aubry’s father’s fight with bipolar disorder and what it was like to grow up with him.
  6. Capucine – nasturtium. The French actress and model Germaine Hélène Irène Lefebvre went by the stage name Capucine. Capucine was a well-known actress in both film and television who was best known for her humorous parts in the Pink Panther film series.
  7. Michaëla – who resembles God. Name inspired by Michaëla Thomsen.
  8. Albertine – noble.

Four-Syllable Popular French Girl Names

  1. Emmanuelle – God is with us. Inspired by Emmanuelle Béart. She is most César Award-nominated among the most famous French actresses.
French Baby Girl Names : Emmanuelle Béart - Credits: Instagram
Emmanuelle Béart – Credits: Instagram
  1. Isabelle – pledged to God. One of the most famous French film actresses, Isabelle Adjani began her acting career in the theater at the age of 12.
French Baby Girl Names : Isabelle Adjani - Credits: Pinterest
Isabelle Adjani – Credits: Pinterest

22 Badass French Girl Names

If you’re seeking ideas for Badass French girl names, check out the list we’ve provided below. These fierce names belong to women who have rewritten history and defied convention to demonstrate to us that women are capable of achieving everything they set their minds to. 

Your daughter might be the next rising star in a society where women are gaining influence.

Two-Syllable Badass French Girl Names

  1. Condoleezza – with sweetness. Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a strong woman to name your daughter after if you’re looking for a distinctive name.
  2. Ada – noble. The first computer algorithm was created by 19th-century mathematician Ada Lovelace, who is widely credited with this accomplishment. Ada is a fantastic role model for young women and girls in a field where men predominate.
  3. Gabriela – God is my strength. Gabriela Mistral was the first Latin American author to earn a Nobel Prize.
  4. Bessie – God is my oath. Bessie Coleman overcame racial prejudice to become the first American woman to obtain a license to fly internationally. She advocated for racial equity while putting on daredevil flying displays.
  5. Alek – defender of people. Alek is a fantastic option if you’re seeking a distinctive name with a powerful meaning. It makes mention of Alek Wek, a young Sudanese child who grew up to be a supermodel.
  6. Retta – beloved. Retta Scott paved the door for many other young girls by being the first female animator at Disney.
  7. Carol – joyful song. Carol, who is maybe better known by her superhero alter ego Captain Marvel, is more than just a superhero; she is also renowned for her brilliance, talent, and strength—all qualities of a badass to model a girl after.
  8. Frida – peace. In addition to being a well-known artist, Frida Kahlo is renowned for her steadfast opposition to social topics like feminism and LGBTQ rights. She is an excellent role model for both girls and women.
French Baby Girl Names : Famous artwork from Frida. Image Credit: BBC
Famous artwork from Frida. Image Credit: BBC
  1. Ember – spark. This name would be ideal for a young girl who is full of fire and spark.
  2. Michelle – who resembles God. The most decorated figure skater in American history is Michelle Kwan.

Three-Syllable Badass French Girl Names

  1. Althea – healer. The first African American woman to compete at Wimbledon was Althea Gibson.
  2. Gloria – immortal glory. Gloria Steinem is regarded as a pioneer in the American feminist movement.
  3. Amelia – hardworking. The first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic was Amelia Earhart. She is a badass who altered history and smashed records.
  4. Catherine – pure. Catherine Fabienne Dorléac is a badass French model, actress and producer.
French Baby Girl Names : Catherine Fabienne Dorléac - Credits: Instagram
Catherine Fabienne Dorléac – Credits: Instagram
  1. Serena – serene. Serena Reinaldi is a badass French actress.
French Baby Girl Names : Serena Reinaldi - Credits: Pinterest
Serena Reinaldi – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Jean – God is gracious. One of the most powerful X-Men is Jean Grey, who is endowed with superhuman abilities. Jean is a pretty badass female heroine known for her telepathic abilities and has a name that represents strength, complexity, and power.
  2. Meryl – bright. Meryl Streep holds the record for most Oscar nominations.
  3. Junko – pure. Look no further than Junko Tabei, the first woman to conquer Mount Everest.
  4. Karma – fate. Karma, a latin word, is a very badass name, so would you be? What goes around does come back around.
  5. Maud – powerful battler. Maud Stevens Wagner is the first female tattooist in the US, a pretty badass career!
  6. Joan – God is generous. Joan of Arc was a French martyr. She served as a military advisor for France, a position often filled by men, yet she nonetheless held her own and established a reputation for herself.
  7. Mae – bitter or pearl. The first African American woman astronaut was Dr. Mae Jemison. She was a real badass who proved that women are capable of anything!

13 Mythological French Girl Names

Why not choose a name for your child that is derived from mythology, which has historically impacted music, drama, and literature? 

Check out the names inspired by French myths and folktales.

Two-Syllable Mythological French Girl Names

  1. Miranda – marvelous. Miranda is also the name of one of Uranus’ moons.
  2. Bellatrix – warrior. This is also the name of one of the stars in Orion… and the name of a Harry Potter villain.
  3. Andromeda – leader of humankind. Greek mythology describes Andromeda as a woman who was transformed into a constellation along with her mother Cassiopeia. It is also the name of an entire galaxy.
  4. Luna – moon. Your moon sign, according to astrology, reflects your emotional, inner self.
  5. Apollo – destroyer. The sun god Apollo is a figure from Greek mythology. In addition, NASA’s Apollo program was in charge of sending the first men to the moon.
  6. Ariel – lion of God. It’s the name of one of the moons of Uranus.
  7. Cassiopeia – she who chooses to excel. In Greek mythology, Cassiopeia, along with her daughter Andromeda, was turned into a constellation.

Three-Syllable Mythological French Girl Names

  1. Artemis – butcher. In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the moon.
  2. Aurora – dawn. In mythology, Aurora is the Roman goddess of the sunrise.
  3. Bianca – white. Bianca is also the name of one of Uranus’ moons.
  4. Celeste – heavenly. Celeste refers to the night sky.
  5. Phoebe – bright. Phoebe is the goddess in celtic mythology.
  6. Orpheus – the darkness of the night. Orpheus is the name of a mythological Greek figure as well as an asteroid and a space telescope.

15 Nature-Inspired French Girl Names

French nature is quite beautiful. One of the most beautiful destinations on earth, it features volcanoes, emerald-green woods, and tranquil beaches. Baby names, particularly those given to girls, reflect France’s natural beauty.

Two-Syllable Nature-Inspired French Girl Names

  1. Willow – freedom. A shade tree that has a strong and well-developed root system.
  2. Zinnia – flower. A flower name that is not used that often but should be.
  3. Aboli – name of a flower. Aboli is a cool natural name for your little flower.
  4. Brazos – arms. This would go great on a list of earthy names for a baby boy that is inspired by a river in Mexico.
  5. Calla – beautiful. Calla lilies are often used as a symbol for purity and means “beautiful” in the Greek language.
  6. Aspen – quaking tree. A wonderful name inspired by a tree (and a resort in Colorado) that could work for your girl.
  7. Canyon – footpath. A deep ravine that usually has water running through it.
  8. Cozy – comfortable. I love the feeling you get when sitting in the woods by a nice campfire.
  9. Joshua – God is salvation. This name is affiliated with a park in California, Joshua Tree National Park.

Three-Syllable Nature-Inspired French Girl Names

  1. Kestrel – small, colorful falcon. The name was originally derived from the Old French word “crecelle,” which meant “rattle” and referred to the sound the bird made when it chirped.
  2. Shadow – shade from sun. Found everywhere thanks to the sun and the moon.
  3. Daisy – day’s eye. A somewhat common flower name that is definitely feminine in nature and taken from an Old English word that means “day’s eye”.
  4. Fauna – young deer. The animal lives in a certain region.
  5. Flora – flower. The plant life in a certain area. Inspired by Flora Cross.
  6. Honey – nectar. Definitely a unique name for a little girl, and one of nature’s sweetest treats.

16 Exotic French Girl Names

France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its sun-kissed coastlines and shimmering waters are a pleasure to see. French girl names are as exotic and lovely as the country itself!

Two-Syllable Exotic French Girl Names

  1. Medora – ruler. What about exotic Greek girl’s names? For the baby girl who, you know, will be in charge at all times! The Greek word for Medora is “ruler.” Can be shortened to Dora.
  2. Tamika – people. This exotic name is associated with beauty, companionship, and empathy.
  3. Valencia – bravery. The Valencia Orange is named for the Spanish city, but it was actually developed in Southern California.
  4. Limbani – strong. Looking for exotic girl’s names that inspire your little peanut’s inner strength? Limbani, an African word from the Chewa language, means “be strong.”
  5. Lyra – Lyre of Orpheus. One of the exotic girl names that has recently risen in popularity, thanks to Lyra from Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, which is now a TV series.
  6. Sasha – defender. What better fierce exotic name for your baby girl than Sasha?
  7. Valentina – brave. One of the most unique girl’s names, Valentina means “brave” and “strong” and is both romantic and powerful. Tina or Val are cute nicknames.
  8. Karasi – wisdom. An exotic girl’s name with musical overtones that means “life” or “knowledge” and is fairly rare outside of Africa.
  9. Serilda – battle armor. Taking its cue from the French phrase for “war armor,” this exotic girl’s name is definitely badass. Can be shortened to Rilda.
  10. Gamela – honest. Gamela is an Arabic name that means “earnest” or “honest,” making it another one of the rare exotic names for girls.

Three-Syllable Exotic French Girl Names

  1. Manaia – guardian. Manaia was the name of the Mori god that travels between our world and the spirit plain, making it one of the very few Mori exotic names for females on our list.
  2. Pragtige – beautiful woman. Searching for a little bit unique? We haven’t come across this particular unique, exotic baby girl name anywhere else, so your little peanut might be the first!
  3. Ratana – crystal. Ratana, a Thai name that means “crystal,” is for the infant girl with the sparkle in her eye.
  4. Sigalit – violet flower. One of the more uncommon Hebrew exotic girl names that we haven’t seen for a long time.
  5. Valdis – Goddess of the dead. Looking for gothic exotic names for girls? Valdis could be the one, it can be shortened to Val.
  6. Zaliki – nobility.  A beautiful Egyptian exotic girl’s name. Can be shortened to Zali.

27 Easy-To-Pronounce French Girl Names

“Salut!” Yes, that’s how the French say “hi!” but did you know it’s also a girl’s name?

That’s just a taste of what you’ll come across while looking for a nice name for your newborn girl on our list. As a matter of fact, the majority of these are easy-to-pronounce and traditional French names which are lovely to hear.

Two-Syllable Easy-To-Pronounce French Girl Names

  1. Ailana – island. Although the name started to become more common in 2020, it is still unique and straightforward to pronounce.
  2. Ainakea – white earth. Choose a unique, classic name like this one and stay away from trendy ones.
  3. Apikaleah – a father’s delight. You would always be reminded of how lucky you are to have a daughter by Apikaleah.
  4. Ele – shining one. The name is brief, but it has a lot of elegance, adaptability, and a profound meaning.
  5. Elikapeka – God is my oath. This name signifies God’s pledge.
  6. Kaili – victorious. This name connotes strong leadership qualities and individual independence. Choosing this amazing name would be a fantastic idea.
  7. Kalea – happiness. Rick McCrank, a Canadian pro skateboarder, and Shya L’Amour, a rapper, have both given their daughters this name. 
  8. Kamalei – beloved child. This name provides a constant reminder of your love for your child, which may promote their wellbeing and development.
  9. Kehlani – sea. American singer-dancer Kehlani Ashley Parrish is one of the most well-known people with this name.
  10. Lokelani – heavenly rose. If you want a funny and creative flower name for your little flower, this name might work.

Three-Syllable Easy-To-Pronounce French Girl Names

  1. Luana – enjoyment. It’s a good idea to give your child a cheery name. It has the capacity to draw people with upbeat personalities and hopeful outlooks.
  2. Mahina – moon. Mahina is a natural name that translates to “moon” or “moonlight.” Use this name if you are a proud parent of a gorgeous child.
  3. Noelani – mist Of heaven. It’s a lovely and meaningful name that means ‘heavenly mist, paradise fog, or a lovely princess from heaven.’
  4. Olina – joyous. It’s yet another cheerful name you can give your baby.
  5. Poliahu – cloaked blossom. Naming your girl with this name will blossom her personality.
  6. Eleele – dark. Girls with dark-colored eyes have a stunning appearance. So why not give her the name Eleele to emphasize her unique qualities even more?
  7. Ulani – cheerful. Ulani is a one-of-a-kind name that means ‘joyous.’
  8. Uluwehi – lush. It’s a distinctive name that will ensure that your child is remembered by all.
  9. Enakai – glowing Sea. Choose this name for your princess and allow her to shine brightly and powerfully like the sea.
  10. Ahe – breeze.  Ahe is a simple to spell and pronounce word that refers to a gentle wind. This name might be a good fit for your little girl.
  11. Alohi – brilliant. This is one such name to marvel you and a beautiful moniker to keep on your girl.
  12. Akela – noble. Every parent hopes that their child will mature into a gracious and honorable adult. The name Akela can inspire such parents.
  13. Allanna – precious. A lady who is calm, tranquil, and serene is frequently admired. She’s Allanna to you.
  14. Allyna – precious. Allyna is radiant, energizing, and priceless. Allyna is a choice among parents of baby girls because of its combination of emotional meanings.
  15. Anuhea – cool. Anuhea is the name to choose if you’re looking for a unique French girl’s name. It denotes a wonderful scent.
  16. Aonani – beautiful light. Allow Aonani, whose name means “beautiful light,” to shine brilliantly in your daughter’s life.
  17. Hali – necklace. Your daughter, like a necklace, will bring joy to everyone’s life.


Many parents want their daughters to become powerful women who discreetly dazzle the world with their French charm as they mature. These French names are really endearing when you look into their meanings.

Consequently, we have come up with a list of more than 130 adorable French names for girls. Please share this with your loved ones and ask them to write comments below with their opinions on the names.

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