Top 150+ Gothic Girl Names

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Do you have trouble coming up with a name for your baby girl? To get you started, how about some gothic girl names?

It’s not uncommon for people to link Gothic names with a sense of dread. But that is just a part of the picture. Gothic baby names frequently have hidden connotations. In this list, you’ll find associated with goddesses and beauty and linked to the dark side of existence.

Based on the themes below, we compiled a list of “Gothic Girls Names.”

  1. Popular Gothic name for Girls
  2. Girl Names with a Fairy Gothic Twist
  3. Gothic Girl Names Inspired By Goddesses
  4. Girl Names Inspired by Movies
  5. Creepy Gothic Girl Names
  6. Unisex Gothic Names

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Popular Gothic name for Girls

Fionna – Fair

Fionna is a quite popular gothic girl’s name popularized by Princess Fionna in Shrek. Fiona Dourif is another well-known American actress with the name.

Bruna – Brown-haired or dark hair

Bruna is a beautiful Italian name for your dark-haired baby girl.

Ebony – Deep black wood

Greek origin and is popular among black parents looking for gothic girl names.

Kiara – Dark

This dark yet interesting name is also top of the list due to its uniqueness and popularity among parents.

Layla – Night beauty

This name has Arabic roots and is derived from Hebrew. Layla is a name given to newborn girls who are born at night to represent the time of their birth.

Lela – Black beauty

This name comes from the Kiswahili language. It’s no surprise that Lela exudes a sophisticated and lovely air.

Melanie – Darkness 

The name has both refinement and sweetness going for it, as it is a modern classic with a medieval French flair.

Scarlet – Red or deep red

Gothic Girl Names : Evander Holyfield - Credits: Skysports
 Evander Holyfield – Credits: Skysports

Scarlet is an Old English name and is quite popular among people of all ages. Might we add that Scarlett Johansson adds grace and a twist to the name?

Branwen – white, blessed raven 

This name is from Welsh mythology and is becoming quite popular among Gothic parents.

Claudia – Lame, enclosure

Claudia is a bold, modern name with a tinge of ancient Roman splendor that has never been truly in or truly out of fashion.

Clio – Glory

It means ‘proclaimer’ in Greek etymology. This name sounds like a beautiful fallen Christian angel.

Jade – A precious stone 

The name comes from the Spanish phrase “piedra de la ijada,” which means “stone of the colic.”

Harper – Someone who plays the harp

The name, which is derived from English and Irish, gained popularity after David Beckham, a famous football player, named his daughter after it.

Guinevere – White spirit 

It’s a Welsh name also famous from Arthurian legend.

Isolabella – Beautiful, lonely one

The name Isolabella is of the Gothic region that means beautiful lonely one.

Hazelle – Hazel tree

We totally recommend this lovely British name as it has a sweet touch to it.

Ivy – Vine

The plant Ivy, which has an English floral name, denotes fidelity and endless life.

Cordelia – The daughter of the sea

Cordelia, a Celtic name, is another fantastic gothic name. The name is lovely and has a sinister ring to it.

Delora – Sorrow

Delora’s sweet-sounding name conceals a deeper meaning. This name is frequently seen to be ideal for a female.

Desdemona – Misery

Another unique gothic name is Desdemona which is of Greek origin, and it means unlucky.

Draconia – Great severity

It’s an uncommon name for females, but it’s popular with gothic parents who wish to give their daughter a gloomy name.

Elinor – Shining light

Elinor is a refined lady who is portrayed admirably by Elinor Crawley of Vikings. Short yet oh-so-feminist and stylish.

Elvira – White or fair 

Elvira is a perfect gothic name of Spanish origin.

Isidora – Strong gift

The name Isidora is a gorgeous and popular Greek baby name. 

Willow – Willow tree

Gothic Girl Names : Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith. Credits: GettyImages
Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith. Credits: GettyImages

On the popularity statistics for feminine names, this name is extremely prevalent. It is thought that anyone with this Gothic name possesses some sort of mystical or psychic ability. That’s what Willow Smith makes us believe!

Hesperia – Evening star

This all-time favorite Gothic name is of Greek origin and is a perfect way to pay tribute to the little star that has entered your life.

Amaris – Child of the moon

This is a lovely name for a baby born on the full moon.

Mary – Bitter or rebellious

Mary has traditionally been a popular-girl name, as seen by Mary Poppins and Mary Tyler Moore, two mid-century emblems of decorum and wholesomeness.

Annabel – Loveable, grace 

This is a delightful name on the rise, especially in this version, but also in the more streamlined Annabel spelling, made famous by the Edgar Allen Poe poem Annabel Lee.

Gothic Names with a Fairy Gothic Twist

There is something for everyone here; from a baby born at full moon to an immortal fairy, these beautiful, kind fairy queens inspire the little queen in you. You’ll adore these Gothic Fairy baby names with a twist if you’re a fairy world lover.

Amabel – loveable

Amabel is a Latin name for girls that means ‘lovely, kind, lovable.’ The name’s gentleness and solemnity make it ideal for gloomy newborns.

Ambrosia – immortal

Ambrosia is a female Greek baby name. It is regarded as a very distinctive and elegant name for a female.

Bellamira – wondrous, beautiful

Bellamira is derived from the Latin words ‘Bella’, which means ‘beautiful,’ and ‘Mira,’ which means ‘wonderful.’

Brucie – forest fairy

Brucie is an English word that was popular during the Middle Ages. It literally means “forest fairy.”

Calista – Cup, fairest, most beautiful 

Calista is a Greek name and might be perfect for your lovely princess.

Charlotte – Freeman

Charlotte is a French name that relates to a regal newborn fairy that guards babies. Queen Charlotte of England popularized the name in the 18th century.

Gothic Girl Names : Charlotte Tilbury, a British make-up artist who founded her own makeup and skincare brand.  Credits: Shutterstock
Charlotte Tilbury, a British make-up artist who founded her own makeup and skincare brand.  Credits: Shutterstock

Edana – Fire

Edana is a Gaelic name that means ‘small fiery one.’

Fae – Fairy

Fae is an Old English and French word that means ‘fairy.’ Fae was given to almost as many baby girls as Fay last year, and it could be particularly appealing as a middle name.

Morgana – Circling sea

Morgana is a  Welsh fairy name that means “seaborn.”

Parisa – Fairy-like

In Persian mythology, the Pari (or Peri) are a race of lovely and benevolent supernatural fairy beings that were formerly thought to be wicked.

Pixie – Fair

This name has a Swedish connotation to it. A pixie is a sprite or fairy who is small, sometimes green, and usually has pointy ears.

Gothic Girl Names : Pixie Fairies - Credits: Pinterest
Pixie Fairies – Credits: Pinterest

Tiana – Fairy Queen

Tiana is a Russian name that might be the right fit for your little fairy Queen.

Meriol – Sea nymph

Meriol is a girl’s name of Irish and Gaelic origin and is preferred by many Gothic parents.

Migina – Child born at new moon

Migina is a Native American fairy woman.

Naida – Water nymph

Naida is a Greek girl’s name and is preferred by many parents as it’s rising the popularity charts.

Nidaw – Omaha Native American Fairy

Nidaw is a beautiful name that represents Omaha’s native fairy.

Titania – A fairy

The queen of the fairies’ name in A Midsummer Night’s Dream has a delicate, lace appeal to it.

Nissa – To test

Nissa is considered among beautiful baby girl names and is of Scandinavian origin. Nissa is a friendly elf, or a fairy.  

Ondine – Little wave

Ondine is of Latin origin and  is quite a unique name for your little spirit of love.

Poppy – Red flower, or milk of gladness

This name has a very distinctive feel to it, and is being adopted by many parents. Poppy has a lot of grit, unlike other floral names, which are lovely and feminine. 

Shaylah – from the mythical palace

Shaylah is an Irish name from the fairy castle, and it’s a cute way of showing your baby girl that she is one of the fairies.

Shaylee – admirable

Shaylee is an Irish little fairy from over the hill, and is a perfect moniker for your little fairy.

Shayleen – from the mythical castle

Shayleen is a Gaelic name that is rare but with a beautiful meaning.

Tryamon – a fairy princess

Tryamon is an Arthurian legend about a fairy princess.

Tunder – fairy

Tunder is a unique and lovely name that represnts a Hungarian fairy.

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Gothic Girl Names Inspired By Goddesses

Do you want to give your child a celestial name? These goddess-inspired names will set her apart from her contemporaries.

Aurora – dawn

Gothic Girl Names : Norwegian singer/songwriter Aurora Aksnes. Image: NPR
Norwegian singer/songwriter Aurora Aksnes. Image: NPR

Aurora is a Latin name that ranks 51st in the popularity of feminine names. Because it was the poetic name of the Roman Goddess of Sunrise, Aurora is considered a Gothic name.

Circe – bird 

Circe is indeed a very powerful name that certainly inspires many parents. Circe was a goddess who enticed Perseus by transforming his warriors into pigs and back. 

Eirisse – rainbow 

The name Eirisse comes from the Gothic language and represents the goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology. 

Hecate – far away

Hecate is a Greek name that is thought to be derived from the Greek word Hekas. Hecate was the Goddess of witchcraft, devils, and the underworld in Greek mythology.

Olympia – Mount Olympus

Olympia is a Greek girl’s name that signifies Mount Olympus, the Greek Gods’ abode, and so a lovely name for a gothic baby.

Zila – shadow

Zila is a female given name, biblical name that was revived by the Puritans. Once again, a powerful name with a feminist slant.

Aphrodite – foam

This is the name of the Goddess of Love and Peace, according to Greek mythology.

Aslaug – betrothed woman

Aslaug is a Norwegian name that means “lady betrothed to a God.”

Astrid – divinely beautiful

This is a Scandinavian name that means “God-loved.”

Athena – Goddess Of Wisdom & War

Athena is a Greek goddess who signifies ‘Goddess of Wisdom and War.’

Ella – she/her

Gothic Girl Names : Ella Mai - Credits: Jonathan Mannion
Ella Mai – Credits: Jonathan Mannion

Ella is also a Hebrew word meaning ‘Goddess,’ and is commonly used as a short form of various names.

Esther – loving Goddess

The name Esther comes from Babylonian mythology and means “loving Goddess.”

Feronia – Goddess of the Forest

Feronia was a goddess in ancient Roman religion who was associated with wildlife, health, fertility, and abundance.

Freya – a noblewoman

Freya is a Norse name that translates to “noblewoman” or “Goddess of Fertility.”

Hebe – youth

Hebe is a goddess of youth and beauty.

Hera – Goddess of the hearth

Hera is an ancient Greek name for a goddess. Hera is a goddess of women whose name implies “beautiful.”

Juno – youth

Juno is the name of a Latin Goddess who is associated with happy marriage and motherhood.

Kali – a maiden, a bud

Kali is a Goddess of Destruction in Hindu mythology. Nonetheless, she is a role model for a good mother.

Rhea – flowing

This is the name of Zeus’s mother in Greek mythology. It literally means ‘flowing.’

Venus – Roman goddess of love and beauty

This is the name of the Goddess of Love and Beauty in Roman mythology.

Hestia – star 

The name Hestia can also mean star. Hestia is the name of the Greek goddess of order.

Hesperia – a rising star

Hecate is a Greek goddess who is associated with demons, witchcraft, and the afterlife.

Gothic Girl Names Inspired by Movies

Movies are a great way to unwind and decompress when pregnant, but they can also be a great source of baby name ideas. The perfect name may be right there on the screen. We have collected some movie-inspired names for your little goth.  

Luna – moon 

Luna Lovegood, a character in Harry Potter, popularizes the name and gives it a gothic touch.

Calida – spirit or an immortal being

Derived from Arcadian mythology, the name Calida is also a popular character in the popular game, the World of WarCraft.

Desdemona – misery

Gothic Girl Names : Othello. Image: Royal Shakespeare Company
Othello. Image: Royal Shakespeare Company

Desdemona is a Venetian beauty character in William Shakespeare’s Roman Othello written around 1604 about love, jealousy and deceit.

Adrienne -a dark lady from the sea

Adrienne Shelly was a blazing star in the indie film firmament as the muse of Hal Hartley’s indie masterpieces.

Luci -light

This strong gothic name takes its light from the movie, Lucy. A smart and brave character played brilliantly by Scarlett Johanson.

Agnes – purity

Agnes Gru, a character in Despicable Me, cutely enthralls the hearts of the audience and inspires parents to name their girl after her.

Zoey – life

Who’s inspired by Zoey’s extraordinary playlist? We for sure are inspired enough to name a precious girl after it. 

Guinevere – white ghost

Guinevere Beck, a character in the famous series You, adds the gothic charm to the name inspiring parents to name their little girl after it.

Lanira – a powerful sorceress

This powerful name inspires couples as it has a bold yet unique meaning.

Mallory – cursed one

Mallory Keaton on the family ties has definitely made us view the name from a different perspective.

Damienne – prophecy

Derived from Greek, it means ‘prophecy’ or ‘prognostication’, and is a quite popular name choice among Gothic parents.

Annabelle – the beauty of grace

This name is of Latin and French origin, meaning ‘the beauty of grace.’ But we remember this name from the horror series, Annabelle.

Autumn – dark brown

This unique name is a popular and interesting choice among Gothic parents.

Ava – bird-like

Jessica Chastain plays the character Ava in the movie that goes by the same name and is certainly a strong girl who inspires us all.

Gothic Girl Names : Jessica Chastain - Credits: Twitter
Jessica Chastain – Credits: Twitter

Blair – battlefield

Blair Waldorf is a character in Gossip Girl that is loved by many.

Juliet – youthful

This name is of English and French origin. It also gained popularity by the character from the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo & Juliet.

Meredith – great lord

In the popular series The Office, Meredith Palmer gets around and has no qualms about divulging the specifics. She’s the life of the party, and she motivates us to achieve our goals.

Ophelia –  aid

Meaning “aid” or “benefit” in ancient greek. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia is a tragic character.

Mina – gilded helmet or blue glass

The name also means “south” in Japanese. Also the main female character in Dracula.

Rose – The flower

Rose DeWitt Bukater Dawson Calvert, played by Kate Winslet, is the main protagonist in the famous movie, Titanic. She certainly inspires many to this day to name their baby girls after her.

Sabrina – from the River Severn

Sabrina is considered among the gothic baby girl names that are popular. It’s the name of the main character in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Samara – guardian

Samara is the name of the entity in The Ring and might be the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

Titania – the land of giants

It’s the name of the fairy queen in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and is a perfect moniker for your little fairy queen.

Ursula – she-bear

We do remember Ursula’s interesting character from the tv show, friends, and like her edginess enough to add it to the list.

Victoria – victory

Victoria Beckham adds a certain class to the name. It is also the name of Victor’s fiancée in Corpse Bride.

Medusa – to protect

This famous Greek baby name is derived from Medo, meaning to rule over or to protect.

Morticia – mortician

Morticia is the most gothic name you’ll ever hear. It was created by Charles Addams for a mother’s part in his cartoon series ‘The Addams Family.’

Elvira – fair or pale one

In German, the name also means “warlike elf.” Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is also Cassandra Peterson’s alter ego.

Maleficent – magnificent

A distinctive moniker Maleficent is a Norwegian name that gained popularity after Angelina Jolie portrayed the villainous Maleficent in the film Maleficent.

Gothic Girl Names : Angelina Jolie - Credits: IMDb
Angelina Jolie – Credits: IMDb

Lydia – beautiful one

The name has Swedish and ancient Greek origins, and it became popular because of Winona Ryder’s performance in the film Beetlejuice.

Raven – dark-haired or wise

Raven is a famous goth girl in the Teen Titans cartoon and this name might be perfect for your little goth girl.

Creepy Gothic Gir Names

Finding a name for a baby girl can be extremely difficult. There are so many possibilities! Focusing on a specific interest is one approach to cutting down your options. This is the list for you if you enjoy all things witchy, creepy, and perhaps a little Gothic. These creepy but lovely names are inspired by a range of backgrounds, ranging from Irish to Arabic.

Poison –  chemical

Poison is a term that refers to a poisonous substance. This is a name that doesn’t need to be explained.

Solanine –  poison

Solanine is a poisonous substance. This is a sort of poison found in nightshade and is considered among popular gothic baby names.

Tristezza – melancholy

An Italian term that means “sorrowful.” This name is ideal for a gothic girl.

Gehenna – valley of Hinnom

In the Bible, Gehenna is a location where the wicked go to suffer. Creepy, to say the least.

Gossamer – thin substance in cob-web

Gossamer is a cobweb-like film and adds to the list of the creepiest names.

Hecate – far away

Hecate is a Greek goddess who is linked to witchcraft and the afterlife.

Inclementia – cruelty

This is a Latin word that means “cruelty.” and is definitely a creepy name.

Kalma –  the Finnish god of decay and death 

Kalma was the Finnish god of decay and death.

Kali – a maiden, a bud

Kali is the Hindu goddess of death and disaster.

Lilith – night monster

Lilith is considered among strong baby names. Lilith is both a Jewish devil and a trendy girl’s name.

Naenia – Divinity of memorials

Naenia is of Latin origin and was the Roman goddess of funerals. 

Perdita – lost

Perdita is derived from the Latin word perditus, which means “lost.”

Pestilence – destructive or pernicious

Pestilence is a contagious disease.

Avarice – greed

Avarice is a one-of-a-kind name that means “abundant or insatiable thirst for wealth or gain.”

Badriyah – full moon

Badriyah is a Muslim baby girl name that comes from the Arabic language. The meaning of the name Badriyah is In Sindhi, it means “resembling a full moon.”

Sebastian – revered

Sebastian, the most well-known name on the list, is a Latin baby name. Sebastian’s name means ‘Venerable, esteemed’ in Latin.

Gothic Girl Names : Sebastian Michaelis  - Credits: 100 word anime
Sebastian Michaelis  – Credits: 100 word anime

Unisex Gothic Names

Unisex names are becoming more popular as families acknowledge that gender is a construct and prefer to avoid gender stereotypes. Here are our favorite.

Adrienne – the dark one

Adrienne is a very popular unisex name that many parents adore.


This unisex name gained popularity after Kylie Jenner named her baby daughter Stormy.

Carey – belonging to the Irish tribe

This lovely unisex Goth name has Gaelic orgins. Carey Mulligan and Carey Hart equally wear the name by grace.

Gothic Girl Names : Carey Mulligan - Credits: IMDb
Carey Mulligan – Credits: IMDb

Riley – brave or tough

Riley is an Irish-origin unisex name and is now gaining equal popularity among parents to name their girls. 

Dusk – sunset

Equally popular among girls and boys.

Gray / Grey – a shade (not a color)

Jenny von Oy recently gave her kid the name Gray Audrey.

Keir – dark-haired, dark-skinned

Kier is a name that conjures up images of logic. You’re probably smart, insightful, graceful, and even psychic if you have this name.

Lamya – dark complexion

Lamya is an Arabic unisex name that is frequently used throughout the Muslim world.

Layla – dark or night in Arabic

The name’s most popular Arabic meaning is “night” or “dark.” Layla is a name given to newborns born at night to represent the time of their birth.

Lisha – darkness before midnight

Lisha is a pretty unique gothic name that is a short form of Alicia or Felicia.

Dusk – sunset

This unique name is of American origin and is equally popular among girls and boys. It might be the perfect moniker for your little bundle of happiness. 

Midnight – 12:00 a.m.

We all know this one. Midnight is largely a gender-neutral American name with the meaning of 12:00 a.m.

Noir – French for black

Noire is a French name meaning “Black Goddess” and has a mysterious ring to it.

Onyx – a shiny black gem

Onyx is a gender-neutral English name that means “black gemstone.” 

Ozul – shadow

Ozul is a unisex gothic name now becoming popular among gothic parents. 


Shadow is largely a gender-neutral English name that means “shade from the sun.” It’s a very famous name among many parents.

Umbra / Ombra –  shade or darkness

This name is of Latin origin and is quite rare yet loved by many gothic parents due to its uniqueness.

Winter – a season

The name winter is a girl’s name of English origin. It is associated with darkness, and it has a mysterious ring to its name.

Sage – a spice

Sage is a name for both boys and girls that is more than just a crunchy-feely name. It’s an English word that can refer to a wise person or a fragrant spice.

Briar – Thorny bush of wild roses

Briar is a gender-neutral name from the United Kingdom. This is the moniker for the well-rounded tiny human you’re nurturing; they’re neither roses nor thorns.

Blade – sword

This unisex name is interestingly quite popular and we can also see many movie characters inspired by this name.

Blair – plain

Blair is a gender-neutral Scottish name that means Battlefield or Plain and is well-known for a variety of reasons.

Elysium – the home of the blessed after death

Elysion is a Greek term that means the final resting place of brave and pure souls.

Blaise – lisp, stutter

Blaise may appeal to parents looking for a bold male name as well as those looking for something with a modern sound but a traditional feel.

Phoenix – dark red

Phoenix is a Greek name that is gender-neutral. Though the term actually means “dark red,” it also refers to a mythological figure. The phoenix is a rebirth and growth creature.

Moon – moon

Moon is a Latin name that is gender-neutral. This name clearly means “moon,” and it will always connote a connection to the night sky.

Thorne – sharp

Thorne is a unisex English name that is gaining popularity among both boys and girls. Bella Thorne definitely adds a sharp vibe to the name.

Poe – peacock

Poe is a unisex name that comes from the Norse language. This name could be great for the little one getting set to strut their things from day one, as it is a nickname that means “peacock” in Norse roots.


Many parents want their daughters to be strong, influential, and capable of enchanting the world in mysterious ways with their gothic allure. These gothic names have hidden meanings, and if you look into them, you’ll find that they’re quite lovely.

That is why we have compiled a list of over 150+ Gothic girl names. Please let us know what you think of these names in the comments section, and please feel free to share this with your friends and family.

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