Top 170+ Hawaiian Girl Names

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Have trouble naming your baby girl? Here are some Hawaiian girl names that might inspire you.

Hawaii is known for its tropical warmth, calm beauty, vibrant metropolitan culture, and great beaches, contributing to its popularity as a tourist destination. 

Hawaiian names are no exception, associated with nature, beauty, and adventure. The majority of baby names are derived from the Hawaiian language, which is well-known. 

They also believe that their names give the kid a natural and stylish vibe.

Based on a wide range of themes below, we have selected “Hawaiian Girl Names”:

  1. Magnificent Hawaiian Girl Names
  2. Exotic and Traditional Hawaiian Girl Names
  3. Easy-to-pronounce Hawaiian girl names
  4. Flower-Inspired Hawaiian Girl Names
  5. Strong and Badass Hawaiian Girl Names
  6. Gender-Neutral Hawaiian Names

Table of Contents

I. Magnificent Hawaiian Girl Names

Have you visited Hawaii before? It is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. Its sun-kissed coastlines and shimmering waters are a pleasure to see. Hawaiian baby girl names are as magnificent and lovely as the islands themselves!

Below are the names that are not all originated from Hawaii. But these are names that are rapidly growing in popularity in Hawaii.

Kalea – Happiness

Kalea is a popular Hawaiian girl name that means “joy” or “happiness.”

Leilani – Heavenly blossoms

When lei and lani are joined, the name might be interpreted in various ways. “Heavenly child,” “royal child,” or “heavenly blossoms” are all possibilities for your little Leilani.

Malia – Bitter, Of The Sea

This popular Hawaiian female name is reminiscent of Malia Obama, President Barack Obama’s daughter. Hawaii is where President Barack Obama was born and reared.

Hawaiian Girl Names : Malia Obama- Credits: W Magazine
Malia Obama- Credits: W Magazine

Mikala – Who is God

Traditionally, this famous Hawaiian name has been given to boys rather than girls. However, the feminine form is spelled Makayla (or, more traditionally, Michaela). Mikala, like Michael, means “who is God.”

Aiden – Small fire

It means ‘small fire,’ and it’s an excellent name for your fiery young girl.

Aria – Melody

It means ‘Lion of the Lords; Air, Song, or Melody,’ and it certainly conjures up images of Aria from Game of Thrones.

Ava – Bird

It refers to a bird and a living ecological creature. Ava is getting alot of popularity in Hawaii.

Chloe – Blooming

For your little angel, it’s a lovely name that means fresh blooming, luscious green shoot. It is undoubtedly at the top of the list due to its widespread appeal.

Ikepela – God is my oath

It means God is perfection, our God is my oath. This name is the Hawaiian version of Isabella. When the message justifies itself, there’s nothing further to say. 

Mia – Mine

Mia is a name that refers to a person who is loved by all.

Mila – Gracious

Mila Kunis’ name means “gracious” or “lovely beloved,” what more proof do we need?

Olivia – Olive tree

It’s a stylish name with a beautiful meaning: ‘the one who is closer to the olive tree.’ Olivia Rodrigo has built a reputation for herself.

Emma – Universal

Emma Watson… Do we need to say more? Emma is a beautiful name name for your magnificent baby’s personality.

Hawaiian Girl Names : Emma Watson - Credits: Biography
Emma Watson – Credits: Biography

Sophia – Wisdom

‘She who holds tremendous knowledge and insight.’ Could we suggest that Sophia Loren lends the name the opulence it requires?

Aelan – A Flower

The name is ideal for parents looking for a fashionable, outstanding name for their little bloom.

Ailana – God’s Strength

Ailana is a common choice among Hawaiian parents for baby girls’ names because of it’s beauty.

Ele – Shining one

Ele is a beautiful name to give to your magnificent little girl.

Halia – Remembrance of a loved one

This name is on our top 10 Hawaiian girl names because it’s such a lovely name for a little girl. 

Honalie – Heavenly land

It is named after the magnificent Hawaiian town of Hanalei. Check out the beauty of it before naming your girl.

Hoku – Star

It’s a dazzling name for your little star. 

Apikalia – My father is joy

Apikalia is the Hawaiian name for Abigail, we love this name because of its beautiful pronunciation.

Iekika – God Beholds

Iekika is the Hawaiian equivalent for Jessica. A name that is beautiful in both origins.

Kakalina – Pure

If you’re looking for an island twist on classic female names, Kakalina is a great choice.

Kala – Princess

Kala is the Hawaiian form of Sarah (or Sara). Another beautiful name to consider for your girl.

Kalena – Pure

Karen is spelled Kalena in Hawaiian. In the 1930s, it gained popularity in English-speaking countries. Kalena, like Kakalina, means “pure.”

Kekepania – Woman with Crown

Kekepania is the Hawaiian form of the feminine name Stephanie, and it is undeniably a well-known name for beauty.

Kiana – Divine

It’s a lovely name for your Hawaiian princess. If you’re looking for a name from Greek mythology, Kiana (Diana) is linked to dyeus (Zeus).

Mele – Song

This Hawaiian girl’s name is adorable and has two meanings. It simply means “song,” but it’s also a Hawaiian form of Mary. Many people think Mary means “loving” or “beloved.”

Melika – Honey Bee

Melika is predominantly a Hawaiian female name that sounds and pronounces beautifully. Melika Foroutan adds to the name’s elegance.

Hawaiian Girl Names : Credits: Pinterest
Credits: Pinterest

Wikolia – Victorious

Wikolia is a Hawaiian female name that means “victorious,” It is a popular choice for parents when naming their glorious baby girl.

II. Exotic and Traditional Hawaiian Girl Names 

Have you visited Hawaii before? It is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. Its sun-kissed coastlines and shimmering waters are a pleasure to see. Hawaiian baby girl names are as exotic and lovely as the islands themselves!

Ailani – Chief

This powerful name has been gaining in popularity in the United States, reaching a peak of #541 in 2020. Ai, Aila, and Lani are all lovely nicknames.

Aima – Leader

Aima is the tropical variant of Irma, a German name that means “whole” or “universal,” and is one of our most popular Hawaiian girl names. Aima is a winner in our book because it is short and sweet.

Akela – Noble 

The Hawaiian name Akela is derived from the French Adele, which means “noble” or “high-born.” Akela means “alone” in Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi, which is why Rudyard Kipling chose it for her lone wolf character in The Jungle Book.

Alana – Precious

Hawaiian version of Elana, Alana has roots all throughout the world, giving it a sophisticated, international vibe. 

Alaula – Flaming road

Alaula is a rare name, making it a distinctive choice for your upcoming kid.

Anela – Angel

Anela is a sweet, easy-to-pronounce name that is less obvious than Angel – a beautiful pick for your kid from on high!

Anika –  Graceful

Anika is just as elegant as its French cousin with a modern flair, ranked 753rd for U.S. girls in 2020.

Anuhea – Cool breeze

Anuhea has a light, airy sensation to it, like a gentle summer breeze. It might be an excellent option for a baby born on a windy day!

Apikalia – Father’s joy

If you want your daughter to have an authentic Hawaiian name that is compatible with your faith, Apikalia can be a good choice.

Auli’i – Dainty

Despite its wonderful sound (and much lovelier namesake), Auli’i is unlikely to catch on in the United States due to its complicated spelling.

Elikapeka – God is my oath

Elikapeka is the islander’s version of Elizabeth, making it a unique choice for a unique little girl

Haukea – White snow

In 2020, less than five kids in the United States will be given this winter-inspired name. As a result, naming your daughter Haukea ensures that she will stand out!

Haumea – Goddess of childbirth

Haumea has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking something legendary or cosmic.

Haunani – Beautiful snow

Haunani-kay Trask, a proponent for Hawaiian sovereignty, promoted the popularity of this name. 

Hi’iaka – Carrier of essence

Hi’iaka lunar and mythical ties make it too cool to pass up, despite its complexity.

Hina – A goddess

Hina is cosmopolitan, powerful, and mystical, making it an ideal choice for the twenty-first century.

Hoku – Wish well

Hoku is an astrological Hawaiian name for females that has to do with the moon and stars.

Hokulani – Heavenly star

A famous (and unexpected) namesake is actress Nicole Kidman, whose parents called her Hokulani since she was born in Oahu.

Hawaiian Girl Names : Nicole Kidman - Credits: IMDb
Nicole Kidman – Credits: IMDb

Iekika – Vision

Jessica’s Hawaiian form is Iekika, a name Shakesphere coined for his play The Merchant of Venice. 

Ioke – Lord

Ioke was the feminine personification of combat in Greek mythology.

Iolani –  Royal hawk

The io symbolizes royalty because it flies so high, giving us the name Iolani, or “royal hawk.”

Iukikina –  Righteous

Iukikina is the Hawaiian variant of Justine. This multi-syllable name is difficult to pronounce, but its profound meaning makes it worthwhile.

Ka’ahumanu – The bird cloak

Queen Ka’ahumanu was King Kamehameha I’s favorite wife. She was an early advocate for women’s rights and is regarded as one of Hawaii’s most powerful women. Your daughter will have a strong role model to look up to if you name her Ka’ahumanu!

Kahealani – The heavenly mist

It was popular in Hawaii in the early 1900s and early 2000s, but has since faded from view. We believe Kahealani is beautiful enough to be reconsidered.

Kaila – Stylish

Kaila is a popular choice among our Hawaiian names for girls, both in Hawaii and on the mainland.

Kaia – Sea

Kaia is Kai’s female counterpart. After model Cindy Crawford picked it for her daughter in 2001, it became a popular choice in the United States.

Hawaiian Girl Names : Cindy Crawford - Credits: BBC
Cindy Crawford – Credits: BBC

Kailani – Sea and sky

This tropical beauty is growing in popularity in the United States, rising to 282nd in 2020. The names Kai and Lani range from cold to exquisite.

Kaile’a – Sea of joy

Kaile’a is genuine and beachy, with a nautical connotation – it’s the whole deal. The apostrophe is the sole potential drawback, but that simply adds to its uniqueness!

Kaimana – Diamond

An excellent option for ocean lovers, Kaimana is a strong unisex name that’s been in Hawaii’s top names since the late 90s. 

Kainani – Beautiful sea

Kainani could be a wonderful pick for your future wave-rider if you enjoy hanging ten!

Ka’iulani – The sacred sky

The name is associated with the strong Princess Ka’iulani. 

Kakalina – Pure

Katherine’s Hawaiian name is Kakalina, which means “pure” in Latin. Unlike Katherine, Kakalina is one-of-a-kind and exotic, making it a terrific modern option.

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III. Easy-to-pronounce Hawaiian girl Names

Aloha!” Yes, that’s how Hawaiians say “hi!” but did you know it’s also a girl’s name?

That’s just a taste of what you’ll come across while looking for a nice name for your newborn girl on our list. As a matter of fact, the majority of these are easy-to-pronounce and traditional Hawaiian names which are lovely to hear.

Ailana – Island

It’s a nickname for Ailani, which means high chief.’ Although the name began to gain popularity in 2020, it is still unusual and simple to pronounce.

Ainakea – White earth

Avoid fashionable names and instead choose for a one-of-a-kind, timeless name like this one.

Apikaleah – A father’s delight

Apikaleah would serve as a constant reminder of how fortunate you are to have a daughter.

Ele – Shining one

The name is short, but it has a lot of versatility and style, as well as a deep meaning. 

Elikapeka – God Is My Oath

It is the Hawaiian counterpart of Elizabeth, and it signifies ‘God is my oath; God’s pledge.’

Kaili – Victorious

This name is associated with personal independence and strong leadership abilities. It would be a lovely idea to choose this magnificent name.

Kalea – Happiness

This is the most popular baby name among many Hawaiian girl names. Rick McCrank, a Canadian pro skateboarder, and Shya L’Amour, a rapper, have both given their daughters this name. 

Kamalei – Beloved child

This name serves as a reminder of parental affection, which might help your child’s well-being and development.

Kehlani – Sea and sky

It’s yet another Hawaiian name that’s topped the list of most popular baby names for 2020. One of the most well-known people with this name is American singer and dancer Kehlani Ashley Parrish.

Hawaiian Girl Names : Kehlani Ashley Parrish - Credits: Wikipedia
Kehlani Ashley Parrish – Credits: Wikipedia

Lokelani – Heavenly rose

This name might be appropriate for your small flower if you desire a humorous and imaginative flower name.

Luana – Enjoyment

Choosing a cheerful name for your child is a wise decision. It has the ability to attract a happy personality and an optimistic future.

Mahina – Moon

Mahina is a name inspired by nature that means moon; moonlight.’ This name is suitable for parents who are overjoyed with their gorgeous children.

Noelani – Mist of heaven

It’s a lovely and meaningful name that means ‘heavenly mist, paradise fog, or a lovely princess from heaven.’

Olina – Joyous

It’s yet another cheerful name you can give your baby.

Poliahu – Cloaked blossom

Naming your girl with this name will blossom her personality.

Eleele – Dark

Girls with dark-colored eyes have a stunning appearance. So why not give her the name Eleele to emphasize her unique qualities even more?

Ulani – Cheerful

Ulani is a one-of-a-kind name that means ‘joyous.’

Uluwehi – Lush

It’s a distinctive name that will ensure that your child is remembered by all.

Enakai – Glowing sea

Choose this name for your princess and allow her to shine brightly and powerfully like the sea.

Ahe – Breeze 

Ahe is a simple to spell and pronounce word that refers to a gentle wind. This name might be a good fit for your little girl.

Alohi – Brilliant

This is one such name to marvel you and a beautiful moniker to keep on your girl.

Akela – Noble

Every parent wishes for their child to grow up to be graceful and honorable. Akela is a name that can motivate such parents.

Allanna – Precious

A lady who is calm, tranquil, and serene is frequently admired. She’s Allanna to you.

Allyna – Precious

Allyna is radiant, energizing, and priceless. Allyna is a choice among parents of baby girls because of its combination of emotional meanings.

Anuhea – Cool

Anuhea is the name to choose if you’re looking for a unique Hawaiian girl’s name. It denotes a wonderful scent.

Aonani – Beautiful light

Allow Aonani, whose name means “beautiful light,” to shine brilliantly in your daughter’s life.

Hali – Necklace

Your daughter, like a necklace, will bring joy to everyone’s life.

VI. Nature-Inspired Hawaiian Girl Names

Hawaii’s natural beauty is breathtaking. With calm beaches, lush green trees, and volcanoes, it is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Hawaii’s lovely beauty has an impact on indigenous’ names, especially baby girls’ names.

Amethyst – Precious purple jewel

This describes a “purple quartz kind” used in gems. These diamonds are also the February birthstone.

Anise – Spice

This is an English name for a licorice-flavored “Mediterranean plant and its seeds.”

Apple – The Apple Fruit

It describes the well-known fruit that we all enjoy.

Aspen – Quaking Tree

Aspen is a popular ski resort town in Colorado.

Azalea – Dry

This is the name of a flower that blooms throughout Asia, Europe, and North America in the springtime.

Bay – Berry

Especially in the middle position, one of the most usable of the nice, newly embraced nature/water names (like Lake and Ocean).

Begonia – Begon’s flower

A unique floral choice that has never really taken up as a baby name, but would stand out among the Lilies and Roses.

Belladonna – Beautiful lady

Belladonna is a name that denotes a proclivity for extremes in terms of worldly wealth. Either you’ve had a lot of luck or you haven’t had any at all.

Calla – Beauty

This name is derived from the calla lily, a heavenly flower named after the Greek word for “beautiful.”

Carmel – Orchard

It’s also the name of Mount Carmel, which is mentioned in the Old Testament and is located in Israel.

Dahlia – valley

Dahlia is a flower named for botanist A Dahl.

Dakota – Friend

Hawaiian Girl Names : Dakota Fanning. Image: IndieWire
Dakota Fanning. Image: IndieWire

The name originates from the name of a Mississippi Valley tribe of Native Americans. It can also be found in the names of two states: North Dakota and South Dakota.

Dianella – botanical name for plant

Dianella is a diminutive of Diana, the Roman goddess, with the suffix ella meaning “little.” Thelionema and Herpolirion are close relatives of Dianella.

Estelle – star

It’s a Latin term for “star.”

Fawn – young deer

This name, which means “young deer,” may easily have two meanings for your little one.

Gale – Pleasant 

A joyful or loud person’s nickname.

Hazel – The hazel tree

A wand of hazel has long been associated with protection and authority.

Heather – Evergreen flowering plant

Heather is a Middle English girl’s name that refers to an evergreen flowering shrub that grows in peaty desolate places such as Scotland.

Holly – The holly tree

This is a red-berry-bearing plant that is frequently referenced throughout the holiday season.

Isla – Island

Isla is a popular name for girls. Eye-la is the correct pronunciation.

Lily – Purity 

The popular white, showy flower is referred to as a lily in English. It represents innocence and purity.

Luna – Moon 

Luna was the moon goddess in ancient Roman mythology.

Laurel  – Victory

The sweet bay tree, often known as the laurel tree, is a symbol of honor and victory.

Magnolia – A flower

It comes from the English term magnolia, a bloom named after French botanist Pierre Magnol.

Maren – Star of the sea

This is an excellent pick for sea enthusiasts and nautical fans.

Moana – Ocean or sea

When you hear the word Moana, you immediately think of the Disney film about a brave little girl who sails across the sea to save her island.

Morgana – Bright sea dweller

Morgan is a Welsh and Old English name that is similar to this one.

Myrtle – Evergreen shrub

Myrtle is a Latin name for an evergreen shrub that was considered sacred by Venus as a symbol of love.

Opal –  Gem

October’s birthstone is opal, a brightly coloured iridescent gemstone.

Perry – Near pear trees

A famous name associated with a famous athlete, Ellyse Perry, An Australian cricketer.

Pohaku – Rock

Pōhaku is a beautiful earthly name for you beautiful baby

Palila – Bird

Palila is another very beautiful name you can use for your little free bird.

V. Strong and Badass Hawaiian Girl Names

All Hawaiian names have specific meanings, whether they are female, male, or unisex. Here are some bold and unique baby girl names with strong meanings and ties.

Artemisia – Gift from Artemis

Artemis is known as the Hunter Goddess and the Goddess of the Moon.

Beretta – Gun

A well-known Italian firearms manufacturer.

Diana – Divine 

Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles and was the Princess of Wales.

Dola – To bring respect to the throne

Dola is a Nigerian girl’s name that is linked to Adeola.

Exie – Anklet

This is a rare and unusual option for a baby name.

Faizah – Success

It has the potential to be the coolest badass name for your little lady.

Fallon – Leader

It might be a tough badass female name inspired by Fallon Fox, a retired MMA fighter. 

Freya – A noble woman

Freya is a strong and modern name with a hint to Old Norse mythology.

Hera – Queen

Babies will have no shortage of inspiration or strength with the goddess of the hearth on their side.

 Ivy – Faithfulness

Ivy, a climbing evergreen shrub, is a simple and attractive name for a girl.

Juno – Queen of heaven

You can use this name as one of the strong badass baby names on your menu card.

Layla – Dusk

Layla is a name given to newborn girls who are born at night to represent the time of their birth.

Lola – Sorrows

A statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, the Virgin Mary’s title from whence the name Lola is derived.

Lula – Great warrior

This is the best badass girl name you’ll ever hear.

Molly – Bitter

Molly Gordon is an actress from the United States who starred in the television series ‘Animal Kingdom.’

Murphy – Sea warrior

Sean Gordon Murphy, an American comic book author, is credited with popularizing this moniker.

Nancy – Grace

Nancy Patricia Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States.

Nera – Candle

You can use this macho name as a powerful moniker.

Ruby – Valuable gemstone

Ruby Rose is a well-known actress who starred in the hit web series ‘Orange Is the New Black.’

Sadie – Princess

It exudes both a sense of flair and a sense of sass.

Selina – Moon

Selina Kyle is a character created by the author.

Scarlett – Red shadow

Scarlett Johansson is the highest-paid actress in the world, most known for her portrayal of the superhero ‘Black Widow.’

Hawaiian Girl Names : Scarlette Jhansson  -  Credits: BuzzFeed
Scarlette Jhansson  –  Credits: BuzzFeed

Venus – Love

The planet Venus is referred to as Earth’s twin.

Avery – Elf king

A famous name associated with well-known Actress Avery Konrad.

Beck – Brook

Guinevere Beck, a character from the TV show “You,” inspired the name.

Braxton – From the town of Brock

A badass name inspired by ‘The Braxtons,’ a sister music group.

Evan – God is gracious

Evan Rachel Wood is a well-known actress in Hollywood.

Hawaiian Girl Names : Evan Rachel Wood - Credits: Teenvogue
Evan Rachel Wood – Credits: Teenvogue

Finley – Fair-haired warrior

Finley Rose Slator is an actress who works as a child.

Gale – Joyful 

Gale Storm was an actress from the United States.

Hollis – From the grove of Holly tree

This name is ideal for a newborn born in the winter.

VI. Gender-Neutral Hawaiian Names

Many names that have historically been associated with either a boy or a girl can also be used as gender-neutral names. You’ll be amazed at how well these mesmerizing boy names work for both boys and girls.

Kamea – The one

A simple yet emphatic name for your child.

Kaniela – God Is My Judge

Kaniela is largely gender-neutral. Also the Hawaiian form of Daniel/Daniela.

Makaio – Gift Of God

Makaio is a Hawaiian name that is similar to Matthew.

Alohilani – Bright sky

In Hawaiian mythology, it is also the name of a celestial land.

Aulani – King’s messenger

Persons with this name are creative.

Kawena – Rosy Reflection

Mary Kawena Pukui, whose name was shortened from Kawenaulaokalaniahiiakaikapoliopelekawahineaihonua, made her name renowned.

Alaula – The light of dawn

It’s a popular name for females.

Makani – Wind

Makani can be used for both genders.

Aloha – Compassion

The name is derived from a famous Hawaiian greeting that expresses thanks, affection, farewell, welcome, or blessings.

Akela – Noble 

It’s a nickname for Adele, a German name.

Aolani – Heavenly cloud

Aolani is gender-neutral but mostly used as a female name.

Kaipo – Sweetheart

Kaipo is one of the most popular Unisex baby names. It’s a lovely baby name with a straightforward pronunciation.

Halia – Remembrance of a loved one

Halia is a Muslim name for girls that comes from the Urdu language. Halia’s lucky number, according to Numerology Predictions, is 4.

Iwalani -Heavenly Seagull

This name has gained a lot of popularity in the 21st century.

Kalei – Beloved 

The Hawaiian name Kalei is largely a gender-neutral name that signifies The Child, Happiness.

Kamiyah – Precious One

Someone struck gold when they combined the popular Ka prefix with the lovely Maya variation Miyah.

Kanoa – The free one

In recent years, it has become one of the most popular boy names in the state of Hawaii. It can also be used as a surname.

Kaili – Beautiful

Kaili is a Chinese name that is gender-neutral. This name means “lovely,” and it’s a perfect description of your adorable little best friend.

Keahi – Flames

Keahi is one of the most popular baby boy names with a blazing nature.

Keala – The pathway

Keala is a newborn girl name that is also used for boys. Keh-AA-Laa is the correct pronunciation. 

Kealii – Chief

The Hawaiian name Kealii is largely a gender-neutral name that signifies Chief.

Konane – Bright

The name will add a glowing effect to the personality of your child.

Lani – Sky

Simple name with a simple pronunciation and a simple meaning.

Lilo – Generous One

The name is popular from a disney animated movie “Lilo and Stitch”.

Moana – Ocean

It has a lovely mellifluous sound and is pronounced “moh-AH-nah” in most Polynesian languages. It denotes “ocean, sea, great expanse of water.”

Nalani – The heavens

Nalani is a unique name with sweet pronunciation for your cute child.


Hawaiian names have been in trend for a long time. That’s why we have provided a list of 170+ Hawaiian girl names for all you Hawaii lovers.

So, let us know which Hawaiian baby names for girls you like the best.

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