Top 100+ Mexican girl names

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Are you struggling to come up with a name for your baby girl? Here are some Mexican girl names for your reference.

There is nothing quite like the strength, foresight, and beauty of Mexican women!

There are many fields in which beautiful Mexican women have made their mark worldwide. You will see several beautiful Mexican women on our list, including supermodels, actresses, and DJs. Learn more about them by scrolling down.

In this article, we have collected some of the most trendy, adorable, and easy-to-pronounce Mexican baby girl names for you!

They are categorized into the themes below:

  1. Popular Mexican girl names
  2. Mythological and Legendary Mexican girl names
  3. Badass Mexican girl names
  4. Nature-Inspired Mexican girl names

39 Popular Mexican Girl Names

Several Mexican girl names consistently rank at the top of the charts. And we recognize why. These popular Mexican baby girl names are full of charm and significance, and one of them may be the perfect fit for your little one.

Let’s examine some popular names for newborn Mexican girls.

Two-Syllable Popular Mexican Girl Names

  1. Sofia – wise. The overall ranking of the name Sofa is #188. It is frequently chosen as a baby name and is quite popular among expecting parents.
Mexican Girl Names : Sofia Reyes, Mexican Singer - Credits: Instagram
Sofia Reyes, Mexican Singer – Credits: Instagram
  1. Maria – star of the sea. Maria is a Latin-based historically feminine name. Its meanings include “of the sea,” “bitter,” “beloved,” and “rebellious.”
  2. Malena – woman from Magdala. Malena is a feminine version of Spanish name and Hebrew origin.
  3. Antonia – priceless. Antonia is hovering near the bottom of the US popularity list, which may be an excellent reason for you to use it.
  4. Guadalupe – references Our Lady of Guadalupe. Looking for the perfect Mexican or Hispanic girl name for your baby? This could help you! Also this is the title for Virgin Mary.
  5. Ariana – holy. Recently, Arianna has lost ground to its identical spelling, Ariana. Ariana is the name of a region in the eastern Persian empire.
  6. Camila – young ceremonial attendant. A spiritual name for your little girl, Camila has a sacred vibe!
Mexican Girl Names : Camila Sodi, Mexican actress - Credits: Instagram
Camila Sodi, Mexican actress – Credits: Instagram
  1. Amelia – industrious. Amelia is a name perfectly suited to girls who approach life with a desire to do their best. 
  2. Lucía – light. Lux, the Latin origin word for light, is the source of the name Lucia. It is said to be both the Latinized spelling of Lucy and the feminine version of Lucius.
  3. Miranda – to be wondered at. Since the early seventeenth century, it has been used as a female given name in both England and America. Shakespeare’s play The Tempest is where it first appeared as a girl’s name (1611).

Three-Syllable Popular Mexican Girl Names

  1. Irma – world. A suitable sentiment for the newborn who is ready to take center stage in your life.
  2. Aislinn – vision. Aislinn Derbez is a famous Mexican actress and model.
Mexican Girl Names : Aislinn Derbez - Credits: Pinterest
 Aislinn Derbez – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Valentina – healthy. Valerie’s replacement, Valentina, is a more romantic and creative ballerina; she is a lovely, suggested option. Salma Hayek, a Mexican-American actress, and her husband Francois-Henri Pinault gave their daughter the name Valentina Paloma.
  2. Aracely – altar of the sky. Aracely Arambula, a Mexican model, actress and singer, is a famous namesake.
Mexican Girl Names : Aracely Arambula - Credits: Pinterest
Aracely Arambula – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Victoria – victory. A feminine form of victor, Victoria is a cool choice for your baby girl.
Mexican Girl Names : Victoria Justice - Credits: Pinterest
Victoria Justice – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Elena – shining light. Elena, a pan-European variation of Helen, has roots in a number of languages, including Spanish, Italian, Slavic, and Romanian. A fictional bearer is Elena Gilbert, protagonist of The Vampire Diaries. and Elena Lincoln is a character in Fifty Shades of Grey.
  2. Elisa – devoted to God. Elisa may be among the most attractive of these names, but the Elizabeth variants that begin with A are rising while the E variants are falling. Nowadays, Eliza is far more fashionable than Elisa.
  3. Thalia – flourishing. Inspired by Thalia Sodi Miranda. She is a Mexican singer, songwriter, published author, actress, and entrepreneur.
Mexican Girl Names : Thalia Sodi Miranda - Credits: Pinterest
Thalia Sodi Miranda – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Ana – favor. It’s favored as a middle name as well.
  2. Adelina – noble. This cute Mexican name can be a handy choice for your little princess.
Mexican Girl Names : Adelina Pestritu - Credits: Instagram
Adelina Pestritu – Credits: Instagram
  1. Anika – grace. An exquisite name for your Munchkin. Unusual Anica or Anitia will give it a delicious twist.
  2. Antonia – priceless. Make it Antonina by adding a twist. The best moniker for your baby doll would be Annie.
  3. Maite – love. Maite Perroni is another most famous Mexican actress, model, and singer.
Mexican Girl Names : Maite Perroni - Credits: Pinterest
Maite Perroni – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Arcilla – Altar of heaven. Arcilla is your personal “treasure,” the “altar of heaven” that transforms this place into a paradise for you. You can check out some versions like Aricela, Arcili, and Arcelia.

Four-Syllable Popular Mexican Girl Names

  1. Coco – help. Coco is a nice and adorable name with a beautiful meaning. It also has such a lovely sound.
  2. Sandra – protector of humanity. Sandra Echeverria Gamboa is a famous Mexican singer and actress!
Mexican Girl Names : Sandra Echeverria Gamboa - Credits: Pinterest
Sandra Echeverria Gamboa – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Bibiana – lively. Latin is the source of the uncommon and melodious name Bibiana. Its meaning is “vibrant” or “full of life.” Perfect for the adorable baby who is a part of your life.
  2. Barbara – foreign. Barbara Mori is an Uruguayan-born Mexican actress, model, producer, and writer.
Mexican Girl Names : Barbara Mori - Credits: Instagram
Barbara Mori – Credits: Instagram
  1. Buena – excellent. It’s Buena who is “good.” Your princess has a sweet and lyrical name.
  2. Catalina – pure. It’s the Hispanic form of “Katherine.”  Catalina is an elegant name popular among Mexicans.
  3. Claudia – lame. Claudia is a super-cute name for your super-cute princess.
  4. Estelle – star. A cool choice for your little one as she surely is the brightest star.
  5. Dia – day. Dia is a beautiful and adorable choice for your girl’s name. Day is the name’s meaning. With her smile, she undoubtedly makes every day worthwhile.
  6. Martha – the mistress. Martha Higareda is a Mexican actress, TV producer and writer.
Mexican Girl Names : Martha Higareda - Credits: Instagram
Martha Higareda – Credits: Instagram
  1. Dulce – sweet. To make it sound sweeter, it is frequently combined with another name, such as Dulce Maria or Dulce Eva.
Mexican Girl Names : Dulce Maria - Credits: Pinterest
Dulce Maria – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Esmeralda – emerald. It would be ideal for your child if she has green eyes. Give her name that exotic zing by spelling her name Ezmeralda.
  2. Faustina – lucky. You could prefer this name if you view your daughter as your most precious possession.
  3. Eiza – God is Salvation. Eiza González is a hot Mexican model, actress, and singer.
Mexican Girl Names : Eiza González - Credits: Pinterest
Eiza González – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Desideria – desire. A distinctive and uncommon name for your child. We hope she gets all she wants. Another spelling with the same meaning and exotic sound is Desiree.

26 Mythological and Legendary Mexican Girl Names

Why not look to the ancients for inspiration if you’re struggling to come up with baby name suggestions for your young girl? Here is our top pick for girls’ mythological and legendary names.

Two-Syllable Mythological and Legendary Mexican Girl Names

  1. Arya – noble person. Arya, a character from the well-known Game of Thrones series, would be a fantastic choice for your daughter. Greek, Roman, and Norse mythologies are all used in the books.
Mexican Girl Names : Arya from Game of Thrones - Credits: Pinterest
Arya from Game of Thrones – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Aura – soft breeze. Although it has an ethereal, slightly New Age vibe, the word Aura is starting to seem more legitimate. Aura was the Titan of the breeze and the crisp, cool morning air in Greek and Roman mythology.
  2. Andromeda – advising like a man. Andromeda, one of the most amazing mythological baby names, was the lovely daughter of Cassiopeia who, like her mother, really turned into a star, giving rise to the constellation that bears her name.
  3. Athena – goddess of Wisdom. The name Athena is a bold, elegant choice for a female. The goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology was the gray-eyed Athena.
  4. Astra – stars. A significantly more rare name than Stella or Esther, with cosmic flair. It’s related to Princess Astra from “Doctor Who” as well as a comic book character.
  5. Bridget – exalted one. Bridget can make an excellent name for your child if you enjoy Celtic mythology. The name Bridget is derived from the Celtic goddess Brighid, who went by the Gaelic name Brighid.
  6. Catelyn – pure. Why not draw inspiration from the characters in the Game of Thrones television series if you’re a fan? One of the most powerful female role models in recent memory is Catelyn Stark.
  7. Cassandra – one who shines. Cassandra is a princess-worthy name! In myth, the princess Cassandra possessed the power of prophecy.
  8. Delia – noble. Any young girl would seem elegant with the name Delia. The Greek island of Delos inspired the name. Apollo lived on the island in Greek mythology.
  9. Diana – divine. Diana may have apparent royal connections, but it also has mythological roots. Diana was the Roman hunting goddess.

Three-Syllable Mythological and Legendary Mexican Girl Names

  1. Flora – flower. Flora might be the ideal name for your daughter if you like the sound of floral names but also desire a mythological connection. The Roman goddess of flowers and spring, whose name is Flora, means “flower.”
  2. Freya – A noble woman. Norse mythology is a wonderful inspiration for baby names. The Norse goddess of love was given the name Freya, which is becoming more and more common.
  3. Helen – light. Do you believe your daughter has the ability to launch 1,000 ships? Why not give her the name Helen? According to Greek mythology, Helen of Troy was the beautiful daughter of Zeus.
  4. Iris – rainbow. Iris is yet another name that connects myth and nature. Iris was the rainbow goddess in Greek mythology.
  5. Juno – queen of heaven. Any little girl would be a great fit for this vibrant and powerful name. Juno was referred to as the sky-queen in Roman mythology.
  6. Lavinia – Legendary mother of the Roman people. The name Lavinia, which has a beautifully prim and proper Victorian ring to it, has its origins in Greek mythology. It was given to the Trojan hero Aeneas’ wife, who is regarded as the mother of the Roman people.
  7. Luna – Moon. With the name Luna, you can evoke both the moon’s beauty and the mystique of old myths. Although Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter novels and movies popularized the name, Luna was originally the Roman moon goddess.
Mexican Girl Names : Luna Blaise - Credits: Pinterest
Luna Blaise – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Lyra – Iyre. Lyra is a constellation name taken from the lyre of Orpheus. It contains the star Vega, making it a suitable option for a parent who enjoys music, astronomy, or mythology.
  2. Niamh – bright. Irish mythology enthusiasts will adore this name. The name Niamh, which means “brightness, beauty,” belonged to a goddess.
  3. Nyx – night. Nyx was a strong goddess and the personification of the night in Greek mythology, yet when it is pronounced, its unfavorable connotation is unavoidable.

Four-Syllable Mythological and Legendary Mexican Girl Names

  1. Penelope – weaver. By choosing the name Penelope, you can connect your child’s name to the classics. Penelope was Odysseus’ wife in Homer’s Odyssey.
  2. Persephone – to destroy. The secret name given to the Zeus-born daughter of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, in Greek mythology is Persephone.
  3. Sansa – praise. Why not choose Sansa for your baby’s name if you want it to have a fantasy twist? The name Sansa is supposed to have Native American origins, despite being used for a character in the Songs of Ice and Fire series. “Tribal princess” is the meaning.
  4. Thea – Goddess. Thea might be the ideal choice if you want to give your little goddess a name that fits! The Greek goddess of light’s name, Thea, simply means “goddess” in Greek.
  5. Venus – Roman goddess of love and beauty. Why not consider Venus for your infant girl’s name if you want something lovely and timeless? Venus was the Roman deity of love and beauty.
  6. Zelda – Gray fighting maid. Zelda has long and frequently been utilized as a figure in books and movies as an early beauty. Since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in 1986, Zelda has been a household name for Nintendo.

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21 Badass Mexican Girl Names

Badass girl names are sassy options with attitude and sass. It’s a very popular category for infant girls. Check out our list of Badass girl names for your Mexican queen.

Two-Syllable Badass Mexican Girl Names

  1. Matilda – Battle-mighty. A wave of starbaby Matildas, starting with chef Gordon Ramsey’s in 2002 and Moon Unit Zappa’s two years later. This has sparked the resurgence of this endearing vintage moniker.
  2. Scarlett – Scarlet, red. The surname Scarlett was first used to identify a person who sold scarlet, a pricey wool fabric made in medieval Europe. The Mexican term siklt, which described silks coloured with kermes, is assumed to be the source of the word.
Mexican Girl Names : Scarlett Johansson - Credits: Pinterest
Scarlett Johansson – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Lilith – ghost. She is described as Adam’s first wife who was spurned and turned into a night demon for defying him in Jewish legend. With the exception of Lilita, which is the Latvian variant, Lilith is unconnected to the majority of other Lil-names.
  2. Wednesday – woden’s day. Name made famous by the macabre character Wednesday.
  3. Delilah – delicate. Delilah is today valued for her eerie, lyrical, and feminine aspects after shaking off the stigma of its Biblical allusion.
  4. Ruby – deep red precious stone. Ruby has surely outdone the other restored old gem names with its glittering portfolio of cultural allusions. Ruby is a brilliant red, sassy, and sexy gemstone.
Mexican Girl Names : Ruby Rose - Credits: Instagram
Ruby Rose – Credits: Instagram
  1. Lola – lady of sorrows. A hot starbaby name – chosen by Kelly Ripa, Chris Rock, Lisa Bonet, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen.
  2. Calliope – beautiful voice. The name Calliope refers to both the musical instrument on the merry-go-round and the muse of epic poetry. It would not be the most natural name for a girl lacking in boldness and creativity.
  3. Beatrix – blessed. Apart from Beatrice, Beatrix has a strong history of its own, with the last x lending a fun, energetic touch to the name’s formidable past.
  4. Nova – new. The name Nova conjures up images of both newness and enormous energy.

Three-Syllable Badass Mexican Girl Names

  1. Tallulah – lady of abundance. This spooky, poetic Choctaw name has returned to common usage as people’s memories of the outrageous actress Talullah Bankhead fade.
  2. Ariadne – most holy. The more melodious Ariana is currently the most well-known spelling of this name for the fertility goddess of Crete, but Ariadne also has several interesting alternatives.
  3. Sloane – raider. Sloane is an elegant, sophisticated last name that has progressively shifted over to the females’ side of the population. Sloane will undoubtedly keep getting better and better.
  4. Guinevere – white shadow. Today, Guinevere might be a cool option for intrepid parents drawn to this intensely expressive and passionate option.
  5. Kiki – double happiness. Kiki is one of the bohemian French nickname names of the Coco-Gigi-Fifi-Lulu style that were popular at the turn of the last century. Its most well-known current representative is the artist Kiki Smith.
Mexican Girl Names : Kiki Layne - Credits: Pinterest
Kiki Layne – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Remi – oarsman. Adorable name that’s fashionable and keeps gaining momentum.
  2. Zora – dawn. Honoring Zora Neale Hurston, a significant black author and figurehead of the Harlem Renaissance, Zora is a noteworthy name for a literary heroine.
  3. Bianca – white. Since the 1990s, many American parents have selected Bianca, the more animated Italian and Shakespearean form of Blanche, just as Blanca is a choice in the Spanish-speaking population.
  4. Harlow – rock hill. The original platinum blonde bombshell, Jean Harlow, served as a representation of 1930s glamor. When Patricia Arquette, Nicole Richie, and Joel Madden gave their kids the unique last name Harlow, they undoubtedly had this in mind.
  5. Nola – white shoulder. The protagonist of Spike Lee’s critically acclaimed 1986 film She’s Gotta Have It was given the name Nola, and Woody Allen used it once more for the character in Match Point.
  6. Lulu – pearl. Lula is an extrovert who loves to sing and dance with a firecracker attitude.

21 Nature-Inspired Mexican Girl Names

Mexico is awe-inspiring in terms of its natural beauty. One of the most beautiful destinations on earth, it features volcanoes, emerald-green woods, and tranquil beaches. Baby names, particularly those given to girls, represent Mexico’s pristine beauty.

Two-Syllable Nature-Inspired Mexican Girl Names

  1. Aurora – dawn. Aurora is the name of the Disney princess Sleeping Beauty and the scientific term for the brilliant lights that may be seen in the sky over the north and south poles of the globe.
Mexican Girl Names : Aurora Gil, Mexican actress - Credits: Pinterest
Aurora Gil, Mexican actress – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Blossom – to bloom. It’s a pretty name on its own, or you could combine it with more conventional choices like Lily or Rose to create a floral motif.
  2. Dove – A bird symbolizing peace. This sweet English baby name has a calming sound and a poetic connotation. It originates from the bird, which was once a biblical peace sign.
  3. Delphine – Dolphin. This classy choice has Greek roots and a number of nature-inspired meanings, including the dolphin, the lovely blue delphinium flower, and Delphi, the ancient city that the Greeks considered to be the womb of the world.
  4. Brooke – water. The Old English word for a little stream is where this name for a natural phenomenon originated. It’s a lovely choice that comes in a few oddball variations, including Brooke and Brooklyn.
Mexican Girl Names : Brooke Shields - Credits: Pinterest
Brooke Shields – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Berry – small fruit. The name of this adorable child is derived from the tasty, sweet tiny fruits. A novel option that is also spelled Berrie.
  2. Clementine – merciful. The sweet citrus fruit tree is the source of this wonderful French name. There are a few sweet options for nicknames as well, such as Clemmie or Tina.
  3. Ivy – climbing evergreen plants. The evergreen plant, which is also a representation of faith and fidelity, inspired the name of this stylish girl. Ivy is a popular choice among screenwriters and appears on series like Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey.

Three-Syllable Nature-Inspired Mexican Girl Names

  1. Raine – singing. This regal name is French in origin, where it means “queen”. Raine also carries connotations of a refreshing spring shower and is a graceful, nature-inspired choice.
  2. Holly – resilience and eternal life. The holly tree, which is famous for its beautiful red berries, gives this attractive selection its name. Holly was made famous by the lead role Audrey Hepburn performed in the iconic 1960s movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  3. Sky – heavens. This short, chic girl’s name is derived from an Old Norse term that means “cloud.” The lovely windswept island in the Inner Hebrides is referred to by the Scottish version Skye.
  4. Fern – someone who lives among ferns. The shade-loving shrub that inspired the name of this charming English selection. A trendy alternative to Fearne is Ferne, which was made popular by Fearne Cotton, a TV and radio host from Scotland.
  5. Summer – the beauty of the sought-after season. This sweet girls’ name, which refers to the season, is ideal for children born in the summer. With appearances on TV series like The O.C. and Hollyoaks, it’s also well-liked among screenwriters.
  6. Star – celestial body. This glittering option comes from the words “aster” and “steorra” in Old German. Star is a lucky name that conjures up images of brightness and wonder. It can be used alone or with other celestial names like Celeste or Cassiopeia.
  7. Wren – small songbird. The little brown songbird is the inspiration for this short, lovely girls’ name. This would be a great option for someone who loves nature, and it would go nicely with other bird names like Lark and Sparrow to create a sibling motif.
  8. Terra – earth. Terra is the name of the Roman goddess of the earth, and it is a straightforward option with ancient symbolism. Tierra is a lovely alternative in Spanish.
  9. Sage – wise or healthy. Since antiquity, this trendy one-syllable name has been associated with knowledge. The fragrant plant has lovely purple blossoms that might go well with a middle name that is floral.
  10. Willow – freedom. This Old English name, which derives from the fragile tree, conjures up thoughts of elegance and grace. Willow Smith, the daughter of Will and Jada, is a singer and actor.
  11. Ocean – sea. The name of this lovely princess is derived from the Oceanus of Ancient Greece. The French variation Oceane has a chic spelling and would go well with middle names like Blue and Sapphire.
  12. Chloe – blooming. It’s also another name for Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. Style-forward variations of the names Chlo or Chloé include actress Chloe Grace Moretz.
  13. Olive – olive tree. An elegant girls’ name with a straightforward, sophisticated vibe is the olive tree, which is a biblical emblem of peace. Olivia is a well-liked substitute as well.


Many parents want their girls to grow up to be strong women who can subtly enchant the world with their Mexican charm. If you dig into the meanings of these Mexican names, you’ll find that they’re rather lovable.

As a result, we have produced a list of over 100 cute Mexican girl names. Please let your family and friends know about this and leave a comment below with your thoughts on the names.

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