34 Best Christmas Gifts For Pregnant Wife

Looking for the best Christmas gifts for your pregnant wife? You have come to the right place! What Should I Give My Expecting Wife For Christmas? Your wife is giving you the gift of life. There is no other gift that can rival that.  But, if you acknowledge that, then you are off to a … Read more

The Best Online Childbirth Classes

Did your birth class get cancelled? Can’t make it the day you want? Online childbirth classes will be the answer to your questions. I’ve done my research (as I’m prego with my second and it’s been a while) to find the best online class and here are my top faves. Most hospitals will go over … Read more

The Best Online Breastfeeding Course Reviewed

I’ve outlined below some of the best online breastfeeding classes out there right now. Each with its own pros and cons and success rates and stories. Breastfeeding is natural and amazing as the benefits are – does not come naturally to every mom. (it didn’t for me) There is a steep learning curve which is … Read more

The Best Baby Registry Checklist

The Ultimate Baby Shower Checklist From A Mom Who’s Created 3 Registry’s In 2 Years First of all congrats on your pregnancy and let’s have some fun making this baby registry. This list will be your best baby registry checklist overview and tell you exactly how to make a baby registry, and what to add … Read more