34 Best Christmas Gifts For Pregnant Wife

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Looking for the best Christmas gifts for your pregnant wife? You have come to the right place!

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What Should I Give My Expecting Wife For Christmas?

Your wife is giving you the gift of life. There is no other gift that can rival that. 

But, if you acknowledge that, then you are off to a great start. Very most women feel undervalued by their husbands. 

So, a little appreciation goes a long way. 

I’ll give you a helping hand. I have combined my personal experience and online research for the best gifts for pregnant women. 

Giving Pregnancy gift for your Your Amazing Wife 

I know you want to get your wife something that she can use right now and hopefully continue using after pregnancy.

Your wife doesn’t want to be gifted another set of baby onesies because as great as they are, this gift isn’t for her. It is for the new baby. A diaper bag is a close one. But, try something that reminds her that she is still a lady.

Your lady.

These gift ideas are for the pregnant mom not the baby and that is what makes them so perfect for Christmas.

Remember you can grab most of these gifts in under 2 days with FREE shipping if you have Amazon Prime. Don’t have Prime? Get a 30 Day FREE trial here.

Gifts for pregnant women

We organized gifts for pregnant women in 6 parts, each aiming to show only the best gifts for that single purpose.

Making her feel prepared

1. Online labor prep class – Birth It Up The Natural Series

Source: Mommy Labor Nurse

Taking an online labor prep class like Birth It Up is so important to educate, and inspire new moms to have a natural or medicated birth. This class is taught by an actual labor and delivery nurse (who is also a mom herself).

2. Online Prenatal Course For Couples

Source: Pulling curls

The online prenatal course for couples is taught by a labor and delivery nurse it covers what to expect before birth, during labor, and after birth.

If you want to give your pregnant wife something that both of you can use and help prepare for the baby this is it; look no further.

You can see the full review of the birth course in our “Online Birth Class Reviews List.”

3. Breastfeeding Online Course

Source: Milkology: Online Breastfeeding Classes 

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course is one of the best investments you can make (and by investments I mean it’s one of the most affordable items on this list) to help your expecting wife.

  • Go through it with her
  • Prepare for breastfeeding before birth
  • Increase her success rate for breastfeeding
  • Save money with breastfeeding
  • Get help from a certified lactation consultant
  • Get instant access to the course (in time for Christmas)

Increase her success at breastfeeding by being informed with The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course!

4. Healing & Recovering From Birth Course

Source: Healing and Recovery from Birth

Another perfect last-minute gift is the Recover From Birth Course.

Taught by two RN nurses, they give you the lowdown on what to expect after giving birth.

Birth is a one – two-day event. As for where recovering after birth takes weeks and months.

If a mom isn’t prepared for things like postpartum depression, breastfeeding, help on how to heal faster and easier. It makes motherhood not as enjoyable. Both of you need to be prepared for how to recover from birth.

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5. Audible Membership Gift Card

Source: Amazon

Does your wife love reading but the pregnancy is making it difficult to enjoy her books? 

Listening to audiobooks is the solution to this problem. Audiobooks are immersive and entertaining. They’re known to help boost our moods and interrupt negative thinking habits. Best of all, you can enjoy audiobooks hands-free. 

Help your wife rekindle her passion for reading by getting an audible membership gift card. She’ll thank you for it.

Making her feel alive and pretty

6. Oodie Hooded Blanket

Source: Oodie

Oodie is a cool brand that makes these cute one-size-fits-all hooded blankets. Size is based on a 6XL hoodie – your wife can use it throughout her pregnancy. They are so comfortable that your wife will feel like she’s hugging a sheep. It’s also a great conversation starter for all-weather purposes! 

7. Ekouaer Nursing Pajama 

Source: Ekouaer

Your wife will love these pajamas because they have just the perfect amount of stress, you can get them in two days with Amazon Prime shipping and your wife can use them after she has baby during maternity leave.

Nothing is better than getting comfortable pajamas during the wintertime. Especially when you are pregnant and expecting to give birth at any moment.

8. Baby Be Mine Maternity Robe

Source: Baby be Mine

Getting your partner this maternity robe is one of the smartest things you can do for Christmas. Your wife will be able to use this robe during the hospital stay, and afterward when she is constantly nursing the baby.

9. BLANQI Maternity Leggings

Source: BLANQI

Maternity leggings are the perfect gift to give your wife. Pregnant mama loves receiving leggings. They seriously go with every outfit and when you are getting bigger day by day a nice pair of thick leggings is the answer to feeling beautiful and relaxed.

10. BELAIR Maternity Compression Socks

Help eliminate swollen ankles and feet with these super awesome compression socks.

If your wife is complaining of her feet hurting or slight back pain. These are the answer to her problems. Compression socks will help circulate the blood in her legs and give more blood to her and the baby.

11. Cake Maternity Zest Nursing Sports Bra

Source: Cake Maternity 

Getting a maternity bra is a perfect thing to get for your pregnant wife this Christmas. Not only will it help her breast right now while she is expecting it can also be used while nursing which is a win-win.

 12. Motherhood Maternity Jeans

Source: Motherhood Maternity

Give the gift of comfort with these maternity jeans.

Everyone needs a great pair of skinny jeans. Even expecting moms who don’t feel so skinny.

13. Belly Oil for Stretch Marks = Bio-Oil Skin Care

Source: Bio-Oil

This little tube of coconut-infused oil is perfectly safe for pregnant skin. It is also super affordable and a great stocking stuffer as a gift.

14. Pregnancy-Safe Makeup Kit

While there are wide arrays of makeup products to choose from, not all of them are suitable for use by pregnant women. Knowing which cosmetic product is safe to use when you have a baby growing in your womb can be challenging. 

The good news is that there are some pregnancy-safe cosmetics that your pregnant wife can use to revive her beauty without affecting the little one in the belly. 

Check out our top 7 picks below:

a. Cocokind Lip balm

It’s made with natural and organic ingredients, including plant-based powders combined with organic olive and beeswax & oil. These ingredients are pregnancy-safe.

b. Amareta Moisturizer

This is made by women and formulated for women, including pregnant women. The ingredients are pregnancy-safe and they include mica, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil.

c. Burt’s Bees Foundation

The ingredients used to make this makeup foundation include green tea combined with natural oils such as sunflower and jojoba.

d. Honest Company Tinted lip balm

Mica, pomegranate, acai, avocado, and jojoba oil are the pregnancy-safe and natural ingredients used to make this tinted lip balm.

e. Ecco Bella

It’s made with naturally occurring and plant-based ingredients mixed to protect your skin. The ingredients used to formulate this product include mica, green tea extract, organic oils and vitamin E.

f. Luv & Company Mascara 

Help your pregnant wife elevate her look with this high-quality makeup product. It’s made with a mixture of organic and natural ingredients such as mica, herbs, cocoa & shea butters, vegetable oils, and wax.

g. 100% Pure Eye shadow

With this, your wife will be able to highlight that maternity radiance and make herself look more beautiful with the growing belly. This eye shadow is made with a combination of plant-based pigments, cocoa butter oils, and avocado. They’re all-natural, organic, and pregnancy-safe ingredients.

15. QardioBase (Coming out soon)

QardioBase helps mom to track and maintain a healthy body for good delivery, with QardioBase it is easy to keep track of weekly weight, BMI, and body composition as it is also easy to share information via Bluetooth or wifi. 

Comforting her 

16. Bump Boxes

These Bump Boxes are so cool and I wish I would have gotten one when I was pregnant. They come with an assortment of stuff.

You can get each box custom-made for the trimester that the expecting parent is in.

Price:$ 49.99 each Bump Box Trimester excluding shipping fee

17. Organic Coconut Spa Kit

Source: Lovery 

This may be a pregnant women’s little dream. A spa set that they can have at home. In this cute little basket, you’ll find things like coconut oil, coconut scrub, bath bombs, shower gel, a small towel, and so much more. With a total of 16 luxurious items.

Price$29.99 each set excluding shipping fee

18. Belly Butter

Source: Glow organics

This little gift is going to go a long way. This belly butter is 100% vegan, organic, and gluten-free. It also helps with stretch marks, hydrating the skin, and just making the belly feel amazing.

+if you find this under $30 add it to your cart ASAP.

19. Crave Box

How awesome is this cravebox? It has sweets, salty, cheesy, spicy. A little bit of everything your wife may be craving during her pregnancy.

Give in to her cravings and get her this gigantic cravings box.

20. Lucky Fish – giving your pregnant wife the nutrition that’s hard to come by

Source: Lucky Iron Fish

If your wife gets tired quite easily and can hardly get up even though she’s fit, then she might be lacking in iron

Iron helps with the transportation of oxygen for the baby’s lungs and brain development. It also energizes the mom-to-be to be more physical as preparation for an easier delivery. It is also very crucial for the mother’s immunity against infection, avoiding severe  consequences like early delivery.]

21. Fidus Huge (1 Gallon) Water Bottle to make sure your wife stay hydrated

Source: Fidus

Staying hydrated not only helps your pregnant wife, it also helps the development of the unborn baby in the womb. Motivate your wife to stay hydrated throughout the pregnancy with this water bottle. It has a great design with inspiring quotes and time markers that will remind her to drink lots of water regularly.

Making her feel loved; Items for Expecting Moms

22. Pregnancy Body Pillow

Source: PharMeDoc

This pregnancy body pillow is one of the best one I have ever used. I still use mine (well my husband uses it every time he has the chance too).

You can start using a pregnancy pillow as early as the first trimester.

Pregnancy pillows help ease back pain, reduce nighttime wakings, and are just so damn comfortable. See our list of top 10 pregnancy pillows.

23. Sea-Band Mama! Maternity Kit

Source: Sea-Band

[This kit includes: 1 Pair of Maternity Anti Nausea Morning Sickness Bands, Drug-Free Nausea Relief Ginger Lozenges, and an Aromatherapy Calming Rollette with Essential Oils]

24. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Regular neck and back massaging for a pregnant woman help promote blood circulation. Massaging these parts of your wife’s body regularly can be challenging, especially if you’ve got other important things to take care of. 

Gift this device to your pregnant wife and she’ll thank you for it throughout the pregnancy. It’s designed to massage the back, shoulder, and neck. It helps relieve deep pain in the muscles and enhances total relaxation. It’s portable and easy to carry around.

25. Foot Spa (e.g., Ovitus)

Source: Ovitus

Foot bathing and massage help relieve pain in the calves, ankles, and feet. Best of all, it enhances blood circulation. This device can help your pregnant wife achieve all that. It’s constructed to create bubbles that flow upward like hot springs warm water to appease stiff feet and calm down the whole body. 

Your wife would love this as a gift.

26. Pregnancy Photo Shooting Package

It doesn’t matter if this is your first child or the seventh, pregnancy is a great experience that will be remembered for a long time. Make it memorable by capturing your wife’s pregnancy moments regularly with photoshoot sessions. It will help chart the growth of your unborn baby over the years. 

Your wife and the baby will thank you for this gift in the future.

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Interacting with and preparing for the Baby

27. Bluetooth Baby Headphones

Source: Wusic

Playing music for a growing baby in the womb is said to be beneficial for a child’s development. 

Plus, it enhances strong bonding between the mother and the baby. Help your wife connect deeply with the baby with this device. It’s designed to send soothing reactions throughout a pregnant woman’s body into the baby’s body. It helps promote total relaxation and connection between mother and baby.

28. Owlet Duo Smart Baby Monitor

Watching the baby while they sleep can be stressful to first-time parents. 

I like this monitor because, in addition to the monitor, it also comes with a smart sock. So, the idea is that this will take the guesswork out, so you can have peace of mind. You will also get alert notifications when there is irregularity. 

With this device, your wife would not have to worry about checking on the baby every second. She’ll be able to do that directly on her phone. This will help relieve her anxiety while the baby is deeply asleep.

29. Baby Stroller

Source: Evenflo

 When it’s time to introduce your child to the outdoors, a baby stroller becomes a necessity. With a stroller, your wife will be able to walk around with the baby hands-free. Offering your wife this as a gift will help strengthen the love she has for you. Don’t you want that?

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30. Smart Assistant – Echo Dot

If you don’t already have this little echo dot device in your home now is the time to get it.

You can have it ready now and learn how to use it, and then it will become a little lifesaver when the baby is born.

A couple of things you can say to use it for baby:

  • Alexa play baby lullaby station
  • Alexa add baby rash cream to my buy list
  • Alexa order baby rash cream

Fun Gifts For Expecting Moms

31. Mama Bear Pop Socket

This is a great gift for expecting moms, as well as a great stocking stuffer that is under $20 bucks! You can’t go wrong here.

This super cute mama bear pop socket is so in right now, your wife will love this especially if she’s been looking for really cool pop sockets.

32. The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People

Source: Amazon 

The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People is so fun to color in and really take your mind away from the day-to-day and get lost in this little book.

33. P*rn For New Moms

Source: Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative

This book is so funny and a great little read that will make your wife really LOL.

It is not what you think. This is a hilarious take on motherhood and parenthood. It just has beautiful quality pictures of husbands taking care of children, washing, cleaning.

34. Letter Board

She needs this now and she’s going to use it once the baby is here too. So yes it is very good money spent.

In Conclusion

Our top 30 gifts to give your pregnant wife this Christmas range from sweets to treats! From getting my pregnant wife a nice gift to showing love to my pregnant wife through a gift, we got you covered.

Let us know what your favorite Christmas gift was in the comments below.

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