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The Ultimate Baby Shower Checklist From A Mom Who’s Created 3 Registry’s In 2 Years

First of all congrats on your pregnancy and let’s have some fun making this baby registry. This list will be your best baby registry checklist overview and tell you exactly how to make a baby registry, and what to add to it.

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Create your baby shower registry right here in under 3 minutes.

Not only will I go over the best items you should be adding to your baby registry, under each item I’ll give you some little tip to make everything from using the product to dressing baby easier.

What Is A Baby Registry?

It is a virtual list that displays everything you want and need for your baby that can be shared and shown to your friends and family so they can shower you with gifts and love.

How Do I Make A Baby Registry

It is super easy to make a baby registry, you can create one in under 3 minutes if you go here with Amazon.

You can now do most baby registries online. If you need more help on how to create your baby registry – you can see how I was able to do my baby registry on this post.

Before jumping in to the best items you should add to your baby registry checklist. I want to let you know that you can grab my Pregnancy Trimester To-Do List for free by signing up at the end of the post!

Remember you can add these items to an Amazon Baby Registry for free and share it with your friends and family.

What To Register For Baby?

Our Favorite Item For Baby Registries

To make things easier for you I’ve added an index if you want to jump to a certain section (this post is fairly long)

  • Travel
  • Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Bedding
  • Clothing
  • Medical
  • Diapering
  • Nursery
  • Play
  • Services
  • FAQ’s

Travel Items To Add To Your Baby Registry Checklist

1. Car Seats

Light weight car seats are perfect, especially those with steel frames to make baby riding in the car a little safer.

You can see a list of our favorite car seats right here (that you can add to your baby registry with a click of a button)

2. Diaper Bags

Depending on your style you may opt to go with a diaper bag or a diaper backpack.

If your partner is more into backpacks this is one with a lot of storage and lots of different colors and styles.

If you really want a good quality diaper bag – check out this one.

3. Stroller

The easy fold stroller is the one we went with, with our first, let it be your first stroller too.

Do you need a stroller for twins? This is the one with the most star ratings.

Or are you looking for a high quality (lasting) stroller.

4. Combo Stroller Travel Systems

Baby Registry Tip #1
Save money on your stroller and car seat by getting a combo stroller travel system.

You can see our top 10 best combo stroller travel systems reviews.

5. Travel Crib

Perfect to take to grandmas house, the lightweight and airy travel crib.

Want to see more like this one but with the best parent ratings: Just click here to see them.

6. Sleeping Lounger

Another great addition if you are going to be traveling or if you will be moving baby from room to room (without taking the whole crib apart lol) is this sleeping lounger.

7. Tote Diaper Bag

Perfect for mini outings when you don’t want to take the whole diaper bag. A quick run to the store, a school drop off for the older kids. Whatever the reason this super cute and (pretty storage savvy) tote diaper bag is the one to go with.

8. Stroller Organizer

If your stroller doesn’t come with a cup holder (or phone holder) you may want to opt for adding a stroller organizer to your baby registry. Not only will it help keep things handy for you, you can easily put wipes, and a bottle inside of it ready to give to baby when you are on the move.

#minimalmeltdowns oh yes.

9. Formula Dispenser

The formula dispenser is so helpful when you are going out. I bought three because they are inexpensive baby registry items and because they are small you may lose them (just like I did).

Feeding Supplies

10. Bottles

Our favorite are these for newborns, and for picky newborns these are also really recommended by many parents

11. Bottle Organizer

Keep this item by your kitchen sink and let the the bottles air dry after washing them.

You can also do this bottle organizer which is a little more affordable.

12. Caddy

Don’t have a lot of counter space in your kitchen? That’s okay you can use a caddy (this one is the one we have) to store things like bottles, the bottle organizer and bibs.

13. Nursing Cover

You should add a nursing cover to your baby registry. You may not use it right away but around 3-5 months your baby will start to get distracted from nursing on you and may have a hard time staying latched on.

To avoid this from happening a nursing cover is needed. You can also use them if you are a little shy about breastfeeding in public.

14. Nursing Pillow

Make nursing easier on yourself by registering for a nursing pillow. It will help give you back support when you are hunched over feeding a baby 24/7.

You can also grab a free nursing pillow with code: solutionsmommy40 at checkout.

15. Nipple Shield

If you are planning on breastfeeding you should think about getting a nipple shield if you have flat or inverted nipples. It will help baby pull your nipple forward so they could get the perfect latch each time.

16. Breast Pump

A breast pump is something I suggest all moms get even if they don’t plan on pumping. Pumping saved my milk supply and helped me fed my child breast milk.

You can get a free breast pump from your insurance carrier by signing up right here and choosing your favorite breast pump.

17. Haaka Silicone Pump

You may be thinking why would I need another pump if I already have my breast pump?

The answer is easy: when you are breastfeeding baby on one side of your breast, the OTHER SIDE will start leaking breast milk. In order to not let that breast milk go to waste your Haaka will attach to your breast and capture that leaking breast milk.

18. Nipple Pads

This is one thing I thought I wouldn’t need after birth. Wow, I was wrong. I don’t want you to be like me. Add these nipple pads to your baby registry I’d say ask for 4-5 boxes of them. No joke.

19. Pumping Bra

Are you a plus size mama? (so am I) You can see my favorite plus size nursing bra’s here.

Don’t worry you can add this nursing bra (which comes with a set of 3) to your baby registry. It’s great because it has easy clip down straps to let your nurse and pump.

20. Nipple Cream

Oh yes you read that title right. Nipple cream, I know adding nipple cream to your baby registry checklist seems a little weird but DO IT.

Not only will your breast feel tender, sore and a little pain from breastfeeding they may also become cracked, bleed and need a little relief.

21. Bottle Brushes

These are perfect to stock up on and they are relatively cheap that way you can add 2-4 on your baby registry list. You’ll also go through them rather quickly too.

22. Milk Storage Bags

Maybe you feel like you shouldn’t add these little items to your registry but you know what people love to do – buy little items for you to make it look like they added a lot of gifts. So add milk storage bags like these that will help store your breast milk when you pump.

24. High Chair*

Your baby will not be eating solids until they around 4-6 months. 6 months and up is recommened for babies to start solids.

You may not need a high chair right now, but if your family and friends can get one for you – might as well add it to your baby registry.

This wooden, high quality high chair is my go-to.

25. Bibs

A cute assortment of bibs and you can’t go wrong. When they are only breastfeeding bibs make good milk and drool catchers.

Bathing Supplies

26. Baby Bath Tub

I always say skip this little bath tub and use this in the sink and then once baby has more head control – take them in the shower with you.

But I know a lot of first time moms are scared to do that for those you I recommend this very bath tub.

You can also use this for in sink showers.

27. Hooded Towels

You can get a free hooded towel that is super soft for your newborn. All you have to do is use code: solutionsmommy35 at checkout for the discount on your towel.

I suggest you get it toddler size so it can last longer with it’s bigger size.

28. Baby Shampoo

With so many options of baby shampoo which one do you go with? If you are unsure I say register for a few different one.

You can see our favorite picks right here for baby shampoo.

29. Baby Lotions

Baby skin is so sensitive that they don’t really need lotion for the first few weeks. You can however put this baby lotion on if your infant has dry skin.

This is one that is perfect for sensitive skin.

And this one is perfect for wonderful smelling babies.

*I say place them all on your baby registry*

30. Washcloths

These washcloths can be used as burp cloths, spit up cleaners, and breast milk picker-upers lol. You’ll use them for showering your baby to get in between all those little chunky folds that baby’s have.

31. Faucet Cover

These faucet covers are perfect when baby gets a little bigger to get their attention in the shower and keep them safe when they start splashing around.

32. Bath Toys*

Personally I wouldn’t think to much about bath toys until baby is a little older. However to save yourself the expense put it in your baby registry and have friends and family gift you some bath toys.

See our top favorite under $25 bath toys here.

Remember if you want and need an item right now! You can get any of these items within two days with Amazon Prime. Try a free 30 Day Trial.

Bedding Items

33. High Quality Mattress

If you are gifted a crib whatever you do make sure you buy a new mattress. It is safer and more durable for your newborn to have a new crib mattress.

34. Mattress Cover

Don’t think you’re going to need this. Think again. The mattress cover literally saved my son’s mattress from pee, poop and the worst of all baby throw up.

35. Side Bed Crib

These things are amazing and it’s one item I wish I would have added to my first registry. The side bed crib is perfect if you are planning on having baby with the room with you but not on your bed.

I have to show you a picture because once you see it – you are going to be like “yes, that is what I want and need”.

a bed side sleeper that you can add to your baby registry checklist

36. Portable Bed Sleeper

My son loved sleeping in his portable bed sleeper, you can see the many great reviews on why we loved it and many other parents too.

See the reviews for yourself for the portable bed sleeper.

Clothing For Newborns

37. Leggings

When your newborn is earth side leggings are a new moms and a new baby’s go-to wardrobe item. Go ahead and register for 4 of the newborn size, 5 of size 0- 3 months, and 4 for 3-6 months.

38. Socks

You can choose your favorite socks, I learned a great trick after making so many registries.

Baby Registry Tip #2
Register for multiples of the same socks that way you never have mismatched baby socks. (and if you lose one, you have another to go with it).

39. Onesies

You should aim to register for 4-5 of every size of onesies for your baby.

40. Jacket (winter / fall)

Depending when your baby is coming home – you may need a nice jacket for your newborn even if you don’t plan to go out the first two or three weeks.

41. Plain Shirts

Having an assortment of plain shirts is going to help you get baby dressed after spit ups, or huge diaper blow outs (it happens). Aim to register for 5 of each size of plain shirts.

42. Swaddle Sleepers

This is perfect when baby transitions out of the swaddle around 3 months (or less for fast rollers). The swaddle sleepers will help keep baby sleeping longer.

These are one item I always tell my moms – you can see more about it in my 18+ Sleep Tips For Newborns (and You).

43. Swaddling Blankets

A swaddle blanket is a must-have for newborns. It helps them sleep more, and increases the feeling of safety in your newborn.

Before you leave the hospital make sure you ask your nurse how to swaddle a baby. They do it perfect each and every time.

44. Sun Hat (summer)

If you are having a baby in the summer a nice airy summer hat is a must especially if you live in warmer climate.

45. Shorts (summer)

Have you seen these adorable baby shorts. I am dying at how cute they are. My son was 6 months his first summer and we used these for summer time fun.

46. Beanie

You need a baby beanie no matter what month your little one is born. A soft beanie like these are the perfect addition to your baby shower.

47. Laundry Detergent

You never know if your baby will have some sort of reaction to detergent. Which is why starting with plain safe baby detergent like this one is preferred until they build up a better immune system.

Medical Supplies

48. Thermometer

Having a thermometer is an essential I do not say this lightly. I had have my fair share of fever scares. Make sure you get this one to take the temperature of your baby without waking them, or having them to hold still for long periods of time.

49. Nail Clippers

I think you can add this pack (which comes with nail clippers, nail filers, and a baby finger tooth brush) and call it a win.

50. Saline Nasal Drops

These are little miracle workers. Especially if you have a baby who does not like the suction bulb to get boogies out.

This also works if baby has a stuffy nose, hard boogies and needs some instant relief.

51. Suction Bulb

If you haven’t seen this before you may be grossed out by it. But it is honestly so good at getting boogers out of your babies nose.

Or you can go with your standard suction bulb (add 2 of these to your registry)

Diapering Items To Add To Your Baby Registry Checklist

52. Diaper Pail

You can go fancy and get something like this. Or you can go with your standard diaper genie (which is just as good and awesome).

I suggest you add both to your baby registry and hopefully both get purchased because you can have one in the nursery and in your room.

Diapers will take over your home, but the smell doesn’t have too.

Related: How To Make Sure Your Nursery Doesn’t Stink (like diapers)

53. Diapers or Cloth Diapers

We couldn’t have a diapering list without our main start Diapers. Many mothers swear by these two brands Huggies and Pampers.

If you aren’t sure which to go with. I suggest you read this ‘Huggies VS Pampers: which diaper is better for your baby’.

If you are going to cloth diaper (which I know nothing about) I suggest you do some research before adding a cloth diaper to your list *sorry I can’t help with this one*

54. Wipes

Adding these and a few of the other different brand name (and off brand) name wipes will help your guest give you options.

Baby Registry Checklist Tip #3
Register for fragrance free wipes to make sure baby has no rash sensitivities.

55. Diaper Rash Cream

So let me tell you a funny story. I needed diaper rash cream for my son. We’ve always used this brand.

So I ordered through Alexa and what I received in the mail was this gigantic diaper rash cream can. It’s been a year and we have not run out.

56. Changing Table

If you have the space for a changing table, you need one with a lot of storage and safety features to keep you and baby feeling like you made the right choice.

Nursery Checklist

57. Glider Rocker

You will spend more time on this glider rocker than you will in your own bed in the first few months. Oh you think I’m joking, make sure it is comfortable has room for your butt sitting sideways and that it fits in your home.

58. Crib

This is my favorite crib but you can also see these right here under $200 bucks that are all super highly rated from parents.

Baby Safety Tip #1
Make sure you do not get a crib with a sliding down side. They have been removed from retailers for safety hazards.

59. White Noise Machine

If you have never used a white noise machine now is the time to start. Not only will this help baby go to sleep faster, it increases the chance for longer naps.

60. Baby Monitor

With so many great baby monitors to choose from I think you should take a look at our top ten baby breathing monitors that can double as baby monitors.

Or you can add one or two monitors from this list.

61. Storage Bins

From baskets like these or bins that can go into your shelves like these you can have ample storage for things like extra diapers, wipes, and baby blankets.

You can also grab a shelf that doubles as a closet (especially if you are tight on space) you can add more storage.

62. Blackout Curtains

Since having a baby I have added black out curtains to almost every room. I can easily turn nap time into a nice quiet and low lighting setting with these curtains.

See the variations and sizes and get the perfect ones for your nursery.

63. Night Light

With getting up every 2-3 hours to feed baby during the first few months you don’t want to trip over your things. Getting a night light will help YOU when you are breastfeeding, or making a bottle in the middle of the night.

You should check out this night light that doubles as an air humidifier.

64. Air Humidifier

You can go as simple as this trusted and tried air humidifier or you can upgrade and get one of these air humidifiers that help both you and baby breathe easier during the night.

I suggest you add both to your baby registry to give your family and friends options when purchasing items for you and baby.

65. Wall Art

I am a big believer in DIY so if you can make your own wall art more power to you. But if you don’t have that creative bone I get it (that’s my mom lol)

Check out these baby nursery wall art templates (under $25).

Play Supplies

66. Play Mat

I have to show you a picture of this play mat because it is so beautiful. If you don’t think that’s the one you need.

play mat for your baby registry checklist

67. Nursery Rugs

From tiny circular rugs (that are super in right now) to large easy to crawl on rugs.

Baby Registry Tip #4
Each room in your home should have a rug that will be near where baby will sleep. Rugs absorb sound especially if you have wood or tile flooring.

68. Bouncer

Check out these bouncers to add to your baby registry checklist.

69. Swing

Check out these swings to add to your baby registry checklist. I also suggest to use this regularly to help baby sleep on their own instead of in your arms. (nothing wrong with that) but these skids get heavy after a while.

70. Wooden Toys

Here are a few we absolutely love:

  • Wooden Blocks
  • Wooden Cars
  • Wooden Rattle

71. Soft Books

As baby first books you can see these. Easy for baby to hold, chew on, and feel.

72. Soft Blocks

Along with the wooden blocks having these soft blocks to get baby stacking, chewing, and holding.

73. Lovey

Registry for two of the same one. If your child is super into it and you ever lose it, back up lovey is here to help. Lovey’s are also known as security blankets.

Services To Register For

74. Amazon Home Cleaning Service

You can now add this service to your baby registry. This is perfect after you have baby to help get things from your home done. Maybe a few friends can pitch in to get this one service of Amazon Home Cleaning for you.

75. Breastfeeding Class

If you are wanting to breastfeed I highly suggest you take this course “The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course“. It is taught by lactation consultant Stacey Stewart and it is the most affordable breastfeeding class I have ever seen.

It is also really perfect for first time moms, or those who had a baby long ago.

76. A Prenatal Course

The Online Prenatal Course For Couples is the only prenatal class I recommend taking. It is better than a free course you might take at your local hospital. You will feel empowered with knowledge about birth and have an easier time during your hospital birth, home birth, baby center birth.

FAQ About Baby Registries

When Should I Register For Baby?

You can start your baby registry as early as your first trimester but most parents will wait till about weeks 20-30 after they have found out the sex of baby. It just depends on you.

Where Should I Register For Baby?

My all time favorite baby registry is from Amazon. Because of that free welcome baby box.

My second favorite place to have your virtual baby registry is My Registry. My Registry takes all your registries (if you do one with Amazon, target, walmart etc..) and puts them all together to make sure your guest can see all the items you want and need.

You can also create a baby registry at Walmart, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Land Of Nod, Khols.

What Not To Register For?

Here is a list of things I think you shouldn’t register for.

  • Wipe warmer
  • Bottle warmer
  • Crib bumpers
  • Lots of toys
  • Plush animals
  • Toddler items

What Stores Give You Free Items For Registering With Them?

  • Amazon (will send after qualifying)
  • Target (must go in store)
  • Walmart (must go in store)
  • Baby List (will send after paying shipping)
  • Kohl’s (in store)

Don’t forget to sign up for the free pregnancy trimester to do list. Just below.

In conclusion, you decide what you want to place on your baby registry and where you want to host it. However I hope I’ve convinced you about registering for Amazon’s Baby Registry with so many perks and so many options to get what you need for baby. You can’t go wrong.

Did I miss something in the baby registry checklist? Let me know in the comments below.

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The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist Of 2020

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