Top 280+ First and Middle Names for Boys

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One of the most fun and exciting moments for a new parent is choosing a name for your baby.

A good name could affect one’s chance to get a job. So, it can be stressful to find the right baby names.

I understand the desire to give your boys every advantage you could possibly give. 

That’s why I have worked with my team to look into the history of names. As a result, we have screened over >3,000 names that have great meanings or sounds across different themes.

Here is our selection of “Boy First and Middle Names” organized by 6 themes: white boys, black boys, cute baby names, geeky sci-fi names, unique, and plant-based.

Popular White First and Middle Names for Boys

First and middle names for boys

Why do we love these names?

Many white boy names have grown in popularity faster than others, and popularity grew simply because it appealed to a large number of parents. Here are the most popular white boy names.

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  1. Aiden Blake

Aiden means “fire” in Irish. Blake conveys “dark” in Old English.

  1. Benjamin Scott

Benjamin means “right hand” while Scott means “individual from Scotland.”

  1.  Cameron Cole

Cameron means “abnormal nose,” while Cole means “solid.”

  1.  Drake Taylor

Drake means a “mythical beast.” Taylor is a popular choice for boy names.

  1.  Ezra Quinn

Ezra means “help” while Quinn means “counsel.”

  1. Paxton Royce

Royce means “child of the King.” Paxton is an Old English name that means “quiet town.”

  1.  Felix Kent

Felix means “fortunate,” and Kent represents “waterfront land.”

  1.  Gus Jackson

Gus means “incredible.” Jackson is a Scottish name that means “child of Jack.”

First and middle names for boys : Gus Kenworthy is a well-rounded freeskier for Team USA. Image: Instagram@GusKenworthy
Gus Kenworthy is a well-rounded freeskier for Team USA. Image: Instagram@GusKenworthy
  1. Aiden Blake

Aiden means “fire” in Irish. Blake – conveys “dark” in Old English.

  1. Benjamin Scott

Benjamin means “right hand” while Scott means “individual from Scotland.”

  1.  Cameron Cole

Cameron means “abnormal nose.” While Cole means “solid.”

  1.  Drake Taylor

Drake means a “mythical beast.” Taylor is a popular choice for boy names.

  1.  Ezra Quinn

Ezra means “help” while Quinn means “counsel.”

  1. Paxton Royce

Royce means “child of the King.” Paxton is an Old English name that means “quiet town.”

  1.  Felix Kent

Felix means “fortunate,” and Kent represents “waterfront land.”

  1.  Gus Jackson

Gus means “incredible.” Jackson is a Scottish name that means “child of Jack.”

Popular Black First and Middle Names for Boys

First and middle names for boys

Why do we love these names?

Many parents choose black boy names for their babies based on specific features. For example, many African parents choose words to connect with their heritage.

Here are some modern black baby boy names for your little boy.

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  1. Abram Joel

Abram means “Father is commended”; Joel means “the Lord is God.”

  1. Brecken James

Brecken James is one of those names in vogue and the present day; however, sounds natural.

  1. Camden Gage

Camden means “winding valley.” Gage means “oath.”

  1. Elias Graham

Attractive, cool, and savvy is the picture that strikes a chord from Elias Graham.

  1. Fabian Lorenzo

Fabian Lorenzo is a lovable name he can develop into.

  1. Idris Elba

Idris means “faithful” and “trustworthy,” and Elba means “bright.”

First and middle names for boys : Inspired by Idris Elba named sexiest man alive. Image: Guardian
Inspired by Idris Elba named sexiest man alive. Image: Guardian
  1. Grady Ryan

For the All-American kid nearby, Grady and Ryan are an ideal blending.

  1. Holden Anthony

Holden implies “From The Hollow In The Valley.” Anthony comes from the Roman family name Antonius.

  1. Isaiah Michael

Isaiah means “God Saves” Michael means “who is like God”?

  1. Julian Alexander

Julian means “Youthful” Alexander means “defender.”

  1. Kasen Jeremiah

Kasen means “Pure” Jeremiah means “appointed by God.”

  1. Lincoln Caldwell

Lincoln means “Lake or Colony” Caldwell means “stream.”

  1. Orion Maxwell

Orion means “hunter” Maxwell means “great stream.”

  1. Paxton Elijah

Paxton means “peace town” Elijah means “My God is Yahweh.”

  1. Quincy Raymond

Quincy means “born fifth,” Raymond means “wise-protector.”

  1. Rhett Levi

Rhett means “advise” Levi means “attached.”

  1. Skewer Augustus

Skewer means “slice of bread” Augustus means “majestic.”

  1. Titan Marshall

Titan means “defender” Marshall means “housekeeper.”

  1. Uriah Marcus

Uriah means “God is my light” Marcus means “polite.”

  1. Vinn Alessandro

Vinn means “conqueror,” Alessandro means “defender.”

  1. Wyatt Graham

Wyatt means “brave” Graham means “gravel.”

  1. Xander Eli

Xander means “to defend,” Eli means “elevated.”

  1. Zane Isaac

Zane means “beauty” Isaac means “rejoice.” 

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Cute Baby First and Middle Names for Boys

Why do we love these names?

Often, middle names are family names that you or your partner’s family have passed down and honored for generations.

Using the last name as a first or middle name is another naming trend.

Here are some of the first and middle names for Boys. We hope that it will figure out for you to choose the name for your baby boy.


  1. Aaron Declan

Aaron implies magnified. Declan means “man of the petition.”

  1. Adam Weston

Adam means “to make,” while Weston means “a town in the west.”

  1. Adrian Micah

 Adrian means “ocean water,” and Micah means “Who is like God?”.

  1. Aiden Wesley

 Aiden is “the searing one,” while Wesley means “inhabitant close to the forest.”

  1. Alexander Ayden

Alexander means “defender of tycoons,” and Ayden means “little fire.”

First and middle names for boys : Alexander is a name that many parents love. Image: Alexander (Movie)
Alexander is a name that many parents love. Image: Alexander (Movie)
  1. Andrew Luca

 Andrew means “manly,” while Luca is a “carrier of light.”

  1. Anthony Damian

 Anthony means “commendable,” and Damian means “one who restrains.”

  1. Asher Zachary

Asher means “cheerful,” while Zachary is “recalled.”

  1. Austin Silas

Austin means “revered” while Silas means “timberland.”

  1. Axel Gavin

Axel means “father of harmony,” and Gavin means “Godsend.”

  1. Benjamin Chase

Benjamin means “child of the right hand,” and Chase means “tenant at the hunting ground.”

  1. Brayden Kai

Brayden means “an occupant close to the expansive valley” while Kai means “ocean.”

  1. Bryson Emmett

 Bryson means “A respectable child,” and Emmet means “general.”

  1. Caleb Harrison

Caleb means “dedicated,” while Harrison means “child of Harry.”

  1. Cameron Nathaniel

Cameron means “screwy nose” or “slanted stream” while Nathaniel means “endowment of Supreme.”

  1. Carson Kingston

Carson means “swamp inhabitant,” and Kingston means “Lord”s town.”

  1. Carter Cole

Carter means “the person who transports products,” and Cole means “dim-haired individual.”

  1. Charles Tyler

 Charles means “man and Tyler means “tile producer.”

  1. Christian Bennett

Christian means “devotee of Christ,” while Bennet means “favored.”

  1. Christopher Bentley

 Christopher means “transporter of Christ,” while Bentley means “from the twisted grass field.”

  1. Colton Ryker

Colton means “from the dim town,” and Ryker means “rich.”

  1. Connor Tristan

Connor means “wolf or dog darling,” while Tristan means “clamor.”

  1. Cooper Brandon

Cooper means “repairer or producer of wooden vessels,” and Brandon means “slope covered with the brush.”

  1. Daniel Kevin

 Daniel means “Divinity is my adjudicator,” and Kevin means “attractive birth.”

  1. David Luis

David means “dearest” while Luis means “eminent hero.”

  1. Dominic George

Dominic means “Having a place with God,” and George means “rancher.”

  1. Dylan Ashton

 Dylan means “child of the wave,” and Ashton means “debris tree town.”

  1. Easton Rowan

 Easton means “east-bound spot,” and Rowan means “little redhead.”

  1. Eli Braxton

Eli means “my God,” and Braxton means “Brock”s town.”

  1. Elias Ryder

 Elias means “Jehovah is God,” while Ryder means “courier.”

  1. Elijah Gael

 Elijah means “my God is Yahweh,” while Gael means “upbeat.”

  1. Ethan Ivan

 Ethan means “solid” while Ivan means ” generous.”

  1. Evan Diego

Evan implies Yahweh is generous, and Diego means “he that replaces.”

  1. Everett Maxwell

Everett means “bold,” and Maxwell means “extraordinary stream.”

  1. Ezekiel Max

Ezekiel means “fortifying” while Max means “most noteworthy.”

  1. Ezra Carlos

 Ezra means “partner,” and Carlos means “free man.”

  1. Gabriel Kaiden

Gabriel means “God is my solidarity and Kaiden means “fighter.”

  1. Grayson Juan

 Grayson means “child of the silver-haired one,” and Juan implies “God is benevolent.”

  1. Greyson Maddox

Greyson means”child of the silver-haired one,” and Maddox means”Child of God.”

  1. Henry Justin

Henry means “leader of the home,” and Justin means “equitable.”

  1. Hudson Waylon

 Hudson means “heart, psyche, and soul,” while Waylon means “land alongside the street.”

  1. Tracker Calvin

 Tracker means “the person who chases,” and Calvin means “minimal bare one.”

  1. Ian Giovanni

 Ian means “gift” while Giovanni means “favor.”

  1. Isaac Jonah

Isaac means “he chuckles,” and Jonah means “dove.”

  1. Isaiah Abel

 Isaiah means “Yahweh is salvation,” and Abel means “breath.”

  1. Jackson Amir

 Jackson means “child of Jack,” and Amir means “minimal dearest.”

  1. Jacob King

 Jacob means “to follow,” and King means “ruler.”

  1. James Beau

 James means “one who follows,” and Beau means “attractive.”

  1. Jameson Camden

Jameson means “child of James,” and Camden means “winding valley.”

  1. Jason Alex

Jason means “healer,” and Alex means “protector of men.”

  1. Jaxon Jasper

 Jaxon means “favor,” and Jasper means “financier.”

  1. Jeremiah Jude

Jeremiah means “Yahweh will rise,” and Jude means “the applauded one.”

  1. Kayden Finn

 Kayden means “fighter,” and Finn means “white or fair.”

  1. Landon Rhett

Landon means “long slope,” and Rhett means “expressive man.”

  1. Leo Elliott

Leo means “lion,” and Elliott means “highness.”

  1. Leonardo Edward

Leonardo means “intense lion,” and Edward means “rich gatekeeper.”

  1. Levi August

Levi means “participated incongruence,” and August means “to increment.”

  1. Liam Xander

Liam means “cap of will,” and Xander means “fighter.”

  1. Logan Dean

 Logan means “empty” while Dean means “valley.”

  1. Lucas Lorenzo

 Lucas means “light,” and Lorenzo means “from the spot of Laurel trees.”

  1. Luke Bryce

 Luke implies light-giving, and Bryce means “alert.”

  1. Bricklayer Karter

 Bricklayer means “one who works with stone,” and Karter means “carrier of merchandise.”

  1. Mateo Victor

Mateo means “gift” while Victor means “champion.”

  1. Michael Hayden

 Michael means “who is like God?” and Hayden means “supported valley.”

  1. Miles Graham

 Miles means “forgiving,” and Graham means “rock.”

  1. Nathan Grant

 Nathan means “he gave,” and Grant means “give.”

  1. Nicholas Zion

Nicholas means “triumph of individuals,” and Zion means “most noteworthy point.”

  1. Noah Tucker

 Noah means “rest” while Tucker means “all heart.”

  1. Nolan Jesse

 Nolan means “respectable” while Jesse means “gift.”

  1. Oliver Zayden

 Oliver means “olive tree,” and Zayden means “development.”

  1. Owen Joel

 Owen means “youthful hero,” and Joel means “Yahweh is God.”

  1. Parker Richard

Parker means “park attendant,” and Richard means “ruler.”

  1. Robert Patrick

 Robert means “brilliant popularity,” and Patrick means “respectable” or “blue-blood.”

  1. Roman Emiliano

 Roman means “a resident of the Roman Empire,” while Emiliano means “attempting to dominate.”

  1. Ryan Avery

 Ryan means “little ruler,” and Avery means “mythical person lord.”

  1. Samuel Nicolas

 Samuel means the “name of God,” and Nicolas means the “triumph of individuals.”

  1. Sawyer Dawson

 Sawyer means “carpenter or producer,” and Dawson means “child of David.”

  1. Sebastian Myles

 Sebastian means “adored” and Myles, “who is divine?”.

  1. Theodore Matteo

 Theodore means “gift,” while Matteo likewise means “endowment.”

  1. Thomas River

 Thomas means “twin” while River comes from the Latin word “ripa,” meaning riverbank.

  1. William Steven

 William means “unfaltering defender,” and Steven means “crown.”

  1. Wyatt Thiago

 Wyatt means “valiant in war,” and Thiago means “supplanter.”

  1. Xavier Zane

Xavier means “splendid new house,” and Zane means “thoughtful.”

  1. Martín Nicolás

 Martin means “warlike,” and Nicolás means “successful.”

  1. Lucas Diego

 Lucas means “enlightenment,” and Diego means “supplanter.”

  1. Lorenzo Isaac

 Lorenzo means “tree,” and Isaac means “giggling.”

  1. Simón Franco

 Simón means “the audience,” and Franco means “freeman.”

  1. Andrés Santino

Andrés means “fighter,” and Santino means “consecrated.”

  1. Kaiden Hart  

Kaiden means “warrior”; Hart means “stag, solid and courageous.”

  1. Keegan Allen 

 Keegan means “child of fire”; Allen – means “concordance, respectable, or stone.”

  1. Kerrick Thatcher 

 Kerrick means “lord”s standard”; Thatcher – means “to cover or cover in straw.”

  1. Kieran Graham 

 Kieran means “minimal dull haired one”; Graham means “gravelly estate.”

  1. Korbin Wade 

 Korbin means “crow or raven”; Wade means “to go or portage.”

  1. Landon Kyrie 

 Landon means “long slope” or “edge”; Kyrie means “master of leniency.”

  1. Lawson Jack 

 Lawson means “child of Lawrence”; Jack means “God is benevolent.”

  1. Lennox Dylan 

 Lennox means “elm forest”; Dylan means “brought into the world by the ocean.”

  1. Liam Kennedy 

 Liam means “solid-willed champion” and “defender”; Kennedy means “helmeted head.”

  1. Lochlainn Liam 

 Lochlainn means “place where there are lochs. “Liam means “unflinching defender.”

  1. Logan West 

Logan means “little honor”; West means “toward the west settlement.”

  1. Bricklayer Knox 

Mason means “one who works with stone”; Know means “round slope.”

  1. Mateo Rhys 

 Mateo means “endowment of God”; Rhys means “energy or excitement.”

  1. Mercer Adam 

 Mercer means “shipper”; Adam means “the earth or ground.”

  1. Mickey Brian 

 Mickey means “who is like God”; Brian means “respectable or high.”

  1. Morgan Chase 

 Morgan means “head of the ocean” or “ocean protector”; Chase means “occupant at the hunting ground.”

  1. Nate Arden 

Nate means “Endowment of God”; Arden means “valley of the falcon or extraordinary backwoods.”

  1. Neil Cedric 

Neil means “cloud”; Cedric means “abundance.”

  1. Noah Wilde 

Noah means “rest or rest”; Wilde means “untamed or uncouth.”

  1. Nolan Khan 

Nolan means champion or chariot warrior”; Khan means “boss or ruler.”

  1. Oliver Reid 

Oliver means “the olive tree”; Reid means “red-haired.”

  1. Owen Flint 

Owen means “youthful warrior.”

  1. Ryan Arlo

Ryan means “little king” while Arlo means “fortified hill.” 

  1. Miles Graham 

 Miles means “merciful,” and Graham means “gravel.”

Geeky Sci-fi First and Middle Names for Boys

First and middle names for boys

Why do we love these names?

Many Sci-fi loving parents want to name their children using names from their favorite characters. Using a family last name as your baby’s middle name is a good way to combine and of honoring your family tree.

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  1. Anakin Skywalker

This great name is taken from the great Star Wars saga. Anakin means “warrior.” This is a great combination.

  1. Artemis Fowl

In the fantasy series Artemis Fowl, Artemis is a young prodigy and a criminal genius. The name is derived from the Greek goddess of childbirth, the moon, and hunting. Even though it belongs to a goddess, Artemis sounds like a great name for a boy.

  1. Arthur Philip

Arthur Philip Dent is from the comic science fiction series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Arthur means “courageous,” and Phillip is a name for a person who loves horses. Both Steve Jobs and Elon Musk love this book.

  1. Ben Kenobi

Another great Star Wars character. Kanobi means “a trusted son.” Give this name to your most trustful son.

  1. Edward Cullen

This name is from the famous Twilight Saga series. Edward means “protector,” It is a great name to pair with Cullen. 

  1. Harry Potter

Another great name from the great wizard series. The name Harry means “house protector.” You can give this name to your strong baby boy.

First and middle names for boys : Yes. It’s me again. Image: The Independent.
Yes. It’s me again. Image: The Independent.
  1. Logan Bryce

Logan is a character from the movie Wolverine. Logan is a great name meaning “descendent of the warrior,” and Bryce is a great combination.

  1. Keegan Chase 

Keegan means “child of the red hot one.”It”s of Irish origin. Pursue means “to chase.”

  1. Rylan Clark

This is a unique and great combination of names for your boy.

  1. Maverick West

 Maverick means”autonomous.” West means “from the west, lives in the west.”They are both English names.

  1. Nolan Morgan 

 Nolan means “relative of the renowned one. Morgan means “incredible circle.”

  1. Owen Adam 

 Owen means “respectable,” while Adam means “the ground.”

  1. Peyton Callan 

 Peyton Callan is of Irish lineage, and it means “rock.”

  1. Quinton Royce 

 Quinton means “fifth.”Royce is English, and it means “child of the ruler.”

  1. Rex Ryan 

Rex is Latin for “Lord,” and Ryan is a Celtic name that means “little ruler.”

  1. Stefan Hudson 

 Stefan means “crown.”Hudson means “heart, mind, soul.”

  1. Taylor Everett 

Taylor means “shaper.” Everett means “valiant like a wild pig.”

  1. Uriel Donovan 

 Uriel means “God is my light,” while Donovan means “minimal earthy colored one.”

  1. Vaughn Mackenzie 

 Vaughn means “little, junior.” Mackenzie means “the inclined toward one.”

  1. Wyatt Davis 

 Wyatt means “courageous and solid.”Davis is Welsh for “Child of David.”

  1. Xavi Presley 

 Xavi means “the new house.”Presley means “woods clearing.”

  1. Yuri Bennet 

 Yuri means “rancher.”Bennet means “favored.”

  1. Zion Jayce 

 Zion implies Jerusalem. Jayce means “the healer.”

  1. Gavin Mitchell 

 Gavin means “blessing or white bird of prey”; Mitchell means “who”s like God.”

  1. Gideon Lewis 

 Gideon means “feller or hewer”; Lewis means “prestigious champion.”

  1. Greyson Flynn 

 Greyson means “child of Gray” or “child of the steward”; Flynn means “ruddy or rosy tone.”

  1. Griffin Tyler 

 Griffin means “solid master” Tyler means tiler or tile creator.

  1. Gunner Jackson 

 Gunner means “fighter”; Jackson means “child of Jack or John.”

  1. Gus Jackson 

Gus means “extraordinary”; Jackson means “child of Jack or John.”

  1. Harper Avery 

 Harper means “harp player”; Avery means “mythical being the best.”

  1. Harrison James 

 Harrison means “child of Harry”; James means “supplanter.”

  1. Heath Jameson 

 Heath means somebody who lives by a field or heath; Jameson means “child of James.”

  1. Holden Flynn 

Holden means “empty valley”; Flynn means “ruddy or reddish appearance.”

  1. Howie Beckett 

 Howie means “heart daring”; Beckett means “colony of bees.”

  1. Hunter Easton 

 Hunter – implies one who chases; Easton means “from the eastern town.”

  1. Huxley Marshall 

 Huxley means “from hoc”s field”; Marshall -means “horse guardian.”

  1. Ian Cooper 

Ian means “God is thoughtful”; Cooper means “barrel producer.”

  1. Isaac Hayden 

 Isaac means “he will giggle” or “he will celebrate”; Hayden means “fire.”

  1. Jagger Levi 

 Jagger means “carter, to pack or load. “Levi means “joined or appended.”

  1. James Dylan 

 James means “supplanter”; Dylan means “child of the ocean.”

  1. Jared Odin 

 Jared means “rose, or he plummets”; Odin means “free for all, idyllic anger, or motivation.”

  1. Jaxson Brody 

 Jaxson means”son of Jack”; Brody means “second child or trench.”

  1. John Matthew 

 John means “God is charitable”; Matthew means “gift from God.”

  1. Jude Tyler 

Jude – implies from “Judea”; Tyler – is a word-related name that means “tile producer.”

Unique Baby First and Middle Names for Boys

First and middle names for boys

Why do we love these names?

Picking a child’s name can be difficult for a parent. Yet, it can likewise be one of the pleasant things that you get to accomplish for your little one.

There’s an incredible arrangement to think about while picking a name. An attempt to observe the right blend of a first and middle name is significant.

We’ve assembled a portion of our number one blends of cute first and unique middle names for boys. Ideally, they rouse your decision.

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  1. Adrian Mackenzie 

Adrian means “dark or dull”; Mackenzie means “brought into the world of fire” or “offspring of the savvy chief.”

  1. Albert Carmichael 

Albert means “respectable or brilliant”; Carmichael – means “post of Michael.”

  1. Alden Blake 

 Alden means “old savvy companion”; Blake means “blond” or “dull.”

  1. Birch Wolfgang 

 Alder means “hawk”; Wolfgang means “voyaging wolf.”

  1. Archie Connor 

 Archie means “real, striking, or valiant”; Connor means “descendent of dog or want.”

  1. Bolt Roman 

The arrow means “a shot discharged from a bow.”

  1. Atticus Finch 

 Atticus means “man of Attica”; Finch means “to cheat.”

  1. Atlas Benjamin 

 Atlas means “backing or props.” “Benjamin means “child of my right hand.”

  1. Zen Heria

Zen means “meditation,” and Heria means “Diamont.”

First and middle names for boys

Chris Heria’s son – Zen Heria

  1. Axel Donovan 

Axel means “father of harmony”; Donovan means “minimal earthy colored one.”

  1. Baxter Thomas 

Baxter means “pastry specialist”; Thomas means “a twin.”

  1. Playmate Bennett 

 Beau means “attractive”; Bennett – means “favored.”

  1. Benson Augustus 

Benson means “child of the favored one”; Augustus means “great” or “the increaser.”

  1. Benjamin Scott 

 Benjamin means “child of the south or right hand”; Scott means “Gaelic speaker.”

  1. Bentley Rhys 

 Bentley means “from the twisted grass field”; Rhys means “energy or excitement.”

  1. Blake Dawson 

 Blake means “pale fair one or dim”; Dawson means “child of David.”

  1. Brantley Cooper 

 Brantley means “troublemaker or field”; Cooper – is a word-related name that means “barrel creator.”

First and middle names for boys: Inspired by the real Brantley Cooper. Image: ShowbizCheatSheet
Inspired by the real Brantley Cooper. Image: ShowbizCheatSheet
  1. Brayson Garrett 

 Brayson means “child of Brice”; Garrett means “stick rule.”

  1. Brecken Wilder 

Brecken means “freckled”; Wilder means “wild creature.”

  1. Broderick Gregory 

 Broderick – means “child of Rhydderch”; Gregory means “careful or alert.”

  1. Bryden Hayes 

 Bryden means “harness creator”; Hayes means “lives by the timberland or brush.”

  1. Caden Tyler 

 Caden means “contender”; Tyler is another popular name choice.

  1. Caleb Archer 

Caleb means “dedicated” and Archer “bowman.”

  1. Callahan Fox 

 Callahan means “minimal splendid headed one”; Fox means “wild creature in the canine family.”

  1. Calvin Harper 

Calvin means “uncovered”; Harper means “a harp player.”

  1. Cameron Cole 

 Cameron means “bowed nose”; Cole means “triumph of individuals.”

  1. Gorge Elijah 

 Canyon means “a huge gorge”; Elijah means “my God is Yahweh.”

  1. Carter James 

 Carter means “driver of a truck”; James means “supplanter.”

  1. Channing Cohen 

 Channing means “youthful wolf”; Cohen means “cleric.”

  1. Charlie William 

 Charlie means “free man”; William means “with an overlaid protective cap.”

  1. Colt Harrison 

 Colt means “youthful pony”; Harrison means “child of Harry.”

  1. Cooper Jayce 

 Cooper means repairer of wooden vessels; Jayce means “healer” or “the Lord is salvation.”

  1. Daniel Nolan 

 Daniel means “God is my adjudicator”; Nolan means “chariot contender” or “champion.”

  1. Derrick Presley 

Derrick means “gifted ruler”; Presley – is a spot name that means “minister”s glade.”

  1. Declan Emerson 

 Declan – means “brimming with goodness”; Emerson means “Emery”s child.”

  1. Dominic Everett 

 Dominic means “having a place with the Lord”; Everett means “valiant as a wild pig.”

  1. Drake Taylor 

 Drake means “winged serpent,” and Taylor is a popular choice again.

  1. Easton Hayes 

 Easton means “east town”; Hayes means “lives by the backwoods or brush.”

  1. Elijah Thomas 

 Elijah means “Yahweh is God”; Thomas means “twin or pioneer.”

  1. Elliot Jack 

Elliot means “Jehovah of God”; Jack means “God is thoughtful.”

  1. Emeric Leon 

 Emeric means “home-ruler”; Leon means “lion.”

  1. Ethan Tanner 

Ethan means “solid or safe”; Tanner signifies “calfskin creator.”

  1. Everett Charles 

 Everett means “daring as a pig”; Charles means “freeman.”

  1. Ezra Fitzgerald 

 Ezra means “help”; Fitzgerald means “child of Gerald.”

  1. Felix Dorian 

 Felix means “fortunate or fruitful”; Dorian means “gift.”

  1. Frankie Noel 

Frankie means “free or honest”; Noel means “Christmas.”

  1. Frederick Garrison 

 Frederick means “serene ruler”; Garrison means “child of Garrett.”

  1. Garrett Xavier 

 Garrett means “rules by the lance”; Xavier means “amazing and splendid or new house.”

Popular plant-based First and Middle Names for Boys

First and middle names for boys

Why do we love these names?

Plant names are becoming more and more popular for boys. Here are our selections.

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  1. Acker Ricard

Acker is a Dutch and German word that means “cultivated field” or “someone who lives near the cultivated ground.” Combine it with the middle name Lindford, and you have yourself a great name.

  1. Alder Barten

This name comes from the English word “ancient” and relates to the alder tree. 

  1. Ash Jacob

Ash is a Hebrew name that means “pleasant.” It also refers to the same-named tree. 

  1. Ashton Grayson

Ashton is a great name meaning “ash tree town.” This combination is a graceful name for a boy.

  1. Brier Beckham

Brier is a popular plant name for a boy, and this name originated from the tree Brier. You can combine this name with Marshall, Jameson, or forest, all good names. Beckham is an English boy’s name that means “homestead by the brook.”

  1. Cedar

This is a charming male name derived from plants. This English name refers to a tree of the same name, and combine this name with James or Joseph.

  1. Cress Williams

This name comes from the French word “creste,” which means “hilltop,” and refers to a biennial plant widespread throughout Asia and Europe.

  1. Cypress Hill

Cypress is a boy’s name that comes from the cypress tree. 

  1. Durien Arthur

This boy’s name is derived from a South Asian tree of the same name. The name is derived from the English word “dun,” which means “hill.”

  1. Elm Benjamin 

Elm is a name of Old English beginning means “somebody who lives close to the elm tree or woods” and is the name of a tree. Benjamin is a Hebrew name meaning “Child of the South.”

  1. Elwood Ethan

This kid’s name is from Old English words “ellern wudu” means “senior tree wood.” Ethan means “Strong or firm.”

  1. Fiore Matthew

Fiore is an excellent young man named from Tuscany, Italy. The name means “bloom or blossom.” Matthew means “the Endowment of God.”

  1. Florian Theodore

This Latin manly name of Roman beginning is derived from Florianus and means “bloom.” Theodore is a Greek name that means “Divine gift.”

  1. Gentian Thomas

Gentian is a name alluding to a plant of a similar name. Thomas means “twin.”

  1. Hawthorn Lee

This is of an Old English beginning alluding to somebody who lived almost a shrub or fence. The name is additionally the name of a tree. Lee is an English name that means “clearing in the forest or glade.”

  1. Headley Richard 

Headley is an English kid’s name that means “heather field.” Richard means “Fearless ruler.”

  1. Hemlock Henry

Hemlock is a name taken from a coniferous tree with a similar name. Henry means “Home ruler.”

  1. Hickory Paul 

This name of Native American beginning alludes to a tree of a similar name. Paul means “Little.”

  1. Bumped Jacob

Bumped or Jared is an English name that means “rose.” Jacob is a Latin name that means “Supplanter.”

  1. Juniper

Juniper is derived from “Juniperus,” which means “evergreen” or “youth delivering.” It is likewise the name of a coniferous tree of the cypress family. Jack is an English name that means “God is thoughtful.”

  1. Keifer Edward

This kid’s name is of Gaelic origin and means “appreciated” or “pine tree.” Edward means “Rich.”

  1. Larch Charles

Larch is a German beginning name that means “somebody who lived by the larch tree.” Charles means “Freeman.”

  1. Linden David 

This name is of German origin and means “linden tree slope” or alludes to the linden tree. The other variety of the name is Lyndon, and David means “Cherished.”

  1. Linford Daniel

The English name means “from the linden tree passage” and alludes to the “linden tree backwoods.” Daniel means “God is my appointed authority.”

  1. Narciso James

This Italian beginning young man’s name alludes to the narcissus bloom or the daffodil blossom. The name likewise tracks down the reference in the French word “Narcisse” James means “Supplanter.”

  1. Oakley John 

Oakley is the more wide variety of the moniker Oak. The name from the early English beginning means ‘from the Oak tree’ John means “God is thoughtful.”

  1. O’Dell Noah

The Anglo-Saxon name started from “woad,” and “hyll” means “plant which produces blue color” and “slope.” The name means “rich.” Noah means “Rest.”

  1. Oleander Joseph

This lovely young man’s name with Greek beginning means “evergreen tree.” Joseph is a Greek name that means “He will add.”

  1. Oliver Andrew

This name of English beginning means the “olive tree” and represents magnificence and pride. Andrew means “Solid and masculine.”

  1. Oren Alexander

Oren is a Hebrew beginning name that means “the pine tree” or “debris.” Alexander means “Safeguard of man.”

  1. Palmer Christopher

Palmer is an English young man’s name with a Latin beginning word alluding to the palm tree. The name means “traveler” or “bearing a palm tree limb” Christopher means “Carrier of Christ.”

  1. Reed Richard 

Before being used as an English last name, this kid’s name was from an Old English reader, and it means “red.” It alludes to an individual red hair or a red composition, and Richard means “Fearless ruler.”

  1. Roosevelt Max 

Roosevelt is a Dutch beginning name meaning ” a field of roses” Max means “The best.”

  1. Rowan Reeve

Rowan of Celtic beginning means “minimal red-haired one” alludes to the rowan tree. Reeve – English, and Reeve is a middle-aged name for a bailiff.

  1. Rye Quinn 

An English young man’s name alludes to the grain crop grain. The name means “island knoll.” Quinn is an Irish name that means “To give counsel” or “Insightful one.”

  1. Tidy Nash

Tidy of English beginning alludes to the conifer with a similar name. The descriptive word tidy means “smart or slick.” Nash means “ash tree.”


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