Top 150+ Gothic Boy Names

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Do you have trouble coming up with a name for your baby boy? How about some gothic boy names to get you started?

Looking for a one-of-a-kind baby name with a sinister undertone? Gothic baby names could be the solution. 

The Gothic tradition, myth, horror, nature, and romance have inspired a number of dark, exquisite, and mysterious baby names. 

Based on the themes below, we compiled a list of “Gothic Boy Names.”

  1. Popular Gothic Boy Names
  2. Dark and Creepy Gothic Boy Names
  3. Badass Gothic Boy Names
  4. Gothic Boy Names Inspired by Movies
  5. Vampire-Inspired Gothic Boy Names
  6. Unisex Gothic names

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Popular Gothic Boy Names

Finding cute and cool names is common, but having some wicked boy names to choose from is entertaining. The following is a list of cool and edgy Gothic Boy names.

Astrophel – Star lover

Astrophel and Stella are the names of a collection of sonnets composed by Philip Sidney in the 1590s.

Brendan – Prince

Brendan is a solid Irish baby name that is classic with variations such as Braden and Brandon.


Brander is a surname with a long history that means Sword.

Bran – Raven

One of the Celtic gods of death from the mythological Greek river of death.


A beautiful baby name with a straightforward pronunciation that means battle.

Cadogan – Glory

Several Welsh leaders inspired this energetic name.

Cain – Son of Adam

Cain was the first murderer in the Bible, having killed his brother Abel in a jealous rage.

Corbin – Little Crow

Gothic Boy Names : Corbin Bleu Reivers - Credits: Instagram
Corbin Bleu Reivers – Credits: Instagram

Corbin Bleu Reivers, better known by his stage name Corbin Bleu, is an actor and singer from the United States.  

Caedmon – Poet

Saint Caedmon is a poet who lived around 680 AD.

Damian – To tame

Damian Lewis is a British actor best known for his roles in Homeland and Billions put this name in the limelight.

Dorian – Child of Sea

Dorian was a character in Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray who had his wish granted that his image age while he stayed young and attractive.

Dante – Medieval poet

Dante may conjure up images of an Italian youngster playing bocce in the park or Dante Alighieri, the famed Italian poet who penned “The Divine Comedy” in 1472.

Edgar –Wealthy

Edgar has been a fixture on the baby-name charts since the 19th century and was the name of kings and a notable poet (Edgar Allan Poe).

Eoghan – Born of yew

It is the name given to all Biblical figures known as John in English.

Elwin – Elf 

Elwin is a name that suggests you are a compassionate and generous person.

Eldritch – Ghostly

Aldrich has a variant called Eldritch (Old English).

Frey – The Norse god of prosperity

Frey is the fertility god of Norse mythology, the most attractive of all the gods.

Gawain – Knight

In Arthurian legend, Gawain is the name of one of the Round Table knights.

Grimbald – Monk

Grim denotes a person who is fearless and daring. 

Gabriel – From the Christian archangel

This spiritual name is from several religions.

Hunter – One who hunts

For males, this is a fantastic gothic baby name.

Ingram – Raven of peace

The surname Ingram comes from the Norman name Engelram.

Israfel – The angel of music

It is said that Israfel will blow the trumpet on Judgment Day. 

Jael – The mountain goat

Yael, or Jael, was a biblical heroine who, according to the Book of Judges, killed the Canaanite general Sisera to save Israel from King Jabin’s forces.

Jairus – God Enlightens

Jairus is a Hebrew name in English.

Jarlath – The dark lord

This unknown Gaelic gem is the name of a Galway saint whose monastery became a center of scholarship.

Jasper – A reddish precious stone

One of the precious stones used to embellish the throne of God is jasper.

Lazarus – God will help

Lazarus was the brother of Mary and Martha in the Bible, and he was raised from the dead after four days.

Dark and Creepy Gothic Baby Boy Names

Here are some dark one and creepy Gothic names. 

Auberon – Noble

Auberon is also a spelling variation of Aubrey.

Astaroth – Demon

Astaroth is a distinctive and edgy Gothic moniker for your young champion.

Alfonzo – Ready for battle

Alfonzo is a fantastic Gothic name with a lovely connotation. 

Amalric – Ruler

Amalric is a term used to describe someone who was born to reign with absolute power.

Ascelin – From the Moon

With a name like Ascelin, you might expect your boy to flourish and achieve great things in the world.

Balor – Deadly

Balor is a wonderful option if you’re seeking a catchy Gothic name that starts with the letter B.

Bram – Father of many children

Bram is a lovely Gothic name.

Cadell – Battle

Cadell is a popular Gothic name since it encapsulates the sense of a battle spirit.

Cassius – Vain

A Shakespearean name with a long history.

Corbin – Little Crow

Corbin is a lovely Gothic name from a French surname that means “black-haired.” 

Draco – Dragon

Draco is a sassy and edgy Gothic name meaning “dragon.” Want your boy to be fearless? Choose this name.

Drusus – Strong

Drusus is a solid and durable name from the Gothic language.

Dorian – Gift

Dorian has become a popular Gothic name in recent years. This name has a romantic ring to it from its ancient Greek history.

Davorin – God of War

Davorin is a one-of-a-kind name in Slavic mythology with a strong meaning.

Dark – Power

Dark is one of the charming and dark boy names.

Edgar – Fortunate

Edgar is a well-known name that connotes wealth and success. Edgar Allen Poe, a Gothic author, is also known by this name.

Etienne – Crown

Etienne is an option to consider if you’re looking for a trendy name.

Griffin – Prince

Griffin denotes a Lord who is in complete control of his surroundings.

Golgotha – Skull

The name Golgotha has a peculiar sound.

Kalon – Sky

Kalon is a good choice for a unique Gothic name. It’s a one-of-a-kind name that alludes to the sky.

Lycidas – Wolf Son

If you’re a parent looking for a name that stands out, consider Lycidas. Lycidas is a rare Goth name that comes from the Greek language.

Oberon – Royal Bear

Shakespeare’s play The Midnight Summer Night’s Dream features Oberon, the monarch of the fairies.

Obsidian – Volcanic Glass

Obsidian is one of the names you could offer your baby son.

Perseus – To Destroy

Perseus is the name of a legendary Greek God, or as many say, hero.

Quillon – Sword

Quillon is a trendy and distinctive Gothic name. It appears to be a terrific way to inspire your boy to be courageous.

Rook – Crow

Rook is a Gothic name for men. A rook is a person who resembles a raven.

Sullen – Sulky

Sullen is a unique name that begins with the letter S. A person who is sullen or has a bad temper.

Igor – Warrior

This is the kind of appellation given to people who have lionhearts.

Badass Gothic Boy Names

These gothic-inspired baby names for boys will allow you to express your edgy side. While the dark, melancholy baby names are perfectly acceptable for the classroom, they have just enough spook factor for your child to stand out.

Audie – Rich Guard

Audie Murphy is a well-known actor who has appeared in over 40 films.

Axel – Father is peace

Axel Rose is the lead singer of the hard rock band Guns n Roses.

Gothic Boy Names : Axel Rose - Credits: Biography
Axel Rose – Credits: Biography

Bjørn – Bear

Bjørn Ironsides was a badass Norse Viking Chief and Swedish King. 

Boris – Glory

Boris Johnson, English Prime Minister, is a famous name bearer.

Bowie – Fair-Haired

Because of English music legend David Bowie, the name Bowie has gained popularity as a first name.

Brick- Mason

Brick was the youngest son in the Heck family in the American comedy series ‘The Middle’. 

Bruce – The Willowlands

From a fictional aspect, Bruce is Batman’s true identity’s first name.

Camazotz – Death Bat

This badass name Camazotz is said to have been the inspiration for Batman.

Carl – Freeman

This term was popularized by Carl Akeley, a well-known conservationist.

Christopher – Bearer of Christ

A badass gothic name associated with Christopher lee, a famous horror film actor.

Colt – Young Horse

Colt, inspired by the goth subculture, is a befitting choice for your badass goth.

Cooper – Barrel Maker

Cooper is a badass name with a surname as a first name, especially for a child of a brewer or someone in a job that creates or uses barrels.

Dex – Right-Handed

Dex has a short, choppy, badass vibe to him that has made him beloved all over the world.

Donovan – Dark Brown

Donovan could be the perfect name for someone with Irish ancestry looking for an edgy, badass boy’s name.

Enzo – Winner

Enzo Ferrari began his career as a test driver, progressed to racing, formed his own racing team, and eventually built one of the world’s most prestigious supercar manufacturers.

Ferris – Rock

Ferris’ explanation alone makes it sound intimidating, but the name itself shouts alpha.

Flynn – Ruddy-complected

Since the early 2000s, Flynn has grown in popularity in the United States, and he may be an ideal badass pick for someone with Irish ancestry.

Holden – From the hollow in the valley

Whether you consider Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye to be a badass or a whiner, the name suggests rebel.

Hugh – Spirit

A short-spirited name for your brightest star.

Ignatius – Fiery

Ignatius made the badass list solely because it sounds like a hardcore badass name to us.

Ivar – Warrior

We’re not the only ones who think Ivar has an edgy tough vibe to him.

Kurt – Courteous

Kurt Cobain, the vocalist of Nirvana and a singer-songwriter, may be one of rock’s most intriguing badasses.

Jack – God is Gracious

Gothic Boy Names : Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean -  Credits: Forbes
Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean –  Credits: Forbes

Captain Jack Sparrow is a fictitious character that appears in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series as the main protagonist. This is one of the names from gothic fiction.

Jett – Dark

Jett conjures up an image of someone who is so absolutely badass that they become the word’s definition.

Tristan – Sorrow

It is the Old French form of Drustan, a diminutive of Drust, a Pictish name.

Gothic Boy Names Inspired by Movies

Whether you’re dead set on a goth name for your child or simply curious, these Goth name suggestions and their meanings will conjure images of the enigmatic and beautiful dark side.

Clive – Cliff

A simple yet popular name associated with Clive Strutt, an English composer.

Damien – Subdue 

Damien Escobar, an American violinist is the bearer of this popular name.

Gothic Boy Names : Damien Escobar - Credits: Instagram
Damien Escobar – Credits: Instagram

Dexter – Right-Handed

Michael Carlyle Hall is an American actor who is most known for his appearances as Dexter Morgan.

Gothic Boy Names : Michael Carlyle Hall  as Dexter Morgan - Credits: Instagram
Michael Carlyle Hall  as Dexter Morgan – Credits: Instagram

Draven – Of The Raven

Jamie Draven, an English actor, has taken this name to the lights.

Hawke – Bird

An amazing choice to name your little goth with the popular actor Ethan Green Hawke.

Gothic Boy Names : Ethan Green Hawke - Credits: Pinterest
Ethan Green Hawke – Credits: Pinterest

Xander – Protector

Xander Harris is a fictional character who appeared on the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003) and Criminal Minds (2007–2014).

Lee – Pasture 

Lee Pace is an actor from the United States. He is best recognised for his roles in The Hobbit trilogy as Thranduil the Elvenking and in the AMC historical drama television series Halt and Catch Fire as Joe MacMillan.

Gothic Boy Names : Lee Pace as Joe Macmillan from Halt and Catch Fire - Credits: Pinterest
Lee Pace as Joe Macmillan from Halt and Catch Fire – Credits: Pinterest

Eric – Ruler

Fans of the 1998 superhero horror film Blade may be intrigued by the name Eric, which is the name of a half-vampire “daywalker” played by Wesley Snipes.

Darcy – Dark

It’s the surname of the dashing Pride & Prejudice figure, Colin Firth, who famously played him.

Lloyd – Sacred 

That boombox scene will live on in the minds of many people, and this newborn boy name will be just as unforgettable!

Harry – Home Ruler 

Fans of the Harry Potter series will naturally gravitate toward this masterpiece.

Gothic Boy Names : Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter - Credits: IMDb
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter – Credits: IMDb

T’challa – Fictional Name

T’Challa, the real name of Marvel superhero Black Panther, could be an intriguing option for you.

Emmet – Universal

Emmett may be a timeless choice for mom and dad, whether they are Back to the Future or Twilight enthusiasts.

Marty – Dedicated to Mars

Marty is, of course, the shorter version of Martin, as played by Michael J. Fox in the epic Back to the Future trilogy.

Quill – Feather

Fans of science fiction should carefully consider adding Quill’s name to their short list. A homage to Guardians of the Galaxy’s Peter Quill.

Kip – Pointed Hill

It will be familiar to fans of Napoleon Dynamite as the name of Napoleon’s self-described cool cousin.

Owen – Youthful

The new Jurassic World films introduced us to dangerous new dinosaurs as well as Owen, the fearless and hilarious raptor trainer with a name that’s excellent for a baby boy.

Ferris – Rock

Ferris, after the famous Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, is a good name for parents who want their boy to grow up to enjoy life to the fullest.

Neville – New Village

For those of us who grew up with the Harry Potter films, naming a child after one of our favorite characters is only natural.

Neo – Gift

Sci-fi fans will remember Neo as the lead character in The Matrix, the person who saw the world as it was and set humanity free.

Gothic Boy Names : Neo from Matrix - Credits: British GQ
Neo from Matrix – Credits: British GQ

Sebastian – Venerable

Sebastian might be the perfect baby name for a soon-to-arrive baby boy if the La La Land soundtrack remains in the top ten on the household playlist.

Jack – God is Gracious 

Remember Jack Dawson from the Titanic’s ill-fated voyage for a movie-inspired baby name that’s simple to pronounce and spell.

Zuri – Beautiful

In the film Black Panther, Zuri was King T’Challa’s wise and trusted advisor.

Pippin – Traveler

Pippin was a member of the Fellowship of the Ring in the Lord of the Rings film, and his name is guaranteed to stick out.

Flynn – Ruddy-Complected

Eugene’s Cinderella nickname, Flynn, is a delightful name with a tinge of regal swagger.

Vampire-Inspired Gothic Boy Names

Modern vampire names don’t have to be dark and unusual all of the time. Their names are examples of gothic-inspired paired with iconic literary and cinematic undead characters.

Though this is designed with storytellers, and vampires in mind. We’re confident that anyone looking for gothic, dark, or scary names will find this list beneficial.

Abel – Vanity

With its Hebrew roots, you’ll have no trouble raising your child in a faith-filled environment.

Afanas – Immortal

Afana is a name connected with growth, strength, and vision.

Azazel – Scapegoat

Azazel is the biblical name for the sacrificial goat, which was used to atone for the people’s sins.

Diabolos – Slanderer

Diabolos is Satan’s title, according to the Bible. Satan is the devil’s prince and the personification of evil. An ideal choice for the supernatural elements, and dark elements, lovers.

Abigor – Demon

One of the few attractive demons is Abigor. He appears to be a dashing knight with strong war-related abilities.

Seth – Destroy

Seth was the deity of chaos, the desert, and storms in Egyptian mythology. He’s also the nefarious god that assassinated Osiris.

Chernobog – Black God

Chernobog is the god of darkness and evil in Slavic mythology, and the evil counterpart of the good and kind Belbog.

Demogorgon – Deity

Demogorgon is also portrayed as an all-powerful primeval creature whose name is forbidden.

Addanc – Lake Monster

Addanc was the lake monster slain by King Arthur, according to Welsh tradition. It has been characterized as a dwarf, a demon, a crocodile, or a beaver, among other things.

Baal-Berith – Lord of the Covenant

Baal-Berith was a Canaanite Covenant Lord who subsequently became a Satan.

Morfran – Sea crow

In Welsh mythology, Morfran is the giant crow. His mother is claimed to have compensated for his ugliness by instilling considerable intellect in him.

Ahriman – Evil

Ahriman is a Middle Persian derivative of Angra Mainyu, which means “demon or bad spirit” in Old Persian.

Abaddon – Destroy 

The name of the place of destruction is Abaddon.

Orusula – Female Bear

Orusula was a Costa Rican demon who took the shape of a massive pig.

Unisex Gothic names

Choosing a gender-neutral name is a unique choice that is growing more popular in recent years. However, you could want to go a step farther and choose a gender-neutral name that is more unique. When it comes to naming conventions, these names don’t fit into any of them. For your boy, here is a list of unisex gothic names.

Avery – Ruler of elves

This unisex name has a whimsical quality, with aspects of nature and mysticism for your goth.

Ashley – Ash Tree

A sweet name for your baby with affiliation to Ashley Wilkes.

Alex – Helper

This Greek-origin name is a perfect choice for your baby girl or boy.

Aspen – Quaking Tree

From a quaking tree to a city in Colorado, this name has ruled the hearts of gothic parents.

Ainsley – Wood

Ainsley is a male and female given name, as well as a surname and location name. It comes from the words “hermitage” and “clearance.”

Andie – Manly

A courageous choice for the goth family to name their kid.

Blake – Pale

Blake Edwards and Blake Lively are the famous bearers of this unisex name.

Billy – Resolute Protector

Nickname for William, used for both genders, Billy seems to be a befitting choice for goth kids.

Bailey – Fortification

A sassy surname, Bailey, was given to a female television character.

Bobby – Famed

Bobby is a  unisex name among goths and is the classic mid-century nickname.

Blair – Plain

Blair is a gender-neutral Scottish name that means Battlefield or Plain.

Chase – Huntsman

Chase began as a nickname for a hunter in the Middle Ages and is now famous as a gender-neutral name.

Charlie – Freeman

Charles is a traditional diminutive form of the unisex name.

Cameron – Crooked nose

This name has been a hit in Hollywood concerning Cameron Diaz.

Casey – Vigilant

Casey was one of the first unisex Irish surnames to appear in the 1960s, and its popularity peaked in the 1980s for both boys and girls.

Dakota – Friend

Dakota is one of the few genuinely unisex baby names, with about equal percentages of girls and boys given the name.

Drew – Wise

Andrew’s short form, this name is now getting the likes of both genders.

Devon – Deep valley dwellers

A historic name with the valley vibes in it.

Dylan – Son of the sea

Dylan Thomas, a Welsh poet, is largely responsible for the name’s popularity.

Eden – Place of pleasure

Eden is mostly a girl’s name, but it is gaining popularity among boys as well.

Elliot – The Lord is my God

Elliot is a gender-neutral name with a varied etiology.

Ezra – Help

Ezra is a lyrical and epic unisex name.

Easton – East-facing place

Easton is a unique baby name that you should consider if you’re seeking for something different.

Frankie – Truthful

As a catchy spin on the classics, the name is particularly popular in the United States.

Francis – Frenchman

This is an anglicized variant of a name that has several roots.

Hayden – Hedged valley

Despite being a unisex name, Hayden is more popular among boys than girls.

Hemlock – Poisonous

This name will surely outnumber its competitor due to its uniqueness and ease of pronunciation.

Raven – Wise

A contemporary name that, like Ebony, can represent African-American pride.

Parris – Ecclesiastical locality

This unisex name, like the French capital, has its unique charm.

Merle – Blackbird

Merle Oberon has popularized this unisex name in the female gender due to her fame.

Onyx – Black Gemstone

A gem of a name for your gem of a baby.


These gothic baby boy names should have given you some ideas for naming your little raven, but if you need more, or want to share your favorites with other mamas-to-be, come over to us!

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