120+ Great Middle Names for Elizabeth

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We spent hours researching the history and meaning behind the name to come up with the 100+ best middle names. The first 11 names are unique for those who want something different. 

The name Elizabeth is a classic biblical name that means my God is bountiful or my God my oath.

Elizabeth is a typical girl’s name that finds its origin in Hebrew, in the Old Testament of the Bible. It is first used as the name of Aaron’s wife, Israel’s priest, and in the new testament as the mother of John the Baptist who was Jesus’ forerunner. 

Elizabeth is the 36th most popular name in 2021, according to Baby Center. It is mostly used for girls 

You can make your baby even more special by having a great middle name for Elizabeth.

Let’s check out the CraftyMotherFather’s Selection of 100 Great middle names for Elizabeth. 

120+ Best Middle Names for Elizabeth

11 Unique (Four-Syllable) Middle Names for Elizabeth 

I think 4-syllable middle names are great. They usually have more meaning than words with fewer syllables and also sound more musical to the ear. Finally, they usually have shorter names which allow greater flexibility in the future.

  1. Elizabeth Amelia (Sounds good together)
  2. Elizabeth Ariana
  3. Elizabeth Arianna 
  4. Elizabeth Caroline
  5. Elizabeth Elliana (Double E initials)
  6. Elizabeth Eleanor (Sound good together)
  7. Elizabeth Gabriella (Both are four-syllable names)
  8. Elizabeth Isabella 
  9. Elizabeth Serenity (Meaning calmness)
  10. Elizabeth Valentina 
  11. Elizabeth Victoria 

40 One-Syllable Middle Names for Elizabeth

  1. Elizabeth Anne 
  2. Elizabeth Bea – “she who brings happiness”
  3. Elizabeth Bekke – “a girl that endures”
  4. Elizabeth Blue 
  5. Elizabeth Bree – “strength or exalted one”
  6. Elizabeth Dawn 
  7. Elizabeth Dove 
  8. Elizabeth Eve 
  9. Elizabeth Faye 
  10. Elizabeth Fern – a symbol of eternal youth
  11. Elizabeth Fleur – “flower”
  12. Elizabeth Gail –  Hebrew word meaning “joy”
  13. Elizabeth Hope 
  14. Elizabeth Jade 
  15. Elizabeth Jay
  16. Elizabeth Joy 
  17. Elizabeth June 
  18. Elizabeth Kai – Hawaiian meaning “sea”
  19. Elizabeth Kate 
  20. Elizabeth Lane 
  21. Elizabeth Lynn
  22. Elizabeth Lark 
  23. Elizabeth Liv 
  24.  Elizabeth May 
  25. Elizabeth Maude – German meaning powerful battler 
  26. Elizabeth Neve – Latin meaning snow
  27. Elizabeth Paige 
  28.  Elizabeth Pearl 
  29. Elizabeth  Quinn
  30. Elizabeth Rain 
  31. Elizabeth Renee 
  32. Elizabeth Rose
  33. Elizabeth Rue
  34. Elizabeth Ruth 
  35. Elizabeth Skye 
  36. Elizabeth Snow 
  37. Elizabeth Starr 
  38. Elizabeth Vale 
  39.  Elizabeth Wren 
  40. Elizabeth Wynne

64 Two-Syllable Middle Names for Elizabeth

  1. Elizabeth Adele 
  2. Elizabeth Ava
  3. Elizabeth Aria 
  4. Elizabeth Autumn 
  5. Elizabeth Aubrey
  6. Elizabeth Anna 
  7. Elizabeth Brooke 
  8. Elizabeth Bella
  9. Elizabeth Barbara 
  10. Elizabeth Chloe 
  11. Elizabeth Claire 
  12. Elizabeth Clara
  13. Elizabeth Clove 
  14. Elizabeth Colette 
  15. Elizabeth Cora
  16. Elizabeth Daisy 
  17. Elizabeth Ella 
  18. Elizabeth Ellie
  19. Elizabeth Grace 
  20. Elizabeth Heidi 
  21. Elizabeth Isla 
  22. Elizabeth Ivy 
  23. Elizabeth Julia
  24. Elizabeth Kayla
  25. Elizabeth Kaylie 
  26. Elizabeth Kylie 
  27. Elizabeth Hailey
  28. Elizabeth Hadley
  29. Elizabeth Khloe
  30. Elizabeth Hannah 
  31. Elizabeth Harper 
  32. Elizabeth Layla 
  33. Elizabeth Lily 
  34. Elizabeth Lilian 
  35. Elizabeth Lauren 
  36. Elizabeth Lorna – Scottish meaning fox
  37. Elizabeth Laila
  38. Elizabeth Leila
  39. Elizabeth Lila
  40. Elizabeth Londyn 
  41. Elizabeth Lola
  42. Elizabeth Lena 
  43. Elizabeth Laura
  44. Elizabeth Lexi 
  45. Elizabeth Laurel
  46. Elizabeth Leslie 
  47. Elizabeth Maeve
  48. Elizabeth Marlee 
  49. Elizabeth Mara
  50. Elizabeth Marie
  51. Elizabeth Noelle 
  52. Elizabeth Nola
  53. Elizabeth Oaklyn
  54. Elizabeth Penny
  55. Elizabeth Peyton
  56. Elizabeth Raquel 
  57. Elizabeth Romy
  58. Elizabeth Ruby 
  59. Elizabeth Sarah 
  60. Elizabeth Simone
  61. Elizabeth Sloane  
  62. Elizabeth Sylvie
  63. Elizabeth Yasmine
  64. Elizabeth Zoe 

19 Three-Syllable Middle Name for Elizabeth

Names with three syllables usually carry a little more music to the ears. Good choices as well. 

  1. Elizabeth Annabella 
  2. Elizabeth Allesandra 
  3. Elizabeth Angeline 
  4. Elizabeth Alexandra 
  5. Elizabeth Antonella 
  6. Elizabeth Aurelia 
  7. Elizabeth Constance 
  8. Elizabeth Frances 
  9. Elizabeth Rosalie 
  10. Elizabeth Caroline 
  11. Elizabeth Giuliana 
  12. Elizabeth Liliana 
  13. Elizabeth Magdalena
  14. Elizabeth Marianna
  15. Elizabeth Octavia 
  16. Elizabeth Tatianna 
  17. Elizabeth Veronica 
  18. Elizabeth Viviana 
  19. Elizabeth Virginia 


Nicknames and Alternative spelling for Elizabeth 

11 Short Forms for Elizabeth 

  1. Beth
  2. Betsy
  3. Eliza
  4. Ella
  5. Elle
  6. Elsa
  7. Elsie
  8. Etta
  9. Lisa 
  10. Liz 
  11. Thea


14 Foreign Spelling of Elizabeth

  1. Alžběta (Czech Republic)
  2. Alžbeta (Slovak)
  3. Ealisaid (Manx)
  4. Elesabeth (English)
  5. Elesbed (Breton)
  6. Elizabete (Portuguese)
  7. Eliisabet (Estonian)
  8. Elisa (Turkish)
  9. Elisabet (Finnish)
  10. Elísabet (Icelandic)
  11. Elisabeta (Romanian)
  12. Elisabete (Portuguese)
  13. Élisabeth (French)
  14. Elisabetta (Italian)


20 Variations of the Name Elizabeth

  1. Eliza 
  2. Elissa
  3. Elsie
  4. Elise
  5. Elisa
  6. Elisabet
  7. Elspie
  8. Isabelle 
  9. Lisabette
  10. Lisabetta
  11. Lisbet
  12. Lisbeth
  13. Lisa
  14. Lisel
  15. Lesetta
  16. Lisette
  17. Lizzie
  18. Lizzy
  19. Libbie
  20. Lisa


 11 Ways to Spell the Name Elizabeth

  1. Elizabeth 
  2. Elisabeth 
  3. Elisabet 
  4. Elizabet 
  5. Elizebeth 
  6. Elisebeth 
  7. Elspeth 
  8. Elsbeth 
  9. Elisabetta 
  10. Elizabeta 
  11. Elizaveta 

7 Reasons to Have a Middle Name for Elizabeth

Middle names are optional. However, our research found a number of benefits, ranging from completely sentimental to more practical value. 

  1. Special: Adding a middle name for your baby is an easy way to make them even more special, e.g Elizabeth Ruth Herbert becomes E.R Herbert. 
  2. Traditional: It seems the more modern we get, the more we want to go back to our roots. You can be the first to give your son or daughter a middle name. 
  3. Sound: It could make the first name sound more pleasant between the baby’s first name and your last name. 
  4. Memory: You can use a middle name to remember someone, pay homage, or honor someone special. It can be a site or a place. 
  5. Aspirational: You use a middle name as someone you want your baby to emulate by telling them stories of a particular Elizabeth. 
  6. Noble: The middle name concept probably started with the ruling class in Rome according to Times. It was a way to which family one comes from and, more importantly, why one matters.
  7. Smart: CNBC reported that people tend to associate the person with middle initials with positive perceptions such as intelligence.
  8. Jobs: Adding a middle name to sound more familiar to people can increase odds in the job market according to research.

7 Ideas to Pick Middle Names for Elizabeth 

1. Pay homage: 

Your personal hero like grandparents or someone inspirational, e.g., Warren Buffet or J.K Rowling can be a great source.

2. Remember the heritage: 

Is there a place, a site, a city special to you or baby Elizabeth? Or, is there a culture or heritage that you want the baby to remember?

3. Make it personal: 

The middle name for Elizabeth only has to make sense to you. It’s a secret, a code within your world. You have more liberty with middle names.

4. Make it about value or belief: 

What is the one word you want little Elizabeth to live by? Believe? Innovate? Adopt? Fight? Then search for names with those meaning

5. Check the sounds: 

Say the first/middle/last name together a few times to check the sounds. Say the first/middle to hear the sounds. 

6. Check the initials and acronyms for Elizabeth:

Watch out for initials that might become a source of ridicule, e.g., WTF, ASS. However, few names, if any, are absolutely terrible. It all depends on your context and stories. 

Below are just a few acronyms with the same initial as Elizabeth. 

  • EAT (Could work if you like food)
  • EDA (European Defence Agency)
  • EGO (Maybe not the best for your kid)
  • EKE (Can be an interesting reminder for hustle)
  • ETA (Expected Time of Arrival)
  • EVA (Sounds cool and might be a nickname too)
  • EVE (Great if your girl was delivered in the evening)

7. Check the reputation: 

Google the name and see if it is the name associated with horrible news or the adult industry. For example, you might want to avoid having the same first and middle name as a porn star for your baby. 

Famous Elizabeth and Related Names

  1. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor – Queen of the UK 
  2. Elizabeth Taylor – famous actress starred in Cleopatra and Butterfield
  3. Elizabeth Gilbert – renowned author of ‘Eat, Pray, and Love’ 
  4. Elizabeth Smart – American child safety activist 
  5. Elizabeth Olsen – a talented movie actress 
  6. Elizabeth Stuart – former Queen of Bohemia 
  7. Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Ross – maker of the first American flag 
  8. Elizabeth Gillies – talented movie and TV actress 
  9. Elizabeth Helen Blackburn – Australian-American scholar and former president of the Salk Institute of Biological Studies 

Sibling and Twin Names for Elizabeth

Here are amazing and cute names for baby Elizabeth’s siblings. 

Baby Brother Names for Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth and Eli (Alliteration)
  • Elizabeth and Elias (Alliteration)
  • Elizabeth and Artworth (Consonance)
  • Elizabeth and Aramith (Consonance)
  • Elizabeth and Seth (Consonance)
  • Elizabeth and Berth (Consonance)
  • Elizabeth and Ernest  (Alliteration)
  • Elizabeth and Evan (Alliteration)
  • Elizabeth and Eric (Alliteration)

Baby Sister Names for Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth and Emma (Alliteration)
  • Elizabeth and Edith (Alliteration and consonance)
  • Elizabeth and Aneth (Consonance)
  • Elizabeth and Ella (Alliteration)
  • Elizabeth and Asenath (Consonance)
  • Elizabeth and Ellena (Alliteration)
  • Elizabeth and Eva (Alliteration)
  • Elizabeth and Eleanor (Alliteration)
  • Elizabeth and Emilia (Alliteration)
  • Elizabeth and Annabella (four-syllable)
  • Elizabeth and Alexandra (four-syllable; check our article for this name)

Bringing it All Together

The name Elizabeth is a great choice. You have already nailed the first part for picking a baby name. Now, adding a middle name for Elizabeth can be a great way to make your baby special. 

Middle names can be cool, modern, traditional, inspirational, or memorial. It’s totally up to you. Either way, it makes your world a bit more special. It tells a story. In some cases, it can even help baby Elizabeth get a job.

We have curated a list of 150+ names that work well for baby girl Elizabeth. 

Make sure you have checked the meaning, sound, and reputation of the middle name. Baby Elizabeth will thank you for that. 

That’s it. 

Over to you crafty mothers and fathers! We hope you enjoy our post. 

Tell us which ideas you like the most in the comment section. 

Share it with your partner or friends and ask their thoughts.

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