90+ Middle Names For Brooklyn

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When you’re expecting a new baby, you start thinking about Middle Names For Brooklyn. Because a name is the most important thing you can give your baby at birth. 

A beautiful name is a blessing, honor, and has a deep influence on a baby’s personality. People consume hours to find out the best first names, but they run out when they search for the best Middle name. 

We have researched and compiled 130 + Middle Names For baby Brooklyn for your ease. 

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Brooklyn Roots, Meaning, And Popularity

Brooklyn has its roots in American origin, meaning “Broken Land”, or “Pretty Brook”. 

The name derived its roots from the Dutch Town Breukelen, which means “Marsh Land”. 

Brooklyn has become the top priority of the parents since the half 20th century. In 2005 the name Brooklyn ranked at 75th most popular name in the US. 

In 2018 Brooklyn was the most chosen name in America by parents. Brooklyn is a baby girl’s name. 

Brooklyn is the 74th most popular name in 2021, according to Baby Center

Brooklyn is a gender-neutral name that is not only popular in girls but also in boys in recent times. 

100+ Best Middle Names For Brooklyn 

Below is a list of unique middle names with one, two, three, and four syllables. We have curated a perfect list of middle names for Brooklyn. 

11 One-Syllable Middle Names For Brooklyn 

Below is a list of unique middle names with one syllable.

  1. Brooklyn Ann – “gracious”
  2. Brooklyn Down
  3. Brooklyn Kay
  4. Brooklyn Tess – “Harvester;to reap”
  5. Brooklyn Lyn
  6. Brooklyn Mac
  7. Brooklyn Bryn
  8. Brooklyn Skyler
  9. Brooklyn Lily – “fragrant flower”
  10. Brooklyn Shay
  11. Brooklyn Skye

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32 Two-Syllable Middle Names For Brooklyn 

Below is a list of unique middle names with two syllables.

  1. Brooklyn Chloe
  2. Brooklyn Ella – “goddess” belongs to Hebrew 
  3. Brooklyn Hope
  4. Brooklyn Grace
  5. Brooklyn Crooklyn – character is taken from 1944 drama. 
  6. Brooklyn Jade
  7. Brooklyn Iris
  8. Brooklyn Beckham – Son of David and Victoria Beckham
  9. Brooklyn Jean 
  10. Brooklyn June
  11. Brooklyn Decker – American model. 
  12. Brooklyn Mae
  13. Brooklyn Nova
  14. Brooklyn Reese
  15. Brooklyn Rose – Titanic’s leading actress name
  16. Brooklyn Tara
  17. Brooklyn Pooh – a cute name taken from the cartoon “Winnie the pooh” 
  18. Brooklyn Tessa
  19. Brooklyn Leigh
  20. Brooklyn Jane – “God is gracious”
  21. Brooklyn Lee- “plum” 
  22. Brooklyn Ava
  23. Brooklyn Emery – “sole ruler, monarch”
  24. Brooklyn Barrett – “mighty as a bear”
  25. Brooklyn Avery
  26. Brooklyn Amber – “jewel”
  27. Brooklyn Quincy – “born fifth”, American president John Quincy Adams
  28. Brooklyn Scarlett
  29. BrooklynMallory
  30. Brooklyn Layla
  31. Brooklyn Taylor – famous American singer “Taylor Swift”
  32. Brooklyn Kayla

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33 Three-Syllable Middle Names For Brooklyn 

Below is a list of unique middle names with three syllables.

  1. Brooklyn Jessica 
  2. Brooklyn Jasmine – “fragrant flower”
  3. Brooklyn Madison
  4. Brooklyn Hallie
  5. Brooklyn Felice
  6. Brooklyn Erika – “powerful and eternal ruler”
  7. Brooklyn Deonna 
  8. Brooklyn Camille
  9. Brooklyn Cadence
  10. Brooklyn Celeste
  11. Brooklyn Collette
  12. Brooklyn Andrea – “strong and brave” 
  13. Brooklyn Brianna
  14. Brooklyn Tobias
  15. Brooklyn Alexis
  16. Brooklyn Sophie – the well-known name means “Wisdom”
  17. Brooklyn Estelle 
  18. Brooklyn Yvaine 
  19. Brooklyn Renea
  20. Brooklyn Michelle – former American president Obama’s wife’s name. 
  21. Brooklyn Matilde 
  22. Brooklyn Malia
  23. Brooklyn Maeve – famous character of “sex education”, an outstanding t.v series 
  24. Brooklyn Hailay
  25. Brooklyn Vianne 
  26. Brooklyn Jolie – “pretty”, famous after Angelina Jolie 
  27. Brooklyn Marie
  28. Brooklyn Noelle
  29. Brooklyn Marie – “Lady of the sea” 
  30. Brooklyn Paige
  31. Brooklyn Claire – “clear” 
  32. Brooklyn Tobias
  33. Brooklyn Annabeth – Combination of two words, Anna + Elizabeth which means “full of grace”

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14 Four – Syllable Middle Names For Brooklyn 

Below is a list of unique middle names with three syllables.

  1. Brooklyn Alexandra – One who comes to “save warriors”
  2. Brooklyn Annabelle – Hebrew origin, meaning “Favored Grace”
  3. Brooklyn Josephina
  4. Brooklyn Isabelle 
  5. Brooklyn Elisabeth – Hebrew Elisheba`, “God is my oath”
  6. Brooklyn Annalise
  7. Brooklyn Augusta
  8.  Brooklyn Catherine – French origin, “Pure, Clear
  9. Brooklyn Laurene – “sweet Bay tree” which is a symbol of victory. 
  10. Brooklyn Eloise
  11. Brooklyn Abigail
  12. Brooklyn Olivia
  13. Brooklyn Beanie – a cute name taken from Beanie hat.
  14. Brooklyn Poesie

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22 Nicknames For Brooklyn 

  1. Brookie Bear – another sweet nickname for Brooklyn 
  2. Roo
  3. Lynn
  4. Bee
  5. Brookster – best nickname for Brooklyn backed by German street. 
  6. B-Kay
  7. Lin
  8. Rooky
  9. Broccoli – an ironic name that belongs to the vegetable family. 
  10. Brooks
  11. BB
  12. Rookie
  13. Bookie 
  14. Bryn
  15. Brook
  16. Brooklyn Net – inspired by the NBA basketball team name. 
  17. Booboo
  18. Brookie
  19. Brookline
  20. Brookes
  21. B-Lyn
  22. Bree 

Famous People Named Brooklyn 

We collected some famous people named Brooklyn. 

  • Brooklyn Barber – Daughter of famous football star Tiki Barber and wife Traci Lynn. 
  • Brooklyn Sudano – An American singer and actress. 
  • Brooklyn Lachey – Daughter of Vennesa Joy Minnillo and famous musician Nicholas Scott Lachey. 
  • Brooklyn Maclin – American actor. 
  • Brooklyn Beckham – American model celebrity. 

Famous Fictional Character Named Brooklyn

Brooklyn has become famous since it’s used in fiction, films, books, and novels. 

  • Brooklyn Masefield – A character of the Anime series “Bayb lade”. 
  • Brooklyn Bloomfield – An American soldier, red one.
  • Brooklyn – A character in the Walt Disney animated t.v series, plus the character of Colm Toibon’ s novel. 

Styles To Pronounce Brooklyn 

There are two ways to spell Brooklyn. 

  • Brooklynn
  • Brooklynne

Names Similar To Brooklyn 

  • Alexa 
  • Ava
  • Presely
  • Gemma 
  • Harper
  • Charlotte 
  • Madison 


How Can You Choose Middle Names For Brooklyn 

  • It is cool to choose a middle name for Brooklyn because it can turn out to be a baby’s nickname. 
  • It is easy to make cool words from the initial letters like Brooklyn Claire Mallory can become B.C. Mallory. 
  • People with middle names can get high status plus intelligence in the future according to the European Journal Of Social Psychology
  • Pronounce the word loudly with the first name of Brooklyn e.g, Brooklyn Anna, if it sounds odd, just remove it and add another one.
  • Now add the first name to the last and vice versa to make the best combination with Brooklyn. 
  • Check the initials of the rest names and combine them with Brooklyn. Spell and Pronounce it correctly to avoid fun. 

Sibling and Twin Names For Brooklyn 

Baby girl names for Brooklyn 

  • Londyn
  • Kaitlyn 
  • Kherington 
  • Kentley 
  • Maddilyn
  • Afton
  • Brita
  • Blakely 
  • Scarlett 
  • Audrey 
  • Rosalyn


10 Ways To Choose Perfect Middle Name For Your Baby 

  1. Try To Be Different
  2. Personal Feelings 
  3. Melodious Sound – The name you choose should give a Melodious touch when you spell it
  4. Choose Top Middle Names 
  5. Combine Two Instead Of One – For instance, Brooklyn Ann sounds soft and unique rather than Brooklyn alone. 
  6. Consider Nicknames – Middle names can become the nickname of your baby when you choose them wisely. 
  7. Give The Same Name To Sibling 
  8. Pay Honour To Relatives 
  9. Spell Something Out – Choose a name when all the first initials are put together, make a sound sense (i.e. A.B.C, or F.U.N. And avoid something like this, A.S.S.or P.M.S.)
  10. Cultural Touch – Look in your surroundings and find out the best Middle Names that are popular in your culture. 

Wrapping Up 

If you’re expecting, Brooklyn can be the best choice for your baby girl. You may choose it for your baby boy as well. 

Try to explore this list to seek out the best Middle name that sounds fit for you little angel. 

If we missed some names, let us know other middle names or nicknames for Brooklyn in the comment section. Happy reading! 

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