171 Unique Plant Names for Girls with Meaning and Examples

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Choosing a name for your baby girl is no easy task. You want something that is unique, beautiful, and has a special meaning. Why not choose a name inspired by plants? There are many names to choose from, each with its own unique meaning and story.

This article finds you the selected plant names that range from common to uncommon in different categories. Our team of researchers has reviewed 10,000+ baby names in the process. 

We have collected and organized the best plant names for girls to help you find the perfect name for your baby.

Key benefits of using plant names for baby girls 

There are many benefits to using plant names for baby girls. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Plant names are unique and uncommon, so your daughter will be one of a kind.
  • Plant names often have beautiful meanings, such as “gift from the gods” or “lovely flower”.
  • Plant names are often soft and pretty, which will suit your daughter perfectly.
  • Plant names sound lovely and natural, perfect for a little girl.
  • Plant names are often short and simple, so you won’t need to worry about spelling them out when talking about your daughter.

Caveats for using plant names for baby girls

When choosing a name for your baby girl, it’s important to consider all of the options available to you. While plant names are beautiful and unique, there are a few key caveats to keep in mind.

1. Make sure the meaning of the name is appropriate for your child. While some people actually like names that have seemingly negative meanings, such as “thorny” or “poison ivy.” Be sure to do your research before making a final decision.

2. Consider the pronunciation of the name. Not all plant names are easy to say or spell, so be sure that you and your family will be able to comfortably pronounce the name before finalizing it.

3. Be careful not to try too hard to be uncommon. It’s possible that you might regret a name that may be “too unique” such as “Pepper” (real name). Just make sure you have a good reason and story to back up your decision. 

4. Be careful not to be too common. Some names are just too old that they look like they are from the old children’s stories book. It could mean classy for some. Ultimately, what matters is how you feel about the name.  

Collection of names that are commonly found among girls

Plant Names for Girls : Daisy Clementine Smith is an up-and-coming model that uses one of the flower names that are more common as a girl name in Asia. Credit: https://www.nylon.com/
Daisy Clementine Smith is an up-and-coming model that uses one of the flower names that are more common as a girl name in Asia. Credit: https://www.nylon.com/
  1. Ashley: Ashley means “ash tree clearing.”
  2. Calla: A member of the flower names, here’s the name of a type of beautiful lily native to South Africa. 
  3. Daisy: This classic name is derived from the Old English dægeseage meaning “eye of the day.” One of the lovely flower names that are common in Hong Kong.
  4. Daphne: This Italian baby name derived from the same word meaning “a Laurel tree.”
  5. Laurel: Derived from the Latin laurus, this name refers to the laurel tree also known as sweet bay tree.
  6. Bentley: it derives from the Old English beonet or “bent grass” and leah meaning “woodland or clearing.”
  7. Ela: This Hebrew name denotes ‘an oak tree ford.’
  8. Florence: Derived from the Latin florens, this name means “prosperous” or “flourishing.”
  9. Ginger: This name calls to mind the warm, spicy bite of the ginger root. It can also be a diminutive of Virginia.
  10. Heath: This is from the English surname given to a person who lived on a large tract of uncultivated land called a heath. 
  11. Heather: Of English origin and it denotes a variety of beautiful small shrubs that commonly grow in rocky areas.
  12. Holly: From the Old English holen, this name refers to the holly tree, whose leaves are commonly used in Christmas decorations.
  13. Ivy: From the Old English ifig, Ivy refers to the iconic climbing plant that produces small yellow flowers.
  14. Hazel: This English name comes from the Old English hæsel and can refer to the tree or the light brown color. 
  15. Jasmine: With roots in Persian (yasamen), this name refers to the plant with fragrant flowers often used in perfume making.
  16. Jessamine: A variant of Jasmine, Jessamine also refers to the flowering plant. 
  17. Kale: This refers to the leafy green vegetable which has spiked in popularity. 
  18. Lily: The name Lily comes from the Latin “lilium” and the lily flower, a symbol of purity.
  19. Rose: One of the baby names associated with the flower called rose from the Latin rosa. 
  20. Rosemary: A combination of Rose and Mary, this name can also refer to the herb, which comes from the Latin ros marinus or “dew of the sea.”
  21. Violet: Stemming from the Latin viola, Violet refers to the purple flower. The ancient Greeks considered the violet a symbol of fertility and love, and used it in love potions.
  22. Yvette: Both Yvette and the masculine Yves come from the Germanic Ivo; the Germanic iv means “yew.” 
  23. Sylvan/Sylvia/Silvia: From the Latin silva or “wood, forest,” Sylvan (m) and Sylvia (f) evoke a woodsy feel.
  24. Sakura: This is one of sweet Japanese flower names means “cherry blossom.”
  25. Savannah: This name comes from the English word for a large, grassy plain, which itself comes from the indigenous Taino word zabana.
  26. Vernon: Originally from the Gaulish vern, meaning “alder,” Vernon became a French place name.
  27. Camellia: This is one of English floral names named for botanist and missionary, Georg Josef Kamel.
  28. Moss: This medieval form of the name Moses could just as easily refer to the small, dense green plants that grow in clumps or mats in shady and damp areas.
  29. Ainsley: Ainsley is a name with English and Scottish roots that means ‘only hermitage wood or clearing.’
  30. Clementine: It is related to the name “Clement,” which means “merciful” and “gentle”. The name is for a citrus tree with a hybrid cross of willow leaf mandarin orange and sweet orange.

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28 Unique Plant Names for Girls

These plant names for girls have unique spellings and/or meanings

  1. Jacinda: This Spanish name refers to “the hyacinth plant.”
  2. Dahlia: This name comes from the flower which was named after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl.
  3. Layton: Originally a surname, this name comes from a place name meaning “settlement with a leek garden” in Old English. 
  4. Idra: Idra refers to ‘A fig tree’ in the Hebrew language.
  5. Ilana: Ilana means “tree” in Hebrew.
  6. Maple: This name is derived from the Old English map alder or “maple tree.”
  7. Marigold: This combination of the name Mary and the English word gold refers to the spicy-smelling plant with bright flowers. 
  8. Lavender: This name refers to both the aromatic flowering plant and the pale purple color.
  9. Orrin: This Anglicized form of the Irish Odhrán means “little pale green 
  10. Primrose: Primrose comes from the Latin prima rosa or “first rose.” one,” 
  11. Saffron: This rare English name is the word for a spice, its yellow-orange color, or even the crocus flower it comes from. 
  12. Tulip: This popular girl name of Turkish origin means “turban” due to the distinctive shape of the Tulip flowers.
  13. Marganita: This Hebrew name refers to a type of flowering plant common in Israel. In English, it’s called the scarlet pimpernel.
  14. Mirti: Mirta means ‘crown of thorns’ in Greek dialect.
  15. Heliotrope – Cluster of purple flowers
  16. Hibiscus – Greek “a beautiful red flower”
  17. Chamomile – Flowery herb used in teas
  18. Chrystanthe – “golden flower”
  19. Freesia – German trumpet-like flowers
  20. Buttercup – A species of bright yellow wild flowers
  21. Clematis – A climbing plant from the buttercup family
  22. Crisanta – Spanish “a golden flower”
  23. Ixora – A flowering plant found in tropical climates
  24. Manuka – Tree with honey-producing flowers
  25. Patchouli – Fragrant plant from Southeast Asia
  26. Prunella – Latin “small plum”
  27. Shoshana – Hebrew “lily”
  28. Verbana – Spanish “sacred foliage”

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15 Badass Plant Names for Girls

Inspired by plant names that have meanings of toughness.

Plant Names for Girls : Birch Tree, believed to ward off evil and bolster courage. Credit: Britannica
Birch Tree, believed to ward off evil and bolster courage. Credit: Britannica
  1. Birch: The distinctive birch tree can be silver, white, black, yellow, or gray. In Celtic mythology, the tree is believed to ward off evil and bolster courage.
  2. Willow: English origin means “willow tree” and “freedom.”
  3. Sage: This perennial evergreen shrub means ‘wise’ in Latin.
  4. Cedar: Cedar is a coniferous tree native to the Mediterranean and Himalayan regions. The name derives from the Greek (kedros).
  5. Leena/Lina: This Arabic word indicates ’a palm tree.”
  6. Liv: This popular name comes from the olive plant. Liv also symbolizes ‘life’ in Norwegian and Danish.
  7. Odell: This name of Old English origin means ‘woodhill.’
  8. Poppy: From the Old English popæg, Poppy is a sweet floral name referring to the plant known for its brightly colored flowers. 
  9. Ren: Ren means ‘water lily’ in Japanese.
  10. Roselle: Roselle is the name of Rose in Latin. It also refers to a hibiscus plant found in several parts of Asia.
  11. Viola: A Shakespearean name from Twelfth Night, Viola also means “violet” in the Latin.
  12. Alona: Alona is a Hebrew name meaning ‘Oak Tree”.
  13. Clove: Cloves are the buds of an evergreen tree with crimson flowers, commonly used as a spice. 
  14. Rush: Originally from the Old English rysc, Rush refers to a grass-like plant that grows in marshlands.
  15. Madara: This Latvian name comes from a type of flowering plant.

Articles related to a relationship

Plant Names for Girls : Acacia Brinley Clark; Credit: Pinterest
Acacia Brinley Clark; Credit: Pinterest

26 Latin/Greek/Roman/Mythology Plant Names for Girls

Plant names that have Latin, Greek, Roman, or Mythology origins.

  1. Acacia: ‘thorny tree’ in Greek
  2. Ameretat: This name comes from Avestan, an Indo-Iranian language used to write the scriptures of Zoroastrianism. Ameretat is the Zoroastrian goddess of plants and long life.
  3. Genista: The Latin name Genista refers to a family of plants commonly called broom. 
  4. Calla – Greek “beautiful”
  5. Chloe: Chloe means “green shoot,” ‘growth’ or ‘blooming’ in Greek. It possesses a little Biblical history and ties to the goddess Demeter in Greek mythology.
  6. Ivy – Latin “vine”
  7. Zinnia – Latin “Zinn’s flower”
  8. Bryony – Latin “to sprout”
  9. Camellia – Flower, also Latin “priest’s helper”
  10. Magnolia – Latin “Magnol’s flower”
  11. Ornella – Italian meaning “flowering ash tree”
  12. Peony – Latin meaning “healing”
  13. Florentina – Latin meaning “blooming”
  14. Indigo:A Greek name It means ‘Indian dye’. Derived from the English word for the purple-blue dye or color, which comes from the plant species Indigofera, native to the tropics. 
  15. Flora: From the Latin flos, or “flower,” Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers and springtime. 
  16. Ginepro: Ginepro is the Italian name for the Juniper plant, also a symbol of the Syrian Goddess Asherah.
  17. Hyacinth: This name is the English form of the Greek Hyacinthus. In Greek myth Hyacinthus was accidentally killed by Apollo, who then caused a lily to grow from Hyacinthus’ blood. In English it’s a relatively rare name.
  18. Iris: Not only is Iris a beautiful flower, it also means “rainbow” in Greek. Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow who served as a messenger to the gods.
  19. Olive: From the Latin oliva, Olive and Olivia refer to the tree. Olive trees are one of the first plants mentioned in the Bible.
  20. Alder: This English name comes from the alder tree of the birch family. In Celtic mythology, the alder tree is associated with the god Bran.
  21. Amaranth: From the Greek word for “unfading,” Amaranth are grain-producing plants that have flowers and foliage in a range of colors from reds and purples to golds and greens.
  22. Aster: From the Greek meaning “star,” the aster is a daisy-like flower common to Europe and Asia.
  23. Briony. It comes from a climbing plant that produces greenish-white flowers. Also spelt as Bryony, in Greek the word means “to swell.”
  24. Myrtle: Derived from the Greek myrtos, Myrtle refers to the evergreen shrub with delicate, star-like white flowers. 
  25. Phyllis: This name of Greek origin refers to ‘greenery.”
  26. Drusilla: This Latin name means ‘an Oak tree.’

11 Unisex Plant Names for Girls

These names are gender-neutral and typically can be found among boys and girls. 

  1. Aspen – this is a gender-neutral name of American and Old English origin for a tree
  2. Kaede – a name of Japanese origin name that means “maple leaf”
  3. Oakley – this is a gender-neutral name that can used for your baby girl, it means “the oakley tree”
  4. Ren – one of the flower names of Japanese origin meaning  “water lily or lotus”
  5. Rowan – a name for one the Euro-Asian tree that produces red berries. Absolutely suitable for your baby girl or boy
  6. Rue – a short and bouncy name of Greek origin, a name used for an herb that is used both in cooking and medicine
  7. Bay: Bay can refer to several different types of trees. It also means ‘sea inlet’ in English. 
  8. Cypress: This Greek name refers to a group of coniferous trees and shrubs, but it also has roots in mythology and is a classical symbol of mourning.
  9. Linden: Derived from the Old High German linta, this name means “linden tree.”
  10. Sorrel: Sorrel may come from the Germanic sur for “sour,” and refers to a sour-tasting, spinach-type plant.
  11. Yarrow: This name may come from the Welsh garw meaning “rough” or from the Old English gearwe.
Plant Names for Girls : Nikki Tamboli is an Indian Actress; IndianExpress.com
Nikki Tamboli is an Indian Actress; IndianExpress.com

5 Geeky/Sci-Fi/Gaming Plant Names for Girls

Inspired by the characters from movie, games, or science fiction.

  1. Haruki: This Japanese word indicates ’a springtime tree.’
  2. Nikki: This name of Japanese origin means ‘two trees.’ Nikki is also a widely known name. Nikki is great for both boys and girls. 
  3. Terra: This variant of the name Tara has taken the Latin spelling that means “land, earth.” Terra is also the name of a blockchain project 6eveloped by Terraform Labs, more commonly known as a stablecoin.
  4. Juniper: Derived from the Latin word Juniperus, it includes junio, which means “youth” or “evergreen.”
  5. Sherwood: This English place name means “bright forest,” and according to legend is where Robin Hood and his band of outlaws made their home.

10 French Plant names for Baby Girls

Names that are French or of French origin.

  1. Bellerose – French “lovely rose”
  2. Cerise: This delicate-sounding name is French for “cherry.”
  3. Delphine – French for a bluebell-like flower
  4. Fleur – French “flower”
  5. Garland – French “a wreath of flowers worn on the head”
  6. Muguet – French “lily”
  7. Parsley: It derives from the Old French passelewe, or “to cross the water.” Parsley is also a leafy green herb.
  8. Cerise: A variant of ‘cherry,’ Cerise means the same in French.
  9. Ambretta – A French dessert pear
  10. Begonia – French meaning “Begon’s flower”

23 Exotic Plant names for Baby Girls

These plant names either come from exotic places or have exotic sounds 

  1. Mawar – Indonesian “rose”
  2. Althea – This name of Hebrew origin means ‘healing herb”.
  3. Zahara – Swahili meaning “flowering”
  4. Yasmine – Pesian “Jasmine flower”
  5. Winika – Maori “Christmas orchid”
  6. Kalina – Polish “viburnum”, a flowering shrub
  7. Zaria – Arabic “rose”
  8. Rada – Yiddish “rose” or “happy”
  9. Rayen – Chilean “flower”
  10. Makala – Makala means “A myrtle tree” in Hawaii.
  11. Leilani – Hawaiian “a pink flower”, also “royal child of heaven”
  12. Nanala – Hawaiian “sunflower”
  13. Saffron – Exotic spice
  14. Zinnia – The zinnia flower was named for German botanist Johann Zinn. Related to sunflowers and daisies, the zinnia produces flowers in a variety of bright colors.
  15. Zetta – Derived from Hebrew origin, Zetta symbolizes “an Olive tree.”
  16. Valli – This Hindu name comes from the Dravidian for “creeping plant” or “winding plant.” Valli was the consort of Murugan.
  17. Taimi – Derived from the Finnish language, Taimi means “sapling.”
  18. Lubna – This Arabic word denotes ’a storax tree.”
  19. Lata – This name comes from Sanskrit and means “vine” or “creeping plant.”
  20. Koru – The Maori word for “loop.” It refers to the shape of a silver fern frond when it unfolds.
  21. Chi – Chi signifies a tree branch as per the Vietnamese language.
  22. Gentian – This Albanian name comes from the Illyrian king Gentius, who is alleged to have discovered the medicinal properties of the Gentian plant.
  23. Neerja – Hindi “lily” – good for girls with Indian roots
Plant Names for Girls : Meet Alaqua Cox (left) from 'Hawkeye', Marvel Studios 
Meet Alaqua Cox (left) from ‘Hawkeye’, Marvel Studios 

22 Adorable Plant names for Baby Girls

These plant names for girls have adorable pronunciations and meanings 

  1. Alaque: Meaning  ‘sweet gum tree,’ this is a name with Native American origin. 
  2. Alivette: This Latin name means ‘Olive Tree”. This may be it for your baby girl
  3. Alyssum: Sweet alyssum is a ground cover plant that produces abundant flowers in white, pink, purple, or yellow.
  4. Bramble: From the Old English bræmel or bremel, this name may have originally indicated that the person lived near a thicket of brambles, such as blackberry or any other thorny shrub.
  5. Calendula: A substitute name for the ‘Marigold’ plant, Calendula means ‘little calendar’ in Latin because it blooms on the first of every month.
  6. Chrysanta: This shortened form of the word chrysanthemum takes its meaning, “golden flower,” from the Greek.
  7. Clay: This is a name that especially suits someone who loves to be out in the garden. This may be it for your baby girl.
  8. Clover: This English name comes from the wild flower, derived from the Old English “clafre”. The four-leafed clover is recognized as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.
  9. Coriander: Coriander, also known as cilantro,  may ultimately be of Phoenician origin (via Latin and Greek).
  10. Elm: Making reference to the elm tree, Elm could be a variant for Elmer or Elmo.
  11. Elowen: This recently-coined Cornish name means “elm tree.”
  12. Fennel: Derived from Latin, Fennel means ‘hay.’
  13. Fern: It derives from the Old English fearn.
  14. Lowrinda: This German name means ’a Laurel tree.
  15. Meadow: From the Old English mædwe, this name refers to land that is covered with grasses and other plants, but not trees. 
  16. Philyra: Philyra indicates ’a lime tree’ in Greek.
  17. Petunia: This female name of Latin origin means “Flower From Nightshade Family.” This plant of the nightshade family bears brightly colored funnel-shaped flowers.
  18. Thorne: Originally applied to a person who lived near a thorn bush, a thorn was also the name of a letter in the Old English alphabet
  19. Valerian: While Valerian has roots in ancient Rome with Valerianus and Valerius, it is also the name of a flowering perennial native to Europe and Asia.
  20. Verbena: The stylish name has a Spanish and Latin origin, which means ‘sacred foliage.’
  21. Vinca: From the Latin vincire meaning “to bind or fetter,” Vinca refers to flowering plants native to Europe, Northwest Africa, and southwest Asia. In English, they’d be referred to as Periwinkle.
  22. Wisteria: This flowering vine produces fragrant flowers in violet, purple, pink, or white and was named after anatomist Caspar Wistar, whose surname allegedly derives from the German Westländer, or “Westerner.”
Plant Names for Girls ; Erica Ash; Credit: PopSugar
Erica Ash; Credit: PopSugar

26 Plant Names for Black Girls

Names here are plant names that are common in the black community

  1. Arbor – Cluster of vines
  2. Blossom – A mass of flowers
  3. Briar – English “thorny patch”
  4. Canna – From Cannalily
  5. Dahlia – Swedish “valley”
  6. Ione – Violet-colored stone
  7. Lita- “garden”
  8. Sharon – Area in ancient Palestine known for its roses
  9. Tansy – Greek “immortality”
  10. Varda – Hebrew “rose” or “pink”
  11. Abelia – Flower, also means “breathe”
  12. Acacia – Greek “thorny”
  13. Azalea – A colorful flowering shrub
  14. Danica – Slavic “morning star”
  15. Diantha – Greek “divine flower”
  16. Edelweiss – Small white German flower
  17. Embelia – Greek “A shrub that bears white and flowers”
  18. Erica – Norse for a pink flower, also “eternal ruler”
  19. Jessamine – Persian “jasmine flower”
  20. Kassiani – Greek “cinnamon”
  21. Linnea – Swedish “twinflower”
  22. Liana – Fresh “climbing like a vine”
  23. Petunia – Trumpet shaped flower
  24. Zenobia – Bell-shaped white flowers from North America
  25. Amaryllis – Lily-like flower
  26. Geranium – Greek meaning “crane”

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Final Thoughts 

There are so many reasons to opt for a plant-themed baby name for your little girl. 

With over an estimated 390,900 unique plants globally, you do not have a shortage of options. From vintage and classic to bold and cool plant names for girls, there’s something for everybody. 

However, this variety can make choosing the perfect name for your daughter a little more overwhelming. We have simplified this for you by rounding up some of the best names that would make a great fit for your lovely princess. So, which is your pick? 

If you haven’t decided on your baby’s name, then check out these articles.

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