TOP 100+ Space Names for Boys

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Nobody can deny that your baby boy is the center of your universe, so why not call him something special?

You’ll be spoilt for choice as our cosmos is full of inspiration from stars, galaxies, and planets. Here are some common and unusual space baby names for boys that are positively extraterrestrial.

Based on the themes below, we compiled a list of “Space Names for boys.”

  1. Most Popular Space Names for Boys
  2. Space Names for Boys inspired by stars
  3. Movie-inspired Space Names for Boys
  4. Space Names for Boys Inspired by Planets and Cosmos
  5. Badass Space Names for Boys
  6. Gender Neutral Space Names

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I. Popular Space Names for Boys

Check out our collection of space-themed baby names inspired by space or the solar system. Some amazing baby names influenced by space names are Aten, Arche, and Cosmo.

Aten – Collection of Asteroids

Akhenaten was an Egyptian pharaoh who reigned from 1332 BC until his death. He redefined polytheism by introducing the worship of Aten, a sun god.

Archie – Bowman

Elisha Archibald Manning, a former American football quarterback, made this name famous in the United States.

Space Names For Boys : Archie Manning - Credits: Britannica 
Archie Manning – Credits: Britannica 

Cosmo – The entire world

It is a name for a parent who finds beauty in chaos.

Deimos – Dread

The outermost natural satellite of Mars is a fascinating option for Mars fans.

Eos – Goddess of Dawn

Johann Palisa, an Austrian astronomer, found Eos, a big asteroid, in 1882.

Holmes – The river’s island

Holmes is a place name that refers to someone who lived near a holm. Sherlock Holmes, a fictional character, has made this name a giant star.

Space Names For Boys : Sherlock Holmes - Credits: The Guardian
Sherlock Holmes – Credits: The Guardian

Janus – Roman God

A masculine name of Greek mythology, mostly used in Denmark.

Jericho – City of the Moons

A famous space name for your brightest star from American Television History.

Jupiter – Father Zeus

In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the ultimate god. He was in charge of the Roman state’s security and laws, as well as the sky and light.

Leo – Lion

Short form for Leon or Leopold, this brave name is a go-to choice for your little lion. 

Mars – God of War

An ideal choice for all the Martians out there.

Mercury – Roman God of Commerce

This one is a planet as well as a metallic element, and it goes by the nickname Merc.

Oberon – Noble 

This name from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream may work just as well for your tiny little star.

Pallas – Youth

Another Greek god-affiliated name,  Pallas has its own vibe.

Phoenix – Dark Red

Phoenix is quite popular right now, thanks to its links to mythology and the map.

Pluto – Rich 

Pluto is one of the most popular baby boy names. It’s a lovely baby name with an easy-to-pronounce pronunciation.

Sky – Galaxy of the Universe 

Sky is either a derivation of the name Schuyler, which means “scholar,” or a natural name that means “heavens.”

Thule – Place Name

A befitting choice for all the islanders.

Star-inspired Space Names for Boys 

Perhaps you’ve always been fascinated by space, or perhaps the idea of having a kid has made you consider our role in the cosmos. Here’s a list of space names for boys inspired by stars for your little star.

Alioth – Fat tail of the sheep

Alioth is the brightest star in Ursa Major, the Great Bear constellation. It’s famous for being a navigational star that sailors used in the past.

Altair – Soar

Altair is the 11th brightest star in the galaxy and is located in the Aquila constellation. It’s a cool name, however, it could be mistaken for a commercial airline.

Apollo – Patron

Apollo is best recognized in the United States as the NASA space program that sent the first humans to the moon between 1961 and 1972.

Aries – The Ram

This name is best known as the first zodiac sign “The Ram,” a northern hemisphere constellation of bright stars.

Astrophel – Star Lover

Sir Philip Sidney, an English poet, coined the word Astrophel in the 16th century when he used it for his poem Astrophel and Stella.

Atlas – To Carry

Atlas is a triple star system in the constellation Taurus. It’s one among the most popular names in the United States.

Badar – Full Moon

Badar is a powerful name with romantic connotations. 

Castor – Beaver

Castor is a twin star in the constellation Gemini. It’s a mythical moniker with a twist.

Cielo – Sky

Cielo has a wide range of sunny, fresh tones, which is ideal for your baby boy.

Comet – Long-Haired

A comet is a celestial body made of ice and gas that travels through space.

Cupid – Passionate

Cupid is the deity of desire, erotic love, attraction, and tenderness in Greek mythology. He is frequently shown as the son of Venus, the goddess of love, and Mars, the god of battle.

Donati – Given by God

Donati is the name of a long-period comet named for Giovanni Battista Donati, an Italian astronomer.

Draco – Dragon

Draco is a constellation that can be found in the northern sky. It is, however, most famous as the name of Harry Potter’s sarcastic foe.

Space Names For Boys : Draco as Harry Potter's sarcastic foe - Credits: Zimbio
Draco as Harry Potter’s sarcastic foe – Credits: Zimbio

Elio – The Sun

Elio is a lively name with a lot of finesse and flair.

Finlay – Fair-Haired Hero

William Henry Finlay, a notable South African astronomer, was named Finlay.

Space Names For Boys : William Henry Finlay - Credits: TCM
William Henry Finlay – Credits: TCM

Galileo – Person From Galilee

Galileo was a Renaissance astronomer and mathematician with a well-known name.

Hamal – Lamb 

The brightest star in the Aries constellation is named Hamal.

Hesperos – Evening Star

Hesperos is a Greek god who is the personification of Venus.

Kuiper – Cooper

A narrow band of space pebbles floating near Neptune is known as Kuiper.

Lintang – Star

It can be too exotic for a newborn born in the Western world. Nonetheless, it has a fantastic connotation and might be a fascinating middle name.

Neptune – God of Water

Neptune is the seventh planet from the sun in astrology, making it one of our solar system’s coldest planets.

Orion – Dawning

Orion is known as the rising star, and his name has both astronomical and legendary connotations.

Movie-Inspired Space Names For Boys

If you enjoy movies, there’s a good possibility that movie-inspired names will appeal to you.  From robots to space travel, flying superheroes to mythological creatures, movies have been a part of pop culture for decades. Here are some space names for boys inspired by movies. 

Aerglo – Companionship

It refers to the natural light of the night sky caused by numerous reactions in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

 Aster – Star

This name seems sophisticated since it is simple and elegant. The famous bearer is Ari Aster, an actor from the United States.

Archer – Power

It’s the name of the constellation Sagittarius, which depicts a half-horse, half-man figure. An animated American television series has always put this name in the highlights. 

Columba – Dove

The constellation Columba is named after the lovely dove who warned Noah of the impending flood and saved him. A long-running television series ‘Columba’ has popularized this name among Americans.

Hercules – Warrior 

Hercules is also the name of a constellation in the night sky.Hercules is an American action-adventure fantasy film directed by Dwayne Johnson and starring Dwayne Johnson as Hercules.

Hunter – One who Hunts

In the great epic, Odyssey, the constellation Orion was portrayed as a courageous and adventurous hunter. The name conjures up images of bravery and adventure. Tab Hunter from the American film industry has made this name famous among Americans.

Perseus – Avenger

Perseus is the name of the constellation that can be found in the northern sky. The name has a heroic ring to it, as it is named after Zeus’s son in the film, Wrath of the Titans. 

Rigel – Left leg of the Giant

Rigel is the name of a massive star in the constellation Orion with its affiliation to Rob Rigell, an American actor cum comedian. With this lovely name, you may make your baby’s name memorable.

Solar – The Sun

Its beams offer hope and warmth to everyone’s life, making it one of the most attractive baby names inspired by the solar system.

Sirius – Glowing

The brightest star in the sky is Sirius. Because it is in the best portion of the spectrum, it is also known as the Dog Star. In J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, Sirius Black is also a character.

Space Names For Boys : Sirius Black - Credits: Wizarding World
Sirius Black – Credits: Wizarding World

Nova – Bright Star

In astronomy, a nova is a star that abruptly releases a large burst of energy, causing it to become extremely bright for a short period of time. What a wonderful name for your child.Nova (Richard Rider) is a fictional character who appears in Marvel Comics’ American comic books.

Nash- By the Ash Tree

Nash is the name of the well-known Gamma Sagittarii star in the constellation Sagittarius. Nash is also famous in the American film industry with several characters named ‘Nash’ and also a favorite of many parents since it is little and crisp.

Oberon – Royal Bear

It’s the name of the planet Uranus’s largest moon. Oberon appears to be a kind and pleasant character.

Themis – Divine Law

The name Themis is a unique name for a collection of asteroids. Also the name of a movie.

Cosmos – Beauty

It’s one of the most popular universe baby names, and it’s excellent for your “universe” baby boy. The name is also associated with a famous hollywood movie “Cosmos”.

Danica – Morning Star 

In many nations, Danica, a delicate and unusual Slavic name, is associated with Venus. Also the name of a documentary based upon car racing.

Space Names for Boys Inspired by Planets and Cosmos

Planetary, celestial, and famous astronomer baby boy names are fantastic, unique possibilities for your little astronaut. These male galaxy names are scientifically significant and will make your child stand out in the universe. He sky’s the limit when it comes to boy star names!

Achird – Griddle

The Eta Cassiopeiae star system is known by this name.

Acrux – Strongest

Acrux is a constellation that combines the alpha and crux star constellations.

Aldrin – Wise Ruler

This boy’s name is associated with space because it is also the name of American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second person to walk on the moon.

Space Names For Boys : Buzz Aldrin - Credits:
Buzz Aldrin – Credits:

Altair – The Flying One

It is the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila.

Avior – My Father is my Light

It’s also the name of a star in the constellation of Carina.

Belenos – Bright one

Belenos is a star in the constellation of Pisces. From Celtic mythology, he was a sun deity.

Cosmo – Beauty

This unique baby name has Greek roots and is also a term that describes the vastness of our universe.

Donati – Present

It is astronomy-oriented because it is the surname of a brilliant astronomer who discovered a comet and called it after himself.

Felis – Lucky

It’s a constellation named after Lalande, a French astronomer who named it after his cat.

Garnet – Little Warren

The Cepheus constellation includes the Garnet star.

Glenn – Valley

It’s a space-related name because it’s a tribute to space explorer John Glenn.

Space Names For Boys : John Glenn - Credits: Space Exploration Stack Exchange
John Glenn – Credits: Space Exploration Stack Exchange

Illyrian – From the Stars

This exotic and lovely boy’s name comes from a star in the constellation Leo Minor. 

Izar – Star

This adorable and brief Spanish male name is also the name of a star in the constellation Bootes.

Kale – Man

This Hawaiian baby name is derived from the name of a Jupiter moon.

Kaveh – Royal

This adorable Persian male name comes from the constellation Serpens.

Kepler – Hat Maker

This German male name is derived from the name of Johannes Kepler, a prominent astronomer recognized for his laws of planetary motion.

Leo – Lion

This popular male name has Latin roots and is also the constellation that is the 12th largest in our night sky.

Buzz – Village in the woods

This awesome space name is a tribute to Buzz Aldrin, an astronaut.

Badass Space Names for Boys

Space names are one theme that you could be interested in – they’re exotic, powerful, and utterly badass!

Here are some out-of-this-world baby boy names with a space theme!

Apollo – Manly

Apollo space missions are named after the Greek god Apollo, who rode his chariot across the sun.

Rasalas – The northern star of the lion’s head

The name of a star in the constellation Leo can be adopted as a distinctive Arabic name for males with a dramatic sound. Rasselas is the title of an allegorical fable by Samuel Johnson, as well as the protagonist.

Ariel – Lion of God

Ariel is the name of a moon orbiting around Uranus.

Astrid – Divinely Beautiful

It was also the name of the first microsatellite launched by the Swedish Space Corporation.

Ganymede – Jupiter’s largest moon

Ganymede, like Io, Europa, and Callisto, is Jupiter’s sole Galilean moon named for a man. He was Zeus’ lover.

Saros – The sky with the series of eclipses

Saros is a boy name of Greek origin which refers to a period in which eclipses repeat themselves.

Electra – Shining 

Electra is a star’s name for your bright star.

Juliet – Youthful

One of Uranus’ moons is similarly named Juliet.

Neil – Champion

Neil Armstrong is undoubtedly the most famous astronaut.

Space Names For Boys : Neil Armstrong - Credits: Britannica
Neil Armstrong – Credits: Britannica

Ophelia – Help

Ophelia is another space-oriented name for one of Uranus’ moons for your little kid.

Pollux – Crown

Castor’s twin brother, Pollux, was the other twin in the Gemini constellation in Greek mythology.

Pandora – Gifted

One of Saturn’s moons is named Pandora.

Phoebe – Bright

Another of Saturn’s moons and one of Greek mythology’s Titans.

Portia – Pig

One of Uranus’ moons is named Portia.

Sirius – Burning

It’s the name of the sky’s brightest star.

Vega – Swooping Eagle

The star Vega is present in the constellation Lyra.

Gender-Neutral Space Names

Looking to the stars for a unique baby name could be the way to go for parents who want to do something different with their child’s name. There are so many beautiful names inspired by constellations, planets, and outer space that selecting one as unique as your child may be easier than you think. We’ve compiled a list of unisex space names that can be used by anyone of any gender.

Addison – Son of Adam 

This name has long been associated with power, authority, and leadership.

Aster – Star

It’s no wonder that this gender-neutral name has a lot of star power because it comes from the word “asteroid.”

Citlali – Bright Star

Citlali is either a fantastic example of a rare name derived from nature, or it’s a little too much.

Antares – Rival to Ares

Its ancient name Antares comes from the Ancient Greek letter v, which refers to its crimson color, which is comparable to that of the planet Mars.

Deneb – Tail

A star in the Cygnus constellation’s “tail.”

Galaxy – Group of Stars

Galaxy is a gender-neutral name from the United States that signifies “Large System Of Stars.”

Polaris – Pole Star

Polaris is the brightest star in the Ursa Minor constellation and is also known as the North Star. It’s also the name of a Marvel Universe figure who is Magneto’s daughter.

Gunay – Moon

Günay is a male and female Turkish surname and sometimes the first name. It refers to a moon that can be viewed in daylight.

Shams – Sun

A short and sweet space name affiliated with a Saudi-Kuwaiti singer.

Halo – Aura

One of the simple unisex space-inspired baby names for your stunning star.

Heaven – Home of the Gods

A heavenly name for your heavenly star to be.

Skylar – Strength 

Skylar is a gender-neutral American name with soothing pronunciation.

Cygnus – Swan 

Cygnus is one of the most well-known constellations in the northern summer and fall, and it contains the Northern Cross, a renowned asterism.

Meteor – High in the air

Meteor is a name for both men and women. A bold shooting-star name that will undoubtedly raise some relatives’ eyebrows.

Perseus – Destroyer

This name is of native American origin depicting Greek legend and constellations. 

Ceres – To grow

This name is a good choice for your baby, associated with the Roman goddess of corn.


Space is an excellent area for a unique name for your young superstar. Whether you go with a male constellation name, a planet name, or another super-cool cosmos boy name, you decide to be unique and exciting. These super-space names are unique, inventive, memorable, and extraordinary!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 100+ space boy names. Please let us know what you think of these names in the comments section, and please feel free to share this with your friends and family.

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