How To Get Free Baby Stuff ($635+ value of stuff)

how to get free baby stuff in this new year. Some of the items require no shipping fee while others need to pay a small fee to get them for free

How To Get Free Baby Stuff Having a baby is an amazing experience, life changing. Not only will your life be turned inside out, your wallet my also be changing. New babies are expensive. Insurance, wills, deductibles, and sooo many diapers. But did you know that many companies work with new moms to get them … Read more

How Does Maternity Leave Work? Everything You Need To Know

Understanding Maternity Leave Are you nervous about taking maternity leave? Not sure if your company or state offers maternity leave? How does maternity leave work? How do you get paid and everything in between! I’ve compiled an easy-to-understand way to look at maternity leave so you can take a hassle-free post-birth leave and still survive … Read more