120+ Unique Middle Names for Ava

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We spent hours researching the history and meaning behind the name to come up with the 100+ best middle names. The first 26 names are unique for those who want something different. 

The name Ava is an interesting baby girl name whose origin is believed to be either German, Hebrew, or Latin. It means living one, alive, or bird. It could be a diminutive of the Biblical Eve or Chava. 

Ava is typically a girl’s name and is the fourth most popular name in 2021, according to Baby Center

You can make your baby even more special by considering these great middle names for Ava.

Let’s check out the CraftyMotherFather’s Selection of 100 unique middle names for Ava.

120+ Best Middle Names for Ava

26 Unique (Four-Syllable) Middle Names 

1 Ava Adrianna

2 Ava Allesandra

3 Ava Aurelius

4 Ava Amadeus

5 Ava Bartholomew

6 Ava Catherine

7 Ava Celestine

8 Ava Elisabeth

9 Ava Elizabeth

10 Ava Emilio

11 Ava Harmonie

12 Ava Jedidiah

13 Ava Jeremiah

14 Ava Margaret

15 Ava Leonidas

16 Ava Luciano

17 Ava Nathaniel

18 Ava Nehemiah

19 Ava Ophelia

20 Ava Patricia

21 Ava Penelope

22 Ava Christine

23 Ava Tiberius

24 Ava Thelonious

25 Ava Valentino

26 Ava Zachariah

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25 One-Syllable Middle Names for Ava 

1 Ava Anne

2 Ava Bree

3 Ava Cate

4 Ava Dove

5 Ava Elle

6 Ava June

7 Ava Mae

8 Ava May

9 Ava Pearl

10 Ava Paige

11 Ava Fox

12 Ava George

13 Ava Gray

14 Ava Fay

15 Ava Jade

16 Ava Jake

17 Ava Kate

18 Ava Leaf

19 Ava Lee

20 Ava Belle

21 Ava Liam

22 Ava Luke

23 Ava Reese

24 Ava Rose

25 Ava Wyatt

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53 Two-Syllable Middle Names for Ava

1 Ava Abigail

2 Ava Alexis

3 Ava Ariana

4 Ava Ariella

5 Ava Colette

6 Ava Ellen

7 Ava Faith

8 Ava Grace

9 Ava Everly

10 Ava Benson

11 Ava Briana

12 Ava Charlotte

13 Ava Clara

14 Ava Cindy

15 Ava Daniel

16 Ava Danielle

17 Ava Dana

18 Ava Diana

19 Ava Eden

20 Ava Edith

21 Ava Elis

22 Ava Emma

23 Ava Emily

24 Ava Fiona

25 Ava Frances

26 Ava Janet

27 Ava Janelle

28 Ava Janessa

29 Ava Jamie

30 Ava Jarrett

31 Ava Jacenta

32 Ava Judy

33 Ava Louise

34 Ava Lucy

35 Ava Marion

36 Ava Marie

37 Ava Scarlett

38 Ava Ruby

39 Ava Sophia

40 Ava Stella

41 Ava Terry

42 Ava Willow

43 Ava Zuriel

20+ Three-Syllable Middle Names for Ava 

1 Ava Anita

2 Ava Addison

3 Ava Allison

4 Ava Aurelia

5 Ava Elena

6 Ava Beatrice

7 Ava Coralie

8 Ava Christina

9 Ava Cassandra

10 Ava Fabian

11 Ava Felicity

12 Ava Feodora

13 Ava Florence

14 Ava Gabrielle

15 Ava Callahan

16 Ava Cameron

17 Ava Charles

18 Ava Christian

19 Ava Grayson

20 Ava Gregory

21 Ava Hamilton

22 Ava Naomi

23 Ava Lincoln

24 Ava Morrison

25 Ava Violet

26 Ava Zamorah


30 Unique French Middle Names for Ava

1 Ava Thomas

2 Ava Nicolas

3 Ava Julien

4 Ava Quentin

5 Ava Maxime

6 Ava Alexandre

7 Ava Antoine

8 Ava Kevin

9 Ava Clement

10 Ava Romain

11 Ava Pierre

12 Ava Lucas

13 Ava Florian

14 Ava Guillaume

15 Ava Quentin

16 Ava Jamison

17 Ava Arthur

18 Ava Louis

19 Ava Baptiste

20 Ava Dylan

21 Ava Corentin

22 Ava Thibault

23 Ava Jordan

24 Ava Nathan

25 Ava Simon

26 Ava Axel

27 Ava Matthieu

28 Ava Léo

29 Ava Sebastien

30 Ava Aurélien


Nicknames for Ava

Short Forms of Ava 

1 Av

2 Va

3 Avah

4 Aves

5 Eve

6 Avy

7 Ayv

8 Vah

Variants of the name Ava 

1 Avstar

2 Avlyn

3 Aveline

4 Avies

5 Avice

6 Aviva

7 Avary

8 Avie

9 Avalee


 8 Ways to Spell the Name Ava

1 Ayva

2 Aiva

3 Aver

4 Ayvaa

5 Eve

6 Eva

7 Avah

8 Avis

7 reasons to Have a Middle Name for Baby Ava

Middle names are optional. We have conducted a little research and found a number of benefits, ranging from completely sentimental to more practical value. 

  1. Special: Adding a middle name for your baby is an easy way to make them even more special, e.g., Ava Josephine Hadley becomes A.J. Hadley.
  2. Traditional: It seems the more modern we get, the more we want to go back to our roots. You can be the first to give your son or daughter a middle name. 
  3. Sound: It could make the first name sound more pleasant between the baby’s first name and your last name. 
  4. Memory: You can use a middle name to remember someone, pay homage, or honor someone special. It can be a site or a place. 
  5. Aspirational: You use a middle name as someone you want your baby to emulate by telling them stories of a particular Ava
  6. Noble: The middle name concept probably started with the ruling class in Rome according to Times. It was a way to which family one comes from and, more importantly, why one matters.
  7. Smart: CNBC reported that people tend to associate the person with middle initials with positive perceptions such as intelligence.
  8. Jobs: Adding a middle name to sound more familiar to people can increase odds in the job market according to research.


7 Ideas to Craft a Middle Name for Baby Ava 

1. Pay homage: 

Your personal hero like grandparents or someone inspirational, e.g., Warren Buffet or J.K Rowling can be a great source. Can you envisage telling baby Ava about the stories of those people? 

2. Remember the heritage: 

Is there a place, a site, a city special to you or baby Ava? Or, is there a culture or heritage that you want the baby to remember?

3. Make it personal: 

The middle name for Ava only has to make sense to you. It’s a secret, a code within your world. You have more liberty with middle names.

4. Make it about value or belief: 

What is the one word you want little Ava to live by? Believe? Innovate? Adopt? Fight? Then search for names with those meaning

5. Check the sounds: 

Say the first/middle/last name together a few times to check the sounds. Say the first/middle to hear the sounds. 

6. Check the initials and acronyms for Ava:

Watch out for initials that might become a source of ridicule, e.g., WTF, ASS. On the flip side, it might be cool to have things like BAD or AWE or ARK for your kid. If you are a ballplayer, the NBA or NFL might work for you. 

Just in case you want a bit more elaboration here, you might want to be mindful of the following. We will leave the judgment to you. 

  • AMA (American Medical Association)
  • AMC (American Movie Classics)
  • ANA (Administration of Native Americans)
  • ARK (Might be good if you want your baby girl to be like Cathie Wood)
  • AIR (Air can be quite cool)
  • ANC (African National Congress)
  • ANT (Antigua and Barmuda)
  • AMC (as in AMC Entertainment – a movie theater stock)
  • AKA (also known as)
  • ASS (this is probably the only one we would advise against)
  • AYU (As Yet Unknown)

7. Check the reputation: 

Google the name and see if it is the name associated with horrible news or the adult industry. For example, you might want to avoid having the same first and middle name as a porn star for your baby. 

  1. Ava Lavinia Gardner – American actress and singer.  
  2. Ava Marie DuVernay – American film director. 
  3. Ava Alice Muriel Astor – American socialite and the daughter to Ava Lowle Willing and John Jacob Astor IV. 
  4. Ava Lowle Willing – The first wife of John Jacob Astor IV and an American socialite.  
  5. Ava Majury – Tiktok star. 
  6. Ava Michelle – Cota Dancer. 
  7. Ava Foley -Instagram star. 
  8. Ava Kolker -TV Actress
  9. Ava Max -A pop singer.
  10. Ava Phillippe – Instagram star. 

Sibling and Twin Names for Ava

Here are amazing and cute names for baby Ava’s siblings. 

Baby Brother Names for Ava

  • Andrew (Alliteration)
  • Cuba (Consonance)
  • Ayden (Alliteration)
  • Asher (Alliteration)
  • Ezra (Consonance)
  • Allan (Alliteration)
  • Dakota (Consonance)
  • Albert (Alliteration)
  • Joshua (Consonance)
  • Allen (Alliteration)

Baby Sister Names for Ava

  • Emma (Consonance)
  • Anna (Alliteration and consonance)
  • Jessica (Consonance)
  • Alisson (Alliteration)
  • Amelia (Alliteration and consonance)
  • Ayva (Alliteration and consonance)
  • Allena (Alliteration and consonance)
  • Alma (Alliteration and consonance)
  • Allie (Alliteration and consonance)
  • Bella (Consonance)

Bringing it All Together

The name Ava is a great choice. You have already nailed the first part for picking a baby name. Now, adding a middle name to your baby girl can create a better balance or special connection. 

Middle names can be cool, modern, traditional, inspirational, or memorial. It’s totally up to you. Either way, it makes your world a bit more special. It tells a story. In some cases, it can even help baby Ava get a job.

We have curated a list of 120+ names that work equally well for baby girl Ava. 

Make sure you have checked the meaning, sound, and reputation of the middle name. Baby Ava will thank you for that. 

That’s it. 

Over to you crafty mothers and fathers! We hope you enjoy our post. 

Tell us which ideas you like the most in the comment section. 

Share it with your partner or friends and ask their thoughts.

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