110+ Unique Middle Names for Autumn

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Congratulations on picking autumn as your baby’s first name. 

It is such a unique name. 

To be honest, I have seriously thought of using the seasons to name my babies. So, good choice!

If you or your partner has a different name in mind, a middle name might be a great to way to accommodate that. Ask your partner why they want that name and embed the story into a middle name! 

There are lots of middle names to choose from. Below, we have compiled a list of 100+ names that will inspire you to come up with unique middle names for Autumn. 

Let’s start with the history and meaning behind the name.

Autumn Shields, of the left, is an American actress whose twin sister, Willow, starred in “The Hunger Games”. Credit: Getty Images

Meaning and Origin – What does Autumn mean?

Autumn is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “Autumn; season of the harvest”.

Autumn is a season of falling leaves, fleeting winds of change, cozy nights, and harvests. The name Autumn sounds cool and crisp, it is a lovely choice for your baby girl.

Autumn is the 60th most popular name in 2021, according to Baby Center. name used for baby girls.

You can make your baby even more special by considering these great middle names for Autumn.

Find out why we have middle names here.

Check out Why We Have Middle Names

110+ Best Middle Names for Autumn

20 Unique (Four-Syllable) Middle Names for Autumn

Below is a list of unique middle names for Autumn with 4 syllables.

  1. Autumn Alicia – Spanish: “noble”
  2. Autumn Adelia – German: “Nobility”
  3. Autumn Benicia – Latin: “blessed one”
  4. Autumn Bedelia – Irish: “high one; strength”
  5. Autumn Clementina – English: “gentle,merciful”
  6. Autumn Catarina – Greek: “pure”
  7. Autumn Desideria – Greek: “the desired one”
  8. Autumn Eliana – Hebrew: “God has answered”
  9. Autumn Fiorella – Italian: “little flower”
  10. Autumn Guillermina – Spanish: “determined protector”
  11. Autumn Guinevere – Welsh: “white shadow, white wave”
  12. Autumn Henrietta – Germany: “home-ruler”
  13. Autumn Isabella – Spanish, Italian: “Devoted to God’/Pious
  14. Autumn Julieta – Latin: “youthful; love’s child”
  15. Autumn Keilana – Hawaiian: “glory or calmness”
  16. Autumn Luciana – Spanish, Italian: “light”
  17. Autumn Mirabella – Italian: “wonderful”
  18. Autumn Magnolia – Latin: “Magnol’s flower”
  19. Autumn Natalie – French: “birthday of the Lord”
  20. Autumn Ophelia – Greek: “Helper”
  21. Autumn Philomena – Greek: “lover of strength”
  22. Autumn Stefania – Italian: “crown wealth”
  23. Autumn Viviana – Italian: “life”
  24. Autumn Zenobia – Greek: “force of Zeus”
  25. Autumn Viviana – Latin: “Life; lively”

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30 One-Syllable Middle Names for Autumn

Below is a list of unique middle names for Autumn with 1 syllable.

  1. Autumn Ash – Hebrew: An alternative to  Ashley
  2. Autumn Beth – A short form for Elizabeth
  3. Autumn Blaise – French: “to lisp, stammer”
  4. Autumn Blanche – French: “white”
  5. Autumn Chris – Greek: “Christ-Bearer”
  6. Autumn Clare – Latin: “bright/Famous”
  7. Autumn Dove – American: “Peace”
  8. Autumn Dell – English: “small valley or glen”
  9. Autumn Dawn – English: “sunrise”
  10. Autumn Elle – French: “she”
  11. Autumn Firth – Scottish: “arm of the sea”
  12. Autumn Faith – Hebrew: “to have faith”
  13. Autumn Gwen – Welsh: “white, holy”
  14. Autumn Gem – English: “jewel”
  15. Autumn Jin – Japanese: “tenderness”
  16. Autumn Kerr – Scottish: “someone who lived near wet ground”
  17. Autumn Kyle – Scottish: “narrow strait, channel”
  18. Autumn Layne – English: dweller by the road”
  19. Autumn Maeve – Irish: “she who intoxicates”
  20. Autumn Peace -American: “peace”
  21. Autumn Rhyl – Welsh: “light”
  22. Autumn Rive – Latin: “regain strength”
  23. Autumn Ruth – Hebrew: “companion; friend; a vision of beauty” 
  24. Autumn Raine – French: “queen”
  25. Autumn Shawn – American: “God Is Gracious”
  26. Autumn Sue – A short form for Susan
  27. Autumn Sage – Irish: “wise”
  28. Autumn Trace – American: “brave”
  29. Autumn Vogue – “popular; fashionable”
  30. Autumn Zane – American: “God is gracious”

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25 Two-Syllable Middle Names for Autumn 

Below is a list of unique middle names for Autumn with 2 syllables.

  1. Autumn Allie – American: “Harmony, stone, or noble”
  2. Autumn Agnes – Greek: “pure, virginal”
  3. Autumn Adele – German: “nobility”
  4. Autumn Berkeley – Scottish: “birch tree meadow”
  5. Autumn Celine -French: “heavenly”
  6. Autumn Crystal – English: “Precious”
  7. Autumn Dani – English: “God is my judge”
  8. Autumn Doris – Greek: “sea”
  9. Autumn Ellen – English: “torch; shining light”
  10. Autumn Freya – “a noblewoman”
  11. Autumn Frida – German: “peace”
  12. Autumn Florence – Latin: “flourishing, prosperous”
  13. Autumn Harley – English: “the long field”
  14. Autumn Ivy – English: “Faithfulness”
  15. Autumn Josie – American: “God will add”
  16. Autumn Jewel – English: “a precious stone”
  17. Autumn Kimber – American: Short Form of Kimberley
  18. Autumn Katherine – Greek: “pure”
  19. Autumn Lillie – English: “purity and beauty”
  20. Autumn Martha – Hebrew: “lady”
  21. Autumn Nova – Latin: “new”
  22. Autumn Royal – English: “of the king.”
  23. Autumn Roslynn – German: “Gentle”
  24. Autumn Sasha – Greek: “defender, helper of mankind”
  25. Autumn Tessa – “To reap; to gather”

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20  Three-Syllable Middle Names for Autumn 

Below is a list of unique middle names for Autumn with 3 syllables.

  1. Autumn Adrien – Latin: Alternative spelling to “Adrian
  2. Autumn Anika – African, Nordic: “sweetness of face”
  3. Autumn Barnaby – English: “son of consolation”
  4. Autumn Callista – “Most beautiful”
  5. Autumn Cassidy – Irish: “clever; curly-haired”
  6. Autumn Destiny – Latin: “destiny, fate”
  7. Autumn Emberly – “Contagious enthusiasm, lover of nature, free spirit”
  8. Autumn Emerie – German: “brave and powerful”
  9. Autumn Francesca – Italian: “from France or free man”
  10. Autumn Helena – Of Greek origin meaning “bright, shining light”
  11. Autumn Imelda – Italian: “all-consuming fight”
  12. Autumn Juliet –  English: “youthful, downy”
  13. Autumn Jennifer – English: “fair phantom Or white wave”
  14. Autumn Matilda – “Might and strength”
  15. Autumn Melina – Greek: “honey”
  16. Autumn Natalie – Latin: “birth of the Lord”
  17. Autumn Naomi – Hebrew: “Delightful”
  18. Autumn Susannah – Hebrew: “lily”
  19. Autumn Teresa – Spanish: “To harvest”
  20. Autumn Vanessa – Latin, Greek: “of Venus; the god of love”

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15 Unique French Middle Names for  Autumn

Here are some French names for you if you want to add a French connection.

  1. Autumn Mathilde
  2. Autumn Marine
  3. Autumn Emma
  4. Autumn Marion
  5. Autumn Lucie
  6. Autumn Juliette
  7. Autumn Emilie
  8. Autumn Lisa
  9. Autumn Mélanie
  10. Autumn Elodie
  11. Autumn Lola
  12. Autumn Coralie
  13. Autumn Agathe
  14. Autumn Julia
  15. Autumn Margot

Nicknames for Autumn

Short names or nicknames you can use.

  1. Atom
  2. Autie
  3. Aut
  4. Tum
  5. Tom
  6. Ottie
  7. Otty
  8. Autty
  9. Tatum
  10. Amy

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Foreign Spelling of Autumn

Here are different ways of spelling the name.

  1. Vjeshte (Albanian)
  2. Meẖeri (Amharic)
  3. Ashun (Armenian)
  4. Vosień (Belarusian)
  5. Qiūtiān (Chinese)
  6. Fthinóporo (Greek)
  7. Aki (Japanese)
  8. Aki (Korean)
  9. Rudens (Latvian)
  10. Esen (Macedonian)

7 reasons to Have Middle Names for Autumn

Three are a number of benefits for having middle names. 

#1. Special: an easy way to make them even more special.

#2. Traditional: the first to give your son or daughter a middle name. 

#3. Sound more pleasant between the baby’s first name and your last name. 

#4. Memory: remember someone, pay homage, or honor someone special. 

#5. Aspirational: with stories of a particular middle name

#6. Noble: The middle name concept probably started with the ruling class in Rome according to Times. It was a way to which family one comes from and, more importantly, why one matters.

#7. Smart: CNBC reported that people think people with middle names are more intelligent. Research also finds that it could help get a job. 

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7 Ideas to Craft Middle Names for Autumn 

1. Pay homage

2. Remember the heritage

3. Make it personal

4. Make it about value or belief

5. Check the sounds

6. Check the initials and acronyms for Beau

7. Google the name: see if negative comes up 

  1. Autumn Alicia Reeser – an American actress.
  2. Autumn Shields – an American actress. She is the twin sister of Willow Shields who is best known for her role in “The Hunger Games” film franchise. 
  3. Autumn Marie Hurlbert – an American actress, singer, and dancer.
  4. Autumn de Wilde – an American photographer and film director.
  5. Autumn Patricia Phillips – Canadian-born former wife of Peter Phillips, who is the son of Anne, Princess Royal and the eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Sibling and Twin Names for Autumn

Here are amazing and cute names for baby Autumn’s siblings. 

Baby Brother Names for Autumn

  • Arthur (Alliteration)
  • Liam (Consonance)
  • Aurelio (Alliteration)
  • Austin (Alliteration)

Baby Sister Names for Autumn

  • Aubrey (Alliteration)
  • Aurelia (Alliteration)

Bringing it All Together

Make sure you have checked the meaning, sound, and reputation of the middle name. Baby Autumn will thank you for that. 

That’s it. 

Over to you crafty mothers and fathers! We hope you enjoy our post. 

Tell us which ideas you like the most in the comment section. 

Share it with your partner or friends and ask their thoughts.

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