100+ Great Middle Names For Gabriel

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Congratulations on picking Gabriel as your child’s first name.  It’s a very beautiful name; it reminds me of Gabriel Iglesias (an American comedian who still cracks me up every time).

Middle names are one of the most important decisions to make in parenthood.

There are many things to consider when thinking of a middle name that will always remind your child of who she is and your dreams for her. 

The truth is that getting the perfect middle name for your child can sometimes be tiring. It is an even bigger task to find a name that blends with Gabriel and passes the message across that your child is truly special. 

As a result, we compiled a list of 100+ awesome names that will inspire you to come up with unique middle names for Gabriel

Let’s start with the history and meaning behind the name.

Gabriel Macht is an American actor and film producer, best known for playing the Harvey Specter on the Suits. Credit: Pinterest

Meaning and Origin – What does Gabriel mean?

Derived from the Hebrew name Gavri’el, Gabriel is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “God is my strength or Hero of God ”. In the Old Testament of the Bible, Gabriel is the angel that visited Daniel to interpret his visions. Also in the New Testament, Gabriel is the archangel that announced to Zechariah that his wife, Elizabeth, will give birth to John the Baptist. Later, Gabriel heralded the news of Jesus’ birth to Mary. 

Gabriel has become one of the top choices for parents who want a Biblical name for their baby boy.

According to Baby Center, Gabriel is the 34th most popular name in 2021. 

Gabriel is a name that is more popularly used for boys.

You can make your baby even more special by considering our selection of 100+ Great middle names for Gabriel.

Find out why we have middle names here.

Check out Why We Have Middle Names

100+ Best Middle Names for Gabriel

25 Unique (Four-Syllable) Middle Names for Gabriel

Below is a list of unique middle names for Gabriel with 4 syllables.

  1. Gabriel Antonio – Spanish, Italian: “highly praiseworthy”
  2. Gabriel Arsenio – Spanish: “virile, strong”
  3. Gabriel Augustino – Latin: “magic majestic, dignity, or venerable”
  4. Gabriel Basilio – Greek: “royal; kingly”
  5. Gabriel Benedetto – Italian: “blessed”
  6. Gabriel Cornelius – Latin: “horn”
  7. Gabriel Damarius – Spanish: “gentle; calf”
  8. Gabriel Domenico – Italian: “belonging to the Lord”
  9. Gabriel Everardo – Spanish: “hardy; brave”
  10. Gabriel Eugenio – Greek: “well-born”
  11. Gabriel Fabiano -Italian: “Bean grower”
  12. Gabriel Gregorio – Italian: “vigilant, a watchman”
  13. Gabriel Heriberto – Spanish: “army bright”
  14. Gabriel Leonardo – German: “brave as a lion”
  15. Gabriel Leviticus – Hebrew, Greek: “belonging to the Levites”
  16. Gabriel Meridian – American: “middle, centre”
  17. Gabriel Mauricio – Spanish: “dark; moor”
  18. Gabriel Napoleon – Greek: “lion of the new city”
  19. Gabriel Nazario – Italian: “from Nazareth”
  20. Gabriel Patricio – Spanish: “patrician; noble.”
  21. Gabriel Rogelio – Spanish: “Famous”
  22. Gabriel Salvatore – Italian: “saviour”
  23. Gabriel Santiago – Hebrew, Spanish: “supplanter”
  24. Gabriel Valerio – Latin: “Strong”
  25. Gabriel Zenobius – Greek: “life of Zeus”

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25 One-Syllable Middle Names for Gabriel

Below is a list of unique middle names for Gabriel with 1 syllable.

  1. Gabriel Art – English: “nobleman; short for Arthur”
  2. Gabriel Ace – Latin: “one; expert”
  3. Gabriel Briggs – English: “dweller by the bridge”
  4. Gabriel Beau – French: “handsome”
  5. Gabriel Blake – English: “fair-haired, dark”
  6. Gabriel Chad – English: “protector; defender”
  7. Gabriel Clark – Englis: “scribe, secretary”
  8. Gabriel Cade – French: “round, gentle”
  9. Gabriel Dwayne – Irish: “swarthy”
  10. Gabriel Dane – Scandinavian: “God is my judge”
  11. Gabriel Fritz – German: “peaceful ruler”
  12. Gabriel Ford – English: “dweller of the ford”
  13. Gabriel Grant – Scottish: “large”
  14. Gabriel Garth – Norse: “groundskeeper, enclosure”
  15. Gabriel Hank – German: “estate ruler”
  16. Gabriel Jack – English: “God is gracious”
  17. Gabriel Kwan – Koreaner: “strong”
  18. Gabriel Lance – English, French: “land, servant”
  19. Gabriel Miles – Latin: “soldier”
  20. Gabriel Nick – Greek: “victory of the people”
  21. Gabriel Rhodes- Greek: “where roses grow”
  22. Gabriel Seth – Hebrew: “appointed”
  23. Gabriel Sage – Latin: “wise”
  24. Gabriel Trey – English: “three”
  25. Gabriel Ward – English: “guard, watchman”

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20 Two-Syllable Middle Names for Gabriel

Below is a list of unique middle names for Gabriel with 2 syllables.

  1. Gabriel Archie – German: “archer or truly bold,”
  2. Gabriel Baylor – English: “deliverer of goods”
  3. Gabriel Carter – English: “transporter of goods by cart”
  4. Gabriel Corbin – English: “raven or crow”
  5. Gabriel Declan – Irish: “full of goodness.”
  6. Gabriel Enzo – Italian: “winner”
  7. Gabriel Felix – Latin: “happy and prosperous”
  8. Gabriel Gavin – English: “white hawk”
  9. Gabriel Hugo – German: “bright in mind and intellect”
  10. Gabriel Jenson – Scandinavian: “son of Jens”
  11. Gabriel Levi – Latin: “bringer of light”
  12. Gabriel Logan – Scottish: “little hollow”
  13. Gabriel Malik – Arabic: “king”
  14. Gabriel Phillip – Greek: “lover of horses”
  15. Gabriel Royal – English: “of the king.”
  16. Gabriel Remy – Latin: “oarsman or remedy”
  17. Gabriel Silas – Latin: “man of the forest”
  18. Gabriel Tyson – English: “firebrand or son of Denis.”
  19. Gabriel Warren – English: “watchman”
  20. Gabriel Zayden – Hebrew: “lucky”

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20 Three-Syllable Middle Names for Gabriel

Below is a list of unique middle names for Gabriel with 3 syllables.

  1. Gabriel Abdiel – Hebrew: “servant of God”
  2. Gabriel Barnaby – English: “son of consolation”
  3. Gabriel Cassius – Latin: “vain; hollow”
  4. Gabriel Dario – Italian: “kingly or possess well”
  5. Gabriel Emery – Latin: “loving”
  6. Gabriel Enrique – German: “powerful ruler of the home or estate”
  7. Gabriel Gregory – Greek: “Watchful; Alert”
  8. Gabriel Harrison – German: “home-ruler”
  9. Gabriel Hadrian – Latin: “Dark-haired”
  10. Gabriel Kamari – Arabic: “moon”
  11. Gabriel Keanu – Hawaiian: “cool breeze over the mountains”
  12. Gabriel Lucian – Latin: “light”
  13. Gabriel Nicholas – Greek: “people of victory”
  14. Gabriel Miguel – Hebrew: “who is like God”
  15. Gabriel Orion – Greek: “rising star; dawning”
  16. Gabriel Oliver – Norse: “ancestor’s descendant”
  17. Gabriel Remmington – English: “place on a riverbank”
  18. Gabriel Samuel – Hebrew: “God has heard; the name of God”
  19. Gabriel Tobias – Greek: “God is good”
  20. Gabriel Valentin – German, Latin, french: “strong, healthy, power, rule”

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15 Unique French Middle Names for Gabriel

Here are some French names for you if you want to add a French connection.

  1. Gabriel Hugo
  2. Gabriel Alexis
  3. Gabriel Anthony
  4. Gabriel Theo
  5. Gabriel Paul
  6. Gabriel Adrien
  7. Gabriel Vincent
  8. Gabriel Alex
  9. Gabriel Arthur
  10. Gabriel Louis
  11. Gabriel Alan
  12. Gabriel Antonin
  13. Gabriel Mohamed
  14. Gabriel Philippe
  15. Gabriel Lucas

Nicknames for Gabriel

Short names or nicknames you can use.

  1. Gabe
  2. Abe
  3. Gabby
  4. Gabey
  5. Gab
  6. Riel
  7. Gabs
  8. Gabz
  9. Briel
  10. Gabri

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Foreign Spelling of Gabriel

Here are different ways of spelling the name.

  1. Gebiri’ēli (Amharic)
  2. Gabriyel (Armenian)
  3. Gabrieli (Albanian)
  4. Habryeĺ (Belarusian)
  5. Gabriël (Dutch)
  6. Gabrieli (Georgian)
  7. Gavriíl (Greek)
  8. Gaburieru (Japanese)
  9. Gabeuliel (Korean)
  10. Gabrielius (Lithuanian)

7 Reasons to Have Middle Names for Gabriel

Three are a number of benefits for having middle names. 

#1. Special: an easy way to make them even more special.

#2. Traditional: the first to give your son or daughter a middle name. 

#3. Sound more pleasant between the baby’s first name and your last name. 

#4. Memory: remember someone, pay homage, or honor someone special. 

#5. Aspirational: with stories of a particular middle name

#6. Noble: The middle name concept probably started with the ruling class in Rome according to Times. It was a way to which family one comes from and, more importantly, why one matters.

#7. Smart: CNBC reported that people think people with middle names are more intelligent. Research also finds that it could help get a job. 

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7 Ideas to Craft Middle Names for Gabriel 

1. Pay homage

2. Remember the heritage

3. Make it personal

4. Make it about value or belief

5. Check the sounds

6. Check the initials and acronyms for Gabriel

7. Google the name: see if negative comes up 

  1. Gabriel Eduardo “Gabe” Saporta – an Uruguayan-American musician and entrepreneur.
  2. Gabriel James Byrne – an Irish actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter, cultural ambassador, audiobook narrator and author.
  3. Gabriel Iglesias – an American stand-up comedian and actor.
  4. Gabriel Macht – an American actor and film producer, best known for playing the character Harvey Specter on the USA Network series Suits.
  5. Gabriel Stefan Kapler –  an American former professional baseball outfielder.

Sibling and Twin Names for Gabriel

Here are amazing and cute names for baby Gabriel’s siblings. 

Baby Brother Names for Gabriel

  • Daniel (Consonance)
  • Nathaniel (Consonance)
  • Gabe (Alliteration)
  • Garrett  (Alliteration)
  • Adriel (Consonance)

Baby Sister Names for Gabriel

  • Gabrielle (Alliteration and Consonance)
  • Gabriella (Alliteration)
  • Brielle (Consonance)
  • Arielle (Consonance)
  • Aurielle (Consonance)

Bringing it All Together

That’s it. 

Over to you crafty mothers and fathers! We hope you enjoy our post. 

Tell us which ideas you like the most in the comment section. 

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