100+ Unique Middle Names for Riley

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Congratulations on choosing Riley as the first name for your baby.

Riley is a lovely choice for your baby girl.

You may be considering giving your child a middle name that compliments her first name. We understand that middle names are also an important part of naming a child, they may be as important as the first name.

A middle name is also a perfect opportunity to remind your baby where they come from, to honor someone special, or a unique story.

In this article, we hope to give you more confidence behind your choice along with some ideas. That’s why we have curated a list of 100+ names that will inspire you to come up with unique middle names for baby Riley. 

Let’s start with the history and meaning behind the name.

Meaning and Origin – What does Riley mean?

Riley is a girl’s name of Irish origin meaning “rye clearing; courageous”, Riley is a variation of Reilly, a surname derived from the given name Raghailleach. Riley is also a place name in Britain.

Riley is a friendly and solid gender-neutral name that has become a favourite choice for parents looking to give their children a special name.

Riley is the 29th most popular name in 2021, according to Baby Center. name used for baby girls, however, it can also be used for baby boys.

You can make your baby even more special by considering these great middle names for Riley.

Find out why we have middle names here.

Check out Why We Have Middle Names

100+ Best Middle Names for Riley

25 Unique (Four-Syllable) Middle Names for Riley

Below is a list of unique middle names for Riley with 4 syllables.

  1. Riley Andromeda – Greek: “advising like a man”
  2. Riley Anabella  – Spanish: “loving”
  3. Riley Barbarella – Italian: “foreign woman”
  4. Riley Bernadetta – German: “brave/strong”
  5. Riley Calliope – Greek: “beautiful voiced”
  6. Riley Cordelia – Latin, Celtic: “heart; daughter of the sea”
  7. Riley Dulcinea – Latin: “sweetness”
  8. Riley Eliana – Hebrew: “God has answered”
  9. Riley Elizabeth – Hebrew: “God is my abundance”
  10. Riley Fiorella – Italian: “little flower”
  11. Riley Gloriana -Italian: “glory” 
  12. Riley Giovanna – Italian: “God is gracious”
  13. Riley Henrietta – Germany: “home-ruler”
  14. Riley Ileana – Greek: “beautiful; light; bright”
  15. Riley Isabella – Spanish, Italian: “Devoted to God’/Pious
  16. Riley Julieta – Latin: “youthful; love’s child”
  17. Riley Keilana – Hawaiian: “glory or calmness”
  18. Riley Luciana – Spanish, Italian: “light”
  19. Riley Mirabella – Italian: “wonderful”
  20. Riley Magnolia – Latin: “Magnol’s flower”
  21. Riley Natalie – French: “birthday of the Lord”
  22. Riley Ophelia – Greek: “Helper”
  23. Riley Philomena – Greek: “lover of strength”
  24. Riley Rosalinda – Spanish: “beautiful rose”
  25. Riley Viviana – Latin: “Life; lively”

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25 One-Syllable Middle Names for Riley

Below is a list of unique middle names for Riley with 1 syllable.

  1. Riley Ash – Hebrew: An alternative to  Ashley
  2. Riley Bex – Hebrew: An alternative to Rebecca
  3. Riley Bay – Latin: “berry”
  4. Riley Clare – Latin: “bright/Famous”
  5. Riley Dove – American: “Peace”
  6. Riley Dell – English: “small valley or glen”
  7. Riley Elle – French: “she”
  8. Riley Gem – English: “jewel”
  9. Riley Grace – Hebrew: “God’s grace”
  10. Riley Gwen – Welsh: “white, holy”
  11. Riley Jules – French, Latin: “youthful, soft, downy”
  12. Riley Kerr – Scottish: “someone who lived near wet ground”
  13. Riley Kyle – Scottish: “narrow strait, channel”
  14. Riley Lux- Greek: “Bringer of light”
  15. Riley Layne – English: dweller by the road”
  16. Riley Lark – American: “playful and lighthearted bird”
  17. Riley Luna – Latin: “the light in dark times”
  18. Riley Pink – American: “light red color, healthy.”
  19. Riley Peace -American: “peace”
  20. Riley Rose – Latin: “rose, flower, precious”
  21. Riley Starr – American: “star”
  22. Riley Shawn – American: “God is gracious”
  23. Riley Tate – English: “cheerful”
  24. Riley Zane – American: “God is gracious”
  25. Riley Zoe – Greek: “Life”

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25 Two-Syllable Middle Names for Riley 

Below is a list of unique middle names for Riley with 2 syllables.

  1. Riley Allie – American: “Harmony, stone, or noble”
  2. Riley Avah – Latin: “like a bird”
  3. Riley Abby – Hebrew: “Father’s joy”
  4. Riley Bonnie – Scottish: “beautiful; pretty”
  5. Riley Baylee – English: “law enforcer, bailiff”
  6. Riley Chaya – Hebrew: “life”
  7. Riley Celine – French: “heavenly”
  8. Riley Dora – Greek: “gift”
  9. Riley Donna – English: “God will judge”
  10. Riley Elyse – Hebrew: “pledged to God”
  11. Riley Ellen – English: “torch; shining light”
  12. Riley Florence – Latin: “flourishing, prosperous”
  13. Riley Harley – English: “the long field”
  14. Riley Ivy – English: “Faithfulness”
  15. Riley Kayla – American: “to rejoice”
  16. Riley Lillie – English: “purity and beauty”
  17. Riley Martha – Hebrew: “lady”
  18. Riley Royal – English: “of the king.”
  19. Riley Sylvie – English: “from the forest”
  20. Riley Tessa – “To reap; to gather”

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20  Three-Syllable Middle Names for Riley 

Below is a list of unique middle names for Riley with 3 syllables.

  1. Riley Annalise – Latin: “grace of God”
  2. Riley Avalynn – English: “beautiful bird”
  3. Riley Anika – African, Nordic: “sweetness of face”
  4. Riley Bianca – Italian: “white”
  5. Riley Bethany – English: “house of figs”
  6. Riley Callista – Greek: “Most beautiful”
  7. Riley Caroline – French: “strong”
  8. Riley Dayana – Arabic: “divine”
  9. Riley Dorothy – Greek: “Gift of God”
  10. Riley Emmeline – German: “hardworking or industrious”
  11. Riley Francesca – Italian: “from France or free man”
  12. Riley Helena – Of Greek origin meaning “bright, shining light”
  13. Riley Hadassah – Hebrew: “myrtle tree”
  14. Riley Imelda – Italian: “all-consuming fight”
  15. Riley Juliet –  English: “youthful, downy”
  16. Riley Jennifer – English: “fair phantom Or white wave”
  17. Riley Miranda – Latin “worthy of admiration”
  18. Riley Naomi – Hebrew: “Delightful”
  19. Riley Susannah – Hebrew: “lily”
  20. Riley Vanessa – Latin, Greek: “of Venus; the god of love”

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15 Unique French Middle Names for  Riley

Here are some French names for you if you want to add a French connection.

  1. Riley Amélie
  2. Riley Eva
  3. Riley Sarah
  4. Riley Pauline
  5. Riley Mathilde
  6. Riley Marine
  7. Riley Emma
  8. Riley Marion
  9. Riley Lucie
  10. Riley Anaïs
  11. Riley Océane
  12. Riley Charlotte
  13. Riley Caroline
  14. Riley Céline
  15. Riley Margot

Nicknames for Riley

Short names or nicknames you can use.

  1. Riri
  2. Riles
  3. Ry Ry
  4. Ri
  5. Ley
  6. Lee
  7. Rye
  8. Smiley Riley
  9. Riley Bear
  10. Wiley 

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Foreign Spelling of Riley

Here are different ways of spelling the name.

  1. Rili (Albanian)
  2. Rayilī (Amharic)
  3. Rrayli (Armenian)
  4. Rajli (Belarusian)
  5. Lái lì (Chinese)
  6. Ráili (Greek)
  7. Rairī (Japanese)
  8. Lailli (Korean)
  9. Railijs (Latvian)
  10. Rajli (Macedonian)
  11. Rayli (Russian)

7 reasons to Have Middle Names for Riley

Three are a number of benefits for having middle names. 

#1. Special: an easy way to make them even more special.

#2. Traditional: the first to give your son or daughter a middle name. 

#3. Sound more pleasant between the baby’s first name and your last name. 

#4. Memory: remember someone, pay homage, or honor someone special. 

#5. Aspirational: with stories of a particular middle name

#6. Noble: The middle name concept probably started with the ruling class in Rome according to Times. It was a way to which family one comes from and, more importantly, why one matters.

#7. Smart: CNBC reported that people think people with middle names are more intelligent. Research also finds that it could help get a job. 

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7 Ideas to Craft Middle Names for Riley 

1. Pay homage

2. Remember the heritage

3. Make it personal

4. Make it about value or belief

5. Check the sounds

6. Check the initials and acronyms for Beau

7. Google the name: see if negative comes up 

  1. Riley Keough – an American actress
  2. Riley Elizabeth Weston – an American actress and screenwriter
  3. Riley Shannon McCusker – an American artistic gymnast and a six-time member of the United States women’s national gymnastics team.
  4. Riley DeLuise – an American actress, known for Too Smooth (1998).
  5. Riley Rose Campbell – daughter of actors Alan Campbell and Lauren Kennedy, born in 2004.

Sibling and Twin Names for Riley

Here are amazing and cute names for baby Riley’s siblings. 

Baby Brother Names for Riley

  • Wesley (Consonance)
  • Kingsley (Alliteration)
  • Bentley (Alliteration)
  • Hadley (Alliteration)
  • Finnley (Alliteration)

Baby Sister Names for Riley

  • Miley (Consonance)
  • Henley (Consonance)
  • Brinley (Consonance)
  • Kelly (Consonance)
  • Lesly (Consonance)
  • Kylie (Consonance)
  • Callie (Consonance)

Bringing it All Together

Make sure you have checked the meaning, sound, and reputation of the middle name. Baby Riley will thank you for that. 

That’s it. 

Over to you crafty mothers and fathers! We hope you enjoy our post. 

Tell us which ideas you like the most in the comment section. 

Share it with your partner or friends and ask their thoughts.

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