110+ Amazing Middle Names For Joshua

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Congratulations on picking Joshua as the name of your child. 

I love the name, Joshua! It has a whole book dedicated to it in the holy book, it also reminds me of Joshua King, the amazing Norwegian footballer.

Picking a good name can be quite a difficult decision to make for your baby. 

You may have been wondering what middle name to give Joshua, we have done our research and come up with a list of 110+ Amazing middle names for Joshua! 

Let’s start with the history and meaning behind the name.

Joshua King – a Norwegian professional footballer who plays as a forward. Credit: https://www.goal.com/

Meaning and Origin – What does Joshua mean?

Derived from the Hebrew word Yehoshu’a, Joshua is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord is my salvation”. 

Joshua is an important figure in the Old Testament, as he is the successor of Moses who led the Israelites to victory at the Battle of Jericho and ultimately into the Promised Land.

From 1983 through 2010, Joshua ranked among the top ten names in the USA, and according to Baby Center, Joshua is the 68th most popular name in 2022. 

Joshua is a name that is more popularly used for boys.

You can make your baby even more special by considering our selection of 110+ Great middle names for Joshua.

Find out why we have middle names here.

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100+ Best Middle Names for Joshua

20 Unique (Four-Syllable) Middle Names for Joshua

Below is a list of unique middle names for Joshua with 4 syllables.

  1. Joshua Aracelio – American: “altar of heaven; heavenly homemaker”
  2. Joshua Benvolio – Italian: “good wisher”
  3. Joshua Christiano – Latin: “a Christian“ or “follower of Christ”
  4. Joshua Donatello – Italian: “given; a gift from God”
  5. Joshua Everardo – English: “brave, strong boar”
  6. Joshua Eugenio – Greek: “well-born.”
  7. Joshua Emilio – Italian: “to strive or excel or rival”
  8. Joshua Federico – Spanish: “peaceful ruler”
  9. Joshua Gregorio – Italian: “vigilant, a watchman”
  10. Joshua Giovanni – Italian: “gift from God”
  11. Joshua Heriberto – Spanish: “shining warrior”
  12. Joshua Ignacio – Latin: “fiery one”
  13. Joshua Leonardo – German: “brave as a lion”
  14. Joshua Mauricio – Spanish: “dark, moor”
  15. Joshua Marcelino – Spanish: “young warrior”
  16. Joshua Napoleon – Greek: “lion of the new city”
  17. Joshua Nazario – Italian: “the one from Nazareth”
  18. Joshua Olivier – French: “olive tree”
  19. Joshua Patricio – Spanish: “patrician; noble”
  20. Joshua Porfirio – Greek: “purple dye”
  21. Joshua Rosario – Latin: “rosary”
  22. Joshua Teodoro – Spanish: “divine gift”
  23. Joshua Sebastian – Latin: “venerable; revered”
  24. Joshua Vittorio – Italian: “conqueror”
  25. Joshua Victorino – Spanish: “conqueror.”

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25 One-Syllable Middle Names for Joshua

Below is a list of unique middle names for Joshua with 1 syllable.

  1. Joshua Art – Celtic: “noble one, bear man”
  2. Joshua Ace – Latin: “one, unity”
  3. Joshua Blaise – French: “”to lisp, stammer”
  4. Joshua Brett- Celtic: “from Brittany”
  5. Joshua Creed – American: “belief; guiding principle; I believe”
  6. Joshua Chaim – Hebrew: “life”
  7. Joshua Chance – English: “fortune, luck”
  8. Joshua Dash – English: “dashing; handsome; to run quickly”
  9. Joshua Dwayne -English: “swarthy”
  10. Joshua Fritz – German: “peaceful ruler”
  11. Joshua Gray – English: “gray-haired”
  12. Joshua Gage – French: “oath, pledge”
  13. Joshua Heath – English – “the heathland dweller”
  14. Joshua Hart – English: “strong, brave; stag”
  15. Joshua Jones – English: “God is gracious”
  16. Joshua Joel – Hebrew: “Jehovah is his God”
  17. Joshua King – American: “ruler”
  18. Joshua Lane – English: “a small roadway or path”
  19. Joshua Lev – Russian, French: “heart, lion”
  20. Joshua Max – German: “greatest”
  21. Joshua Reign – English: “rule, sovereign”
  22. Joshua Penn – Irish: “enclosure”
  23. Joshua Shane – Irish: “God is gracious”
  24. Joshua Tripp – American: “the third”
  25. Joshua Zayne – Arabic: “beauty; grace”

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25 Two-Syllable Middle Names for Joshua

Below is a list of unique middle names for Joshua with 2 syllables.

  1. Joshua Axel – Hebrew: “father is peace”
  2. Joshua Adler – German: “eagle”
  3. Joshua Bobby – German: “famed, bright; shining”
  4. Joshua Boden – Scandinavian: “one who brings news; shelter’”
  5. Joshua Curtis – French: “courteous, polite”
  6. Joshua Douglas – Scottish: “dark, black
  7. Joshua Donald – Scottish: “world leader”
  8. Joshua Eddie – English: “ wealthy guardian”
  9. Joshua Ethan – Hebrew: “strong; safe; solid; firm”
  10. Joshua Foster – English: “one who keeps the forest”
  11. Joshua Gary – English: “spearman”
  12. Joshua Huxley – English: “Hugh’s meadow”
  13. Joshua Harold – English: “army commander”
  14. Joshua Jeffery – English: “God’s peace”
  15. Joshua Jamal – Arabic: “handsome.
  16. Joshua Kingsley – Englishc: “king’s meadow”
  17. Joshua Lachlan – Scottish: “from the land of lakes”
  18. Joshua Marcel – Latin: “little warrior”
  19. Joshua Melvin – English: “gentle Lord”
  20. Joshua Phillip – Greek: “lover of horses”
  21. Joshua Ricky – American: “powerful leader; peaceful ruler”
  22. Joshua Stefan – German: “crown”
  23. Joshua Terry – English: “power of the tribe, a diminutive Form Of Terence”
  24. Joshua Wallace – Englis, Scottish: “foreigner, stranger”
  25. Joshua Zayden – Hebrew: “lucky”


25 Three-Syllable Middle Names for Joshua

Below is a list of unique middle names for Joshua with 3 syllables.

  1. Joshua Armando – Spanish: “ army man”
  2. Joshua Adonis – Greek: “extremely good looking, handsome”
  3. Joshua Benjamin – Hebrew: “son of the right hand”
  4. Joshua Callahan – Irish: “little bright-headed one/devotee of the church”
  5. Joshua Camillo – Latin: “helper to the priest”
  6. Joshua Dorian – Greek: “descendant of Dorus”
  7. Joshua Deandre – American: “manly”
  8. Joshua Everett – English: “brave, strong boar”
  9. Joshua Enrique – German: “ruler of the estate”
  10. Joshua Fabian – Italian: “Bean grower”
  11. Joshua Gerardo – Spanish: “spear brave”
  12. Joshua Harrison – German: “home-ruler”
  13. Joshua Jefferson – English: “son of Jeffrey”
  14. Joshua Killian – Irish, Gaelic: “bright-headed”
  15. Joshua Kaiden – American: “fighter”
  16. Joshua Legacy – English: “an inheritance”
  17. Joshua Leandro – Greek: “lion man”
  18. Joshua Maximus – Latin: “greatest”
  19. Joshua Mateo – Spanish: “gift of God”
  20. Joshua Orlando – Italian: “famous throughout the land, US-City inspired”
  21. Joshua Orion – Greek: “rising star; dawning”
  22. Joshua Roberto – Spanish: “bright fame”
  23. Joshua Sullivan – Irish: “black-eyed one”
  24. Joshua Tadeo- Spanish: “gift of God”
  25. Joshua Willian – German: “will, desire”


15 Unique French Middle Names for Joshua

Here are some French names for you if you want to add a French connection.

  1. Joshua Valentin
  2. Joshua Theo
  3. Joshua Paul
  4. Joshua Mathieu
  5. Joshua Benjamin
  6. Joshua Adrien
  7. Joshua Vincent
  8. Joshua Alex
  9. Joshua Thibault
  10. Joshua Jordan
  11. Joshua Nathan
  12. Joshua Alexis
  13. Joshua Anthony
  14. Joshua Theo
  15. Joshua Antonin


Nicknames for Joshua

Short names or nicknames you can use.

  1. Josh
  2. Shua
  3. Jdog
  4. JJ
  5. Joshu
  6. Jay
  7. Joe
  8. Jaash
  9. Jay

Foreign Spelling of Joshua

Here are different ways of spelling the name.

  1. Īyasu (Amharic)
  2. Džošua (Belarusian)
  3. Dzhoshua (Bulgarian)
  4. Jozua (Dutch)
  5. Josué (French)
  6. Iósua (Irish)
  7. Josyua (Korean)
  8. Iosue (Latin)
  9. Iosua (Romanian)
  10. Dzhoshua (Russian)

7 Reasons to Have Middle Names for Joshua

Three are a number of benefits for having middle names. 

#1. Special: an easy way to make them even more special.

#2. Traditional: the first to give your son or daughter a middle name. 

#3. Sound more pleasant between the baby’s first name and your last name. 

#4. Memory: remember someone, pay homage, or honor someone special. 

#5. Aspirational: with stories of a particular middle name

#6. Noble: The middle name concept probably started with the ruling class in Rome according to Times. It was a way to which family one comes from and, more importantly, why one matters.

#7. Smart: CNBC reported that people think people with middle names are more intelligent. Research also finds that it could help get a job. 


7 Ideas to Craft Middle Names for Joshua 

1. Pay homage

2. Remember the heritage

3. Make it personal

4. Make it about value or belief

5. Check the sounds

6. Check the initials and acronyms for Joshua

7. Google the name: see if negative comes up 

  1. Joshua Eagle – a former professional male tennis player.
  2. Joshua Aaron “Josh” Charles – an American actor. He is best known for the roles of Dan Rydell on Sports Night and Will Gardner on The Good Wife.
  3.  Joshua Jake Goodall – a retired English tennis player, former British number 2 and Davis Cup player. 
  4. Joshua David “Josh” Duhamel – an American actor and former fashion model.
  5. Joshua Baret “Josh” Henderson – an American actor, model, and singer.

Sibling and Twin Names for Joshua

Here are amazing and cute names for baby Joshua’s siblings. 

Baby Brother Names for Joshua

  • Josh (Alliteration)
  • Jonah (Alliteration)
  • Joseph (Alliteration)
  • Johnson (Alliteration)
  • John (Alliteration)

Baby Sister Names for Joshua

  • Josephina (Alliteration)
  • Josefina (Alliteration)

Bringing it All Together

That’s it. 

Over to you crafty mothers and fathers! We hope you enjoy our post. 

Tell us which ideas you like the most in the comment section. 

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